Ancestors of William Stanley Tucker 1890-1944


The Burnard family of Altarnun and surrounds.† Their most notable member was Neville Northey Burnard who has his own Wikipedia page. Tree.


Thomas Burnard

Married Mary


Their child was


 John (below)


John Burnard (1652-1718)

Born in Tregue, Died in Trewint, buried in Altarnun.† Married Elizabeth Mathews, 26 Apr 1672 in Altarnun.


Their children were


 Charles (1672-)

 John (1679-)

 Thomas (below)


Thomas Burnard (1680-1741)

Born in Quethiock, buried in Altarnun.† Married Catherine (1698-1727).


Their children were


 Thomas (1709-)

 Richard (1710-)

 Elizabeth (below)

 Mary (1720-)

 Catherine (1723-)

 Nicholas (1727-)


Elizabeth Burnard (1718-1805)

Married Digory Isbell.† Children on the Isbellpage.


Elizabethís brother Nicholas was the grandfather of Neville Northey Burnard.




Neville Northey Burnardís House, Altarnun

Plaque on Neville Northey Burnardís House, Altarnun