Edmundsons of Lunenburg Co., VA

Formed 1746 from Brunswick
Edmundson - various spellings

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Benja Edmundson
1820 census
males: 1(10-16); 1(16-26); 1(45+)
females: 2(10-16); 1(26-45); 1(45+)
printed census
John Edmundson
1820 census
males: 1(-10); 1(26-45)
females: 3(-10); 1(10-16); 1(16-26); 1(26-45); 1(45+)
printed census
Upton Edmundson
1830 census
males: 1(10-15); 1(30-40)
females: 1(-5); 1(30-40)
slaves: 7 printed census
John Edmundson
1830 census
males: 1(5-10); 1(10-15); 1(50-60)
females: 1(15-20); 3(20-30); 1(40-50); 1(70-80)
slaves: 4 printed census
William Edmundson
1830 census
males: 1(30-40)
females: 1(-5); 1(15-20)
slaves: 9
1 free col. male(24-30
printed census
Upton Edmundson
LUNENBURG CO. VA E353 EDMUNDSON Upton M-70 565 281 No Twp Listed
  The only Edmundson on 1840 Lunenburg Census Soundex. (not read)
Upton Edmundson
1850 (annotated)
EDMUNDSON, Upton, 54, farmer, $800, VA
Frances (Bagley), 51, VA
1860 Walter Edmunson 54
Frances Edmunson 61

Upton Edmundson 85, retired farmer, b. VA
Fannie Edmundson 82, keeps house, b. VA
Fannie Brown 18, b. VA
Upton Brown 16, b. VA
Connie Brown 14, b. VA
Sarah Bagley 15, mullatto, dom. svt. b. VA

  Ages of Upton & Fannie off 10 years from 1850.
Of possible significance, 1850 annotated cen. by Susan Jones shows Caroline A. E. Edmondson m. 1848 A. J. J. Brown.
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Benjamin Edmondson of Lunenburg Co., VA, children of  
John Edmondson  
See also: Edmondson Bible Records, general  
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EDMONDSON, Coleman of Lun. & Francis BOWERS, 8 Sep 1790, sur: Sanford Bowers  
EDMONDSON, Benjamin of Lun & Martha TOMLINSON,12 May 1791, sur: Benjamin Orgain See:Lun DB 34:542
ROBERTSON, Christopher of Lun & Constant EDMUNDSON, 22 Mar 1787, sur:William Taylor same bride as 17
See Christopher Robertson 400.1.5 & Constance Edmundson in The History of John W. Pritchett.
ROBERTSON, Daniel of Lun & Elizabeth EDMUNDSON,12 Oct 1797, sur: Christopher Robertson same bride as 6
ROBERTSON, Daniel H. & Martha EDMUNDSON,12 Nov 1821; sur: Edward Lee  
LEE, Edward & Betsy ROBERTSON, m. 21 Feb 1805 by John ROBERTSON same bride as 4
WALKER, Michael of Lun & Mary EDMUNDSON, 29 Dec 1814, sur: Benjamin Edmundson,m.30 Dec See:Lun DB 34:542
BROWN, Aaron J.J. & Caroline A. B. EDMONDSON, 28 Oct 1848, sur: Reves Connally  
LAMBERT, Sterling & Tabitha EDMONDSON,31 Jul 1826, sur: William E. Robertson  
LAMBERT, William & Constance EDMUNDSON,m. 22 Feb 1816 by Jas. Shelburne  

