Our Stewart Family - A Portrait

Our Stewart Family

A Portrait

This is a portrait of our past, to preserve a record of our ancestors for whom written evidence exists.
Though separated from us by time and place, they are close to us in heart, for their hopes and fears, and their strengths and weaknesses were identical to our own. Our ancestors for the most part did without the technological advances we take for granted. Somehow they survived and florished without dentistry or scientifically based medicine and they moved from place to place, measuring the miles not by minutes or hours but by days and weeks and months.They could not forsee us, to know our names or lives, but they believed we would be, and so we are, with more to follow us. As they were, we are. As they are, we will one day be.

Descendants of
Benjamin Stewart
Descendants of
Andrew Linn Sr.
Descendants of
John Mullis
Elizabeth Castleberry

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