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These pages contain information on Jolin family history, dating back to 1732 in Jersey in the Channel Islands.  My own personal interest is that I am the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Jacques Jolin who was baptised in St Helier in 1740.


As a child I had been interest in stories my grandfather had told us about his family's origins, about how the Jolins had originally been a wealthy family in France but had fled to Jersey to escape the French Revolution, of the brickworks that had once owned which had eventually been demolished and replaced by glasshouses for growing tomatoes, and of the Join ancestor who had been tried for the murder of his father and had been the last person to be publicly hanged on Jersey! I had always been curious about what had happened and with help from the Channel Island Family History Society I attempted to try and find out.

The earliest instance of our Jolin name that I have come across in any Jersey record is the baptism of Marie Magdeleine, daughter of Jacques Jollin and Marie Arault on 24 September 1732 in St Helier, (nearly sixty years before the French Revolution). Jacques and Marie had a further four daughter and two sons, Jacques and Pierre, all of whom were baptised in St. Helier. All subsequent records appear to spell the surname with one "l". Between the late 1700s and 1870s I found several Jolin families living on Jersey, nearly all of them in the St. Helier area, and all descended from Jacques and Marie, but today the surname appears to have died out on Jersey and in the Channel Islands. Even on mainland Britain the name is very rare, but of the instances I came across, I found that nearly all can be traced beck to Jacques Jollin and Marie Arault.

The Jolins on Jersey appear to have been French Huguenot refugees who fled religious persecution in France.  They soon became part of the local Jersey community.  A century later, during the mid 19th century, many Jolins left Jersey and moved to mainland England as economic hardship hit both Jersey and Guernsey.  Others emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.


Jacques Jolin and Marie Arault - the beginning of the Jolin family on Jersey during the 1730's and 1740's Jersey origins - 1730s and 1740s.htm


Jacques Jolin and Anne Le Bailly - the growth of the family on Jersey.  The second generation on Jersey.htm


Pierre Jolin and Jeanne Malzard – the move to Southampton and Cornwall.  The Southampton and Cornwall connections.htm


Philippe George Jolin – 1829 trial and execution for murdering his father.  The 1829 trial and execution for murder.htm


Daniel Jolin and Jeanne Moutier - the largest Jolin family on Jersey.  The largest Jersey family - early 1800s.htm


Daniel Jolin’s brickfield and the Aubin family.  The Jolin brickworks on Jersey.htm



Philippe Jolin and Jane Marett - shoemakers who moved to London.  The shoemakers who moved to London.htm


Augustus Philippe Jolin and Louisa Brake - London and Bolton areas.  The move to London and Bolton - mid 1800s.htm


 Francis Jolin and Maria Budge - move to the East End of London.  The 1850s move to London's East End.htm


Alfred J A Jolin and Sarah Simpson - and Simpsons  UndertakersAlfred and Simpsons undertakers.htm


Edward Philip Jolin and Ann Henning Silversides - coastguard in Kent.  Edward the coastguard in Kent.htm


Philip Jolin -the apothecary and his descendents in the Bristol area.  Philip the surgeon and the Bristol area.htm


Smaller, unrelated (at present) Jolin branches.  Other Jolin branches.htm