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   Here's another for you...
   The FAIN family history is of sufficient interest to be given in
   some detail. They are an ancient French family. The original name
   in France was FAINS or VEYNES. One branch of the family migrated
   to England eight hundred years ago during the time of King John.
   In 1207 we find Thomas de Vein, the holder of land, living in
   Gloucestershire. The English changed the surname to FANE and the
   family were given knightly honors in the time of Charles I. The
   knight of that day was created Earl of Westmoreland. The FANES have
   prospered in England and Anthony Mildmay Julian FANE, present head
   of the English family, is the thirteenth Earl of Westmoreland.

   Another branch of the American family is descended from Nicholas
   FAIN, born in France in 1730. He moved to Ireland where he married
   Elizabeth Taylor, an English lady. In 1752 he migrated from Ireland
   and then to America in 1753 where he located temporarily in
   Pennsylvania, and later settled in Dandridge, Tennessee.
 The children of Nicholas FAIN were Samuel, John, David, William,
   Thomas, Ebenezer, Reuben, and Elizabeth.

   One of the sons, Ebenezer FAIN, was born August 27, 1762 in
   Chester county, Pennsylvania; and died December 29, 1842 in
   Habersham county, Georgia. While his people were resident in
   Washington county, Virginia, and when he was but fourteen years
   of age, Ebenezer FAIN enlisted in the Patriot armies for a three
   months term, serving under Captain James Montgomery and Colonel
   William Christian.

   While serving this short enlistment, the boy was stationed at Black
   Fort and Montgomery Station and was engaged in two battles with
   Indians in one of which sixteen were killed in June 1780. He served
   under Captain William Trimble as a Light Horseman in Colonel Charles
   Robertson's command. They were joined at Gilberttown by other troops
   and marched to the Pacolet River in South Carolina, where they
   engaged in a successful combat with the British.

   While acting as sentry at night, during the encampment of the
   command at Buffalo Creek on Broad River young FAIN shot John
   Foulin, a spy, on whom was found an express note from Lora
   Cornwallis to the Tory Captain Moore, urging him to defend his fort
   until some troops could reach him. The Americans took advantage
   of this information, captured Moore and his fort, together with
   one hundred men and then dispersed at Musgrove Mills the party
   sent to reinforce Captain Moore. At Wofford's Iron works the
   Americans were attacked suddenly at night, and after a severe
   struggle were driven back, but rallying, they renewed the fight
   and defeated the enemy, taking Major Dunlap, the commander,
   a prisoner.

   Young FAIN was afterwards transferred to Captain Cunningham's
   Company, at Augusta, Georgia. Discharged from the service at the
   expiration of hìs term, he immediately re-enlisted in September,
   1786, as a mounted horseman, and took part in the memorable pursuit
   of Colonel Ferguson, who was overtaken at King's Mountain, South
   Carolina, October 7,1780; defeated, killed, and his entire command
   captured. In this struggle FAIN was wounded in one leg. From
   November, 1780, he rendered valiant service as horseman under
   Captain Gibson and Colonel Sevier in their expeditions against the
   Indians, who were badly defeated and their towns destroyed,

   He retired from the service April,1781, and in June,1781, married
   in Jonesboro, Tennessee, Mary Black. Of this marriage there were
   the following chiidren:

   David, born August 5,1782, who lived in Gilmer county, Georgia;

   Margaret, born August ß,1786 who lived in Pendleton, South
   Carolina, and Gilmer county Georgia;

   Mercer, born February 28, 1789, who lived in Pendleton, South
   Carolina, and Texas;

   Elizabeth, born July 7, 1791, who lived at Pendleton, South
   Carolina, and Habersham county, Georgia. Elizabeth married Jehu
   Trammel, father of the late L. N. Trammel, who lived and died in
   the Nacoochee Valley, Georgia:

   Mary Ann, born January 6, 1794, who lived in Buncombe county,
   North Carolina. and Gilmer county, Georgia;

   Sally, born May 30, 1796, who lived ìn Buncombe and Macon
   counties, North Carolina;

   John, born December 14, 1797, who lived in Buncombe county.
   North Carolina, and Gilmer county Georgia. John's son Mercer
   was the father of William LaFayette Fain, of AtIanta, senior
   partner of the firm of W. L. and W. M. Fain, which operated the
   largest grain elevator and warehouse in the city and was a leading
   firm in the grain trade. W. L. Fain was born December 28,1848 in
   Murphy, North Carolína.

   Rebecca, born December 10, 1799, who lived in Buncombe county
   North Carolina, and Lumpkin county, Georgia. Rebecca married
   John W. Hughes.

   Polly Ann, born April 11,1804, who lived in Mississippi.

   Ebenezer Fain had a most excellent Revolutionary War record, of
   which his descendants have a just right to be proud. Another
   notable member of the Fain family was William Clayton Fain, of
   Fannin county, a lawyer. William Clayton Fain was a member of
   the Secession Convention of Georgia, and after the long and hard
   struggle which resulted in the passage of the ordinance, he was
   one of that small number who refused to compromise their
   convictions by signing it.
   Going back to France, there looms up in the Fain family a most
   notable man in the person of Baron Agathon Jean Frederick Fain,
   Born in Paris 1778, and died in 1837. After service under the
   Directory, Baron Fain was in 1806 appointed Secretary of the
   Imperial Archives, and in 1813 became secretary to the Emperor
   Napoleon whom he accompanied in all his tours until 1815, when
   he drew up the document in which Napoleon definitely abdicated
   the throne or France.

    In 1830 he became First Secretary of the Cabinet under Louis
    Phillipe and was several times entrusted with the administration
    of the Civil List. He also served as a Deputy of Montargis until
    1834. Baron Fain was quite an author and published certain memoirs
    of the later years of Napoleon, such as "Le Manuscnt de 1814 and
    other works in 1812,1813,1814 1827 and 1828, all of which
    were readable, interesting, and have definite historical value by
    reason of his position in the inner circles of the government.

      From "Men of Mark in Georgia" edited by William J. Northen, ex-
      governor of Georgia. Scanned and updated by Darrell Rainey,
      great great grandson of Rebecca Fain.
      Darrell RAINEY (draineylg@uga.cc.uga.edu)
      Univ Comp. & Networking Servíces / Computer Services Annex
      The University of GA / Athens: GA 30602


WARREN COUNTY Will Book # l2, p.254

WARREN COUNTY            ] Know all men by these presents that we,
STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA  ] Green Worsham and Drury Andrews are held
                         ] and firmly bound to his Excellency James
Turner, Esq., Captain General and Commander in Chief in and over the
said State, in the sum of five hundred pounds current money, to be
paid to the said Governor, his successors aforesaid to the which
payment will & duly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and administrators, jointly
and severally firmly by these present,sealed with our seals & dated this 29th day of August, A.D. 1804.
     The Condition of the above obligations is such that of the
above bounded Green Worsham Administrator of all and singular the
goods and chattels, rights and credits of JOHN FAIN*, dec'd. do make
or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular
the goods and chattels, rights & credits of the deceased which have
or shall come to the hands, knowledge or possession of the said John
Fain or into the hands or possessions of any person or persons for
him and the same so made, do exhibit or cause to be exhibited to the
Court of the County aforesaid within ninety days from the date of
these presents and the same goods, chattels and all other goods
chattels and credits of the deceased at the time of his death which
shall at some time hereafter come into the hands or possession of
the said Green Worsham or into the hands of any person or persons
to him do well and truly administer recording to law and further do
make or cause to be made a true and just account of his Administr-
ation within one year after the date of these presents and the rest
and residue of the said chattels and goods which shall be found
remaining in the said Administrator's account the same being first
examined and allowed by the Court of the said County shall deliver
& pay to such person or persons respectively to which the same may
be due pursuant to the true intent and meaning of which in that case
made and provided, and if it shall appear that any Will or Testament
was made by the said deceased and the Executors have therein named
do exhibit the same in the Court making request to have the same
allowed and approved of accordingly by the said Green Worsham, above
bounded being therewith required do order the said letters of Admin-
istration, approbation of such. Testament being first Sworn & made
in the said Court then this obligation to be void & of none effect,
otherwise to remain in full force and value.

