May 1906

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

May 1906

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May 22, 1906 to September 22, 1906


Tuesday May 22, 1906  Steamer Carbon docked, new outside wheel circle and light bucketts   rudders repaired  Horse shoe Irons and many other repairs

Monday May 21, 1906  went on Steamer Rose Hite with six men and laid new hard wood dancing floor

Thursday May 23, 1906 on Steamer J.C. Risher  new dead woods  stern posts, bustle timbers  new rudders and many extensive repairs.  finished Saturday June 16, 1906

on Steamer Ed Roberts repairing rudders and 40 or 50 patches in her sides and bottom

on Steamer Stella Moren, new rudders  new stern posts & fan tails  new Wheel and repairs all around   also on Model Barge Maryland for general repairs

Saturday July 1906  finished Stella Moren & back in river

Model Barge Delaware  saddle strakes all around and other like repairs

Friday July 13, 1906 finished Model Barges  now on Steamer Jim Brown  new deadwoods and stern posts  cuting down her head 4"  new fantails,  new Wheel  new deck to aft of the Boilers, new Head  new nosing  new Plank Shear  finished her Friday August 17, 1906  Steamer Carbon towed her to Browns Shop

Now on Steamer Coal City  3/4 of new bottom  new timbers under her cylinders, 31 ft long and 28 short  was 90 full length floores, one side 3/4 new  1/2 of other side new  new fantlins (fantail ?) 2 new Ash wells  new rudders and repaired all around, finished her Saturday September 22, 1906

May 22, 1906 to September 22, 1906

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