Randall/Martin Land Grants of 1792 at Parramatta



The area marked A is the Randall grant, that marked B is the Martin land. The latter is shown as being much larger than the Randall property. The modern Pennant Hills road intersects both grants.  The bottom part of the Randall property aligns almost perfectly with what was until very recently, North Parramatta Reserve. (shown above as green area within the red) It has been sold to a Developer and a housing estate established.  The red line running from Pennant Hills Road within the Martin region down towards the Oatlands Golf Course, is Bettington Road. The upper part of the Randall property and the upper left of the Martin, are now mostly within the Kings School grounds. The modern Parkham Road and Gibbons Street seem to follow the lower boundary of the Martin Grant. The Church of Christ Theological College occupies much of the site. The upper right boundary agrees closely with Feldon Road and Westminister Avenue.

Note 1: This composite map was produced from a map of the electorate of Parramatta in the 1998 New South Wales Redistribution Document, overlayed with a template taken from a map in "The Landholders of Sydney: 1792-1992". The actual distance between landmark points on the distinctive shapes of Toonagabbie Creek (which was dammed to become Lake Parramatta), and that of the upper "Y" in Vineyard Creek were measured on each map.  The older map was then scaled up on a photocopier until the distance was the same. The above reference features were traced onto a sheet of plastic and superimposed over the modern map. The composite  map was then scanned. 

Note 2: Additional information suggests that the source map may be in error and the Martin grant occupied only the area shown to the North of Pennant Hills road.