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Information from Bob O'Hara Web Page, received 13 June 2000.

37 Private William McIntosh 93rd Regiment.
Labourer, born in the Parish of Urquhart, near the town of Inverness in the County of Inverness. Enlisted 27 Nov 1813, at age 18. Discharged Oct 1834 with 25 years 58 days service (service in the West Indies seemed to count as time and a half). Served sixteen months in Newfoundland, eight years and eight months in West Indies, the remainder in the UK. At the time of discharge he had varicose veins and chronic rheumatism as a consequence of service and not misconduct. The Regimental Board was of the opinion that Private William McIntosh has always maintained a good character. Served in the West Indies from 17 Dec 1823 to 19 July 1832.

This William is possibly the most likely candidate for my GGGrandfather. He was definitiely a Pensioner of the 93rd, he was born in Urquhart. But he would have been 50 when John was born in 1845. This is quite possible despite the rheumatism!! He would have been 75 when John married.

This reply to a query about service of the 93rd in Newfoundland.
He was obviously in the short lived 2nd Battalion of the 93rd, raised in 1813, which existed for 16 months (there you go!), was stationed in Newfoundland as garrison troops, then disbanded after shipping back home (Ireland actually) and most of the men going into the 1st Battalion to fill that up to size again, as 1st Batt. had just been severely shot up in the Battle of New Orleans.
At that point their history (in a nutshell) goes like this:

28 MAY: Disembark at Cork, Ireland. Proceed to Birr Barrack.
JUNE 1818: Dublin, having moved about from Birr to Athlone, Nenagh & Limerick.
MAY 1819: Again detached to southern counties.
3-8 NOV. 1823: Embark at Cove of Cork for West indies. (After 8 years in Ireland and not one desertion.)
DEC.: Land at Barbados. Garrison.
FEB. 1826: Antigua & St. Christopher, one detachment to Monserrat.
FEB. 1830: To St Lucia & Dominica.
JAN. 1832: Barbados.
3 APRIL 1834: Embark for England. Deaths in West Indies considerably below other regiments.
If you'd like more information, please visit: 93rd Regiment Sutherland Highlanders

On 3 Apr 1834 the 93rd embarked for England where after arrival the regiment moved to Canterbury, Kent. On 7 Oct 1834, new colours were presented to the 93rd by the Duke of Wellington. Later that month the regiment moved to Weedon, Northamptonshire. In May 1835, the regimental HQ moved to Blackburn, and detachments were posted to Bolton, Rochdale, Burnley, and Nottingham. In Sep 1835 the HQ moved to Liverpool with companies at Haydock Lodge, Wigan and Chester Castle. Between 27 and 29 Oct the 93rd embarked at Liverpool for Dublin. In Oct 1836, the regiment moved to Newry and in Dec 1837 to Cork.
Regimental Museum of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, The Castle, Stirling, Stirlingshire FK8 1EH, Scotland; Phone: 44 (0) 1786 475165.
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This family of William McIntosh are well documented in the IGI.
John McIntosh (b abt. 1769) and Bessie Chisolm, were married abt. 1794 at Lewiston, Inverness. Their children were;

William (1795) at Urquhart,
James (1799) at Balnacahan,
Isabella (1801) at Balnacahan,
Alexander (1803) at Lewiston,
Duncan (1805) at Balnacahan.

The IGI does not record any later details of the family.

I searched the pension records in WO22/131 and WO22/132, which are returns for Inverness for 1842-52 and 1852-62. The returns record any changes to pension payments in their district. This includes deaths, admissions, and people moving in or out of the pension district. There are no lists of people receiving a pension. I went through the above two volumes, and found several men by the name of William McIntosh:

1. William McIntosh of 93rd regiment, admitted to pension 8 October 1834, transferred to Inverness district June 1848 (from N. Argyle), transferred to N. Argyle June 1850.

I then considered searching the N. Argyle records for the William McIntosh who transferred there. However, I was not sure which administration district this would come under. I think it would be Glasgow, Ayr, or Paisley as there is no district of N. Argyle.

I searched the returns contained in documents WO22/127 & 129, which are for the Glasgow region 1842-1852. I did not find any returns suggesting that a William McIntosh moved into this region.

I searched the pension returns for Ayr, WO22/120, 1852-62. There were no returns for this region covering 1842-52. I could see no one by the name of William McIntosh.

I finally searched the returns for Paisley in WO22/133, 1842-52. However, I again found no trace of William McIntosh moving into this region from Inverness in 1850.


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