of Kilderry Parish, Ballysallagh Homeland,

Co.Kilkenny, Leinster Province. Ireland



Welcome to the Family Tree web site of John B. Burroughs

Here you will find resources and data pertaining to the genealogical history of John B. Burroughs and his descendants with exception of those still alive of whom birth dates and location are kept private respecting those individuals and the privacy laws of all jurisdictions regarding living persons.

This is also the case with the persons of whom I am indebted to, who with their individual efforts have provided much of the information being published here. Special thanks my cousin and step-cousin for taking the time to provide me with their research.

I welcome any new research regarding John B. Burroughs, his ancestors, and descendants. I will reciprocate with any data which might fill in the blanks for those whose research has lead them here.


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