Monumental Inscriptions in the Church of Ireland Parish Graveyard at Rathkeale



Monumental Inscriptions in the Church of Ireland Parish Graveyard at Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

JOHNSTONE. Erected by Minnie Johnstone in loving Memory of her beloved husband John Johnstone Castlematrix who departed this life on the 17th April 1896 Aged 47 years Also of her dear son Peter William Johnstone who departed this life on the 17th March 1896 Aged 21 years To be with Christ which is far better Dearly beloved Wife Minnie Johnstone 20th July 1919 Aged 63 years Safe in the hands of Jesus

STARK. (3 stones on a single enclosed plot) In loving Memory of Samuel Stark Died June 19th 1923 Aged 76 years Elizabeth Stark Died November 14th 1930 Aged 79 years Blessed are the dead Which die in the Lord Samuel Stark Died 8th April 1952 STARK

SHIER. Mary A. Shier Died 7 June 1976.

SHIER. Lillie F. Shier Died 17 April 1978.

MASSY. (Vault) This Monument was Erected By Jas Fitzg Massy Esq Of Stoneville Cloughnarold And now Lord What is my hope Truly my hope Is ever in thee. (Arms: on a chevron between 3 lozenges a lion passant. Crest: a bull's head armed emerging from a ducal coronet. Motto: Libertate.) A.D. 1800 To Perpetuate the memory of his Family From Generation to Generation Blessed are the dead Which die in the Lord RESTORED BY LUCY MASSY 1907

MASSY. Sacred To the Memory of Ellin Widow of Hugh Massy Esq Of Arleman and Daughter of The Late Hugh Massy Esq of Stoneville Who Died March 19th 1875 Aged 69 years.

MASSY. Erected by Diana Massy to the Memory of her beloved Husband Hugh Massy Esq of Rockville Who departed this Life On the 18th of May------- Aged 61 years

MASSY. Erected To the Memory of Henrietta Massy of Stoneville Born 17th May 1814 Died 28 Januy 1834

MASSY. Sacred To The Memory of Diana Massy of Stoneville Who died on the 7th day of February 1850 Aged 72.

HAMMOND. In Memory Of Mary Anne Masterson Hammond Who died 9th April 1869 John Hammond 23rd July 1873.

WARBURTON. (Underground vault). Within This Vault Are interred The Mortal Remains Of The Venerable Charles Warburton LLD Archdeacon Of Tuam And Chancellor of Limerick He died on the 12th day of December 1855 Aged 75 Having borne a long and suffering illness With exemplary Patience and resignation To the Divine Will.

PEPPARD. (On top the crest of a greyhound courant and the motto Virtute et Valore)

GRAVES. Erected To The Memory of Lieutenant Thomas Cockbir Graves Royal Limk. Regiment Eldest son of Major General Graves by his brother He died on the 9th May 1855 Aged 26 years.

FERGUSON. Sacred to the Memory of David Ferguson Who departed this life On the 11th day of January 1819 Aged 71 years.

FERGUSON. Sacred to the Memory of Doctor James Ferguson Late of the 5th Regiment of Foot Who departed this life October 21st 1834 aged 31 years.

PYM. Charles Melville Pym/ Died 11th Jan. 1956 Aged 68 years Most dearly beloved Husband of Kathleen.

O DONOGHUE. In Loving Memory Of The O Donoghue Family Cloghanarold Rathkeale Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy On Their Souls Erected By Their Neice-in-law Mary O Donoghue.

HANRAHAN. This Tomb was Erected by Mrs Hanrahan in memory of her husband Pierse Hanrahan Who departed the Life February ---- 1800 Aged 86 years.

MASSY. Here lies the body of Mrs Anne Massy Relict of Wilham Massy of Stoneville Esq. who dep. this life -----1791 during the -----(2 illegible lines).

FITZGERALD. Here lieth the Body of Mrs Margt FitzGerald widow of the late Gart FitzGerald Esq of Shannongrove Who departed this life the 28th of November 1810 Aged 75 years.

HOGAN. Thomas O Hogan Erected this Memento to the Memory of his Daughter Sarah Hogan who departed this life the 15th of October 1809 aged 29 years Thos Hogan obit 16th Augt 1804 Aged 69 Sarah his wife 17th July 1825 Aged 77 years Anne Ward their grand Daughter on 15th July 1827 aged 26.

MORGAN. In Memory of Mrs Frances Morgan Who departed this life July 10th 1855 Aged 72 years Also her son Georgeo who died April 9th 1849 Aged 36 years This Stone was erected as a tribute of esteem and love by her daughters Elizabeth and Patience Morgan.

HALLORAN. Erecd by George Halloran in memy of his Father John Halloran who depd this life in the Year 1787 aged 61 yrs And his Brother Maurice Halloran who depd in the Year 1769 aged 20 yrs.

CUSSEN. Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Anne Cussen the wife of Doctor Cussen and of her Infant Daughter she died Feby 20th 1834 Aged 32 years.

ANDERSON. This Monument was erected by Paris Anderson In Memory of his beloved wife Ellen Daughter to the late David Lloyd Esq of Clashbane who departed this life October the 6th 1831 Aged 79 years.

OGRADY. IHS Erected by Thomas O Grady in Memory of his affectionate wife Anne O Grady aged 52 years Also his Son Thomas O Grady Aged 12 years Both died Feb 17th 1835 Requiescant in pace Amen.

