BARRON Ancestors

BARRON Ancestors

Barron Ancestor Photographs
James Barron (1752-1848)

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How common is the surname "Barron?"  According to the 1990 U.S. census figures, "Barron" is the 714th most popular name with approximately 42,500 U.S. citizens representing about .017% of the population.

If you've tracked the Barron name on the Childress/Mathis genealogy tree, you'll see that the Barron name has one of the very oldest historical trails, going back to William Barron, Esq., born 1625.

James Barron, born in Pickens County, South Carolina in 1752 is one of the earliest ancestors in our Barron line of which I have tombstone photographs.  For many years, family researchers disputed the fact that this James Barron was the father of  my third great grandfather, Caleb Barron (1797 to 1864).  These worries were laid to rest in October 2006 when the results of a final of four different DNA samples was received.  Those interested can take the time to examine the evidence that I've posted on the genealogy tree which, along with the DNA results, conclusively prove the father/son relationship of James and Caleb.   Click here to go to a web page on this website devoted to discussion of the results of the DNA project.

E-mail me, Patrick Childress, if you have any questions relating to the DNA program or would like additional interpretation of the results.

Ancestral Lineage:  James Barron (b. 1752) > Caleb Barron (b. 1797) > Jemima Barron Childress (b. 1828) > Caleb Childress (b. 1856) > William Thomas Childress (b. 1874) > John F. Childress (b. 1918) > JPC (b. 1945)

The following photos of the gravesite of James Barron and his wife Gemima were sent to me by Chad S. Williams in 2002.  This monument is located about 75 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia on private property.

barron james Rev War marker.jpg (40223 bytes)    barron james&gemima gravestone.jpg (36118 bytes)    barron james and gemima marker closeup.jpg (73621 bytes)

Grandson James Harrison Barron, Family - James Barron (1752) > Joseph Barron (1791) > James Harrison Barron (1812)
The first photo below features three of James H. Barron's sons: Back row, left to right; Jefferson Davis Barron (1851-1918), brother of James Harrison Barron, Dr. William Jackson Barron (1834-1909), Obediah Barron (1838-1911).  Front row, left to right; Joseph Barron (1844-1910), others in photo are unknown.  The second photo features Jefferson Davis Barron (1851) and wife Mary Elizabeth Tomlinson (1849).  Notice that in this second photograph, Jeff Davis Barron's eyes appear to be obscured.  The family believes this to be the result of a "botched" cataract surgery at age nineteen.  That being the case, the first photo would date to around 1860, as his eyes appear to be normal in that photograph.  The third photograph also features Jefferson Davis Barron (1851) standing in front of his grocery store in Ackerman, Mississippi.  The last photo on this row is of a daughter of Jefferson Davis Barron (1851), Mary Katherine Barron Morgan (1883-1982) and a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Morgan Harrison (1902-2001).

(The following photographs furnished by Patrick Morgan Harrison, son of Mary Elizabeth Morgan Harrison and 4th great grandson of James Barron, b. 1752).

Barron, James (1812-1853) sons jeff (1815) uncle Dr (2).jpg (49398 bytes)    Barron, Jeff Davis (1851-1918) and wife Mary Tomlinson.jpg (59858 bytes)    Barron, Jeff Davis (1851-1918).jpg (16271 bytes)    Barron, Mary Katherine (1183-1982).jpg (48428 bytes)

Grandson Almon Barron, Family - James Barron (1752) > Caleb Barron, Sr. (1797) > Almon Barron (1834)
The first photo below features Elizabeth Caroline Baskin Barron (1841 to 1931), wife of the above-noted Almon Barron (1834 to 1894).  The second photo is of the four daughters born to this marriage, along with Elizabeth Caroline.  From left to right Alla (b. 1884), Lille (b. 1877), Elizabeth, Minnie (b. 1875) and Dicey (b. abt. 1873)  The third photo features the three boys born to Adolphus William Barron (1862 to 1897), son of Almon and Elizabeth: William Lee (b. 1883); Leonard L. (b. 1885) and Edward Harlen Barron (b. 1887).  The last photograph is of Edward Harlen Barron (b. 1887) and his future wife Grace Lou Price (b. 1901), before their marriage.

