William Mouat and family

On December 19th 1866, at Soousbro after Banns according to the form of the Church of Scotland.
William Mowat (Mariner) aged 23 of Soousbro: son of James Mowat (Fisherman) and Jemima Mowat m/s Burges:
married to
Christina Sinclair (Spinster) aged 25 of Mives: daughter of William Sinclair (Fisherman) and Jane Sinclair m/s Arcus.
Signed: Robert Daw. Wesleyan Minister
Witness: John Sinclair Malcolm Mowat
Registered Dec 21st 1866, at Valchly, Mr Laurence, Register.
Children of William Mouat and Christina Sinclair

1. Jane Mouat b. 1.1.1868
married John McIntosh in Glasgow.

John William McIntosh b. 8.3.1894
Catherine McIntosh b. 14.4.1895
William McIntoshb. 8.11.1896
Christina McIntosh b. 1.11.1897
Maimy and Norman McIntosh (birthdates unknown)

In October 1901, John, Catherine and William were enrolled in Boddam School (the local Dunrossness School), under the guardianship of their grandfather, Willam Mouat, and in September 1907 William and Christina were at Boddam School (probably on extended holiday). Their last school was shown as St. George�s Street, Glasgow.

2. Williamina Mouat. b. 23.1.1870

3. Catharine Mouat b. 21.7.1871
married - Morrison in Perth

4. Christina Mouat b. 12.10.1873
married - Levack in Jedburgh

5. William Mouat b. 5.3.1875
died 1948.
Married Euphemia Leask (Scalloway, Shetland)

Christina Sinclair Mouat b. 26.11.1903 d. 28.8.1927
William Leask Mouat b. 12.6.1905 d c1973
married Janetta Smith
Laurence Mouat b. 29.1.1907 d. c 1980 (single)
Lewis James McKenzie Mouat b. 27.8.1912 d. 1960s (single)

6. Janet Ann Mouat b. 3.1.1878
married Laurence Robertson (Levenwick, Shetland)

William Robertson, unmarried
Adam Robertson m. Christina Mouat
2 daughters, Ann in NZ, Mary in Perth, Scotland.
Laurence Robertson m. Eleanor Irving
Christina Robertson m. George Johnson.

7. Jemima Mouat b. 21.12.1880.
m. Fleming (Kilsyth)


John McIntosh
New Zealand
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