Family photos page 1.

Duncan on the deck at home in Whakatane.

John and Duncan on top of Wahanga (Tarawera) looking into the crater.

Mac at Tauranga Harbour

John and Duncan and faithful dog, Mac.

Duncan, learning to surf and Ruth at

Ohope Beach. Later than 1985.

Kerry and Duncan swimming at Whirinaki.

In Nelson, with Grandfather and Grannie

(Jim and Margaret) McIntosh.

Duncan, Kerry and baby Simon.

Duncan, Kerry and Simon

all at school together for one year.

1990 in San Francisco.

Duncan played for the 49ers, Kerry obscured, Ruth and John carrying Simon, off to Alcatraz.

Trip to Wellington. Duncan in front of the Railway Station.

At the cable car.

Kerry, Duncan and Simon at home in Whakatane with the tulips in flower.

Simon and Ruth on top of Whale Island.

The family plus cats in the kitchen in 2000.

Family Summer 2001