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The Castator Family
Ancestors of the Baker Family of
Nevada, Vernon county, Missouri.
The following Family History information is the results of my own research. Some information is documented and some is not. As with any information on line, you should verify it yourself before accepting it as fact.

The surname seems to have originally been Kerstaetter. It was spelled that way, plus Kirstetter, Kerstetter, Karstetter, etc. in German church records in Pennsylvania.

When the family reached Kentucky and Ohio, the officials, of English descent, spelled it Castator or Castetter.

Iíve been told that it is pronounced similar to Gestapo (cas-TAH-ter). JRB



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER  was born September 05, 1697 in Obergimpern, Germany, and died 1759 in Pennsylvania.  He married MARIA DOROTHEA FREY April 1727.  She was born 1701 in Germany, and died Bet. 1742 - 1743 in Pennsylvania.



Johan Martin arrived in the United States 30 September 1727 on the "Molley", master: John Hodgeson, from Rotterdam, last from Deal.



              i.   JOHN MARTIN KERSTETTER, m. (1) MAGAGALENA HUCKENBORGER, June 19, 1744, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; m. (2) ELIZABETHA BICKEL, January 06, 1756, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.


Battalions and Militia of the Revolution

Captain Weiser's Company.

A muster roll of Captain Benjamin Weiser's Company, of Northumberland County

Militia, at Philadelphia, January the 30th, 1777.

Andrew, Martin and Leonard Kerstetter listed.


2.          ii.   SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, b. 1727, Neckarbishofshe, Germany; d. February 18, 1787, Penn Township, Northumberland Co.,  Pennsylvania.

            iii.   MARGARETHA KERSTETTER, m. FRANTZ CASPER WAGNER, October 08, 1751, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

            iv.   JOHAN MICHAEL KERSTETTER, m. MARIA DOROTHEA DIETZ, June 05, 1753, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.


May be the Michael Castator who went to Ripley county, Indiana.


             v.   ELIZABETHA KERSTETTER, m. JOHN MARTIN KUEMMERLING, June 04, 1758, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

            vi.   JULIANA KERSTETTER, b. January 25, 1741; m. JACOB ZEIGLER, January 21, 1760, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

           vii.   JOHN LEONARDT KERSTETTER, b. June 03, 1739, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; d. August 06, 1790, Snyder Co., Pennsylvania; m. ANNA ELIZABETH ZEHRUNG, June 25, 1766, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

          viii.   ADAM KERSTETTER.

            ix.   JOHAN MARTIN KERSTETTER.



Generation No. 2


2.  SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER (JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born 1727 in Neckarbishofshe, Germany, and died February 18, 1787 in Penn Township, Northumberland Co.,  Pennsylvania.  He married MAGADELENA DIEBLER June 11, 1751 in Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania in Hill Lutheran Church.  She was born 1727 in Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.



3.           i.   JOHN MARTIN CASTATOR, b. July 19, 1754; d. Butler County, Ohio.

4.          ii.   JOHN LEONARDT CASTATOR, b. April 15, 1756.

            iii.   ANNA CATHERINE CASTATOR, b. June 04, 1758.

5.         iv.   PETER CASTATOR, b. August 24, 1760, Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania; d. September 28, 1822, Pendleton Co., Kentucky.

             v.   SEBASTIAN CASTATOR, b. October 09, 1763; m. ELIZABETH.

            vi.   ANNA MARGARETHA CASTATOR, b. August 18, 1766.




Generation No. 3


3.  JOHN MARTIN CASTATOR (SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born July 19, 1754, and died in Butler County, Ohio.  He married ABIGAIL.  She died in Butler County, Ohio.


This is probably the John Castator who went to Campbell Co. Kentucky with his brother, Peter, then went on to Butler Co., Ohio about 1810.


Children of JOHN CASTATOR and ABIGAIL are:

6.           i.   JOHN CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1781, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania; d. Clinton county, Indiana.

             ii.   PETER CASTATOR, d. Probably Marion county, Indiana.





Children of JOHN CASTATOR and ANNA LENKER are:

7.           i.   GEORGE CASTATOR, b. December 28, 1785, Pennsylvania; d. February 02, 1864, Wood County, Ohio.

             ii.   JOHN CASTATOR.

            iii.   MARIA SALOME CASTATOR.

            iv.   MARY M. CASTATOR.

             v.   PHILLIP CASTATOR.

            vi.   PETER CASTATOR.



5.  PETER CASTATOR (SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born August 24, 1760 in Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania, and died September 28, 1822 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky.  He married SUSANNAH UNKNOWN Abt. 1792 in Pennsylvania.  She was born Abt. 1774 in Sweden (according to daughter Sarah's death record), and died Aft. 1860 in Crooked Creek Twp., Cumberland Co. , Illinois.