Signed and Witnessed                       Green Worsham  (seal
Signed and Sealed in                       Drury Andrews  (seal)
the Presence of
Mr. Duke Johnson

Warren County August Court 1804
This bond executed in open Court and ordered to
be recorded


                           Mr. Duke Johnson C.C.


PCT 5, 287-287
                                                          STATE OF
   Name          Age  Sex COLOR  OCCUPATION      VALUE      BIRTH
FAIN, James G.   41    M   W      farmer         1600/850    GA
FAIN, Sarah A.   36    F   W      keeping house              GA
FAIN, Udorus     15    M   W      laborer                    TX
FAIN, Nancy E.   12    F   W                                 TX
FAIN, Sarah J.   1O    F   W                                 TX
FAIN, Martha A.   9    F   W                                 TX
FAIN, James J.    6    M   W                                 TX

                 1860 PANOLA COUNTY CENSUS

FAIN, J. M., age 25, born in GA

                 1875 ANDERSON COUNTY TAX RECORD

FAIN, Bill  no land listed

                 1905 SMITH COUNTY, TEXAS MARRIAGES

J. A. DIGGERS married Mrs. M. M. FAIN (Bk 16, page 546
    Return dated Dec 26, 1905)



1860 - J. M. FAIN appointed district clerk (He was disqualified by
Reconstruction Government.

1869 - J. M. FAIN- appointed Vice District Clerk - appointed by
Gen. J. J. Reynolds - It is difficult to determine if any of the
men ever served due to the Federal Government changing their minds
from day to day.


JOEL FAIN 320 acres, also 100 acres - and 320 acres


H. W. WILLIAMS mar. Mrs. S. M. FAIN on 27 March 1901 - book 14, p. 528


SARAH M. FAIN        29 Oct 1852    13 Aug 191?

                                Pc't #3

DOC FAIN - two dependents


FAIN - [age 116]

                       1890 WHITE'S LEDGER

                       1891 WHITE'S LEDGER


We have no idea why Mr. White listed all these names in the Ledger.
At least, we know the names of residents in 1890 and 1891.

Adeline Gauntt married BERRY FAIN ca  1833. Adeline and Berry
married in Floyd or Gordon Co., GA as this is where Luke and Sibby
Elizabeth Gauntt lived at this time.

NANCY ELIZABETH JANE FAIN married John Martin Redwine on a March
1842 in DeKalb Co., GA. The Redwines left DeKalb County and came
to Anderson Co. TX in 1856.

Nancy was daughter of John J. Fain and Elizabeth Bearden. John J.
Redwine died 5 May 1862 in Ark. Nancy mar. Albert G. Welborn on 2
or 23 March 1881 in Anderson Co., TX - Lived in Concord-Bruahy
Creek area until Albert died on 5 Feb 1890. Nancy moved to West,
Texas to live with some of her children (Redwine children)
Albert Welborn was buried in the Olive Branch Cem. in Anderson Co.
Reuben Gaines and family moved from Gordon Co.,GA to Anderson Co. -
lived with JOEL FAIN in the Brushy Creek area until he could buy land.
Edythe P. Fain, 601 Golden Rd. #J-l, Tyler, TX 75701 is doing



At Fourth Quarterly Conference for Kickapoo Circuit, Palestine
District, held at Fain's Chapel, September 14, 1872, "Bros. A. W. Elrod,  A. H. McFarland,  J. N. Henry,
M. H. Addington, Josiah Henderson, Jas. E. Evans, and W. H. Ardis were elected to Board of Trustee
to receive deed to the Camp Ground and improvements thereon, near Fain's Chapel.
     Members Present:
     L. R. Dennis, Presiding Elder
     W. A. Moore, Preacher in Charge
     W. H. Ardis, L.E.
     J. H. Henry, C. L. & Steward
     W. F. Freeman, Steward
     A. W. Elrod, Steward
     Jas. E. Evans, Steward
     J. W. Henry, Steward
     A. J. McFarland, Steward
     A. Hardin, Steward

Churches or societies listed:
     Fain's Chapel
     Tennessee Colony

Stewards elected for the year 1873:
     A. W. Elrod, Fain's Chapel
     M.H. Addington, Fain's Chapel
     Jas. E. Evans, Fain's Chapel
     W. F. Freeman, Kickapoo
     W. R. Miller, Kickapoo
     J. H. Henry, Salem
     Jacob W. Foster, Salem
     Robt. M. Jackson, Tennessee Colony


  E. M. Jackson of Galveston executed a deed dated January 2, 1873,
  conveying for a consideration of  $67.50 "in gold" 30 acres of land
  in Jnmee  H. Ball League lying on waters of Brushy Creek, a tributary
  of the Neches River, in Anderson County, Texas, to M. H. Addington,
  J. H. Henry, A. W. Elrod, L. L. Evans, and J. C. Elrod,
  Trustees for the Methodist Church, South, for Kickapoo circuit and
  to their successors in office.
      Witness to the deed were J. J. Quarles and J. W. Ozment. The
  deed was acknowledged on December 12, 1892, by J. W. Ozment, as a
  witness to the signature.
      On March 4, 2892, John F. Cely, A. W. Elrod, B. L. Elrod, and
  John C. Elrod, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
  at Brushy Creek in Anderson County, Texas, for a consideration of
  $1.00, sold to Wm. Foster Lodge No. 312, A. F. & A. M. and to the
  Trustees of School No. 1 at Brushy Creek, one acre of land on James
  Ball Survey. Second story of building on tract was deeded to the
  Lodge and the first story to school. Deed recorded in Volume 48,
  Page 60.

                                  PAGE 3
      At the Second Quarterly meeting for Kickapoo Cïrcuit, held at
  Tennessee Colony, June 27, 1874, the following were elected as
  Trustees to secure or procure title to the Camp Ground:
       A. Elrod
       M. H. Addington
       L. Evans
       John Elrod
       J. H. Henry
     The Minutes show that the next Conference was to be held "at
  the Camp Ground and to embrace the 3d Sabbath in September"
       John Adams, Presiding Elder
       B. J. Reese, Steward
       A. Hardin, Steward
       Robert Gore, Secretary
  Societies or churches listed:
       Tennessee Colony
       Fainís Chapel
      At the Third Quarterly Conference held at Camp Ground,
  September 19, 1874, the Minutes show that $400 had been raised and
  applied as follows: To the purchasing of tract of land for Camp
  Ground and to the building of Arbor and to other improvements, &c."
       Members present:
       John Adams, Presiding Elder
       W. H. Ardis, Preacher in Charge
       W. A. Moore, Junior Preacher in Charge
       J. H. Henry, Steward & C. L.
       W. M. Addington, Steward
       W. F. Freeman, Steward , Ass. C.L.
       Luck L. Evans, Steward
       James E. Evans, Secty. Church Cen.
       J. W. Jones, Steward & C.L.
       W. R. Miller, Recording Steward

Societies or Churches Listed:
       Fain's Chapel
       Tennessee Colony
       In  answer to the  Question, Any Miscellaneous  Business the
  Minutes show the following answer: "On motion the Camp Ground was
  named Anderson Camp Ground."

