Mattingly Family Photographs
Last Update: 7 July 2002

Robert T. Mattingly Family Photographs

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robert thomas mattingly_SCAN_11.JPG (52227 bytes) sarah mattingly1_SCAN_5.JPG (108374 bytes)
Robert Thomas Mattingly Sarah E. McCready Mattingly
b. mattingly_SCAN_12.JPG (151876 bytes) bernard o mattingly 1940_VAUGHT3.JPG (51994 bytes)
B. Mattingly Bernard O. Mattingly
beatrice mattingly geer 1944_SCAN_14.JPG (71937 bytes) h geer bm geer 1914_SCAN_4.JPG (82499 bytes)
Beatrice Mattingly Geer, 1944 Harry L & Beatrice Geer, c.1914
mill_SCAN3.JPG (51175 bytes) newspape.jpg (331623 bytes)
Mattingly Mill, Stanford, KY c.1964 Beatrice M. Geer, c. 1915
william mattingly_SCAN_6.JPG (80859 bytes) jane nigh geer_SCAN_13.JPG (143001 bytes)
William G. Mattingly (right) Jane Nigh Geer & Liz Shannon
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