PENN, William P. & Tabitha HARDY, 23 Mar 1835, sur: Harris Edmundson

DUPREE, James R. & Lucinda H. EDMONDSON,11 Jun 1838, sur:Daniel W. Parsons  
BLACKWELL, John & Polly EDMUNDSON, m. 6 Jul 1796 by John Neblett  
ORGAIN, Benjamin & Susannah EDMUNDSON, 24 Feb 1792, sur: William Neblett  
GUNN, James & Tabitha EDMUNDSON, m. May 1808 by Thomas Adams  
BAYNE, John R. & Ann B. KEETON, 28 Aug 1844, sur:Upton A. Edmondson, m. 28 Aug  
17 WOOD, Stephen of Lun & Constance ROBERTSON, 20 Jul 1805, sur:Edward Lee,m.25 Jul same bride as 3
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Lunenburg WB 2:3 5-1-1755; 8-5-1760
Will of Thomas Edmundson
Mentions wife: Gressil Edmundson
Son: Benjamin Edmundson
Sons: Doesn't mention their names
Daughters: Doesn't mention their names
Exec: Gressil Edmundson (wife), Raldal Bracy
Wit: Bryant [X] Cradle, Peter [X] Parrish, Thomas T. [X] Addams [Bell]
See Lunenburg DB 7:190, 1762
Note: Thomas Edmundson lived in the part of Lunenburg that became Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1765. 
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 4: 91
11 June 1795: A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Benjamin Edmondson was brought into court, and when it was examined, the court was of the opinion that it was not Benjamin's will. Mary Edmondson, Upton Edmonson and Christopher Robertson, Gent., were granted certificates as administrators of the estate.
[Sally Ryan Tomlinson]
Lunenburg WB 4:119 3 Nov 1795; 11 Feb 1796 Inventory of Benjamin Edmundson's estate. Land mentioned was 346 1/2 acres; 239 acres; 215 acres. Adm: Upton Edmundson. Apprs: Edward Chambers, William Sydnor, Charles Parrish.  
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 7:14 14 Jan 1809;14 Mar 1811 A/C estate Mary Edmondson decd, John Blackwell admons; To, cash pd Orgain/Adams & Co pr silk gloves for Tabby, Thos & Henry Edmondson sundry articles of dress for ditto as per a/c, sheriff Lunenburg 1807, Manoah Vincent mending chair, James Macfarland bond, clerk’s tickets for administration, Dr Robert Patillo, sheriff Lunenburg suit angst F & J Jordan, James Hinton, Benjamin Edmondson paying his maintenance bond which most of the other legatees did not, Upton Edmondson, commission; BY, interest omitted on Benjamin Orgains bond thru mistake, cash of Elizabeth Schwartz principal & interest, Randall Steagal remnant of leather, Upton Edmondson’s bond principal & interest, Reuben Rogers. Thos Townsend & Benjamin Jenkins, Joseph Goodwin, Thomas Edmondson, John Edmondson principal/interest, James Macfarland overpaid, recovered of F & J Jordan, recovered of Thomas Jordan for Stephen Smith, recovered of James Buckne, received of John Hamlin, Edward Lee’s bond principal/interest, received of Edward Lee by James Hinton, Stephen Wood’s bond, bed & Furniture, trunk & Noggin bgt at sale 18 Jul 1808, pr old shears & basket; balance 28/16/2 ¾ (each legatee @ 2/12/4 ½)
Rec: 14 Mar 1811 Commrs: Thomas Adams, James Macfarland, Jno Flinn [Evans]
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 7:34 24 Jan 1812;10 Sep 1812 Inv Appr est of Upton Edmondson dec'd in Lunenburg. Incl: 21 Negroes, etc  
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 7:36 3 Feb 1812;10 Sep 1812 A/C sale est Upton Edmondson decd in Lunenburg. Purchasers & those who hired Negroes: Patsey Edmondson (rented plantation) Jennings Roberts, Peter Jefferson, Lewis Lambert, Wm Lamber, Thos Jordan, Joseph Bohannon, John Laffoon, Banister Thomas, Wilfred Maddox, Reuben Rogers, James Pritchett, Abraham Buford, James Gunn, Thos Jordan, Joshua Pritchett, Daniel Reese, Benjamin Moore, Edward Jordan Jr, Freeman Jordan Jr, Washington Maddox, Edmund Winn, Wm Rash, Moses Collier, Turner Hamlett, Robt Parrish Sr, Braxton R. Eckles, Thos Edmondson, David Smith, Robt Waller, James Hinton, Hennings Justice, Josiah Nolley, Robt Pattello, Asa Barnes. [Evans]  
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 7:37 29 Jan 1812;10 Sep 1812 A/C sale est Upton Edmondson decd in Brunswick Co.: Purchasers & those who hired Negroes: Wm W. Harper (rented plantation), Leroy Tucker, Joseph Wills, Edward Pegram, Tandy Wallace, Wm Fisher, Thos Edmondson, Jason Stone, Richd Pryer, James Fisher, John Harwell, Edward Pegram, Richd Coleman, Sterling Biggs, Richd Trotter, Richd Edmunds, Jesse Kennedy, John Snead, Richd Biggs, Wm Buckner, John Fisher, Alexander Walker, Thos D. Fisher, James Quarles Junr, Joseph M. Harper, Patsey Edmondson. Admx Patsey Edmondson. [Evans]  
Lunenburg Co., VA WB 7:38 19 Aug 1812;10 Sep 1812 A/C estate 30 Jan - 19 Aug 1812 Upton Edmondson decd with Patsey Edmondson admx: among items - pr shoes bgt Constant of pedlar; 3 hari combs bgt Patsey, Betsey & Tabitha of a pedlar...sundry accnt paid to John Blackwell admons... [Evans]  
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OB 17:69 Lunenburg Co, 1797 or 1796? Upton Edmondson a comm. from his Excellency the Governor appointing him Ensign of the Militia in this county...
OB 17:160 Lunenburg Co, Feb 9, 1797. John and Nancy Edmundson,