(The following photographs furnished by Sue Barron Bruton, daughter of Charles Chester Barron (1931 to 2012) and 4th great granddaughter of James Barron, b. 1752).  "Chuck" Barron was one of the very first Y-DNA participants for the Barron name.)


Grandchildren Caleb, Jr. and Dicey Barron - James Barron (1752) > Caleb Barron, Sr. (1797) > siblings Caleb Barron, Jr. (1848) and Dicey Barron (1850)
The first photo below features Caleb Barron, Jr. (1848 to 1943), son of Caleb, Sr. and grandson of James Barron.  It's interesting to consider that this gentleman's father was born in the 18th century!  The second photograph is of Dicey Barron (1850 to 1896), wife of W. Troy Nall, a merchant in East Texas.  Unfortunately, tuberculosis befell Dicey and she died within a decade of her husband at the young age of 46.  She must have been a fairly independent woman, however.  A family note recounts the tale of her trying to farm alone, and was having potatoes planted.  A neighbor man came along and informed her that the "moon wasn't right for planting potatoes."  She politely replied, "Thank you very much, but I am planting my potatoes in the ground, not on the moon."


Great Grandson Ezekiel Madison Barron - James Barron (1752) > Joseph Barron (1791) > Ezekiel Barron (1816) > Ezekiel Madison Barron (1859)
The first photo is of Ezekiel Madison Barron (1859-1950), great grandson of James Barron, and the second is of Ezekiel's son, Dr. William Marshall Barron (1890-1960).  The last photograph is of Pink Marion Snow (b. circa 1872) and his wife Lou Alice Blanton (1876-1951), along with their daughter Jessica Helen Snow (b. circa 1901).  Jessica's husband, John Gilford King (1899-1962) was the third great grandson of James Barron (son of Cornelius Burbage King, son of Minnie (Barron) King, daughter of Zachery Peyton Barron, son of Ezekiel Barron, son of Joseph Barron, son of James Barron).  Interestingly, the other connection to the Childress name is through the Snow lineage.

The following photographs appeared in publications whose names and titles I have lost, so I apologize for the non-credit.

BarronEzeM.jpg (21186 bytes)    BarronWillJDr..jpg (20141 bytes)    SnowPinkMarion.jpg (50670 bytes)

Great Grandson William Cornell Barron (brother to above Ezekiel M. Barron and below James Monroe Barron)
The first two following Barron photos were sent to me by Phil Ledbetter (great-grandson of William Cornell Barron)


Phil noted that the first photo above features William Cornell Barron (I mistakenly had him with the middle name of Calvin) (1854-1929) who abandoned his family around 1905 and moved to Texas where he is presumed to have died about 1929.  The second photograph contains the following individuals:

FRONT - Mamie Barron (Turner) b. 2-20-1885 d. 1-20-1956, Ose Fenn Turner (married to Mamie) b. 1-27-1880 d.11-18-1932, James Clyde Barron b. 9-22-1900 d. 1-20-1982, Julia Hannah Barron (Ledbetter) b. 5-11-1894 d.11-2-1968, William Cornell Barron b. 1-11-1854 d. 4-1929 in Texas, Alvira Viola Hannah Barron b. 2-20-1857 d. 8-24-1928. (Phil Ledbetter indicated that he "Photoshopped" a clear image of his grandmother, Julia Hannah Barron, into this group photo, as the original photo had her faced blurred.)
BACK - William Emmett Barron b. 1-27-1891 d. 11-4-1944, baby probably is Bessie Mira Kemp b. 1-10-1906 (Phil Ledbetter indicates that this is the only known surviving photo of Bessie, who died in a fire on 10/18/1907) and last is Ethel Barron (Kemp) b. 11-1-1883 d. unknown.

