Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Photo of Steamer RIVAL from S&D Reflector December 1968. The photo is dated 1904 and taken in Marietta, OH.

JW works on the RIVAL many times at the Elizabeth Marine Ways, including putting new fenders on her on September 12, 1904 and also April 15, 1907.  On January 7, 1911 she docks for repairs after being run into by the Steamer SAMUEL CLARKE.  Using the Search function on the Home Page will take you to other pages that JW mentions the RIVAL.


JW writes, as part of a list of activities from 1917 to 1920, that he worked on the Steamer RIVAL in Parkersburg, WVA and he goes home on May 16, 1917.  In his January 15, 1917 entry he gives details about his time in Parkersburg working on the RIVAL.  In addition to naming several men in charge of the dock in Parkersburg, JW names the Captain, Engineer and the Cook on the RIVAL, her name is Martha.  

The photo below shows the RIVAL in Parkersburg during this time period, having the type of repairs JW writes about in his journal.  I believe this photo was taken during the time JW was in Parkersburg working on the RIVAL.  I do not know if JW is one of the men shown in the photo, he may be.  I do believe that the woman in the photo is Martha the cook and I can only speculate that the Captain and Engineer of the RIVAL are shown and also the Superintendent of the job (JW) who ate all his meals on the RIVAL.

Photo of Steamer RIVAL in Parkersburg from S&D Reflector June 1974     This is part of the text describing the photo of the RIVAL having repairs in Parkersburg.

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