November 1915

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

November 1915

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November 15, 1915 to December 17, 1915


New gunnel Boats #2 and #3 set up in barge yard November 1915

Wheel job on Steamer J.C. Risher   Monday November 15, 1915

Repaired Engine room bulkhead on Steamer Charles Clarke November 18, 1915   6 new stanchon - 5 skylights  Coal barge had went through it

Getting out Quain Posts - and Mitre Posts for Lock at Browns Landing N.C.   November 1915

Steamer Swan Docked Wednesday November 19, 1915 for new Knuckel plates all around and new outside bottom plates all around. New forward rake and Head finished April 1, 1916   early on this boat was on McCune Docks at Dravosburg. I went to her and measured up for these plates. Bryce Galloway rode me down on his motor boat.

December - 1915   Fiting Cylinder timbers fantails chains and outfiting on new Boat #1   puting the Machinery of the Little Fred on this Boat. Engines - Slides - Throttle - sheave boxes off Little Fred  The wheel chains, Steering gear, Clippers tillers and fittings off the Wash Honshell.  Nigger Engine and captson off the Clipper   the steel cylinder timbers off the Wash Honshell    the Hog Chains on these 3 gunnel boats were those of W.W. Oneil - Iron Age - Coal City - Henry Lourie - Resolute and Ed Roberts    this #1 Boat was named the Active. She was later sold to Hillman and named Helca   Sold again and named Reliance  now towing oil from Parkersburg  this in 1926

November 15, 1915 to December 17, 1915

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