Andrew Banks McIntosh

On 29 August 1902 in Milton, Burgh of Glasgow, at St Joseph's Church, after publication according to the forms of the Catholic Church.
Andrew McIntosh 19 Batchelor, Automotive Cleaner, 28 Buccleuch St Glasgow: son of John McIntosh, Sculptor, deceased and Catherine McIntosh m/s Ryan.
married to
Caroline Lennox 19 Spinster, Sewing Machinist, of 3 Sawmillfield St, Glasgow: daughter of Alexander Lennox, Baker (Journeyman), and Caroline Lennox m/s Green.
Signed Arch Campbell, Witnessed Robt Green, Bridget Harrity.

A son John William McIntosh (3) was born 1 Jan 1904 in Glasgow. The family's address was Sawmillfield St at the time. Catherine (Ryan) McIntosh was the Godmother.

Andrew came out to NZ in 1910, on his own, and then went to Australia some time later. Caroline followed him out with John William. Other children were born but only one other Alexander Norman survived.

The children of John William McIntosh (3) live in Sydney, Australia.


John McIntosh
New Zealand
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