Great Grandson James Monroe Barron (brother to above Ezekiel M. Barron and William Cornell Barron)
The first two following Barron photos were sent to me by Pamela Farley (granddaughter of James Monroe Barron); the remainder of photos were sent by Dave Lewis, whose mother's husband was a descendent of James Barron, (James, father of Joseph, father of Ezekiel, father of James Monroe, father of Noah Otto, father of Roy Edward Barron, who married Dave Lewis' mother).

barron, james monroe 1857-1939.jpg (28687 bytes)    barron, mary edwards 1857-1945.jpg (51369 bytes)    Mary Barron with Noah's Son, Joseph.jpg (81340 bytes)    Noah Barron with brothers and sisters.jpg (65080 bytes)   Noah Barron.jpg (128290 bytes)    Barron, Noah and Helen 1965-1975.jpg (82384 bytes)    Joseph and Roy and Joseph Barron, Sons of Noah and Helen Barron.jpg (63324 bytes)

Pamela indicated that the first photo above is of James Monroe Barron (1857-1939) and the second photo features James' wife Mary Edwards Barron (1857-1945) on the right (the other ladies are not identified).  Dave identified the other photos, left to right, as 1) Mary E. Barron (1857-1945) and her grandson Joseph Barron (b. circa 1918); 2) family photograph of the children of James Monroe Barron (1857-1939) and Mary Edwards Barron; 3) Noah Otto Barron (1894-1987); 4) Noah Barron and wife Helen Pearl Maxwell (1903-1983); 5) Joseph Barron (b. circa 1918) and brother Roy Edward Barron (b. 1922), children of Noah and Helen Barron.

In January 2011, I received several Barron family photographs from Carol Ann Funderburg (great granddaughter of James Monroe Barron).  These photos are shown below.  Carol's line is the same as the above Pamela Farley, thus Carol also sent a photograph of Mary Edwards Barron, along with one of her son William Peyton Barron and his family.  All are identified below.


The first photo above features the same Mary Edwards Barron (1857-1945) wife of James Monroe Barron  (1857-1939) as in the row above.  Carol Ann indicated that when her daughter-in-law Callie Blain died at the age of 30, Mary "moved in with Peyton and raised (children) Maurine, Melvin, Thora and Clara."  Thomas Calvin Barron (left) (1884-1969) and William Peyton Barron (1880-1955), sons of James Monroe Barron and Mary Edwards, are shown in the second photo.  Callie Blain Barron (1889-1919) wife of William Peyton Barron is featured in the third photo.  One of her sons, Melvin (b. 1914) is shown on the left in the fourth photo above and two of his sisters, Thora Barron Morris (on left) (b. abt. 1915) and Clara Barron Funderburg (1917-1987), mother of Carol Ann Funderburg, are shown in this 1940 photo taken in Mississippi.

Great Grandson Benjamin Franklin Barron - James Barron (1752) > Gabriel M. Barron, Sr. (1799-1864) > Llewellyn Gilliland Barron (1835-1928) Benjamin Franklin Barron (1876-1942)
The family photograph below features the family of the above Benjamin Franklin Barron.  It was sent to me by Kathy Mobley Kohls, granddaughter of Benjamin and daughter of Melissa Evelyn Barron.

While the photograph reflects the names of the subjects, here are their full names and birthdates, from left:  Sara Jane Thompson (1835-1919) mother of Benjamin Franklin Barron, Belva (b. 1900), Shelby (b. 1904), Benjamin Franklin Barron (1876-1942), Carlton (b. 1901), Llewellyn George (b. 1903), Carrie Lucretia Pullig Barron (1881-1911) and Millie (b. 1906).  After first wife Carrie died in 1911, Benjamin married Mary Cassandra Martin (1877-1930) by whom he had two children, Melissa Evelyn Barron Mobley (b. 1916) and Benjamin Seneca Barron (b. 1914).

Grand Nephew Mathias Jackson Barron - John Barron (1749 - brother to James Barron, 1752) > James Barron (1791) > Mathias Jackson Barron (1834)
The following Barron photos were sent to me by William P. Barron, Jr., whose fourth great grandfather John Barron (1749 to 1841) is the brother of James Barron.  The first two photos are of Mathias Jackson Barron (1834 to 1904); the first was taken shortly before his passing in 1904 and the second photo was taken around the time of the Civil War, as was the third photo which is of his wife, Diademia Phelps Barron (1834 to 1904).

William P. Barron, Jr. Mathias Jackson Jack BARRON (1834-1904) circa 1904.jpg (99869 bytes)    William P. Barron, Jr. Mathias Jackson Jack BARRON (1834-1904).jpg (214821 bytes)    William P. Barron Jr. Barron, Diademia Dami (Phelps), circa 1865 from William P. Barron, Jr..jpg (248487 bytes)

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