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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

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1921 Elizabeth M.E. Church


These are photos of a Panoramic Photo that hangs in a hallway of the  Red Lion Restaurant located in Elizabeth, PA.

The writing on the photos reads:  First M. E. Church Sunday School Elizabeth, PA.     Easter Morning March 27, 1921

Click on each photo for a closer look at the individuals. 

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Approxmiate date is early 1920s      Mid to late 1920s

The two photos above are from the collection of Kirk Hall and show the Alonzo L. Weigel American Legion Post 533 Drum and Bugle Corp.  Kirk estimates that the photo on the left was taken during the early 1920s and the photo on the right was taken later in the 1920s.


The photos below are from the collection of Nicholas Kloszewski, his mother's family lived on Blaine Hill.  Nicholas identifies his grandfather, Anthony Janicki, as being in the Firemen's Band photo first row, sixth from left, with his clarinet.  If you can identify others in these photos please contact me.

Names of membership of Blaine Hill Firehall and Blaine Hill Firemen's Band in 1935 was provided by David Pershing from Blaine Hill who at time of providing names, January 2017,  is 86 years old, .  His son Robert provided technical support to his father in supplying these names.  Names are left to right for all photos and if an individual is not known then this is indicated with an  X, misspelling of some names probably occurs.

The trophies lined up in front of the Band are awards received at numerous competitions with their rendition of Beer Barrel Polka having people dancing in the streets.

Blaine Hill Firemen's Band

Blaine Hill Firemens's Band dated 1935  Close up of left side of photo Close up of right side of photo    

Left side blowup

Row 1: Fatty Musisko, Lou Bonno, Eddie Holmes, Philips, Salaby, Tony Janicki, Mel Yacomelli

Row 2: Band Director Herman, Jim Thornton, Joe Bell, Homer, Charlie Telesfore, Matt Thornton, Regis Hunt, Matt Sovitsky

Right side blowup

Row 1: Uvegas, Fritz, Brown, Joe Hammadock, Benny Corts, Bernadosky, Pete Zaken, John Thornton (standing)

Row 2: Charlie Sovitsky, Ted Opher, Matt Sovitsky, Philip Large, Hobart Barton Jr, Steve Uvegas



Blaine Hill Firemen's Members

Blaine Hill Fire Company in front  of Blaine Hill Fire Hall dated 1935  Close up of left side of photo Close up of center of photo Close up of right side of photo


Left side blowup

Row 1:  Kasich, Larcinese (Large), Cherepko, x, Nick Yacomelli, Campaneo

Row 2:  Mr. Mesner (janitor at Wylie school), Music director Herman, Charlie Sovitsky, Matt Sovitsky, Musisko, Brown ?, x, Pete (Wiggy) Zaken

Row 3: Peter Kasick, Ted Opher, Homer, Charlie Telesfore, x, Tony Janicky, Bill Homa

Center section blowup

Row 1: Lou Bonno, x, Matt Thornton, Alec Zaken, x, Ed Miller, x

Row 2: x, Joe Bell, Homer, Benny Corts, x, Salaby, Joe Hammadock

Row 3: x, Bernadosky, x, Mel Yacomelli, Steve Uvegas, x, x, Dave (Putzy) Marraccini, x

Row 4: (near wall on steps) John Kasonich, Popp,  rest in white on steps unknown

Right side blowup

Row 1: x, John Thornton, Suckell,  Marraccini, Cordero, x, x, x

Row 2: x, x, x, x, Hotlovich (in suit), x, x, x, x

Row 3: Homa, x, Joe Chomas, Yosha Graban, Suckell, Judy Gogoel, x

Row 4: x, x, x, Joe Korona, x, x




Lions Club of Elizabeth, PA

Lions Club  throughout the United States including in Elizabeth, PA hold Fund Raisers of various types to raise money to donate to charities with an emphasis on the Blind and Visually Impaired. A fund raising event primarily utilized during the late 1940s into the early 1960s was an annual variety show with club members performing activities such as singing and dancing to entertain the audience.  Photographs of some of these events were taken and then sold as additional Fund Raisers which show members of the Elizabeth, PA Lions Club performing on stage.


School Classes


1910  8th Grade Class  Wylie School         1915   1st Grade Class Wylie School

Amos Elmer Meyers is the young boy on the left with the X mark.  Photo is from the collection of Amos Meyers, son of the boy in the photo.  From the collection of Amos Meyers


Elizabeth Grade School  1934 - 1935

Grade 3   1934 - 1935  Grade 4   1934 - 1935  Grade 5   1934 - 1935 


1938 Elizabeth High School Graduating Class

From the collection of Nicholas Kloszewski's grandmother.  Nicholas believes his grandmother is one of these students.





1932 Elizabeth Junior High School Basketball Team

From collection of Historic Elizabeth, names from Kirk and Tetta Lynch Hall


1939 Elizabeth High School Football Team


From collection of Kirk and Tetta Hall

Front Row:  1 - Jack Davison   2 - E. J. McCorkle   3 - Arthur Bonno   4 - Kirk Hall   5 - Angelo Gatto   6 - Bill Sickles  
7 - Stanley Urbanovich   8 - Carl Light   9 - Joe Furno,  Coach

Second Row:   10 - Ike Troutman, Teacher   11 - John Watson   12 - Metro Barna   13 - Jim Beadling   14 - Hugh Williams  
15 - Tom Kelly   16 - Bob Bucy   17 - Bert Yates   18 - George Dobrich

Third Row:   19 - Bill Ekaitis   20 - Glenn Smith   21 - Justin Lorantas   22 - Ken McKown   23 - Joe Rubino   24 - Bill Herget   25 - Jim Bennett

Fourth Row:   26 - Charles Pelcharsky   27 - Bobby Jones   28 - Joe Session   29 - Paul Snead   30 - Timmy Johnson  
31 - Albert Guffey   32 - Earl McCorkle   33 - Paul Stracelsky

Fifth Row :   34 - Bob Stang   35 - Sherwin Griffith   36 - Al Posa 






These three photos are from an article published in the magazine "S&D Reflector" story on boat building in Elizabeth, PA, no names were given and the only location was in the paragraph on the right. 

Amos Myers writes that the house in this photo is located at 405 Douglas Avenue on Blaine Hill. The man to the left standing on the ground is his Grandfather Amos Elisha Myers, his father Amos Elmer Myers is on the ground center and his Uncle Glenn Myers is standing to the right.  Amos dates the photos as during the 1920s.


From collection of Historic Elizabeth.    added 1/16/16

 JW mentions a few times that a skiff was built for a particular job, but he does not write that skiff (rowboat) building was an ongoing activity at Elizabeth Marine Ways which does not mean that it was not. There were various Marine Ways in the Elizabeth area that could have been involved in building these small boats. The men are identified as being Arch Cowan and George Go(a)lloway who are not mentioned in JW's journals as working at EMW but are mentioned on the "Names" page.

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