Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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"River Boat Rag" is an original song written by Maryann Hamer and dedicated to her father Thomas W. Graham - "one of the finest engineers on the inland waterways  1917 - 1974".   To hear her play "River Boat Rag" click on this sentence,

Maryann was an early contributor to the information on this web site and I am grateful for all of the help she gave to me. To learn more about how Maryann helped me please read my web page on the model of the Steamer SPRAGUE.

I have divided the pictures of riverboats into several categories, clicking on the title below will take you to that specific page.

Photos of Boats JW Knew  shows boats that JW mentions in his journals, he worked on them or in some other way was familiar with these boats.

Photos of Western PA Riverboats  are pictures of Steamboats that worked the rivers of Western PA. primarily during the lifetime of JW.

Original Steam TowBoat Plans are photos of reference drawings used in the construction of several steam towboats.

Photos Needed  is a list of boats, barges, and other craft that JW mentions in his journal that I would like a photo of.  Your help is appreciated.

Built at Elizabeth, PA  is a list of boats built at Elizabeth and West Elizabeth, PA

To hear the actual whistles of many steamboats, including those with the emblem of a whistle beside their name click on the link below:

http://www.johnhartford.org/Music/Steamboat Whistles/Steamboat Whistles.htm

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