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a German village in Russia, on the
Wiesenseite (meadow side) of the Volga River, Kanton Kukkus, Samara Province

Gottlieb Stier (1854 - 1933), Katarina Margarete Herzog Stier (1853 - 1930)
Johannes Stier(s) (1884 - 1941), Anna Maria Wulf Stier(s) (1892 - 1974) & children John and Alma Stier(s)

Founded 5 July 1767, Jost was originally settled by 148 Lutheran migrants from Germany. The village was generally referred to by its German name Jost, while the Russian name, Popovkina (also Popowkina, Popovka, Popowka), was used in documentation. Jost of the Samara, Kukkus parish, is located on the Wiesenseite (meadow side) of the Russian Volga River, along Popovka creek.

The colony was reported by Karl Stumpp, authority and "patriarch of the German-Russians," to have a population of 219 in 1767, 2526 in 1912, declining to 1356 in 1926. The 1798 census reports 49 families of the Lutheran faith and 5 of the Reformed faith. Most residents were farmers (one blacksmith and two shoemakers); all were hard-working, industrious people. They lived in moderate conditions with fenced yards. There were three windmills nearby. Behind the yards were gardens where they planted various vegetables, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins.

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Jost (Popovkina), Volga, Russia