HICKSON. (Vault: roof -slab bearing inscription broken and scaled) Here lieth the Body of Rt Hickson------Joanna his wife She departed this life May the 4th 1787 Aged 69 He died him-----(stone broken)

AHERN. In Memory Of Timothy Ahern Died 26th May 1936 aged 75 yrs Timothy Ahern Died 27th Jan 1917 aged 27 yrs Michael Ahern Died 26th Oct. 1944 aged 28 yrs Margaret Ahern Died 7th July 1948 aged 52 yrs Stephen Ahern Died 29th July 1966 Aged 80 yrs.

LEE. John Tuohy erecd this stone in memory of his dear friend Mr James Lee who lieth here interred with his Wife & Son He depd this life Oct. 23rd 1825 Aged 53 years.

CHAMBRE. Beneath this Stone is interred the Remains of Meredith Calcott Chambre Esq late Captain of the Kildare Militia Who departed this life 8th February 1812.

SWITZER. Erected By John M. Switzer of Courtmatrix.

SWITZER. Sacred to the Memory of Julia beloved Daughter of Amos Switzer of Courtmatrix who depd this life July 29th 1781 Aged 20 years.

PLUMMER. In memory of Samuel Plummer who died on the 27th day of June 1867 Aged 34 yrs Also Lydia Sarh Plummer born May 8th 1865 Died June 13th 1865.

DOLMAGE. To The Memory Of Julius Dolmage Esq who died on the 7th day of August 1849 Aged 78 years and of Susanna his Wife who died on the 8th day of February 1848 Aged 71 years.

DELMAGE. Delmage Court Lodge & Adamson. Look unto me and be saved All the ends of the earth For I am God and there is None else Isaiah XIV 22nd verse.

HARE. Sacred to The Memory of Major Thomas Hare Who served 25 years in His Majesty's Service and lived and died strongly attached to His King and Country And in the Practice of every Social and Domestic Virtue while his mild Gentlemanly Manner Rendered his Memory beloved and his Death lamented He died on the 31st January 1822 this Stone is inscribed by an attached Wife.

EVANS. In Memory of my Dear parents John & Mary Evans Died October 1888 Also my sister Hannie Died August 24th 1922 Erected by Maggie Evans.

HALL. Erected by John Hall in memory of his beloved wife May Hall who departed this Life July the 7th 1835 Aged 28 years.

HALL. Underneath are deposited The remains of John Hall Esq.... Poor Law Inspector who departed this life 23rd February 1856 This tribute of affection To his Memory By his beloved Daughter Mary.

HOLMES. Erected by Willm Hanna In memory of his Nephew Gabriel Holmes who depd this life the 17th Novr 1797 Aged 20 years Also in the memy of his Father in Law Edward Leader who Depd this life 20th March 1820 Aged 83 years.

O SHAUGHNESSY. IHS Erected by Patrick O Shaughnessy Of Rathkeale to the memory of his Son William who depd This life September 29th 1840 Aged 32 years May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

O NEILL. IHS Erected by Michael O'Neill of Duckstown In memory of His Father John O Neill who died May 7th 1875 Aged 70 years.

HERBERT. IHS Erected by Ellen Herbert in Memory of her beloved Husband Maurice Herbert Who depd this life January The 24th 1838 aged 49 years.

SHEAHAN. Erected By Mrs Egan of Rathkeale In memory of her belovd Daughter Margaret Sheahan alias Guinane Who depd this life July 11th 1845 Aged 29 years.

CAULFIELD. Pray for the soul of William Caulfield Who departed this life the 15th April 1861 In the 32nd Year of His age In every relation of life He was exemplary. A fond And devoted husband And a sincere and practical Christian. May it be his happy Lot to behold his redeemer face To face to be forever in his presence Which is the joy of the blessed and may his soul rest In peace. Amen This stone was erected To his memory as a tribute Of affection by his beloved Wife Lizzie.

ROCHE. In memory of Maurice Roche Of Rathkeale A man Highly respected for The benevolence of his Heart The sincerity of his Intentions His Widow Erected this Monument As a tribute of affectionate Love for So kind and respectful a Husband He departed this Life In hope of a joyful Resurrection On the 22nd Day of January 1830 Aged 74 years May he rest in peace Amen Here also lieth the remains of Ellen (Sexton) Roche Who erected this Stone in Memory of Her beloved Husband She departed this life On the 26th Day of July 1845.

LEDDANE. Erected By John Leddane In loving memory of his wife Mary Josephine Who departed this Life the 18th of November 1878.

O CONNOR. Erected by the Revd M. O Connor In memory of his revered parents Mr Mathew O Connor Who died Decemr 16th 1839 in the 95th year of his age Mrs Ellen O Connor alias Fitzgerald Who died November 8th 1899 His brother Maurice Departed this life December 9th 1825.

CUNNINGHAM. IHS Here lied ye body of John Cunningham Who depd this life June 15th 1775 Aged ??? 7 Years (stone damaged).

CASEY. Erected to the Memory of Anne Casey Who depd March 21st 1839 Aged 60 years.

RYAN. Erected By Catherine Ryan In memory of her beloved husband John Ryan Who departed this life Jan 23rd 1859 Aged 44 years Also Her son Michael Ryan Who died Apl 24th 1839 Aged 5 years.

FITZGERALD. IHS Mary Fitzgerald depd This life december The 14th 1798 Aged 33 Years ere...tho... Colling's and Mary still......(stone broken)

RANAHAN. Sacred to the memory of Mr John Ranahan Who died on the 14th of February 1876 Aged 30 years May his soul Rest in Peace Amen This stone was Erected By Mrs Anne Hogan of Rathkeale Cottage.

