Henderson & Bryant Family in Nashville, TN
Last Update: 4 Dec 2000

Henderson & Bryant Family in Nashville, TN

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After the Civil War ended in the Spring of 1865, Alfreta’s father rejoined the family now living in the vicinity of Nashville, TN. The 1869 Nashville City directory lists him as William Bryant, a driver, boarding at 33 Lafayette but he was dead by the time the 1870 Federal Census. Jess thinks that his death was a result of poor health after the deprivations of his Army service and possibly lingering wounds.  In subsequent entries for the Nashville City Directory, Lizzie Bryant is referred to as "Widow of Leroy Bryant."

The 1870 Federal Census for Nashville, TN (Davidson County, Nashville, 21st Civil District, p.118) taken 10 August 1870 contains the following entry:

Mary Henderson 53 F GA Keeping House  
Lizzie Henderson 20 F GA At Home  
Susan Henderson 12 F GA    
Charlie Henderson 15 M GA    
Noah Henderson 19 M GA    
Mink Henderson 7 F GA    
Luzzie Henderson 1/12 F TN    
Jess confirmed my suspicion that Alfreta and Mink were the same person. He said that was her girlhood nickname in the family, something about her being a very energetic child. (Jess remarked that when I asked him if Alfreta had a nickname as a child that he had not thought about that for more than 50 years).

The 1880 Census for Nashville, TN (Davidson County, Nashville, 2nd Division of the 9th Ward) taken 2 June 1880 contains the following entry for the address at 35 Haslam St:

Elizabeth Brian (sic) 34 W F Widow Works at M.G. Factory B-GA F-GA M-GA
Charles Brian 47 W M Son B-GA F-GA M-GA
Louetta Brian 37 W F Daughter Works at M.G. Factory B-TN F-GA M-GA
Mary Henderson 37 W F Mother Keeping House B-GA
B-GA F-GA M-GA means Born Georgia, Father born Georgia, Mother born Georgia

The reason Alfreta is not listed with her mother is that Alfreta had already married Jackson B. White on 3 February 1879 (Nashville Marriage Book 7; S/P 136) This corresponds with the Nashville City Directory for 1880 that lists Mary Henderson, widow of Samuel, boarding at 35 Haslam in Ward 9. In the same directory, there is a listing for Elizabeth Bryant, widow of Leroy, works at Cotton Factory and boards at 35 Haslam.

By 1899, the Nashville Directory lists Mary Henderson, widow of Samuel now boarding at 1209 Scovel in Ward 2 (a few blocks away from Haslam). She has corresponding entries in the 1905 Nashville City Directories but the 1906 Directory lists her address at the Jordonia Boys School near Joelton, TN.

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