My Accuracy & Privacy Policy
Last Update: 5 April 2000

My Accuracy & Privacy Policy

      I have put nothing on this website that I know is false. That being said, I cannot guarantee that everything is necessarily correct either. I have tried to make it clear when I am talking about facts and when I am talking about an educated guess that is very likely true. In the most extreme case, I will also include stories that are likely a mixture of fact and legend because they are fun and I would like to believe they are true.  But I will make it clear when I am doing so.

      Much is made in genealogy about sources. Purists insist that only the "proven facts" can be published. I think this is misleading and more importantly, takes all the fun out of the search. It is also inconsistent with the way the genealogical research is done in the real world.

      The "holy grail" of genealogy is supposed to be primary sources such as birth certificates and marriage certificates where a living person is available to record the necessary information. These are supposedly the most accurate. After that comes, secondary sources such as death certificates which, while exceptionally rich in family history, are tainted by the lack of a living respondent. My experience is common with other researchers. Time and time again I have found both primary and secondary sources that are clearly wrong……people make mistakes, people don’t know, people sometimes lie.  For example, I have one interesting ancestor who never seemed to age more than 5 or 6 years between every census despite the fact that they were taken every ten years.

      The experts  tell you when you first begin your family research to go find the oldest living members of your family and pick their brains for what they know. Most people know who their grandparents are and in general are good for about 100 years worth of information. Having collected the family lore, we are cautioned that somewhere around half of what we are told will be wrong. This should not be surprising.  Some folks remember it wrong, some were told it wrong by someone else or simply the facts have been blurred over the years. Someone who tells you that, for example, he is descended from Robert E. Lee is more likely to have had an ancestor who was standing by the road one day when Robert E. Lee rode by. The story gets "enhanced" as the years pass.   Here’s an interesting fact: There are no descendents of Abraham Lincoln…his only son who lived to be an adult had two children but neither married or had children of their own before they died as senior citizens (Thanks Debbie).

      Among researchers of the Kennedy’s in North Carolina and Kentucky there is a controversy about whether or not our ancestors John Kennedy and James Kennedy are brothers. I do not know or particulary care since we are descended from both of them. I do believe that John, at least, is the brother of Dr. Joseph Kennedy, the first physician of Mecklenburg County, NC. One researcher has also concluded that John and Dr. Joseph are themselves among the children of "Moffett’s Creek" Joseph Kennedy of Augusta County, VA. This is a promising theory that I have included on this page but clearly mark it as unproven.

      Finally, with regards to Privacy and this website.   I have intentionally cut off the information after listing the children of DAVID JOSEPH KENNEDY, some of whom are still alive.  This breaks with practice of not including information about living persons on family history websites in order to ensure that every member of my family can locate themself in this family tree by looking for their grandparents.  Of course no private information beyond their birth name is included here.  I have also included the names of the sixth, seventh and eighth "David, Son of David": my father, brother and nephew to show the continuing legacy of this family naming tradition.    Once again, beyond their names, no personal information is included here.  If you submit information to be added to this website, please exclude information about living persons.

      Here is the fine print.  This is my website.  It is intended to be fun and to bring happiness to me and others.  You are welcome here.  You are welcome to copy anything here that you like as long as it is for you or other non-commercial uses.  What is here represents the work of many researchers, not just me.  I am not selling anything.  You may not take this data and sell it to others.  That should be clear enough.

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