Peter and Susannah went first to southern Campbell Co., KY, near the Pendleton Co. line, then moved to Pendleton Co. near John Baker and the Bonar and Yelton families. The area was between Harris Creek, the Licking River and the Campbell County line.

Peter may have been an invalid. Susannah is listed in land and court records from 1801 as though she were head of the household, although she wasn't called "the widow Castator" in court records until 1822.



Her daughter, Nancy Castator married Lyman J. Chittenden in Shelby Co., Indiana.

Susannah Castator (age 74, born PA) was living with them in 1850.


1860 CHITTENDEN LYMAN Cumberland County IL 793 Crooked Creek Prec


1860 CASTATOR SUSAN Cumberland County IL 794 Crooked Creek Prec


By 1860, they had moved to Illinois, but Susannah was living with the William Cash family in Illinois.

Crooked Creek Twp., Cumberland Co., Illinois

1860 census. pages 793-794 959-960  24 July 1860

Cash, William  45  Farmer  $1,000 $100 North Carolina

Mary  30  Kentucky

Delina(?) 18 (f) Indiana

Martha 16 Indiana

George 15 Indiana

Castator, Susan 86 Pennsylvania




              i.   MARIA ELIZABETH CASTATOR, b. September 11, 1794, Chapman twp., Snyder Co., Pennsylvania.

8.          ii.   CATHERINE POLLY CASTATOR, b. February 03, 1796, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. December 18, 1873, Newton, Jasper Co., Illinois.

9.         iii.   SARAH CASTATOR, b. September 12, 1797, Kentucky; d. April 16, 1894, Myers Falls, Washington (Buried Kettle Falls).

10.      iv.   JOHN CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1804, Kentucky; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, Campbell county, Kentucky.

             v.   MARGARET CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1805; m. JAMES YELTON, JR.; b. 1806, Iredell Co., North Carolina.


Pendleton County, Kentucky Marriage Bond and Consent papers only, no minister return found.

James Yelton and Susannah Castator. Bond #60, Bonds 1826-1831

Cond. date: 15 Oct. 1827. Bondsman: John Ellis

Consent of Sucana (X) Castator for the marriage of her dautor Magit maring Jamis Yelton.

Attest.: Benjamin Yelton, Robert Yelton.

Consent of James Yelton for the marriage of his son James maring him being underage.

Attest.: Banjamin and Robert Yelton.


11.      vi.   PHOEBE CASTATOR, b. December 02, 1806, Campbell Co., Kentucky; d. May 26, 1854, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

12.     vii.   MARY CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1810, Kentucky.

13.    viii.   NANCY CASTATOR, b. 1812, Kentucky; d. Bet. 1870 - 1880, Cumberland County, Illinois.

14.      ix.   LYDIA CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1817, Kentucky.



Generation No. 4


6.  JOHN CASTATOR (JOHN MARTIN, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born Abt. 1781 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and died in Clinton county, Indiana.  He married CATHERINE.  She was born Abt. 1782 in Pennsylvania.


Children of JOHN CASTATOR and CATHERINE are:

              i.   JULIA CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1822, St. Clair, Butler County, Ohio; m. JACOB BYERS, October 03, 1850, Clinton County, Indiana; b. Abt. 1813, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

             ii.   KATHERINE CASTATOR, m. JOHN HUMES, October 05, 1841, Clinton County, Indiana.

            iii.   REBECCA CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1817, Hanover, Butler County, Ohio; m. JOHN JAMISON, March 31, 1836, Clinton County, Indiana; b. Abt. 1813.

            iv.   MARTHA JANE CASTATOR, b. January 04, 1824, Butler County, Ohio; m. ABSALOM SHEPHERD, January 29, 1841, Clinton County, Indiana; b. June 01, 1820, Ohio.


7.  GEORGE CASTATOR (JOHN LEONARDT, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born December 28, 1785 in Pennsylvania, and died February 02, 1864 in Wood County, Ohio.  He married SABINA Abt. 1809. 


Children of GEORGE CASTATOR and SABINA are:

              i.   JOHN CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1813, Pennsylvania; m. BARBARA BASH, February 16, 1840, Crawford County, Ohio.

             ii.   MARIA SALOME CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1810, Pennsylvania.

            iii.   MARY M. CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1815, Pennsylvania.

            iv.   PHILLIP CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1817, Pennsylvania.

             v.   PETER CASTATOR, b. Abt. 1825, Pennsylvania.


8.  CATHERINE POLLY CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born February 03, 1796 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, and died December 18, 1873 in Newton, Jasper Co., Illinois.  She married ROBERT JOHN YELTON March 18, 1823 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, son of JAMES YELTON.  He was born 1804 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, and died August 1836 in Shelby Co. Indiana.



