Ancestors of William Stanley Tucker 1890-1944

Isbell of Fowey

We start with George Isbell who may well be the son of John Isbell of Altarnun.† He was born in Advent which is reasonably close to Altarnun and, according to the 1841 census, he was the miller in St Veep, which gives him a reason to move.† Some confirmation would be nice.


George Isbell (Abt. 1770-1852)

Christened† 8 Jan 1870 in Advent.† Died Dec Q 1852 in the Liskeard Registration District.† Married Bidden Cowle (Abt. 1757-15 Dec 1837), 8 Dec 1793† in Fowey.† Her mother probably had the surname Spearman.


Their children were


 Susanna Spearman (Abt.1794-)

 Joanna Spearman (Abt. 795-)

 Richard (below)

 George (Abt.1803-1883) who succeeded his father as the miller at Kinston Mill.


Census data


 1841: Miller, Kinston Mill, St Veep

 1851: Retired Miller: Kinston Mill, St Veep.


Richard Isbell (Abt.1803-1885)

A house painter, born and died in Fowey.† Married Lucy Pain, 26 Feb 1833 in Fowey.


Their children were


 Maria Pain (below)

 Helen (1838-1839)

 Betten Elizabeth (1840-1846)

 John Pain (1842-1927)

 George James (1846-1850)


Census data


 1841: Painter, Custom House Hill, Fowey

 1851: Painter, 60 North Street, Fowey

 1861: Painter, 17 Passage Street, Fowey

 1871: Painter, Passage Street, Fowey

 1881: House Painter, Webb Street, Fowey.


Maria Pain Isbell (1836-1913)

Born in Fowey, she had five illegitimate children at roughly five-yearly intervals.† Only one, Mercy Fenwick, had a father named on their birth certificateóa William Fenwick of whom I have found no trace.† One had the middle name Williams which may be a clue as to the fatherís name.† She eventually married John Searle on 27 Nov 1879 in Saint Austell.


Her children were


 Arnold (1856-)

 Mercy Fenwick (below)

 James Williams (1865-)

 William Henry (1869-)

 Alfred Christopher (1876-)


Census data


 1841: Custom House Hill, Fowey

 1851: Dressmaker, North Street , Fowey

 1861: Dressmaker, Passage Street, Fowey

 1871: Dressmaker, Passage Street, Fowey

 1898: Church Street, St. Blazey

 1891: Church Street, St. Blazey

 1901: Church Street, St. Blazey


Mercy Fenwick Isbell (1860-1921)

Born in Fowey.† Married William Tucker, Dec Q 1889 in Plymouth


Their children are on the Tucker page.


Census data


 1861: Passage Street, Fowey

 1871: Passage Street, Fowey

 1881: Domestic Servant, Saltram Farm, Plympton

 1891: 18 Garden Crescent, Plymouth

 1901: 22 Walker Terrace, Plymouth

 1911: 83 Alexandra Road, Plymouth


Passage Street, Fowey