Big Meadow - Jenkins' Hollow and Mahogany Ridge

Jenkins Hollow

John Jenkins' references to the area now known as "Jenkins' Hollow" located near Black Canyon, west of Weston, Idaho and north of Clarkston, Utah.  The "mahogany ridge" is a mountain top (out of photo) overlooking this small valley.


John wrote:
"In May, 1884, I took a squatter's right in the hills north of Clarkston, called the "Big Meadows." Here I ran a dairy ranch, shipping butter and cheese besides pasturing horses and cattle for other people. I owned this ranch for thirteen years, when I was finally run out by herds of sheep trailing through and eating all the feed...

"In 1891, now owning a place in Star Valley and the Big Meadows, also in Newton, I was kept busy looking after them. I also owned 40 acres of land in Idaho, near Weston. Hay was my main crop, starting first to put up hay in Newton, then going to Weston and then to Star Valley, putting up almost 200 tons in Newton, 50 in Weston, and several tons in Star Valley. I would drive cattle to Star Valley in the spring and come back in the fall to winter. I bought calves and yearlings. In doing so I always had a bunch to drive out in the spring and raised them there. In the fall I always selected what I wanted to sell, and a few to milk, and drove them to Newton to feed. I continued this for several years, sometimes it being late in the fall, and the deep snow and cold sometimes making it quite a job to drive out.

"In the spring of 1894, when the marshals were after me, I went to Weston, found they had been looking for me and was on their way to the ranch in the Big Meadows where Maria then lived. On learning this I started to look for them, and when I got to Ricks Ranch I got one of the Rick's boys to go to my ranch with me. When we got to the ridge south of the house I stayed there while Ricks went to the house to look for Maria and the marshals, but found no one there. On learning this I did not know what had become of Maria so I decided to go to my bed which I had on a little mahogany ridge north and west of the house. This was my hiding place from the marshals. There I found Maria and the two children. The children were in bed and Maria was watching them, so I went out and found a horse and getting her on one horse and I on the other we started for Michael Clarke's where we arrived about daylight, and from there I took her to Weston and I started for the Mink Creek Mountains where I stayed in hiding for the summer...."


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