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  Welcome to my family tree page






Over the years, and believe me it has been a lot of years, There have been a huge number of people who have helped and Contributed to this tree, A couple of Special thankyou's go to Shirley Payne, Rick Smith,  Brian Watts, Allan Terret and a new "cousin" I have found Darren Paine There are many others and I would like to thank everyone As you wander through my family, I hope you find a long lost cousin or two, if you do Please let me know, The more the merrier.






Click on the book to view my family

Out of Respect for all the members of my vast family I have "met" on the web and in Person

All Details of Living people have been suppressed from  my online files.



  Welcome to my Photo Galleries



  The Story of John Bourke.. An Irishman transported to the shores of Australia

     A general directory of the kingdom of Ireland 1788 by Richard Lucas

     Bourke's in the Griffith's Evaluation 1848 - 1864 

     Monumental Inscriptions in the Church of Ireland Parish Graveyard Rathkeale Limerick



Ferrar's Limerick Directory of 1769

Map of Ireland

Fort William Calcutta India


        From Sussex to Australia...My Levett family

     St Michael and All Angels Church Berwick Sussex   A beautiful church that is still standing today


   Passenger list for the Winifred  out from London to Australia 1863







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