The Descendants of Richard Jordan I - born ca 1620 - died 1687 Surry Co, VA
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Christopher Reynolds Family

Christopher REYNOLDS, SR

Generation No. 1

1. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, SR was born Bet. 1604 - 1611 in Dorsetshire, England, and died 1654 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He married ELIZABETH (MATHEWS Abt. 1635 in Prob. VA, daughter of ANTHONY MATHEWS). She was born Abt. 1614 in England, and died 1658 in Isle of Wight Co, VA.

Christopher REYNOLDS, Sr. came to America when he was a young boy having received an education in England. He was a passenger on the "John & Francis" ship that arrived 1622 in America. He resided at Bennett's Plantation during the 22 Mar 1622. Christopher was recorded in the Census of 16 Feb 1623 at Warwickqueake, as one of 33 people who survived the massacre.
He was listed as Servant of Edward Bennett along with Luke Chapman and Edward Maybank who all arrived together on the "John and Francis". Listed on the Muster 1624/5 he headed the list of Mr. Edward Bennett's men.
For a complete story of Edward Bennett please see "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, VA" pgs 34-53, by John Bennett Boddie.
On 18 Mar 1625-at the age of 14 yrs Christopher appeared in General Court at Jamestown and swore that he, as Secretary to Robert Bennett had seen and read Peter Collins indentures and that by the indentures Collins was to serve Mr.[Edward] Bennett four years from 1621.
[RFACC p 418]
The VA Council sent Bennett to London to seek a Colonial monopoly for VA in the tobacco trade with England. Christopher accompanied him on this trip and remained as his secretary during the time it took Mr. Bennett to secure the monopoly. [ RFACC p 418]
On 21 Dec 1634 Robert Sabine sold to Christopher Reynolds "of Warwickqueak" 100 acres (See Deed of Wassel Webling and George Fawdon from Justinian COOPER and wife) Wit: Robert Cramporne, Thomas Coarkman Bk A p 103. Then on 1 May 1639 Christopher Reynolds sold to Peter Hull the above 100 acres with witnesses John Sparkman and John Oliver Bk A p 103
In England Christopher aged 24 yrs aboard the ship 'Speedwell' which departed from England 28 May 1635 [RFACC p 419] On 15 Sep 1636- Christopher entered a patent for transporting nine people on the ship "Speedwell. He obtained a headright on these people for 450 acres in Warrisquick(sic) Co. bounded with a back creek and running eastward behind the Pagan Shore some three miles upward, Patent Bk 1 page 382.
"Christopher [age 41 yrs] along with his neighbor Richard Bennett was elected to the House of Burgesses on 30 Apr 1652 from Isle of Wight Co, VA. " [RFACC p 419]
Christopher died and left this Will after May of 1654 around the age of 43 years old. It appears by his Will he could have been married twice.

Information from: "Reynolds Family Association Centennial Collection" [RFACC], compiled by Susan Clement, 1992, pg 417-424, and article of Sybil Reynolds Taylor. We would like to thank Sybil Reynolds Taylor email: [email protected] member of the Reynolds Family Association for assisting us with research on our ancestor Christopher Reynolds.

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The association has theories for the ancestors of Christopher Reynolds SR.

Please refer to research by:
"The Original Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700 by J.C. Hotten
"Adventures of Purse and Person 1607-1624" by Order of First Families of VA 1607-1624/5, 1987

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