Robert and Catherine are in Shelby Co., Indiana in 1850 and her widowed mother, Susannah Castator, is with them.



              i.   CHARLES A. YELTON, b. January 04, 1824, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. August 20, 1904, Newton,Jasper County,  Illinois; m. MARY ANN SHRYOCK, March 07, 1849, Shelby Co., Indiana; b. March 29, 1829, Kentucky; d. March 17, 1903, Newton, Jasper County, Illinois.

             ii.   MARY M. YELTON, b. May 12, 1826; m. ELIAS GERRARD, February 14, 1850, Shelby County, Indiana.

            iii.   JR. YELTON ROBERT, b. March 29, 1827, Kentucky; m. JANETTA GERRARD, March 21, 1850, Shelby County, Indiana; b. Abt. 1829, Indiana.

            iv.   SUSANNE YELTON, b. Abt. 1828; m. JOHN DUNN.

             v.   CATHERINE YELTON, b. Abt. 1834.

            vi.   MARTHA YELTON, b. Abt. 1834.



9.  SARAH CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born September 12, 1797 in Kentucky, and died April 16, 1894 in Myers Falls, Washington (Buried Kettle Falls).  She married (1) WILLIAM BAKER Bet. 1813 - 1816 in unknown (probably Pendleton Co., Ky area.), son of JOHN BAKER and UNKNOWN.  He was born February 05, 1793 in Kentucky, and died September 01, 1850.  She married (2) JACOB BEAVER January 02, 1856 in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa, son of MATTHIAS BEAVER and MARY EAVY.  He was born 1787 in Rockingham County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1875 in Kansas- not confirmed. Location unknown.


Notes for William and SARAH (CASTATOR) Baker:

William and Sarah were in Pendleton Co., Kentucky on the 1820 and 1830 census. In 1831, they moved to Shelby County, Indiana.

The family was in Hendricks Twp in 1840 and 1850. Sons, George and David are nearby, as are daughters, Rosanna (Rose Ann) and Catherine, with their husbands.

In the fall of 1850, William and Sarah, with daughters Mary, Nancy, Prudence and Almira were living in Hendricks Township.

They, along with most of their married children and many of their friends and neighbors left for Page and Taylor Counties, Iowa in August 1850. Some of the family were in Iowa Sept. 14 and William died Sept. 1, 1850, either in Indiana, Iowa or on the way.

After William's death in Sept. 1850, the next record found of Sarah is in January 1856, when she remarried to Jacob Beaver in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa.


In 1880 Sarah was living with Jesse and Elmira (Baker) Bridges in Lincoln Twp., Crawford County, Kansas.

Sometime after 1880, Sarah (again a widow) went with William and Prudence Chase to Washington. She died in Myers Falls, Washington on 16 April 1894. Her death record verifys that her maiden name was Castator.  Her age is listed as 99, which does not agree with other records. Prudence gave the information and probably guessed at Sarah's age. The record states that her maiden name was "Castater" and for mother it just says "born Sweden".


Some birth and death dates are from the David Peter Baker family Bible.



              i.   GEORGE BAKER, b. April 10, 1817, Pendleton Co. Kentucky; d. March 17, 1884, Kingsville, Johnson Co., Missouri (Bluff Spring Cemetery); m. ELIZABETH HOLLIS, August 23, 1838, Shelby Co. Indiana; b. 1821, Sussex County,  Delaware; d. January 20, 1894, Kingsville, Johnson Co., Missouri (Bluff Spring Cemetery).

             ii.   JANE BAKER, b. January 28, 1819, Pendleton Co., Kentucky.

            iii.   CATHERINE BAKER, b. March 25, 1821, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. February 17, 1879, Hendricks Twp., Shelby County, Indiana (buried Snider Cemetery); m. JOHN T. UPDEGRAFF, July 26, 1838, Shelby Co. Indiana; b. Abt. 1817, Pennsylvania; d. July 1878, Hendricks Twp., Shelby County, Indiana (buried Snider Cemetery).

            iv.   ROSANNA (ROSE ANN) BAKER, b. January 14, 1823, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. November 21, 1876, Page Co., Iowa (age 54y 9m 26d) Hawleyville Cemetery; m. WILLIAM COPELAND, May 15, 1843, Shelby Co. Indiana; b. January 20, 1818, Perry County, Ohio; d. December 28, 1906, Clarinda, Page Co, IA (Hawleyville Cemetery).

             v.   DAVID PETER BAKER, b. March 24, 1825, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. February 15, 1885, Page Co., Iowa (Davis Cemetery); m. ANN SWIGGETT, April 09, 1846, Shelby Co. Indiana; b. February 12, 1827, Pennsylvania; d. December 15, 1903, Page Co., Iowa  (Davis Cemetery).