                                      Page 5

       The third guarterly Conference for the year 1879, Kickapoo
       Charge, Palestine District, East Texas Conference, was held at
       ANDERSON CAMP GROUND, August 2, 1879, with the following
       members present:
       John Adams, Presiding Elder
       L. M. Fowler, Preacher in Charge
       W. R. Miller, Secretary
       W. H. Ardis, L.E.
       W. A. Moore, L.E.
       B. F. Blount, L.D.
       W. F. Freeman, Steward
       A. W. Elrod, Steward
       M. H. Addington, Steward
       J. S. Stephens, Steward
       L. E. Evans, Steward
       J. F. Cely, Steward
       A. Hardin, C. Leader
       Fain's Chapel
       Ardis Chapel
       At the fourth Quarterly Conference held at Salem, September
  27, 1879, church reporting amounts raised for the support of the
  ministry were··

       Tennessee Colony
       Ardis Chapel
       Judson School House
       (Note: Fain's Chapel not listed)
       (Note: At the three seceeding Quarterly Conference ANDERSON
     CAMP GROUND is listed instead of Fain's Chapel. At the Fourth
     Quarterly Conference, October 30, 1880, Fain's chapel is listed
     instead of Anderson Camp Ground. Thereafter, the name Fain's
     chapel does not appear in the Minutes.

         Following are six pages of excerpts from Quarterly Conference
      Minutes of the Kickapoo Circuit which may clear up some confusion
      in regard to FAIN'S CHAPEL, CAMP GROUND, and BRUSHY CREEK.
           It appears that the Anderson Camp Ground, often called Camp
      Ground, was located near Fain's Chapel". (See page 2) In 1879
      Fain's Chapel and Camp Ground both show in the minutes. After
      1880 (see page 5) the name Fain's Chapel does not appear, but
      was superseded by Anderson Camp Ground or Camp Ground.
            ANDERSON CAMP GROUND, the official name (see page 3), and
      Kickapoo went out of the Minutes at the end of the Conference
      Year 1892, and Brushy Creek came in the first time in 1893, both
      as the name of the Church and the Circuit. (See page 6)

                                                May 22, 1996
     Dear Alice,
    It's been quite a while since I've worked on my Fain line.
     Everyone that I wrote with in the late 1970's and early 1980's
     shared their data with me. Frank B. Fain has several rolls of film
     now available from the Gen. Lending Library, about 10,000 sheets
     and book of 407 pages. I'm going to order these soon.
         I lost my husband June 29, 1988 and my daughter June 22,
     1991, then I went to work and worked until Jan. 31, 1995 until
     the garment plant closed and the contract was sent to Mexico.
    Our genealogical society members went to the courthouse and
     copied marriages, probate, birth and death records - before all of
     these were microfilmed. The library has copies of these films -
     however only one regular viewer and one reader-printer - so you
     have to to wait quite a while to use them. We also have a computer
     with lots of CD-roms - but very few people know how to use it. It
     really speeds up your research.
 I do most of my research at home on my viewer and ordering
     usually ten rolls of film and keeping them for a month from AGL.
         I did go to the library today for awhile and found a little
     data. Our society has bought a lot of books - films and CD-roms
     and members have read and made indexes of the And. Co. censuses
     through 1910. I have all these in indexes and films here at home.
     I'll lookup what I can for you.

     Book  P.

     FAIN, John W.  - Adaline O'Neal    -  Jun. 08, 1857    2     169
     CRIST, Isaac   - Mary G. Fain      -  Mar. 28, 1867    4     347
     GILLIARD, Sam  - Josephine Fain    -  Mar. 08, 1871    5     170
     WYLIE, William - Mrs. Adaline Fain -  Jan. 18, 1869    4     411
     FAIN, R.G.     - Fannie Lipscomb   -  Nov. 01, 1866    4     319

     H.H. 114
     BLACK, T.C.           46   m  w  Farmer  1500  2000    Tenn.
     BLACK, Lidda          46   f                           SC
     BLACK, Nathaniel      13   m                           Ala.
     BLACK, M.E.           11   f                           Ala.
     BLACK, M.R.            6   f                           Tex.
     (wid.of Adalene Fain  23   f                   5000    Ala.
     FAIN, John W.)

     H.H. 318
     FAIN, Wisdom          34   m  w  Farmer   1000  500     Ala.
     FAIN, Hubbard         78   m  w                         SC
     FAIN, Elizabeth       75   f                            SC
     FAIN, Louisiana       15   f                            Ala.
     FAIN, M.N.            13   m                            Ala.
     FAIN, Missouri        11   f                            Ala.
     FAIN, Ann              9   f                            Ala.
     FAIN, Hubbard          7   m                            Ala.
     FAIN, Emily            5   f                            Ala.

     H.H. 319
     FAIN, G.B.            56   m  w  Farmer  1600  6500     Ga.
     FAIN, Susan           50   f                            SC
     FAIN, R.G.            24   m                            Ga.
     FAIN, Margaret        22   f                            Ga.
     FAIN, J.A.            20   m                            Ga.
     FAIN, Mary            12   f                            Ga.
     FAIN, J.T.            10   m                            Ga.
     FAIN, J.H             30   m                            Ga.

     H.H.  913
     FAIN, Joel            53   mw  Farmer    1500 14000     GA
     WOOLF, Charles        27   mw  Doctor          1000     SC
     PATRICK, Thos.        30   mw  Farm labor               SC

     H.H 953
     PRICE, Thos.          57   mw  Farmer    3465  1780     Ga
     PRICE, Catherine      55   f                            Ky
     PRICE, J.H.           23   mw Farmer     1000   500     Ark
     PRICE, Daniel S.      21   m                            Ark
     PRICE, J.R.           19   m                            Ark
     PRICE, Catherine      17   f                            Ark
     PRICE, H.W.           14   m                            Ark
     FAIN FARRELL, Catherine 11 f                            La.

     H.H.  954
     PRICE, G.A.           32   mw  Farmer    800  700       La.
     PRICE, Pernacin       19   f                            Ark.
     PRICE, Thos. S.       6/12 m                            Tex
     SULLIVAN, Elbert S    16   m                            Tex.
     FAIN, Prudence        11   f                            La.

     ???? Co., Tex marriage record: Bk.   P.
    George A. Price - Elizabeth P. Watkins  Mar. 14, 1859   4    67


J. W. Fain   - Deed - File "F" pps 65-77-102-158-267-325
               Deed - File "E" pps 197-204-206-236-241
JOEL FAIN    - Deed - File "I" pps 562 thru 569
               Deed - File "K" p. 015

New York Cemetery
Henderson Co., Tex.: Go out Hwy 175E to FM 804 to FM 607
New York Cemetery is at New York Baptist Church

WALKER, Maud    1885 - 1901  (s/Fred Walker - d. of Jim Walker)
WALKER, Laura A. Mar. 18, 1869 - Aug. 21, 1886 (d./J.C. & M.A.Walker.
WALKER, Rev. James C. Feb. 20, 1827 - Dec. 11, 1883
WALKER, Mary A.   Jan. 29, 1831  - Apr. 23, 1909  (w. of James Walker).


 FAIN, Abraham      Trinity Co.,   Sumpter P.O.. Tex.
 FAIN, Adaline      Anderson Co.,  Palestine P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, Dora         Cherokee Co,   Rusk P.O., Tex
 FAIN, G.           Harrison Co.,  Marshall P.O., Tex
 FAIN, G.B.         Anderson Co.,  Pruitt's Tan Yard, Tex.
 FAIN, J.A.         Collin Co.,    Plano P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, J.O. or C.   Collin Co.,    Plano P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, J.M.         Panola Co.,    Cartharge P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, J.W.         Van Zandt Co., Edna P.O., Tex
 FAIN, James B.     Henderson      Finecastle P.O., Tex
 FAIN, Joel         Anderson       Palestine P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, John         Trinity        Sumpter P.O., Tex
 FAIN, John         Collin         Farmersville P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, M.J.         Harrison       Marshall P.O., Tex
 FAIN, N.M.         Cherokee       Rusk P.O., Tex
 FAIN, Nicholas     Collin         McKinney P.O., Tex.
 FAIN, Robert G.B.  Henderson      Finecastle P.O., Tex
 FAIN, T.M.         Newton         Newton P.O., Tex.
 FAINE, E.H.        Denton         Valetta Ranch, Tex.
 FAINE, R.H.        Houston        Pennington P.O., Tex.

I have only Anderson Co., Census films. Our library has all the
Texas census films and soundex for 1880 and various soundex
rolls on 1900 - 1910 - 1920.

