October 1918

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

October 1918

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October , 1918


Steamer Braddock docked October 17, 1918  Thursday  raising her main braces - new Head log - rudders repaired - 3 new sets thwart  ship chains & braces - boiler beams braced - new bullworks - new under and top knees - new corner bands - Pintal bars and washers - Boiler deck Laid double - 2 new rudder Knockers - 2 coats of Paint    Frank Bowel Captain

two sets of iron knees taken off Steamer Pittsburgh and put on Steamer Voyager   one set iron knees off the W.K. Field and on Steamer Braddock

Mr. A.J. Schaff Chief Engineer for Pittsburgh Coal has superceded Wm. Sesher as Supt. of the Elizabeth Marine Ways and on November 1, 1919 I go on as Assistant Supt. with charge of the wood work  hiring men  Etc

The Steamer John A. Wood bought from Captain Harry Brown by the Standard Oil Company brought to the Marine Ways September 23, 1919   on the cradles September 24   on the 2nd yard 25, 1919    Hull entirely rebuilt and almost new upper works and cabin are new - new Pitmans Machinery all repaired    converting her into an oil burner    off the Ways April 20, 1920 and towed away by the Steamer Hillman Sunday June 20, 1920   Passed under the Clairton Bridge Sunday Eve at 5:45   she was in Beautiful shape    this was my biggest job    the Ways bill around 130,000.00.   Captain George Reed and Engineer Hall looked after the Standard Oil interest and myself for Pittsburgh Coal    Ward Wiegel was my Foreman - My boy William lined her    This boat burnt total loss in 1924 on the Mississippi

October , 1918

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