YOUNG. IHS Mrs Anne Flanedy ered ys stone In memy of her father Simon Young who depd ys life Jan 16th 1776 Aged 62 years & her son Edmd Flanedy who died Novr 8th 1799 aged 22 years.

FENNELL. IHS Erected By Maruice Fennell Boherbuy In memory of his Father Thomas Fennell Died 8th April 1878 Aged 71 years Also his Sister Alice Died 29th September 1891 Aged 45 years.

HALWAY. Catherine Halway alias Aylmer erecd this stone in memy of her husband Edmd Halway who depd this life Oct 20th 1781 Aged 58 years.

RUTTLE. Elizabeth Ruttle Departed this life October 15th 1815 Isabella Margaret Ruttle departed this life 13th October 1834 Aged 14 yrs in whose Beloved memory this Stone is inscribed By her affectionate Brother & Sister.

TESKEY. Erectd by James Teskey in Memory of his beloved wife Barbara Teskey who deptd this Life in Sure hope of Life everlasting through Christ our Lord December the 5th 1825 Aged 53 years.

O'CONNOR. In loving memory of Sylvia O'Connor (nee Slocombe) Died December 8 1967 Erected by her Husband Francis (Frank O'Connor) Francis O'Connor Died 27 Dec 1976 RIP.

TESKEY. This stone was erected as a Token of conjugal affection by Cathn Teskey to ye memy of her beloved husbd Jacob Teskey who depd ys Life 3rd of June 1795 Aged 47 yrs.

TESKEY. Erected By Garrett Teskey of Courtmatrix In memory of his Father Garrett Teskey Who depd this life May 10 1836.

LAURENCE. Erected by Bridget Laurence in memory Of her beloved and Lamented Husband Peter Laurence Who departed this life December 23 1844 Also his beloved Mother Mary Laurence Who departed this life the year 1810 Aged 32 years May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

FAUGHT. John Faught erecd this Stone in memory of his beloved Son Laurence Who depd ys life June 1 A.D. 1817 Aged 30 years.

CUSACK. Erected By John Cusack in memory of his Beloved Son Daniel Cusack Who died 28 October 1855 Aged 18 years.

BOURKE. (Vault) This Tomb is Erected By the Revn David Bourke Domini 1750 Here lyeth the body Of James Bourke Who departed this life In the 15th Year of his Age.

STEPHENSON. IHS Sacred To the memory of Saml Stephenson Who depard this life Sepr 9th A.D. 1790 aged 40 years Ered by Mrs Mary O Sullivn His daughter My he rest in peace.

CULL. Erected by Michl Cull in Memory of his wife Honora Cull alias Cunnaw who departed this Life May 14th 1827 aged 40 years May her Soul rest in peace.

GOULDING. Mary Goulding Died March 10th 1903 Aged 82 years.

SHIRE. Erected By Henery Shire of Drehedtarsna In the memory of his beloved wife Margaret Shire who died May 22nd 1818 Aged 52 years.

SHIER. Erected by Nicholas Shier In memory of his beloved Son Julius Shier who departed this Life the 17th of February 1844 Aged 29 years.

SHIER. Erected by Anne Shier of Ballingrane In memory of her beloved and Lamented husband John Shier Who dept this life Nov 8th 1849 Aged 41 years.

SHIER. In Loving Memory of Robert Shier Ballingrane Died 27th Sept. 1977 His wife Honora Died 16 Aug 1978.

SWITZER. Erected By Wm. Switzer of Killeheen in memory of his belovd Daug. Mrs Kate Wynne who depd this life April 30th 1856 Aged 24 years Also his beloved wife Catherine who died Jany 14th 1857 Aged 71 Yrs.

SWITZER. In memory of John Switzer 1822-1902 and his wife Eliza Switzer 1833-1877 Also their Children Henry Switzer 1868-1872 Lizzie Switzer 1873-1874 Robert Switzer 1877-1880 Kate Switzer Died 10th Jan 1937 Aged 80 years Kathleen Elizabeth Millar Died 4th April 1944 Aged 32 years Edward Greene Died 4th Feb. 1948 aged 78 years Margaret Jane Greene Died 2nd May 1953 aged 82 years Violet Rebecca Greene Died 4 Feb 1973 Joseph Switzer Greene Died 21st Aug. 1977.

MOLONEY. Michl Moloney erecd this stone In memory of his Father John Molony who depd this Life Nov 22nd 1799 Aged 49 years.

WALSH. IHS This Monument was erected by Thomas Walsh In memory of his beloved wife Honora Walsh who departed this life on the 2nd of June 1814 Aged 57 years.

COSTELLO. This Stone was erected by Edmond Costello in Memory of his Daugr Mary Quinlivan Alias Costello who Depd this Life Feby 15th 1788 Aged 34 years Requiescant in pace.

LOVELL. Erected by Rebecca Lovell In memory of her Beloved husband Uriah Lovell Late Sergeant 23rd Ir. Fusileirs who departed this life April 16th 1819 aged 63 years.

SOUTHWELL. Here lieth the Body of Edn Southwell who depd this Life Novr 20th 1786 Aged 60 years Requiescant in pace. Amen.

HENNESSY. Erected by Michl Hennessy In Memory of His Father Mother Wife Brother Also his Brotherinlaw John O'Shea.

McCARTHY. IHS This stone was erected by Dennis McCarthy in memory of his Brother in Law Thos Banr who depd this Life 8 ber ye 6th 1771 aged 21 years.....(stone encrusted )

HALLYNAN. IHS Here Lyeth ye Body of Mary Hallynan Als Enrought Who departed This Life Augst The 6th Anno Domi 1738 aged 34 years.