                                           Louise Spaith


6205 Nethercombe Court
McLean, Virginia 22101

Telephone 703-790-1564
Aug 9, 1994

This is a record of the ancestry of Robert Forbes Fain, Alice
Jeannette Fain and William Lee Fain beginning with William Fain
of Virginia, born c1700. and William Walker of Tennessee and
Georgia. born in 1803.

The original William Fain probably came to Middle Virginia from
the Tidewater area but I have found no record of his origin. The
first record that I have found is his July 26. 1746 patent of 400
acres of land on the Appomattox River in the part of Amelia
County, Virginia, that became Prince Edward County in 1754. He
patented another 250 acres on the Buffalo River in the same
County on December 15. 1749.

William Fain died in Amelia County, Virginia near Farmville in
1754 or 1755.  His will was probated in 1755. He was probably
born sometime in late 1600s or the early 1700s. His will named
wife, Judah, and a son, John. He mentions other children but
they are not named. He gave his plantation to his wife for life,
then to John. who was probably the eldest son. The remainder of
his estate was divided equally between his children. The executor
of his will was Charles Anderson, who was prominent in the history
of Amelia Countv.

One of the unnamed children may have been Richard Fain who
appears as grantee in a deed from Griffin Evans dated January 18.
1750 in Amelia County, Virginia. Deed Book 3. Page 550.

Richard Fain also appears as grantor in the following deed:

Deed Book 1, Page 57a. Nov 4, 1755, from Richard Fian (Fain) of
Prince Edward County, to John Harrison of Prince Edward County,
for 15 pounds, all that dividend of land on the north side of
Buelo (Buffalo?) River in Prince Edward County, about 150 acres
bounded by the dividing line between Richard Fain and Pugh Price,
John Richardson, Spring Branch. Penick. Signed - Richard (R his
mark) Fian. Wit - Jeremiah Penick. Pugh (P his mark) Price,
William Nassery. Recorded Dec 9. 1760.

Richard Fain and Daniel Fain appear as witnesses in the following
deed and may have been brothers or otherwise related:
Deed book 2, Page 256, May 20, 1760. from James Hill of Amelia
County to Thomas Wood of Prince Edward County, for 30 pounds; a
certain tract of land on the south side of Appomattox River & on
both sides of Vaughans Creek in Prince Edward County, about 200
acres bounded by Franklin, Fain, Renfrow. Signed - James Hill.
Wit - Nathl Hoggatt, Joseph Street. Daniel (D his mark) Fain.
Thomas Robertson. Richard (R his mark) Fain, John Fisher, William
Simmons. Alexír Ewing. Recorded Sep 9., 1760.

John Fain, son of William and Judah Fain, married Elizabeth

John Fain may have served in the Revolutionary War.  There are
several references to Fainís in revolutionary war records:

(l) A John Fain appears in Virginians in the Revolution Page 263.
with a reference to Collins History of Kentucky.

(2) A William Fain appears in the Revolutionary War Pension
Records. 27 185, he was drafted as a resident of Patrick County,
Virginia. September 1781. His pension application was filed in
Jasmine County, Kentucky, on May 20, 1838 and shows his age as
93. He would have been born in 1740.

(3) There is also a reference to a John Fain as a member of Capt.
Daniel Triggs Company, September 9, 1777, in Montgomery County's
Revolutionary Heritage by Ruby Altizer Roberts of Cambria, Virginia.

I have not been able to connect any of the Fainís listed above to
my line.

John Fain and Elizabeth Martin Fain had a son named William M.
Fain, born July 36, 1769.  His middle initial probably was for
his mother's maiden name.  The name Martin appears again in a
later generation when his son, Joel, named one of his sons John
Martin Fain.  Joel named his first son John after his father and
his first daughter Elizabeth after his mother.  William M. Fain
lived to be over 73 years of age and was the thread that made it
possible to trace the Fain line down to the present because he
and his family remained together as they moved from one location
to another over the years.

William M. Fain (1769-18471 married Judith Chappell (1769-1851)
in about 1789 or 1790, probably in Amelia County, Virginia.

Judith Chappell was born June 16, 1769, a daughter of Robert
Chappell of Amelia County, Virginia, and his third wife, Agnes
Cross.  Robert Chappell and Agnes Cross were married on June 2,
1759.  Robert Chappell was a son of a merchant and Indian trader
of Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Virginia, who died c.1740.  His
first name is unknown. Robert's mother, Sarah, then married
William Crawley and moved with him and her six children to Amelia
County, Virginia.
Judith's mother, Agnes Cross, was a daughter of William Cross of
Amelia County, Virginia.

William M. Fain and Judith, had nine children:

Elizabeth Fain           b. June 4, 1791
John Fain                b. Nov. 12, 1792
Jesse (Jepo) Fain        b. Sept. 4, 1794
Nancy Faín               b. Sept. 12, 1796
William H. Fain          b. July 1, 1798
Abraham (or Abram)       b. Nov. 25, 1800
Greenberry Fain          b. May 5, 1804
Joel (Jod) Fain          b. Feb. 20, 1807
Robert Chappell Fain     b. May 5, 1810

Their eighth child, Joel, was born in Georgia, probably in
Lincoln County, on February 20, 1807.  Joel is in the direct line
we are following and is the great great grand-father of Robert
Forbes Fain, Alice Jeannette Fain and William Lee Fain.

According to his obituary, William M. Fain left Virginia as a
young man.  Probably shortly after he married Judith in about

There is a reference to a William Fain in Henry County, Virginia,
in Virginia taxpayers (Records) 1782-1787.  I do not know if this
is the same William.

A William Fain appears on a 1793 muster roll of the 1st Regiment
of the Greene County, Georgia militia.  Since there were few Fains
in Georgia at that time, and it is in the area where he settled, it
is reasonable to assume that this was the William we are following.
This would mean that he came to Georgia sometime prior to that date.
Greene County was created out of part of Wilkes County.

The obituary of Rev. Robert H. Fain, fifth child of William M.
Fain and his wife, Judith Chappell Fain, shows that he was born
July 1, 1798, in Wilkes County, Georgia, and died on September
14, 1851.  This definitely places the family in Wilkes County in

On November 24, 1803 a Wm. Fain purchased land in Lincoln County,
Georgia, from Sarah Mills.  The deed was recorded on July 9, 1805.
Deed Book D. Page 215.  This may also be the William Fain
we are following.  Lincoln County was created out of a part of
Wilkes County.

In 1807 a William Fain, resident of Lincoln County, Georgia,
participated in the 1807 Georgia Land Lottery and drew land in
Wilkerson County, Georgia.  There is no record he ever settled there.
In any case, William M. Fain was living in Wilkes County, Georgia by 1798.

Another researcher, Frank Fain, of Knoxville, Tennessee.
erroneously concluded that William M. Fain went first to North
Carolina.  This was probably based on the 1790 census of North
Carolina which showed a William and Joel Fain, both single men,
living in Warren County, North Carolina, in that year.  That
William still appeared in the 1810 North Carolina census twelve
years after William M. Fain was placed in Georgia by the birth of
his son, William H. Fain.

This period is difficult to research because the Virginia census
of 1790 was destroyed when the British burned the Capitol and
other buildings in Washington during the war of 1812.  An attempt
was made to reconstruct the Virginia census from 1782 and 1785
State records but it is incomplete.  It shows no Fains in Virginia
at all but that is inconclusive.  This reconstruction shows Robert
Chappell living in Prince Edward County with 11 persons in one
dwelling.  The 1800 and 1810 Georgia censuses have also been lost.

William M. Fain and his family next appear in Morgan County,
Georgia, Morgan County was originally Baldwin County. The name
was changed in 1807. It was acquired from the Indians between
1800 and 1810. The Fain family was there at least by 1817 as
shown by marriages of several of the children in Morgan County:

John Fain, married Betsy (Elizabeth) Bearden on June 19, 1817.

Nancy Fain married Moses Hamilton on December 23, 1817.

