June 1917

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1917

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May 15, 1917 to September 17, 1917


Finished Steamer Rival at Parkersburg, W. Va  May 15, 1917

Supt. building of new Hull on Tug Hattie  May 17  Rodgers Sand Company   This tug up on Section Docks at the foot of Chateau Street North Side Pittsburgh  the Rodgers Company have a Shop and dock at this point. The first time we tryed to pump this Tug up it was very windy and rainy day and when one end was out of the water she slid off but did no damage  the next day we made it all right. Tom Austin was Foreman and a good man   finished this Tug September 10, 1917           Captain Wm. Rodgers visited us most every day and he renamed the Tug Hattie to the Early Bird. I then repaired their gunnel Hull Steamer J.M. Hudson - Captain Rodgers named her Steamer Sweet Cake   I got along fine with Herman Rodgers and the Captain treated me fine.

On September 17, 1917 I returned to the Marine Ways as Foreman for Wm. Sesher, the new Supt.   Morgan had left owing people various amounts of money  he also abandoned his Wife leaving her without a cent. This did not surprise me very much knowing him the way I did    I got along fine with Supt. Sesher as he knew the work and was a good draftsman

The first work I done under his direction was laying down a floor plan for a new Hull for the Steamer Carbon and makeing templets for the same.

May 15, 1917 to September 17, 1917

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