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UPDATED Monday 9 December 2007

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    McIntosh population

    Some years ago my Mother bought a casting of the McIntosh Coat of Arms and with it a book called the World Book of McIntoshes. The book has about 80 pages of general history that is not particularly relevant to McIntoshes. In fact, I would call it, general genealogical bumph. The copy I have is targeted at New Zealanders. No doubt there were editions for different countries.

    The second part of the book contains all the McIntoshes listed in the phone books for the countries in the table below. The edition is dated 1991. It does not have the surname, just the first name and initial, (or just the initials in some cases) so I dont know if 'Mac's and 'MacK's are included. I suspect not, because I checked a couple of local MacKintoshes.

    If you want an address looked up (or a town searched) contact me John McIntosh.

    The table below is an estimate of the McIntosh population at the time the book was produced. The sources of the information, they say, are electoral rolls, telephone books, city directories, and miscellaneous surname lists. This shows that most of the clan now reside in North America. This is also reflected in our list.

    Whereas a lot of us are trying to make our connections in Scotland, we are just as likely to establish a link to North America it would seem.

    In summary, it shows that there a lot of us in the clan compared to the numbers on the MCINTOSH-L list.


    Number of households
    United States
    New Zealand
    Great Britain
    Northern Ireland

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