Jesse Fain married Jane Halls (Hails) on December 1, 1818.
Apparently, Jane died because on March 2. 1820, Jesse Fain
married Anna Noble in Morgan County.

William, John and Jessee appear in the Georgia Tax Digest of
Morgan County Georgia for 1814-1817 and as heads of families in
the 1820 census of Morgan County, Georgia.  As residents of
Morgan County Jesse Fain and John Fain entered the 1820 Land
Lottery and, also as a resident of Morgan County, William Fain
entered the 1821 land lottery. They all were awarded land but
apparently never settled on any of it. The land they were
awarded was in Irwin, Early and Henry Counties.

By 1825 the Fainís appear in Hall County, Georgia, which was
established in 1818 from land acquired from the Indians in that
year. Two of the children married in Hall County:

Elizabeth Faine married James Leathers on September 2, 1824.
Frank Fain reported their daughter Elizabeth died in infancy.
He may be mistaken since the above Elizabeth may be that daughter.

Joel Fain married Nancy Lay on December 9, 1827.
(This is the Joel born in 1807 that is in the direct line we are following)

William Fain married Kery Lumpkin on March 2, 1825.
(This is Rev. William H. Fain. son of William M. and Judith Fain,
born in Wilkes County, Georgia, on July 1, 1798)

The birth of William H. Fain establishes the date when William M. Fain and his wife and family were definitely in Georgia. I will include some additional information about him.

The 1850 census of Floyd County, Georgia. (adjoining Bartow
County on the West) lists the following people living in the same household:

    Faine, William        52
    Faine, Karin          44                 b. Virginia
    Faine, William P.     23   Teacher
    Faine, George J.      22   Day laborer
    Faine, John W.        20   Day laborer
    Faine, Louisa A.      17
    Faine, Martha E.      15
    Faine, Joel C.        12
    Faine, Judith A.      10
    Faine, Ansel W.        7
    Faine, Karen E.        5
    Faine, Milton          3
    Faine, Robert R. C.    1

The following obituaries were published in the Southern Christian Advocate, 1837-1860, a Methodist Periodical. The obituaries were published in Charleston, S.C. and relate to: William H. Fain.

    "Died - 14th of September 1851, the Rev. W. Fain. born July 1,
    1798 in Wilkes County, Georgia.  Reported by C. A. Crowell."
    "Died - October 5, 1853, near Cassville, Ga., Robert R. C. Fain,
    son of the Rev. William Fain, deceased, and K. R. Fain, aged 3
    years, 11 months and 21 days. Reported by John W. Fain." John W.
    Fain was one of Rev. Fain's sons!

   "Loanny Adelaide Trimble. wife of Augustus C. Trimble, of
   Octhcaloga, Georgia, and daughter of Rev. W. Fain, deceased. and
   Karon (Happuck or Kappuck - must be Lumpkin), his wife, of Cass
   County, Georgia, was born April 23, 1832 and died October 13,
   1858, married on May 21, 1851. Reported by J. H. Washburn." (This
   was Louisa A. Fain.)

By 1830 the Fain family was established in DeKalb County, Georgia.
The area was taken from the Indians between 1820 and 1830.  The
1830 census of Georgia shows William and his sons William, Joel,
Jesse, Abram and Greenberry, all living in DeKalb County.  His son,
John Fain, died in DeKalb County prior to 1834. William Fain Sr.
was his executor.

The family finally split up shortly after the 1832 Georgia land
Lottery in which Jessee Fain was awarded land in Floyd County and
William H. Fain was awarded land in Paulding County.

In 1842 William M. Fain died near Cassville. Georgia.  The
following obituary was published in ďThe Southern Christian Advocate.Ē

   "DEATH of Wm. Fain of GA. Died 12th Inst. Mr. WILLIAM FAIN, near
   Cassville. Ga, aged 73 years 3 months. He was born July 26, 1769.
   in Prince Edward Co., Va, and came to Ga. early in life."

Apparently William M. Fain was not a regular preacher because he
was not identified as Rev. in this Methodist publication.  He may
have been a teacher and farmer.

In 1802 the part of Georgia from the Chatahoochee River to the
Mississippi was ceded to the United States and the Chatahoochie
became the western boundary of Georgia. The northwest corner of
Georgia was named Cherokee County.  At the time of the 1832 land
lottery Cherokee County was divided into 10 counties; including
Cass County.  This area was acquired from the Indians between 1830
and 1840.  Gordon County was created out of Cass County. The rest
of Cass County was renamed Bartow County in 1861.

In 1850 Joel Fain and his wife, Nancy Lay Fain, appear in the
Gordon County, Georgia, census.  Joel was a teacher and farmer.

William Fain. Joel's brother, appears in the 1850 Cass county

  Joel and Nancy Fain had four children:
  James B. Fain     b. Nov. 11, 1828
  Mary Ann Fain     b. June 29, 1830, d. April 23, 1909 (age 79).
                    mar. October 8, 1845, Rev. James Carr Walker.
                    b. 1826. d. December 11, 1883 (age 57)
  Martha A. Fain    b. April 5: 1832. d. August 8, 1925, mar. 1848.
                    John Robinson. b. 1787 d. 1879.
  John Martin Fain  b. April 14. 1834

They were listed in the 1850 census of Gordon County, Georgia as

Joel Fain      43
Nancy          41  b. South Carolina
James G.       22
John M.        16

On October 8, 1845. Mary Ann Fain married James Carr Walker.

It should be noted that a descendant of Martha A. Fain and her
husband, John Robinson, Mattie May Morgan Allen, of Loundesville.
South Carolina, joined the Daughters of the American Revolution
in 1919, as a descendant of William Fain and wife Judy
Greathouse. Number 144057.  The records of the William Fain she
relied on was from North Carolina and clearly not the father of
Joel Fain. This DAR lineage has been changed to John M. Fain,
Father of William Fain who died in Cassville, GA

James Carr Walker was the son of William Walker and his wife.
Elizabeth.  The 1850 census shows the Walker family as follows:

William Walker        47   Farmer    Born: Tennessee
Elizabeth Walker                           South Carolina
John A. Walker        26                   Tennessee
Isabella Walker       22
Anne E. Walker        18
William D. Walker     15   In school
Jane E. Walker        13   In school
Abraham P. Walker      7   In school        Georgia

James appears as head of a household in a separate census entry
as follows:

James C. Walker       24   Farmer     Born: Tennessee
Mary A. Walker        20                    Georgia
John W. Walker         1

Since all af the children of William Walker and his wife Elizabeth,
were born in Tennessee except the last one, Abraham, born in
1843, they must have come to Georgia before 1843 and after
1837 when Jane, the next youngest, was born in Tennessee.  A
William D. Walker appears in the 1840 census of Cass County.
Since he named his son William D. Walker this is probably the
same person. This would mean that they were in Georgia at least
by 1840.

There is evidence that the Walkers came from Grainger County,
Tennessee, and that Elizabeth Walker's maiden name was Crouse.
Assuming that William and Elizabeth were married in 1823 since
their first child was born in 1824, I searched the computerized
marriage records of all Tennessee counties at the Library of
Congress.  There was only one marriage that fit.  It was in
Grainger County. Tennessee, where a William Walker married an
Elizabeth Crouse on November 21, 1823. This would put William
Walker in Grainger County. Tennessee at least as early as 1823.
I have not been able to trace his parents.

I found some other Crouse marriages in Grainger County:
Henry in 1805, Nemoe in 1830 and John in 1832.  William Walker was
bondsman for the marriage of John Crouse.  The Henry Crouse
married in 1805 could have been Elizabeth's father.  Nemoe and
John may have been her brothers.