ENRAGHTY. Here Lieth the Body Of Mary Enraghty Wife of James Enraghty who departed this Life Augt the 15th 1745.

FENNELL. This Testimony of Sorrow is offered by Mary Fennell to the memory of her lamented husband Patrick Fennell who departed this life Decemr the 14th 1821 Aged 40 years.

MULVIHILL. IHS Margaret Mulvihill alias Brien erecd ys stone In memy of her beloved Husband Jeremiah Mulvll Who depd this life July 7th 1821 Aged 60 years.

O BRIEN. Erectd by Conr O Brien in memory of his Wife and their son Edmod O'Brien who died August 15th 1835 aged 31 Years May they rest in peace.

RIORDAN. Here lies the body of Dens Riordan who depd ys Life Aprl ye 16th 1806 Aged 80 Years and also his Daughter Mary Riordan who died Sepr ye 12th 1822 Aged 50 years.

RIORDAN. This stone was erecd by Jeremiah Riordan in Memy of his Brother John Riordan who depd ys life Octr 24th 1822 Aged 46 Years And renewed by Thomas Cosgrave who departed this life Feby 6th 1881 Aged 29 years.

LEGEAR. This stone was erected by Michl Legear in memory of his daughtr Lucinda who departed this life June the 22nd 1825 aged 3 Years.

LEGIER. Erd by Mrs Elizabeth Legier of Beigh in memory of her worthy Husband Mr John Legier who departed this Life Decr the 6th 1842 Aged 49 yrs.

O'SHEA. Erected by Dis O'Shea in memory of his wife An O'Shea who departed this life Sepr 9th 1824 Aged 72 years.

DOUPE. This Stone was erected By John Doupe Of Courtmatrix To the memory of his loving wife Rebecca Doupe Who died ...15th 1868...(rest illegible)

O'DELL. John O'Dell Captain of 64th Regiment Morgans House Barrigone Co. Limerick Died 11th Novr 1888 Aged 72 Years His wife Catherine died 23rd Novr 1909 Aged 65 years Roger O'Dell died April 1917 Aged 73 Years Samuel Doupe died 25th May 1921 Aged 75 Years William O'Dell died 1st March 1934 Aged 63 Years Rebecca O'Dell died 19th Mrch 1934 Aged 67 Years at whose Request this Memorial is erected.

LEAKE. Here Lyeth the Body of Mrs Mary Leake wife to Mr Jonas Leake of Rathkeale who Departed this Life the first day of May Ano Domi....(illegible) Agd 70 Years Here also lyeth the Bodys of William and Robert sons of Said Jonas and Mary Leake And also the body of the above Jonas Leake Esq who died 28th July 1762 in the 60th Year of his age.

LEAKE. Margaret Leake alias Hogan Departed this Life June 12th 1799.

LARDNER. Mrs Emelia Lardner Alias Leake erected This stone in memory of her husband James Lardner Surgn who died July 24th 18.4 Requiescant in Pace. Amen

MILLER. IHS Erected By Mrs Catherine Miller in Memory of her Husband Mr William Miller who Deptd the 6th of Feby 1815 aged 52 yrs. Also her son Mr William Miller died the 4th of Febr 1828 Aged 32 yrs May they rest in Peace. Amen.

BOVENHIZER. Michl Bovenhizer ered ys in memory of his Brother Geoe Bovr who ended a life of 29 years Decr 8th 1789.

PIPER. Erecd by Jacob Piper in memy of his son Jacob who depd ys life Jany 21st 1801 Aged 21 years Also his daughter Margt who depd Marh after aged 38 The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

CONNORS. Erected by Jermh Connors In memory of his wife Mary Connors who died 18th Feby 1869 Age 31 yrs Also His Motherinlaw Anne McMahon Died 4th June 1866 Aged 55 yrs.

FITZGERALD. Micl Fitz Gerald ered this Stone in memy of his wife Ellen FitzGerald alias Neagle who depd ys life Marh 20th 1798 Aged 28 Years Requiescant in pace Amen.

EGAN. In loving memory of Jeremiah Egan Ballyallinan Died 4 April 1942 His wife Mary Egan Died 10 Sept 1942 R.I.P. Erected By the Family.

EGAN. In loving memory of David Egan died Dec. 1936 His wife Margaret died Feb 1960.

CLANCY. Erecd by John Clancy in Memy of his father Richd Clancy who died Augt 9th 1759 & also of his son Richd who depd this Life Sepr 19th 1812 Aged 21 Years.

SPARLING. Erected In loving memory of Uriah Sparling Who died March 6th 1917 Aged 80 years Isabella Sparling Died 10th Feb 1930 Aged 83 Years John Thomas Sparling Died 19th Oct 1955 Aged 77 Years Margaret Temily Sparling Died 4th March 1962 Aged 85 Years.

FRAWLEY. In loving memory of John Frawley Blossom Hill Rathkeale Died 25 July 1936 Aged 62 Years R.I.P. Erected by his sons and daughters.

RAYNARD. Erected by John Raynard Ballingrane In memory of his Father Christopher Raynard Who departed this Life 18th March 1898 Aged 88 years Also his Mother Annie Raynard Who died 9th January 1884.

MODLER. In loving memory of John Modler Courtmatrix Died 23rd Oct 1924 Ann Modler Died 10 March 1930.

SCANLON. Erected By John Scanlon Of Courtmatrix In Memory of his Father who died The Year 1830 Also His Son Garrett who died 1856 His Mother who died 23rd March 1865.

POWER. Pray for the Souls of James Power & his wife Agnes Power Alias Fitzgerald she depd this life April 17th 1791 aged 63 years & he died Novr 19th 1792.

