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Warrensburg Standard, 8 July 1865

A notice was posted advising Confederate soldiers not to

return to Johnson county. Soldiers were not named. 

The notice was signed by:


R. S. Judy, Sheriff
John Christian, County Treasurer
James C. Boggs
William W. Day
M. G. Parker
Henry R. Samuel
James Jones
Samuel Havwell
Nathan Ingle
Jas. M. Smith
Christ. Postweiler
A. H. Boggs
M. A. Shelton
J. H. Hamingntree?
A. S. O'Ramon?
Robert Burke
C. H. Clark
H. Jarars, County Justice
G. Moore, County Justice
Alex. Robinson, Capt.
Pelet? Clemments
Edwin L. Clark
Daniel Smith
James Wilson
J. M. Slaughter, Justice of the Peace
H. W. Cleveland
Edmond Joelin
J. B. Zimmerman
William Hallaway
P. W. Snideler
Charles Moore


            Thanks to Thomas Rose for the article.


jrbakerjr Genealogy