Between 1854 and 1856 Joel Fain, his daughter, Mary Ann, and her
husband, James Carr Walker, and their children, and probably
other family members, went to Henderson County, Texas.  The 1860
census reports that the Walker's last child in Georgia was born
in 1854 and the first child in Texas was born in 1856, so they
must have migrated to Texas between those two dates.
James Carr Walker became a Methodist preacher and store keeper
and appears in the History of Henderson County, Texas.  He and
Mary Ann Fain Walker had ten children:

John Wesley      b. 1849, Georgia; d. before 1909 - Mary Ann
                    Walker's obituary
William S.       b. 1850, Georgia; d. before 1860 - does not
                    appear in the 1860 census
Nancy Elizabeth  b. July 31. 1851. Georgia. d. January 11, 1939,
                    buried in New York Cemetery. mar. John
                    Harrison Reynolds. July 31, 1867. Henderson
                    Co., Texas. Six children.
Regina Ann       b. March 1854. Georgia. d. April 2, 1941.
                    Texas; mar. Littleton M. Fowler. February 2,
                    1881. Henderson County, Texas. One child.
Mary Jane        b. April 24, 1856, Anderson County, Texas. d.
                    January 11. 1928. Levelland, Hockley County.
                    Texas. mar. James Francis Otts, Septembee 3,
Martha J.        b. October 27. 1858, Texas, d. January 8, 1869
                    (age 101) Buried in Reynolds Cemetery.
                    Henderson County, Texas.
Jefferson Paine  b. December 26, 1860. Anderson County, Texas.
                    (Robert Paine Fain); d. January 6, 1921, Hahira,
                    Georgia, buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Ashburn,
                    Georgia; mar. Remmie Carolyn Howell, October 27,
                    1889, Loundes County, Georgia. Eight children -
                    five girls and three boys.
James B. (Jim)   b. February 2, 1864. Henderson County, Texas.
                    d. February 16, 1914. LuRue, Texas, mar. Emma
                    J. Forester. February 1, 1883. Henderson
                    County, Texas. Seven children, four girls
                    and three boys.
Margaret Eliza   b. November 18, 1866, Texas mar. (Maggie) Bradshaw.
Laura A.         b. March 18, 1869. Henderson County, Texas.
                    d. August 21, 1886 (age 19). Buried in New York
                    Cemetery. Unmarried.

Rev. James Carr Walker died on December 11, 1883 at age 57.
Mary Ann Fain walker died on April 23, 1909 at age 79. They are
buried together in the New York, Texas Cemetery.

Joel Fain appears in the 1860 census of the neighboring Anderson
County as follows:

Joel Fain          53  Farmer    Real Est. $1500  Pers Prop $14,000
Charles Woolf      27  Doctor
Tho Patrick        30  Farm Laborer

Joel Fain died on February 7, 1864, at age 57.  His wife, Nancy
Lay Fain, does not appear in any records after the 1850 Gordon
County, Georgia census, when she was 41.  She may have died some
time after 1850 and before 1870.

Jefferson Paine Walker. seventh child of Rev. James Carr Walker
and Mary Ann Fain Walker, attended Marvin College in Waxahatchie,
Texas.  About 1882 he changed his name to Robert Paine Fain and
went to Georgia to attend Emory College, which was then located
in Oxford, Georgia.  He was ordained a Methodist preacher in
1887, and served in the South Georgia Conference of the Methodist
Church until his death in 1921.  He was assigned to the Orphan's
Home at Macon, Georgia for one year and then served as a
missionary in Mexico during 1889.  He taught school for five
years and served various congregations over the years.

I had no hard evidence that Rev. Robert Paine Fain was in fact
Jefferson Paine Walker until I was looking through his old photo
album at the Fain home in Sparks, Georgia, and found a calling
card that he had slipped behind one of the pictures.  It bore the
name Jeff P. Walker.

Rev. Robert Paine Fain married Remmie Caroline Howell, of Loundes
County, Georgia, on October 27, 1889. They met when they were
both teaching school. They had eight children:

Laura             b. February 1, 1892     d. January 18, 1968
Robert Lee        b. May 13, 1894         d. August 27, 1957
James Edward      b. February 23, 1896    d. June 1, 1960
William Howell    b. December 9, 1897     d.           1962
Leila May         b. March 23, 1900       d. November 19, 1903
Ona Dell          b. January 18, 1902     d. February 1950
Jewell (Juel)     b. July 5, 1908         d. May 27, 1930

Robert Lee Fain (1894-1957) married Hazel Jeannette Forbes (1898-
1982) in Baltimore, Maryland. on November 30, 1918. They had
three children:

Robert Forbes Fain
Alice Jeannette Fain
William Lee Fain

Robert Lee Fain served in the U.S. Marine Corp. from May 4, 1914
to March 18, 1919. He graduated in pharmacy from Emory College
in Atlanta. He was a pharmacist in Washington, D. C., Jacksonville,
Florida and Savannah, Georgia, and then a drug inspector for the
Georgia State Board of Pharmacy.

Hazel Forbes Fain worked for the United States Department of
Labor as a statistician in Washington. D. C. and Atlanta; Georgia.
She was the daughter of Caleb Grandy Forbes and Verbena
Jeannette Hargrave.

February 1956

Probate Min, Vol. H, page 385
February Term 1866

Jas. C. Walker
Petition for New Bond Nancy Fain, Administratrix of
Estate of Joel Fain, Decd

On motion & by consent of parties by their attorneys it is ordered by the Court that this cause continues to next
term of this Court.

Probate Min. Vol.  H,  page  397
March Term  1866

Jas. C. Walker
Petition for New Bond Nancy Fain,
Administratrix of Joel Fain, decd

On motion of Plaintiffs Attorney it is ordered by the Court that this cause be dismissed at the request of Plaintiff J. C. Walker.

Probate Min. Vol. H, page  585
May Term AD 1867

Estate of Joel Fain, decd; Petition of W. H. Lawrence, Nancy Fain, Admistratrix to be released as Security on Bond.
     It is Ordered by the Court that the petition herein filed by
W. H. Lawrence asking to be released as Security on the Bond of Nancy
Fain, Admistratrix of the Estate of Joel Fain, decd, be granted and Ordered to Record. Further Ordered that
W. H. Lawrence one of the Securities upon the bond of Nancy Fain, Adminx of the Estate of Joel Fain, decd, be released from further liabilities upon said Bond.

Further Ordered that said Adminx be required to file a new bond
as said Adminx and that she have until the next term of this Court to file the same.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 73
January Term  AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
Petition for Admin de Bonis Non
James C. Walker, Petitioner

This cause coming on to be heard; the Petition averring the
necessity of appointing an Administrator de bonis non of the Estate
of Joel Fain deceased. On due deliberation of the Court, It was
Ordered the Petition be granted. And further Ordered that James C. Walker, Petitioner, be appointed Administrator of
Said Estate de bonis non

Further Ordered that James C. Walker be granted letters of Administration de bonis non of the Estate of Joel Fain, decd,
on giving good and approved security of Three Thousand dollars.

Further Ordered that Dempsey Foster, D. Griffin and Nobel Johnson be appointed appraisers of Said Estate; and Ordered they make a return of Inventory and Appraisement within 60 days.

Further Ordered the same be placed on Record.
Note: Administrator de bonis non means administrator of the goods
not administered, when an administrator is appointed to succeed
another, who has left the estate partially unsettled.

Probate Min. Vol. I, page 92

Estate of Joel Fain decd
Inventory and Appraisement
James C. Walker

It is Ordered by the Court this cause be continued until next term, pending the Report of Inventory and Appraisement.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 99
February Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain decd
Petition to Rent Land J. C. Walker,
Adm de bonis non At private Renting

      It is Ordered the Administrator's Petition herein filed to
Rent Land at Private Renting be granted.
      Further Ordered that the Administrator J.C. Walker be
granted an Order authorizing him to Rent the Farm of the Estate at
a Private Renting.

