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John Franklin Childress (1918-1977)
Dorothy Lou Mathis (1922-2000)

  "May future generations have my fortunes..."
Joel Patrick Childress (b. 1945)

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Remember, this genealogy research might be serious stuff.  However, as the old French proverb goes,
"He who boasts of his descent is like the potato:  The best part of him is underground."

Purpose of this Site - Maybe you arrived here via the Childress/Mathis Family Tree data at the Roots Web connection; then again, maybe you arrived here under your own steam.  In any event, the purpose of this website is to provide visual support to a small fraction of the nearly 6,500 individuals noted on the above family tree website.  In addition, there are several links noted below that will provide the reader with supplementary information about family ancestors.


Broken Links! - Please report any broken links you may encounter on this website to the author of this website.  Your assistance in this is much appreciated.

Resolution of photographs – In addition to the extensive use of “thumbnail” photos, I have limited the size of most of the these photos to no more than 50K to 75K bytes (group photos are a bit larger).  This is done to facilitate the downloading of files to the users’ computers and was accomplished by the use of the jpeg compression software developed by Pegasus Imaging.  Should you wish to have a higher resolution file for any particular photo, please contact me via e-mail with the name and birth date of the individual whose photo you wish to have.

Call for Ancestral Photographs!!!  If you have an old photograph of an individual or group associated with any of the families shown on this website, please consider sending the keeper of this site a digital copy of your photo (somewhere around 50K to 150K in size in jpg format, please) to my e-mail address.  I'll be happy to post your photo in the appropriate page and give you credit.

Links to Photo Albums & Pages

(Click on the top banners or the appropriate surname below)

BARRON - There are only a few Barron photos available via this album, beginning with the gravestones of Revolutionary War veteran James Barron (1752-1848) and his wife, Gemima (1755-1855).  One Snow/Barron connection is also shown.

Barron DNA Project - A special section devoted to tracking the progress of the ongoing DNA tests.

CHILDRESS - The individuals featured in this photo album include the surnames of Ayres, Baskin, Childress, Grayson, Hill, Hunt, Speer and Stephenson.  Several tombstones in the Enon Cemetery in Ackerman, Choctaw County, Mississippi are also included, beginning with Obediah Childress, Sr. (1792-1852).

Childress DNA Project - A special section devoted to tracking the progress of the ongoing DNA tests.

Contemporary Childress - Photos in this section include "contemporary" (as of circa 2002) individuals.  All individuals featured were born after 1900.

MATHIS - Surnames included in this album primarily include Jones, Mathis, McMullen and Thornton.  The oldest Mathis ancestor pictured here is the wife of George Washington Mathis (1846-1891), Sarah Elizabeth Thornton (1842-1921), although the tombstone of Edmund Mathis (1720-1783), a Revolutionary War veteran, is featured.

McMULLEN - Surnames include Bierhalter, Bump, Ellis, Gooch, Leach, Mann, McMullen and Singleton.  Most of these individuals lived in the Texas hill country area around Bertram, Burnett County, Texas.  The oldest family member featured is John Liner McMullen (1847-1913).

OVERTON - Surnames include Alexander, Bramlette, Carter, Lasseter, Overton, Pegues, Walker and Weaver.  The tombstone of Jesse Overton (1787-1856) in the Alexander Cemetery in Spring Hill, Tennessee represents the oldest Overton featured in this album.

Overton DNA Project - A special section devoted to tracking the progress of the ongoing DNA tests.

SPEER - Surnames include Little, Gill, Johnson, Putnam and Knight.  The tombstone of William Speer, Sr. (1747-1830) and those of several of his children in the "old" Rocky River Presbyterian Church cemetery in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina are shown in this album.

Ebenezer Cemetery, Arp, Smith County, Texas - Ebenezer is the final resting place for many Childress and Overton ancestors who were pioneer settlers of the small east Texas communities of Omen and Arp.  Photos of a few gravesites represent a small portion of the cemetery occupants.  For a complete listing of all those interred in Ebenezer (as of about 1980), click here.

Coats of Arms - Coats of arms for surnames Alexander, Barron, Childress, Gooch, Houston, Ingram, Jackson, Mathis, McFadden, McMullen, Overton, Speer and Thornton.  These designs are intended for information only and no representation of registration of these designs to the specific families in the Childress/Mathis family tree is implied.

Genealogy Links - Here are some useful links to other material on the ancestors whose family photos are on this website.  In addition, I've included some links that might help you on your way to discovering those elusive ancestors.

Unidentified Photos - This album represents a collection of very old photographs that are not identified by name.  If you have old photos of individuals with the surnames noted above, take the time to flip through what surely is a voyage in time.  Let me know if you have a clue!

Individual Index Page - Use the Search Engine at the top of this home page, or this Individual Index page to find a photograph for a particular individual, as the names of all individuals in any of the included albums are shown on this page (excluding those Childers/Childress individuals who are associated with only the DNA project) and can be linked by the entry names to the page on which that individual appears.  Note that married females are indexed by their maiden name, unless it is unknown, in which case the married surname is used.

Migration Patterns - This page should be of interest to the genealogist who is attempting to trace the migration of pioneer families.  Six different "gif" photo files (one each for Barron, Childress, Mathis, McMullen, Overton and Speer surnames) are presented on this page with each graphic pertaining to the census figures for the years 1850, 1880, 1920 and 1990.  The surname population density is based on the number of surname occurrences in the census for each year.

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