orphans of Benjamin Edmundson, deceased, make choice of Upton Edmundson as
their guardian and the court doth appoint the said Upton Edmundson to be
guardian also of Tabitha, Samuel and Thomas Edmundson, orphans of Benjamin
Edmundson, deceased. Betsy Edmundson, orphan of Benjamin Edmundson,
deceased, makes choice of Christopher Robertson.
OB 17:187 Lunenburg Co, March Court, 11 Mar 1797: Mary Edmundson, wife of Benjamin Edmundson, Administratrix, and Upton Edmundson and Christopher Robertson, Administrators, of Benjamin Edmundson, deceased, file suit against Robert Jones and William Robertson.  
OB 18:61 Lunenburg Co 1800?, Upton Edmondson gdn to orphans of Charles Parrish dec'd
OB 18:110 Lunenburg Co, 1800: Mary Edmundson, mother of William Edmundson, deceased, Christopher Robertson and wife Constance, Benjamin Edmundson, Benjamin Orgain and Susanna his wife, John Blackwell and Mary his wife,
Daniel Robertson and Betsy his wife, John Edmundson, Nancy Edmundson,
Tabitha Edmundson, Thomas Edmundson, and Samuel Edmundson, which said John,
Nancy, Tabitha, Thomas and Samuel being minors, by Thomas Hamlin their
friend against Upton Edmundson, Administrator of William Edmundson,
deceased, Defendant, said William being son of William and died soon after
his father.
[I believe I made an error in that transcription/jgs]
OB 18:125 Lunenburg Co Dec 1800 Upton Edmundson gdn of orphans of Benjamin Edmundson.  
0B 18:132 (Didn't find) Index showed JOHN EDMUNDSON appt Capt Troop of
OB 18:159 Lunenburg Co 10 Sep 1805 Upton Edmundson produced a commission from his excellency the Governor appointing him Captain in second Batallion in the militia of this
county. [Evans]
OB 19:221 Lunenburg Co Sep Court 1805 shows Constance Robertson , widow of Christopher Robertson, remarried to Stephen Wood. [Evans]
OB 19:226 Lunenburg Co Oct Court 1805 Edward Lee & Elizabeth his wife against John Robertson adm. of Daniel Robertson dec'd and William Robertson & Daniel Robertson by John Edmundson their assigned gdn. [Evans]
OB 19:227 Lunenburg Co Oct Court 1805 John Edmondson is appointed by the court
guardian of Elizabeth Robertson, Peter Robertson, Permilia Robertson & Christopher Robertson, orphans of Christopher Robertson. [Evans]
OB 20:125 Lunenburg, Jan Court 1807: Upton Edmondson, Benjamin Organ and Susanna his wife, Benjamin Edmondson, John Blackwell and Mary D? his wife, John Edmondson, James Hinton and Nancy his wife, Tabitha Edmondson, Thomas Edmondson and Samuel Edmondson, these two last by Upton Edmondson their Guardian which said Upton, Susanna, Benjamin, Mary, John, Nancy, Tabitha, Thomas and Samuel are children and distributees of Benjamin Edmundson Senior deceased - Complainants In Chancery against - Stephen Wood and Constant his wife, Edward Lee and Betsy his wife Defendants Summons? of Subpoena being acknowledged by consent of parties this cause came on to be heard upon the bill and answer and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the land in the bill mentioned if divided would not be worth one hundred dollars to each legatee it is therefore decreed and ordered that John Hawkins?, John Flinn, John Snead, Matthew Hubbard and Armistead Jones or any three of them be appointed Commissioners to sell to the highest bidder the said lands being Two hundred and thirty nine acres more or less upon a credit of twelve months after giving reasonable notice of the same taking bond with approved security...to be equally divided among the eleven children of Benjamin Edmondson Senr dec'd [Evans]
p. 346 [need month/jgs] 1807 John Blackwell admr of Mary Edmundson dec'd against Stephen Smith & Freeman [Evans]
This record shows by1807 Constance had remarried to Stephen Wood & Betsy/Elizabeth had remarried to Edward Lee.
OB 21:88 Lunenburg Co Aug 1811 Samuel Edmundson ag Upton Edmundson & John Flynn [Evans]
OB 21:46 Lunenburg Co 9 Jan 1812 On the motion of Martha Edmundson who having made oath according to law letters of administration is granted her on the estate of Upton
who gave bond and security according to law. [Evans]
OB 21:135 Lunenburg Co [date?] John Blackwell admr debonis non of Upton Edmundson deceased, who was gdn of Robert Parrish orphan of Charles Parrish decd against Matthew Hubbard surviving obligor (Henry Collier the other obligor being dead) Defendt [Evans]
OB 21:143 Lunenburg Co 15 Aug 1812 Upton Edmundson & Constant Edmundson orphans of Upton Edmundson made choice of Thomas Hamlin for their Guardian and the said Hamlin is appointed guardian of Patsey, Betsey and Tabitha Edmundson whereupon he gave bond & security according to law. [Evans]
OB 21:392 Lunenburg Co 14 Jul 1814 Upton Edmundson & Benjamin Orgain & Susanna his wife, Benjamin Edmundson, John Blackwell and Mary D. his wife, John Edmundson, James Hinton & Nancey his wife, Tabitha Edmundson, Thos & Samuel Edmundson by Upton Edmundson their gdn against Stephen Wood & Constant his wife, Edward Lee & Betsey his wife. [Evans]
Names Elizabeth & Betsey were interchangeable.

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