     And the Administrator is Ordered by an Order and Decree of the Court to make return of the Renting
at the next term of this Court

     Further Ordered the same be put upon record.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Pages 102-103
February Term AD 1868

J. C. Walker, Pet.
Petition to Compel Mrs. Fain
Adminx to make an Exhibit of her
Nancy Fain, Administratrix

     It is Ordered by the Court, the Petition demanding Mrs. Nancy
Fain Adminx to make and exhibit, be granted - Further Ordered
Citation be issued for Nancy Fain, Adminx, to be and appear at the
next term of the Court to make an exhibit of the condition of the
trust as administratrix of the estate of Joel Fain, decd.

Further Ordered that the same be put upon Record.

Probate  Min . Vol. 1., Page 112

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
Inventory & Appraisement
James C. Walker, de bonis non
       It is Ordered by the Court the Inventory & Appraisement Bill herein filed be approved & ordered to record.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 115
March Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain, Decd
Return of Renting Lands at
Private Renting J. C. Walker,
Adm. de bonis non

     It is Ordered the report of the renting at private renting
herein filed be and is hereby approved and it is Further Ordered
to record.

It is Ordered the petition asking for further time to rent
remainder part of Land be granted.

Probate Min., Vol. I, Page 116

J. C. Walker, Pet.
Petition to Compel Mrs. Nancy Fain, Mrs. Nancy Fain, Admx               Admix to Make Exhibit.

      It is Ordered by the Court this cause be continued for
Service on Mrs. Fain; pending the Petition of J. C. Walker to
compel Mrs. Nancy Fain Admx to make and Exhibit of the Condition
of the Estate of Joel Fain, decd.

Probate Min. Vol  I,  Page 119
March Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
Petition to Sell Perishable
J. C. Walker, Adm, de bonis non

        It is Ordered by the Court, the Petition asking an Order
of the Coürt to Sell Perishable Property is granted, It is
Ordered Further The same be Recorded.

It is Ordered the Property asked for the Sale of in the Petitïon
be Granted

Ordered the Property at the Homestead of the deceased be Sold on
the 2rd April at the late residence of Joel Fain, Decd

It is ordered by the Court that the sale of all the Perishable
Property be made for cash.

It is further ordered that Report of Sales be made at the next
term of the Court.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 131
April Term AD 1868

J. C. Walker, Pet.
Petition to Compel Mrs. Nancy Fain
to Nancy Faín, Admx
make and Exhibit of her trust as Adminix

      It is Ordered by the Court that ----- Issue for Mrs. Nancy Fain, Admnx. of the Estate of Joel Fain, decd,
to compel her to make and Exhibit of her trust as Admnx. of said Estate; and the Cause Ordered to be Continued
until the next term of this Court pending the Exhibit of Mrs. Nancy Fain, Admnx.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 149
May Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain, Decd
Report of Sale of Property
J. C. Walker, Adm. de bonis non

       It is Ordered this Cause be continued until next term of the Court pending the Report of Sale of Property in Anderson County.

Probate  Min. Vol. 1, Page 191
August Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
Petition to Sell Tan Yard
15 acres  of  Land

J. C. Walker, Adm de bonis non

      It is ordered the Petition herein filed to sell Tan Yard
and 15 acres of Land be granted.

It is further Ordered the Administrator de bonis non of the
Estate of Joel Fain, decd. proceed to give notice as required by
Law, and sell to the highest bidder at the Court House door in
the town of Palestine on the first Tuesday in October 1868 on
Credit of 12 months;

Further Ordered that the Purchase Money -- the payment of the
same shall be secured by note and approved security, also
mortgage on the premises; the Tan Yard and all appurtenances
thereunto; also the 15 acres of Land;

And Further Ordered that Administrator report the Sale of said
land and Tan Yard at the October Term of this Court.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 214

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
Sale of Tan Yard
J. C. Walker, Adm. de bonis non

       It is Ordered the Report öf the Adm:
of the admin of the Sale of the Tan Yard, of the Estate of Joel
Fain decd be received and Ordered to Record. Further Ordered
that the Sale be confirmed in all things, And J. C. Walker,
Administrator de bonís non make titles to same in accordance
with the Law in such Sales.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 215
November Term AD 1868

Estate of Joel Fain decd
Petition to Sell Property
James C. Walker, Adm

       It is Ordered by the Court, that the application of James C. Walker, Adm to sell property be granted, & the same Ordered to record.

       It is Ordered he be authorized to sell the property mentioned
in his application; of a personal character at his store in Henderson County after giving proper notice, it is further ordered that the real estate be sold at the Court House door in the town of Palestine on the 1st Tuesday in January 1869, It is further Ordered that he make report of sale at the January term of this Court.

Probate Min. Vol. I, Page 239
January Term AD 1869

Estate of Joel Fain, decd
         vs                         Report of Homestead Sale
James C. Walker, Adm

It is Ordered by the Court the Report herein filed by the Adm J. C.
Walker be confirmed and Ordered to Record. It is further Ordered that the Administrator make conveyance to the purchaser of said land in conformity with the law governing such cases. It is further ordered
that he report to thís Coürt at the next term.

Estelle Corder
P O Box  71
La Rue, TX 75770-0071
3 Dec. 1995

Dear Alice
I am really excited about your trip to Texas in January. I extend an invitation to you and your husband to spend the night with us.
We retired in 1977, so we bought a few acres and placed a mobile home
on this little farm.
We know that we will have to leave here. As a matter of fact, we had planned to leave as soon as my parents past away, but I wanted to try
to save Henderson Co. history, so here we are.
We have had strangers to spend days with us. Some spend the nights with us, and some would stay in one of the motel's in Athens. I like it when they spend the night here, as we get through more research.
I know where all of the people are buried in the New York Cemetery.
I can just walk to most any grave that I need to find. As a matter of fact, the farm of John W. Reynolds (James Carr Walker gave these acres to his son-in-law) is the only land that is right beside the cemetery. The Baptist Church is on one side.
I can show you where J. C. Walker had his home and store. I know where most of the land that the Rev Walker owned.

Getting to Anderson Co. I know where the Fain's Chapel stood, at least approx. place. You may want to make copies of all of the records that I have of this location. The tabernacle that was built on the land that the Methodist bought for the Camp Ground is still standing. The Methodist meet once a year there. You will love the location of this church.

Jack Walker, grandson of J. 8. Walker (and great grandson of James
Carr Walker) delivers our Athens Review newspaper. We are facing Joe Young farm. Joe's line is John R. Reynolds. So, James Carr Walker is
his gr-gr-grandfather.
You have all kind of relatives here in the county. We would visit the New York cemetery, the Reynolds Store at New York, the general location of James G. Fain's land.

I know that you will want to visit with Joe and Dale Young. Joe is one of my favorite people.

I will have more fun than you two while I show all these places and visit with people here. Since Claude and I moved back in 1977, the people here are so happy that we moved back, and they want to help me
in any way they can, so I am special as I bring visitors to their

I am sure that we should go to the Library in Palestine. They have
most of their records from the courthouse. They have all of the cemeteries of Anderson County.

So that you may know my age - I am 72 years old and my husbánd is, 80 years old. I work cìrcles around my daughters and most people that I know. I plan to live to 140 years of age. My doctor said that he would not be surprised if I did. Ha

I am so glad that you and Bill Howeth got together. He is such a nice person, and he does not claim anything unless he has proof.
Since moving down here and helping everyone, I have met some of the nicest people.

Just a thought - Claude retired from the USAF after nearly 21 years.
I have no idea what your husband does, nor your ages, but our
husband's may be able to do a lot of visiting talking about
I am looking forward to seeing you two.

Estelle Corder

                                        6205 Nethercombe Court
                                        McLean, Virginia 22101
                                        May 9, 1997

Dear George,

I received your Fain material Wednesday. Thanks so much, it is
certainly extensive. It will take me a while to study it. I see at
first look that you folks were also stalled at the origin of William Fain of Amelia County, Virginia. You have a lot that I can add or correct in my pathetic attempt. There are a few minor things I might take issue with but generally we are going in the same direction.

While I am digesting your monumental work I found a few more things
you might be interested in relating to Anderson and Henderson Counties:

The Dec 3 1995 letter from Estelle Corder has a lot of information in it, also the May 22, 1996 letter from Louise Spaith.