O REGAN. Erected by Mchl O Regan of Limerick In memory of his Father Thos O Regan of Cloughnarold who died on the 4th of August 1860 aged 86 years His Mother Mrs Mary O Regan who died 30th of January 1869 Aged 88 years.

MULCAHY. IHS Erected by Elizabeth Mulcahy In memory of her mother Margaret Bourke Alias Pillion who died The 20th of June 1822 Aged 71 yrs also her Brother in Law Samuel Hall who died the 6th of Novr 1820 aged 48 years.

CAGNEY. (A vault) Erected by Johanna Cagney in memory of her beloved and lamented husband Patrick Cagney who departed this life On the 8th of April 1814 Aged 47 years May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

CAGNEY. Erected by Patk Cagney in memory of his dear Father Michl Cagney who depard This Life May 10th 1822 Aged 59 years.

MOYLAN. Infant Son of John B Moylan Rathkeale Aged 5 months 1870.

HALLIGAN. John Halligan erected This stone in memy of His Brother James Halligan who depd this life October 2nd 1783.

MALEY. Erected by John Maley in memory of his Father Edmond Maley who Depd this life Jany the 20th A.D. 1793 Aged 50 years May he rest in peace. Amen.

SHEAHAN. This Memorial was erected by Michael Sheahan to his beloved Son Michael who departed this Life on the 6th day of June 1832 Aged 19 years.

MOYLAN. To The Memory of William Moylan who died 14th May 1858 Aged 47 Years And John Moylan died 10th of December 1864 Aged 70 Years.

DOOLY. In memy of Thomas Dooly who Depd this life on the 16......1835 Aged 86 Years.

COLLINS. Erecd by Honoria Collins in Memory of her Mother Ellin Collins who depd this life Jany 23rd 1798.

POWER. (Top of stone illegible)...By Samp. Hays Power of Rathkeale In the revered memory of His beloved Brother John Hays Power Who departed this life On the 19th of April 1819 Aged 32 Years. Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

HALLINAN. Stephen Hallinan erecd this Stone in memy of his Mother Sarah Hallinan alias O Leary who depd this life Decr 16th 1789 Aged 48 Years Aslo his Father John Hallinan who depd Marh 5th 1794 Aged 52 Years Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

KELLY. This Stone was Erecd by Catherine Kelly Alias Hallinan in memy of her Husband Cors Kelly who depd this life Apl 8th 1784 Aged 42 yrs.

MacDONNELL. Lord have mercy on the soul of John MacDonnell Who departed this life the 5th of November 1859 Aged 61 years.

POWER. Sacred to The memory of Patrick Power who departed this life March the 7th 1832 Aged 55 Years May he rest in peace Amen In memory of William Power Esqr Who died at Chesterfield The 17th Dec 1916 Leaving 9,000 in charity.

POWER. Erected To the memory of James William Power of Chesterfield who died 24th March 1881 His wife Mrs J. Power who died 25th Feb 1855 Margaret who died 3rd June 1878 Kate who died 21st August 1875 Erected by Surviving Children.

POWER. IHS Erected by James John Whitaker Power in memory of his dear and affectionate Mother Honora Power Who died Feby 1st 1833 Aged 47 years Also to the memory of his beloved Brother William Power who died Feby 13th 1846 Aged 27 Years And also to the memory of his dear and beloved Father James Power who died August 1st 1847 Aged 57 Years May they rest in peace. Amen.

POWER. Erected by Wilm Power in memory of his beloved wife Mary Power alias Hickie who depard this life May 22nd A.D. 1830 aged 48 years Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

POWER. Erected by Margaret Power of Rathcannon To the memory of her husband Wm Power who died 7th Feby 1852 aged 48 yrs Her son Samuel D Power Died March 23rd 1852 aged 5 yrs and Her son Wm D. Power Died 7th Feby 1870 Aged 33 yrs.

QUAID. Sacred to the Memory of Js Rt Quaid who died April 25th 1851 Aged 19 yrs Anasthasia Quaid alias Collins Died 14th Dec 1851 Aged 30 yrs Katherin Quaid died 1st Octr 1856 Aged 21 Years and Mary Quaid alias Power Died 14th June 1864 Aged 65 yrs Erected by Mr Robt Quaid Knockaderry.

MALEY. IHS Here lieth the body of Maurce Maley who depd this life April the 20th 1791 Aged 23 years.

LYNCH. In loving memory of Patrick Lynch Courtmatrix Rathkeale Died 26th Oct 1964 Aged 19 years R.I.P. Erected by his Father Mother Brothers and Sisters.

O SHEA. Underneath are deposited The mortal remains of Catherine O Shea Who consoled with a happy Hope of a Glorius Immortality Rendered her soul to God December 29th 1864 Aged 27 years may she rest in peace Amen This monument is erected as a tribute of affection To the memory of a dearly Beloved sister by her Brother Margaret O Shea Daughter Died January 21st 1941 R.I.P.

NASH. In loving memory of Richard Nash Ballyallinan Died Sept 4th 1935 His wife Ita Died Jan 20th 1965 Their Grandaughter Catherine O Connor Aged 1 1/2 yrs Patrick Nash Died June 1936.

DOWLING. In loving memory of Michael Dowling Kilkanna Knockaderry Who died 13th September 1948 Aged 64 Years His wife Johanna Died 12 Dec 1965.

CONNELL. Mich Connell erecd ys stone in memy of his three Sons Charles aged 22 yrs died 28th Decr 1826 Requiescant in Pace Amen.

