John Jenkins Reunion 2009
John Jenkins and 3 wives

for all descendents of John Jenkins
any of his three wives

Held:   Friday June 26 - Saturday June 27

Place: Church and Park at Newton, Utah


Hi Everyone,

First, one request: please send me your photos, videos, recordings, etc. from the reunion, Jenkins Hollow trip, and other family gatherings associated with the reunion.. Then we'll pick the best of any duplicates to put on the website. Be patient with us, we'll get it up & running as soon as we can!

Now, I want to THANK everyone who worked so hard and shared so many talents to make the John Jenkins Reunion so successful.

My Planning committee:

Lana Archibald & Ken Krull, advisor: Lera Buttars

Physical Facilities: Jeremy Jenkins

Children's Activities: Fay Michelony

Luncheon back-up orders: Sirena Higgs & Maridene Wiberg

Jenkins Hollow Guide: Stewart Melvin Buttars

Dutch Oven Dinner up Logan Canyon: Fay Michelony

Emcee: Dick Jenkins

Fliers & Website construction & updates: Lana Archibald

Photographers & their assistants:

Ashley Yates & sister Haley,
Jacque Findlay & mother, Ruth Findlay

Thanks to the Newton LDS Ward Meetinghouse & Library - Vicki Bennett made everything they had accessible to us. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity!!

Thanks to LaVon "Jake" Jenkins for funding, designing & ordering the vinyl banners and the 3 posters of each wife.

Thanks to Jerrolyn & Scott Fisher and to John Boyd Jenkins for their special presentations, stories, & memories, along with the participation of all the grandchildren. These accounts will be cherished for generations!

And last but not least, my husband, David S. Hunter, for keeping me from falling apart, setting up, taking down, cleaning, running the video cameras & recorders and so many other things I can't begin to list them....

And for all of you who brought table displays, photos, stories, etc... they really made the reunion great! And for all those who sent us family group sheets, photos, etc prior to the reunion.

Thank YOU for all your participation and just for being there! I think we had over 300 people in attendance... I'll know more as I get the movies of each person saying their names, typed up.

Many of you helped with setting up, taking down, and cleaning up. We couldn't have made it without you.

I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody that really should NOT be forgotten - If I am, please forgive me... I'm still recuperating! But it was worth it! I feel I've not only met many "lost cousins", but I've made some new and already cherished friendships!

As for donations received at the reunion (and by mail in the following days):

Amount Collected: $585.00

less reimbursement to  J.B.J    -65.00 for Pepperidge Farm Cookies

less pavilion rental:      -25.00

Logan Canyon camping area - reserved for Dutch Oven dinner:      -62.50 

Memorial / Headstone Fund (reimbursement to Fay & Jeremy):      - $432.50

The $62.50 will help reimburse Fay Michelony for the money she prepaid for the campground / pavilion area up Logan Canyon, where we had the dutch-oven cookout (I think she said it was about $125.00 and had collected about half of that... so $62.50 would come). She was going to let the site go if enough people didn't reserve in it - but at the deadline, I asked her to keep it so those who had reserved, weren't left at the last minute without a place to stay... so I told her we'd reimburse her for whatever she didn't collect.

Then the remainder went toward the Memorial / Headstone at the Newton cemetery.

It should also be noted that Lana, Fay, & Rosanna also donated food & supplies, stamps, envelopes, & print outs of fliers that were mailed to those who didn't have email addresses, and Jake (LaVon Jenkins) also donated the vinyl banners & posters. All of us have considered the expenses our donations.

We certainly want to thank everyone for their kindness & generosity.

It feels good to me, to have Fay & Jeremy reimbursed for most of the costs of the Memorial.

Love you all,

Rosanna (Jenkins) Hunter


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