James Ryan
and family

James Ryan was one of my GGGrandfathers. From the meagre information I have he seemed to take a role in bringing up the boys in my Grandfather's (Norman McIntosh) family. By all accounts he was a tall red-headed Irishman - 6' 6" in his socks. However, he may have been 5' and bald - you know how stories go!!
I assume my Grandfather thought kindly of him, as my Father, who was the oldest child, was named James Ryan McIntosh.

At some stage prior to 1860 James Ryan migrated from Ireland to Scotland and made a living selling on the street. On Catherine's death certificate he is said to be a brewer. Perhaps he made and sold liquor. On another certificate he is a Hawker of Hardware. There is confusing information about his marriage(s). Catherine's marriage certificate has Jane McGuire as her Mother. On James' death certicate, which is notified by Catherine, his wife is given as Julia McCormick. I have no record of a marriage to either Jane or Julia. There was at least one other sister, Mary.

On 23rd July 1860 at Catholic Church, Stirling, Marriage (after Banns) was Solemnized
Denis Ryan (Private 42nd Royal Highlanders*- Bachelor) aged 21 of Stirling Castle:son of Denis Ryan (Farmer) & Margaret Ryan m/s Hargon
Mary Ryan (X Her Mark) (Spinster) aged 19 of Stirling: daughter of James Ryan (Hawker of Hardware) & Julia Ryan m/s MacCormick (sic)
Clergyman: Paul Maclachlan
Witnesses: Duncan McNab. Jeremiah McCarty
* Black Watch
(Ref: 1860m/Stirling 490-76)

From the IGI
Mary Ann Ryan
12 Jan 1861
Stirling, Stirling.
Denis Ryan
Mary Ryan

James Ryan died in 1891.

On 21st February 1891, 4p.m. at 10 Barnton Street, Stirling James Ryan (Hawker - Widower of Julia McCormick) died aged 62: son of James Ryan (Maltman - deceased) & (blank) m/s (blank) - deceased
Certified by: A. Fairlie Wilson, L.F.P.S.G.
Informant: Catherine McIntosh (Daughter) Present
(Ref 1891d/Stirling 490-74)

It was noted that the name of his wife did not tally with that shown on Catherine's marriage certificate ie Jane McGuire. It is possible that Julia McCormick was the second wife, but one would expect his first to have also been named in the above entry - particularly when it was notified by her daughter.

In the hope of clarifying this point, the Stirlingshire OPR index was examined but neither the birth of Catherine Ryan, the birth of siblings or the marriage of James Ryan was included. The IGI was also consulted but this too showed no evidence of this family it appears that these events simply went unrecorded.

I searched for the death of a Jane or Julia Ryan from the introduction of compulsory registration in 1855, to 1870 but did not locate this in Stirling. The only possibility was found in North Berwick (in East Lothian) ie Jane Ryan who died there in 1865 and although she was the wife of James Ryan - a groom - her maiden name was Sheppard.

I was given some information from a private database on Ryans in Stirling. Below are the entries of interest to me.

Mary Ryan, Stirling, born 1838, information from the 1851 census, Father James Ryan, Mother Judith Ryan.
Judith Ryan, Stirling, born 1817, information from the 1851 census.
James Ryan , Stirling, born 1816, information from the 1851 census, occupation Dishwasher.

There is also an interesting marriage notice. Patrick Joseph Ryan the Castle, Stirling, married Elizabeth Wallace, information from 1923 (news)paper.
This is interesting because of the family connection to Ryans and Wallaces.

I saw another interesting post in the Ireland, Limerick, Rootsweb site. It is an extract from a volume "Search for Missing Friends" date 8 August 1840.
James and Dennis Ryan, natives of County Limerick. They are supposed to be in Plymouth, Mass, USA. Their brother Philip Ryan is in this city and is anxious to hear from them. Should this meet their eye, or anyone who knows them, they will confer a great favour by writing to him at 114 Broad St, to the care of James Barry.
Could they have headed to Stirling, Scotland, instead? (Long shot)


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