NAILON. IHS This stone was erecd by John Nailon in memy of his Father Michl Nailon who depd this life April the 28th 1792 aged 79 Yrs.

DELAHUNT. IHS Erected by Myales B. DelaHunt in memory of his Father James DelaHunt who departed this life February 11th 1832 aged 76 Yrs Also in memory of his Mother Ellen DelaHunt alias Bourke Who departed this life May 11 1811 aged 66 years Requiescant in Pace.

O BRIEN. Sacred To The Memory of Frances Marian The dearly beloved Wife Of Myles O Brien M.D. who died at Newcastle West On 30th Decr 1870 aged 64 Years.

BOURKE. Erected by Miles Bourke In Memory of his Mother Mary Bourke Alias Dalton Who departd ys Life June ye 11th 1777 Aged 65 Years.

GEARY. Erected by Patrick Geary in memory of his Father Edmond Geary who departed this life may the 10th 1844 Aged 55 years.

RAHILLY. Cors Rahilly erecd ys stone in memy of his son Maurce Rahy who depd ys Life March 14th 1785 Aged 26 Years.

SULLIVAN. Here lies ye body of Thos Sullivan who depd ys life March 29th 1785 aged 69 years.

BOORLIS. Here lieth the body Of Edmond Boorlis Who departed this life the 10th of Janry in the year of Our Lord 1731 And in the 47th Year of His age.

MANGIN. Erected by John Mangin in Memy of his Father John who depd this life April 7th 1799 Aged 61 years and also of his Mother Margaret Mangin alias Donohue who departed this life Decemr 2d 1805 Aged 69 and his brother James Mangin who depd this life August 23rd 1810 Aged 28 Years.

CREGAN. Pray For the Souls of Timothy and Bridget Cregan Bank Place Their son Timothy died 19 June 1964 Their Daughter Mary Ann Neville Died 29 Dec. 1971.

CLEARY. Erectd by John Cleary in Memory of his Father Dens Cleary who depard this Life Decr 12th 1828 Aged 65 Years Requiescant in pace Amen.

FLANIGAN. Margaret Flanigan alias Culhane erecd this stone in memy of her Husband Martin Flan who depd this life April 11 1779 Aged 54 Years Requiescant in pace Amen.

GRADDY. Here lieth ye body of Mary Graddy Who depd ys life Feby 29th 1755 Aged 60.

CONSIDEN. Erecd by Anne Riedy of Riddlestown in memory of her Father & Mother Michael Considen & Alice Considen alias Madigan he depd ys life Oct 3rd 1774 Aged 66 Years She died on March 17th 1782 aged 69 Years Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

BRADISH. Henry Bradish Erecd Ys Stone in memy of his Brother.

DARTNELL. Of your Charity Pray for the repose of the soul Of George Dartnell Who died 1880 Erected as the dying Request of his wife Mary Moore Dartnell Who remains as Interred herein. R.I.P.

DARTNELL. Sacred to William Dartnell died Decr 1825 Aged 42 years Margaret his wife died 26 Augst 1868 Aged 86 years Their Children Edward Thomas and Edward died infants Anne aged 7 years Their grandsons Thomas Dartnell died an infant May 1842 George Dartnell Drowned while bathing 26th July 1868 aged 28 years Their 5th Son George Dartnell died 10th April 1880 Aged 62 years And Mary his wife Died 25th Febry 1883 Aged 73 years.

ROCHE. Erecd by Mr Maurice Roche to ye memory of His Daughter Mary Sale Alias Roche who depd ys Life June 31st 1788.

COLLINS. IHS Patk Collins erecd this Stone in memy of his beloved wife Mary Cols alias Hauton who depd ys Life Jany 23rd 1788 Aged 35 Years Requiescant in Pace. Amen

HALLINAN. Erected By James Hallinan in memory of his Brother who died Febr the 26th 1843 aged 29 yrs also his Father Mathew who died Janry 17th 1877 Aged 62 Years.

DEMSY. Here lies the body of Patrk Demsy who depd this life Novr 1st 1782 Aged 50 Years & his grandchild Micl Conway who depd Nov 1st 1794 aged 7 years.

CASEY. John Casey decd may 6th 1781 Aged 61 Years Lord have mercy on his soul.

ENRAUGHT. This Stone was erected by Jon Enraught in memory of his Father John Enraught who depd this Life March ye 23rd 1781 Aged 69 yrs Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

MOLONE. This stone was erecd by Michael Molone in memy of his Father John Molone who depd this life Sepr 28th 1792 Aged 43 Years Also his grandfather Michael Molone who died Novr 3rd 1772 aged 69 Yrs Requiescant in pace Amen.

MOLONE. Erected by Mary Molone Lough Beg to The memory of her beloved Husband William Malone Who died 26th May 1886 Aged 70 years Also His son John who died 26th Feby 1869 Aged 19 years And his son Conrelious died August 20th 1860 Aged 5 years William Doody died Sept 12 1956.

MORAN. Erecd by John Dennis and James Moran in memy of their Father Cornels Moran who departed this life April the 10th 1807 aged 75 Yrs. also their Mother Catherine Moran alias Hays who depd this life April the 6th 1824 Aged 80 Yrs.

BUCK. Here lie the bodies of Dennis Buck & his wife Christiana Buck alias Barry she depd this life Jany 5th A.D. 1767 aged 56 years & he depd Dec 2nd 1788 aged 76 Words would fail to do justice to their many virtues suffice to say that they were Christians in every sense of the word Requiescant in pace. Amen.

