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(Williams on this page are not necessarily my family.
After much searching I have placed the most likely candidate on the next page.)

The colours of the 93rd Regiment


From the Muster Sheets of the 93rd Regiment.
1288 William McIntosh, Petty, Inverness, Shoemaker, enlisted 26 October 1839, went to Quebec with the Regiment. Free discharge, Weedlow, 18 March 1852. Did not serve long enough to be a Pensioner unless wounded, but no mention of a wound.

2659 William McIntosh, Kilmuir Wester, Inverness, Labourer. Height 5' 8 3/4", enlisted 1 November 1851, age 19, in Glasgow. He stayed with the regiment over the years they moved from Scotland to Devenport, Plymouth and then Malta by the beginning of 1854. They were then posted to Turkey and the Crimean War. William became non-effective on reduction of the regiment at Dover 13 October 1856. Did not serve long enough to become a Pensioner of the Regiment.
Kilmuir Wester is in Skye and because the 1871 census has John as being from Skye, I followed up on this William (see below)(age anomaly?).

2703 William McIntosh, had a wife named Mary. It was rare to find a reference to a wife's name in soldier's records for the 93rd. Placed on married establishment 27 April 1867.

2992 William McIntosh enlisted April 1853 aged 17 and 10 months and served for 5 years and 47 days before being discharged unfit for further Military service. Suffered a serious wound to the left hand as a result of being shot at Lucknow. Too young to be my GGGrandfather.

3759 William McIntosh was with the Regiment in 1857 but had not joined up in 1855 and had left before 1860. Probably not the right man.

PRO database for soldiers discharged from all regiments up to 1854.
The most likely fit was a soldier, William McIntosh, discharged in 1849, aged 38. This William served with the 92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders).

William McIntosh, Kilmuir, Skye.
1841 Census

Charles McIntosh, 45, Crofter, Herbusta; Isabella, 42, Wife; Ann 18; John 16; William 14; John 10; Betsy 7; Marion 4.
John McLeod, 50, Crofter, Breackradle; Euphemia, 45, Wife; Alexanderina 15; Flora 10; Angus 10.

On finding these two names, I though I had found the parents of my GGrandfather, although they would have been very young. Subsequently, this has become very doubtful. However, below is data from the Old Parish Register for Kilmuir, Skye.

OPR Kilmuir 1823 - 1854
Ann, aged 3 months, daughter to Charles McIntosh and Isabella McLeod, Herbusta, baptised 6 Mar 1823.
John, aged 2 years and William, aged 1 month, children to Charles McIntosh and Isabella McLeod, Herbusta, were baptised 14 Sept 1827.
John, aged 4 years and Betsy aged 1 year, children to Charles McIntosh and Isabella McLeod, Herbusta, baptised Mar 27, 1834.
Marion, aged 6 years and Effy, aged 2 years, children to Charles McIntosh and Isabella McLeod, Herbusta, baptised 11 June 1845.

Because John's army record has him being from Urquhart, I have looked there for William McIntoshs. From the OPR (christening dates) for Glen Urquhart 1820 - 1854.

29 June 1821 William MacKintosh born to Alexander McIntosh in lower Bunloit by Elspet McMillan, his wife.
23 June 1824 William MacKintosh born to Finlay McIntosh, Borlum, by Christian Campbell, his wife.
14 Apr 1825 William MacKintosh, born to John McIntosh, Lewiston, by Margaret McLennon, his wife.
10 Apr 1826 William MacKintosh born to Dugald McIntosh, Shepherd, Shewglie by Barbara Anderson.
20 Jun 1827 William MacKintosh son to William McIntosh, Achatui by Cath McIntosh, his wife (born 16 Jun).
1 Jul 1829 William MacKintosh (b 10 Jun) to Alexander McIntosh, Upper Bunloit,by Margaret Grant, his wife.