Transcript of the probate of JOEL FAIN.

Last but not least - The response I received from Emory University regarding the records of Rev. Robert F. Fain (Jeff P. Walker son of
Mary Ann Fain Walker and grandson of Joel Fain).
Why did they notify the Methodist Minister and Mayor in Cleburne of
his death?  Why would they be interested? It must have some connection to your branch of the family living there.

Do you have a copy of Mary Ann Walker's 1909 obituary?  I wrote to the newspaper but didn't get a response. Frank Fain quotes from it so I know it exists:


Are you planning on continuing to work on your paper and add material?  Is Jack D. Reynolds still active in this project?

So much for now.


                                              6205 Nethercombe Court
                                              McLean, Virginia
                                              April 30, 1997

Mr. George Fain Black
12710 Westleigh Drive
Houston, Texas 77077-3812

Dear Mr. Black.

I was referred to you by Angus Robinson as someone who has done
research on one of the FAIN Lines.

I am descended from a line that begins with William Fain of Amelia County, Virginia; John Fain; William M. Fain; Joel Fain and Mary Ann Fain Walker. Mary Ann Fain Walker's son, Jeff Payne Walker, was my grandfather. He changed to Robert Payne Fain when he left Texas and
went to Georgia to become a Methodist Minister. My father was his son, Robert Lee Fain.

Are any of the above names familiar to you? Are we related? Are you still doing research and, if so, would you like to share information?

I recently spent some time in Anderson and Henderson Counties in Texas tracing Mary Ann Fain Walker and her husband, Rev. James Carr Walker, and Joel and Nancy Lay Fain. I always thought Nancy either died early
in Georgia or stayed in Georgia but I found some early minutes
(1859-60) of Fain's Chapel that mention her several times.
I had the help of a local historian and had a very productive visit.
You may have all of that Texas information but I may be able to supply you with some new things from the early years of the Fainís in Virginia and Georgia. (1748-1856)

If any of this interests you, please let me know.


                                          Alice Fain Hughes
                                          6205 Nethercombe Court
                                          McLean, Virginia 22101
                                          May 7,1997


Dear George,

Thank you for your quick response to my letter. I am anticipating your package, In the meantime I am sending you two things, with more to follow.

The first is a paper I did, dated Aug. 9, 1994, in which I tried to summarize all of the information I had at that time. It needs to be updated. I'm sure your information will contribute to that effort. It will give you a general overview of what I have. Don't worry about my pride of authorship, I just want to get it right so mark it up if you wish.

      The other is part of the church minutes that mention Joel Fain
and Nancy. I don't know any more than that. Apparently there was some unpleasantness. Neither Joel or Nancy ever appears in the minutes again after that. The name "Fain's Chapel" was dropped later. Estell Corder took us to the site in the Brushy Creek area of Anderson County. There is an old cemetery, a newer church and a church camp meeting gound.
Where the original chapel stood is just a tangle of weeds and vines.
Joel and Nancy may be buried there but I couldn't find any markers.

I have some of the probate records pertaining to Joel's estate. Nancy survived him and there was some litigation between Rev. James C.
Walker and Nancy. She was the original administrator but was later replaced by Rev. Walker. Do you have those records? Do you know what
any of this was about?

We have a common line to the brotherís Joel and Robert Green Berry. Do you have any interest in my line from there down?

From your letter, I think you may be able to explain a long standing mystery. As you know my grandfather, Jeff P. Walker, went to Georgia
to attend Emory College then at Oxford, GA. At that time he changed
his name to Robert P. Fain. I wrote to Emory University, now in
Atlanta. They had one criptic record that said that he graduated,
that he had died and the note, "notified the Methodist Minister, Cleburne, Tx".  We never knew of any connection to Cleburne until
your letter. We did know that he went to the old Marvin College in Waxahatchie in the late 1870's. I wrote to two Methodist Churches in Cleburne, with no results.

I'm going to get this in the mail now and dig out more to send later.
By the way, are you on E-Mail - If so, my address is:

Also, Angus Robinson wanted me to give you his new address if I got
in touch with you. It is: 8522 W.131st Place, Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303-8864. Telephone (219) 374-8994.




The following information was at the top of the below letter:

        Mr. R. P. Fain       Ex 87       deceased 1887
        Cleburne, Texas
        Died Jan. 6, 1921
        information from                        2/19/24

        J. L. Jones                             Sent to
        Hawkinsville, GA        The Methodist Church & Mayor
        J. E. Fain (grandson)          Cleburne, Texas  141C

Dear Ms. Hughes:

The attached and above information is all we have on your grandfather, and, as you can see,
it is only through reference to his son and grandson. The J.E. Fain mentioned is a grandson, and our alumnus.
He is a national correspondent for Cox Newspapers in Washington, D.C.

We're sorry that we can be of no further assistance in this matter.  Good luck!

Sherri M. King
Records Coordinator
Emory University Alumni Fund Office
April 22, 1988


Records of the LDS Church:
References to people bearing the FAIN surname:

      NAME          COUNTY/STATE           YEAR        MISC.
  1. FAIN, Ann       Warren Co., NC         1790
  2. FAIN, Joel      Warren Co., NC         1790
  3. FAIN, Joel      Warren Co., NC         1810
  4. FAIN, Nancy     Warren Co., NC         1810    No twp. listed.
  5. FAIN, Tyre      Warren Co., NC         1810    No twp. listed.
  6. FAIN, William   Warren Co., NC         1790    01-00-00-00-00
  7. FAIN, William   Warren Co., NC         1810    No twp. listed.
  8. FAIN, Ann       Warren Co., NC      St.l786    Twilley's Dist.
  9. FAIN, Ann       Warren Co., NC         1800    01010-00010-05
 10. FAIN, Daniel    Warren Co., NC         1800    00010-00010-03.
 11. FAIN, Joel      Warren Co., NC         1800    01010-00010-05.
 12. FAIN, Jesse     Johnson Co., IL     St.1818    00 02 00 00
 13. FAIN, David     Beaufort Co., NC       1810    Buncombe
 14. FAIN, Ebenezer  Beaufort Co., NC       1810    Buncombe
 15. FAIN, Ebenezer  Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 16. FAIN, John      Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 17. FATN, John      Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed
 18. FAIN, William   Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 19. FAIN, Samuel    Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 20. FAIN, Thomas    Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 21. FAlN, Thomas    Washington Co., TN  TX 1814    No twp. listed.
 22. FAIN, Ebeneaer  Washington Co., TN  TX 1819    No twp. listed.
 23. FAIN, Enoch     Currltock Ca., NC      1800    21110-10010-00
 24. FAIN, James     Edgefield Co., SC      1810    No twp. listed.
 25. FAIN, James     Franklin Co., GA    TX 1802    Tax list 1802
 26. FAIN, James     Fayyette Co., KY       1810    01110-00321-00
 27. FAlN, Nicholas  Sullivan Co., TN    TX 1812    No twp. listed.
 28. FAIN, Reubin    Pendleton Co., SC      1790    01-01-02-00-00
 29. FAIN, Ebenezer  Pendleton Co., SC      1790    01-02-02-00-00
 30. FAYNE, Dederick Sumter Cc., SC         1800
 31. FAYNE, Dederlck Salem Co., SC          1800    00001-00001-03
 32. FAIN, George    Berks Co., PA          1810    Robison Twp.
 33. FAIN, Jacob     Berks Co., PA          1810    Carnarvan Twp.
 34. FAIN, Thomas    Rennselaer Co., NY     1800    21010-10010-00


   NAME              COUNTY          NAME            COUNTY
FAIN, Ebenezer    Habersham      FAIN, Mercer    Habersham
FAIN, Jessle         Morgan            FAIN, Robert    Chatham
FAIN, John           Elbert               FAIN, Thomas    Telfair
FAIN, John           Habersham       FAIN, William   Morgan
FAIN, John           Morgan            FAIN, William   Baldwin
FAIN, Matthew     Telfair