MOLONY. This stone was erecd by Anstis Molony alias Deely in Memy of her Father John Deely who depd this life March ye 23rd 1799 aged 59 years & also her brother Michl Deely who depd August 4th 1800 Aged 26 Years & also in memy of her mother Anstis Deely alias Quinn who depd Decr 22nd 1802 Aged 66 yrs.

WHITEAKER. Mary Whiteaker erecd ys stone in memy of her beloved husband James Whitr who depd ys life Decr ye 24th 1789 Aged 60 Years Requiescant in Pace Amen.

WHITEGAR. Erecd by Jams Whitegar to his brother Johns memy who depd ys life Marh 20th 1792 Aged 34 Years Requiescant in pace. Amen.

KENNEDY. To The Memory of Joseph H. Kennedy Medical Student Who departed this Life in Dublin On the 26th of April 1870 Aged 20 years Much esteemed and regretted By his fellow students May he rest in peace This monument is erectec by His Father Michael Kennedy As a tribute of affection to his beloved son.

ENGLISH. Here lies ye body of Mary English who depd ys life Jany 1st 1791 Aged 29 Years.

WHITE. Erected by Mary White in memy of her husband David Lewis who depd ys life March ye 7th 1756 Aged 34.

McMAHON. Michl McMahon erecd this stone in memy of his son John McMahon wh depd this life Apl 4th 1796 Aged 22 Years.

QUINTAN. Thos & Wilm Quintan erecd ys in memy of their Father Wilm Quin who depd ys life Jan 8th 1789 Aged 63 Years.

O BRIEN. Here lyeth the Body of Mary O Brien wife of Thomas O Brien IU AN who depd....

O'CARROLL. Erect BY MI O'Carroll Ballybrown in memory of his Father James Died 13th August 1907 Aged 84 yrs John Carroll of Blossom Hill Rathkeale Died 5th Sept 1941 Age 70 yrs His wife Bridget Carroll Died 16th Feb 1955 age 79 yrs R.I.P.

O'GRADY. IHS Chreished Memories of our dearest son Capt. D.J. O'Grady L.D.S. R.A.D.C. Killed Nov. 22 1961 R.I.P. O'Grady

BOURKE. This stone was erecd by Thos Bourke in memory of his father & Mother William Bourke who departd this life April 17th 1804 aged 64 Years & Catherine Bourke alias Moynahan who depd Jany 15th 1805 aged 60 Yrs.

WOLFE. Erectd by Michl Wolfe in memy of his Daughter Johana who depd ys life April 19th 1810 aged 17 Years.

HAYES. Erected By Mary Hayes Power In Memory of her Dear Uncle Stephen Hayes who depd This life May 9th 1856 Aged 63 Years Also In memory of Her Beloved Father John Hayes Who depd this life July 10th 1837 Aged 47 Years and In memory of Her Fond Brother John Hayes Who depd this life July 19th 1846 Aged 24 Years.

HAYES. This stone was erecd by John Hayes in memy of his son James Hayes who depd this life June 2d 1801 Aged 21 Years A graceful youth with the love of God inspired His Maker's throne with ardent wish desired His Father Mother Sister and brothers all with heartfelt Grief lament the untimely Fall Of a hopeful Branch with great Perfection blessed May God console his friends grant his Rest John Hayes Snr depd May 13th 1811 aged 60 Yrs.

HAYES. Erected by Mrs Catherine Hayes In the memy of her Husband Michael Hayes Who depd life in the year 1848 Aged 68 years Also her Daughter Ellen Roche alias Hayes Who depd life in the year 1859 Aged 48 Years May the rest in peace. Amen.

CASEY. Edward Walker Casey Died 26.6.1902 His wife Katherine Died 11.5.1902 Their son Thomas Walker Casey Died 21.10.1930 John Joseph Casey Died 23.11.1903.

CASEY. Erected by Thomas OL. Casey of Askeaton In loving memory of His dear child Mary Kate who died Dec. 3 1867 And his beloved wife Anna Walker Who departed this life Marh 9. 1873 Thomas F. Casey Died 18th April 1884 Aged 25 Years Thomas OL Casey died 16 Jan 1892 R.I.P. Elizabeth Casey Fitzgibbon Died 23.7.1934 Her Daughters Elizabeth Died 4.5.1963 Anne Died 19.5.1971

(This and the two preceding stones are on a single railed-area, which is covered by the following flat stone: Here lieth the Body of John Casey who departed this life The Twentyeth day of January 1750 Aged 41 years.

GILL. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Elvester Gill The wife of Captain W. Gill Late of the 24th Regiment of foot who died 18th February 1830 Aged 38 Years Erected by Her Children A tender Mother and a Loving Wife Snatched from her family in early life.

SHEEHY. (Vault) Sacred To the Memory of James Sheehy of Rathkeale Who departed this life on the 6h day of January 1835 Aged 36 Years May he rest in peace.

SHEEHY. John Sheehy erected this stone in memory of his Father Barthw Sheehy who depd this life Jan 29h 1808 aged 54 Years.

FARRELL. Erected by Michl Farrell in Memory of his Father Dens Farrell who departd this life July 18th 1821 Aged 70 years also his sister Margart who died Novr 24h 1830 aged 28 yrs May they rest in peace Amen.

FARRELL. Erected by John Farrell in memory of his wife Honora Farrell alias Riedy who depd this life Sepr 23d 1793 aged 58 yrs Minder Mother Friend & zealous wife A living Saghbour she was all her life (stone damaged)

McHUGH. In rememberance of Dear Parents Erected to the memory of John McHugh Rochfield Who departed this life on The 17th of February 1864 Aged 72 Years Also His beloved Wife Ellen McHugh Who departed this life on The 3rd of May 1872 Aged 67 Years May they rest in peace Amen.