The first is probably the most likely prospect for my GGGgrandfather (if any are). Siblings in the OPR were;
Catherine 10 Aug 1823; Ann 18 Feb 1829 (b 12 Feb); Andrew 28 Dec 1830 (b 26 Dec); Donald 25 Jul 1832 (b 22 Jul); Andrew 21 Apr 1834.
The IGI records William McIntoshs birth on 29 Jun 1821 to Alexander and Elspet. It also records their marriage on 16 Dec 1813. As William was born some time after the marriage there may well have been children older than Catherine as well.
From the 1841 Census the family were; Alex McIntosh 55 Ag labourer, Easter Bunloit; Elizabeth 45; James 13; Ann 11; Donald 8; Margaret 5.

From a search of the 1881 Census, the following Williams were located as being born in Glen Urquhart.

William McIntosh (1813); William McIntosh (1823); William (1826) (there is nothing to indicate that my GGGrandfather was alive in 1881).

For William (1813)
Dwelling:Lower Bunloit No 8.
Census Place:Urquhart and Glenmoriston, Inverness.
Source:FHL Film 0203425 GRO Ref Vol 107-1 EnumDist 8 Page 10
William MacKintosh, Slater, Married 68 male born Urquhart, Inverness. No wife is recorded in the 1881 census but William is not a widower.
A marriage is recorded on the OPR
17 Feb 1842 William MacKintosh, Slater, Bunloit and Mary MacDougall, daughter of Donald McDougall, Farmer, Lenie.

Information from Bob O'Hara Web Page, received 13 June 2000.

Below are three William McIntoshs discharged with a pension from the army. Two are from the 93rd Regiment and one from the 92nd.
667 William McIntosh Private 92nd Regiment.
Labourer, born in the Parish of Strathdaw, near the town of Banff, in the county of Banff. Enlisted Aberdeen 6 Dec 1827 at age 17. Final discharge 18 Oct 1849. Served in the West Indies for 2 years and 1 month. Won four good conduct medals and had a few defaults listed. Must have been a bit of a hard case. His intended place of residence after leaving the regiment was Leith.

William McIntosh Private 93rd Regiment.
Born Blair Athol near the town of Perth, in the county of Perth. Enlisted 16 July 1813 at age 21. Discharged with hepatitis in August 1828 (from Antigua). Was in the West Indies from 17 Dec 1823 to May 1828. The West Indies took quite a toll on the health of the soldiers. He was five feet nine, with black hair, ? eyes, sallow complexion and was by trade a collier. A comment on the discharge papers says, "unlikely to benefit from hospital treatment."

37 Private William McIntosh 93rd Regiment.
Labourer, born in the Parish of Urquhart, near the town of Inverness in the County of Inverness. Enlisted 27 Nov 1813, at age 18. Discharged Oct 1834 with 25 years 58 days service (service in the West Indies seemed to count as time and a half). Served sixteen months in Newfoundland, eight years and eight months in West Indies, the remainder in the UK. At the time of discharge he had varicose veins and chronic rheumatism as a consequence of service and not misconduct. The Regimental Board was of the opinion that Private William McIntosh has always maintained a good character. Served in the West Indies from 17 Dec 1823 to 19 July 1832.

William (37 above) is possibly the most likely candidate for my GGGrandfather (link to details).

I searched the pension records in WO22/131 and WO22/132, which are returns for Inverness for 1842-52 and 1852-62. The returns record any changes to pension payments in their district. This includes deaths, admissions, and people moving in or out of the pension district. There are no lists of people receiving a pension. I went through the above two volumes, and found several men by the name of William McIntosh:

1. William McIntosh of 93rd regiment, admitted to pension 8 October 1834, transferred to Inverness district June 1848 (from N. Argyle), transferred to N. Argyle June 1850.

2. William McIntosh of 5th Garrison Battalion, admitted to pension 27 July 1808, died 21 December 1847, age 86.

3. William McIntosh of 79th regiment, admitted 20 March 1816, pension renewed February 1853, died 29 July 1859, age 72.

4. William McIntosh of 73rd regiment, admitted 5 July 1820, died 4 March 1856, age 71.

5. Sergeant William McIntosh of Inverness Militia, admitted 11 November 1835, died 8 May 1858, age 63.

6. William McIntosh of 93rd, admitted 24 August 1858.

7. William McIntosh of 42nd regiment, admitted to pension 24 June 1845.


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