Lund, Joan Black, Her Great Grandparents

Great Grand Parents of Joan Black Lund


George Bradley Black
b ca 1825 PA or OH
d 1895 Appleton, WI

Some Descendants of George B. Black

Mary Jane Houston
b 1830 OH
d 1852 Tuscarawas Co., OH

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Nathan Wiley Horn
son of Hazel G. Horn and Amanda Rush

b 1830 Pike Co., IL
d 1915 Mason Co., IL

Eliza Richards
daughter of Elijah Richards and Nancy Powell
b 1836 Champaign Co., OH
d 1888 Mason Co., IL

3. Leeander C.  Agnew
b 1832 Monroe Co., IL
d 1919 Mason Co., IL

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Sarah Catherine Hawthorn Baxter
b 1842 Cass Co., IL
d 1916 Mason Co., IL

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4. Otto William Genther/Ginther
b 1862 Ross Co., OH
d 1885 bur Mason Co., IL

Family Reunion Picture

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Etta Emma Sutley
b 1865 Mason Co., IL
d 1942 bur Mason Co., IL


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