McDONNELL. This stone was erecd by Michl McDonnell otherwise McHugh in memy of his Father Jams McDonnell who died March 17th 1818 Aged 72 yrs Also in memy of his beloved Mother Mary McMahon who died July 24th 1819 Aged 60 years May they rest in peace.

RIEDY. Erected By Ellen Riedy in memory of Her Father Michael Riedy who Departed this life June 18th 18.6 Aged 65 Years And her Mother Anastasia died June 21st 1870 Aged 84 Years Also Her fond Brother John Riedy Died July 8th 188. Aged 68 Years.

COOKE. Erected By Michael Cooke In memory of his Brother Richard Died December 8th 1882 Aged 42 Years.

HOGHES. William Hoghes.

GROGAN. Erecd by Patk Grogan to his brother Laurences Memy who depd a life 25 years Feb 7th 1788.

O'HALLORAN. Erected By Thos O Halloran In memory of his Son who died 25th August 1853 Aged 8 years & 6 months Also His wife Hanora 7th of November 1858 Aged 45 years.

HOULIHAN. In loving memory of our dear Mother Mrs Mary Houlihan Roches Rd Rathkeale who died 30th Jan 1945 On whose soul Sweet Jesus have mercy Erected by her loving family.

CORNEILLE. Erected By Christopher Corneille In memory of His dearly beloved wife Maryanne Corneille who departed this life April 18th 1883 Aged 69 Years In Memory of Caroline Cohoon Died May 17th 1927 At Rathkeale.

NORMAN. To the memory of Henry Norman died 24 Feb 1884 Ellen Latchford Norman died 22 June 1871 Henry William Norman died 26 Sep 1886 Hannah Norman died 25 Dec 1933 Edward Park Norman M.D. died 22 May 1904 James Henry Normandied 24 Jan 1922 Alfred Norman L.L.D. died 31 Dec 1924 Mary Norman died 29 June 1909.

SHIRE. To the Memory of Julius William Son of Tobias Shire Mount Henry Who died 19th of August 1872 Aged 7 Years.

CLEEVE. In Memory of Mark Aylmer Cleeve Born 24 July 1947 Died 25 March 1975.

POLLOK. In Memory of Bettina Pollok Died 28 January 1977 Aged 89 Years.

SPARLING. In loving memory of My dear Husband Henry Philip Sparling who died May 26th 1924 Aged 53 Years Frederick Uriah Sparling Died 20th July 1927 aged 19 years Florence Emma Sparling Died 18th August 1933 Aged 10 years Eva Mary Sparling Died 1st March 1963 Aged 82 years.

STUDDERT. In Loving Memory of Etta Studdert Aged 27 Called home on 23rd Aug 1902.

BARRINGTON. In memory of W. Barrington M. inst. C.E. of Limerick Chief Engineer of the Railways in The neighbourhood who died 12th January 1895 Aged 69 Years And his Wife Hester R. Millett of Millbrook Co. Tipperary Died 6th May 1883 Aged 59.

TOWNLEY. Amelia Townley Aged 64 Died November 5th 1881.

TESKEY. In loving memory of William S. Teskey Who died 13th Aug 1848 And hsi wife Elizabeth Grace Who died 30th June 1874.

BOULTON. Lillian M. Boulton 1891-1942 Walter Boulton 1874-1971.

MODLER. In loving memory of Edward Modler Courtmatrix Died 2 October 1963 Elizabeth Modler Died 3 March 1959 Margaret Beecham Died 3 November 1872.

SHIER. In loving Memory of William Ernest Shier Ballycannon, Croagh Died 27 Oct. 1969.

SHIER. In memory of Mary (Mai) Shier Died 7 Dec 1972 Her husband Joseph Died 10 Jan 1973.

O ROURKE. Erected by Mary O Rourke Boherbuy Rathkeale In memory of her Father James O Rourke Died 1st May 1900 Aged 84 Years.

HOGAN. In loving Memory of Joseph Hogan Blossom Hill Died 28 Feb. 1956 His wife Ellen Died 29 Aug. 1975 R.I.P. Erected by their loving family. HOGAN.

BLACK. To the memory of Alan Black who depd this life April 9th 1837 Aged 4 Months Also In memory of Elizabeth Black Who departed this life August 17th 1843 Aged 3 years and one month This monument was erected By their affectionate Parents Richard and Ann Black.

BOWMAN. Sacred to the memory Of Constance Bowman who died the 11th of December ...and Also to Michael Bowman who died on the 5th of May 1877.

QUAID. Erected By John Martin and William Quaid To the memory of their Fond brother the Revd Patrick Quaid late Parish Priest of Drumcollagher Who departed this life On the First Day of January 1868 Aged 67 Years Requiescant in pace. Amen. (Covering the grave is a further stone with this inscription: Erected by the Revd Patrick Quaid St Johns Limerick to the memory of his Venerable Father Mr James Quaid of Ardnaveigh Who departed this life November 20th 1836 aged 79 years Also in memory of his beloved Brother James Quaid who departed This life December 10th 1828 Aged 26 Years.

MAHELIN. Here lyeth the body of Johanna Mahelin Who departed this life February the 8th 1761 Aged 68 Years.

COSGRIFF. Thos Cosgriff & his wife Cathere Cosgriff alias F. Gerald erecd this tone for the use of themselves & yr Chiln & also in memy of his Father who lies here interred.

WILLIAMS. IHS In memory of My Dear Husband Peter Williams Died March 6th 1907. R.I.P.