            vi.   SAMUEL BAKER, b. June 04, 1827, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. September 16, 1892, Jewell Co. Kansas (Buried Baker Cem., Burr Oak KS); m. ARTHUSA MONTGOMERY STONE, September 07, 1854, Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois; b. April 14, 1838, Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois; d. February 03, 1906, Washington, Washington Co., Kansas (buried Baker Cem. Burr Oak, KS).

           vii.   SUSANNA (SUSAN) BAKER, b. August 08, 1829, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. January 01, 1899, Villisca, Montgomery County, Iowa; m. JOEL M. PARKER, March 08, 1848, Shelby County, Indiana; b. 1822, Kentucky; d. July 22, 1887, Villisca, Montgomery County, Iowa.

          viii.   NANCY BAKER, b. January 19, 1832, Shelby Co. Indiana.

            ix.   MARY BAKER, b. January 19, 1834, Shelby County, Indiana; d. Abt. 1857, Montgomery County, Iowa; m. JESSE B. BRIDGES, April 08, 1851, Johnson County, Indiana; b. June 17, 1809, Kentucky; d. November 09, 1887, Lincoln Twp., Crawford County, Kansas (Smiley Cemetery-one mile west and 1 mile south of Mulberry, Kansas).

             x.   PRUDENCE ANN BAKER, b. April 11, 1836, Shelby Co., Indiana; d. December 12, 1900, Kettle Falls, Washington (Buried Myers Falls); m. (1) EZRA KNISELY, April 04, 1853, Page Co., Iowa; b. April 04, 1825, Highland County, Ohio; m. (2) WILLIAM CHASE, March 24, 1859, Page Co., Iowa; b. August 21, 1837, Jerseyville, Jersey County , llinois; d. Bet. 1920 - 1930, Dinuba Twp, Tulare Co., California.

            xi.   SARAH BAKER, b. August 11, 1839, Shelby County, Indiana; d. Bef. July 1850, Shelby County, Indiana (not with the  family on the census in July).

           xii.   ELMIRA BAKER, b. March 28, 1843, Shelby Co. Indiana; d. Resided Olathe, Johnson Co.,  KS in 1900; m. JESSE B. BRIDGES, June 20, 1858, Nodaway Co., Missouri; b. June 17, 1809, Kentucky; d. November 09, 1887, Lincoln Twp., Crawford County, Kansas (Smiley Cemetery-one mile west and 1 mile south of Mulberry,Ks).


10.  JOHN CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born Abt. 1804 in Kentucky, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Campbell county, Kentucky.  He married MARY CRAWFORD December 08, 1837 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky.  She was born Abt. 1817 in Kentucky, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Kentucky.


According to land and court records, John was good friends with the Baker and Bonar families.

He rented land from Mary Bonar.

John left Pendleton in 1829 according to tax records.

1850 United States Federal Census > Kentucky > Campbell > District 2- listed and indexed as Kertatter



              i.   JEREMINIA CASTATOR, b. 1839.

             ii.   AMIS S. CASTATOR, b. 1843.

            iii.   WILLIAM S. CASTATOR, b. 1846; m. MARINDA; b. Abt. 1855, Kentucky.

            iv.   FRANCIS (FRANK) V. M. CASTATOR, b. September 1848, Kentucky; m. SUSAN; b. October 1835, Kentucky.


11.  PHOEBE CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born December 02, 1806 in Campbell Co., Kentucky, and died May 26, 1854 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  She married RICHARD C. MORRIS November 22, 1821 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, son of JAMES MORRIS.  He was born March 05, 1795 in Pendleton County, Kentucky, and died December 22, 1879 in Penn Township, Sullivan County, Missouri (Green Castle Cemetery).



              i.   MARY JANE MORRIS, b. January 11, 1824, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. April 24, 1885, Scotland Co., Missouri  (Black Oak Cem., Granger, MO); m. THOMAS BONAR, December 02, 1841, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; b. Abt. 1819, Pendleton Co., Kentucky; d. August 05, 1862, Scotland County, Missouri  ( Civil War ) near Bible Grove.


Thomas Bonar went to Scotland Co., then Sullivan Co., MO between 1850 and 1855.


   The History of Lewis, Knox, Scotland and Clark Counties of Missouri published by the Knox

County Historical Society, pg. 521-522.

    During the expedition of Col. John McNeil, which resulted in the battle of Kirsville and the capture of that place, a detachment of his forces under command of Maj. F. Benjamin, of the Eleventh Regimant Missouri Cavalry Militia, made a scout through a portion of Scotland County.

   The Major says, in his report to McNeil, that in obedience to orders he started at 4 o'clock on the morning of the 5th of August, in pursuit of Porter (Porter was southern), and soon struck his trail in the Fabius bottom, near Clapp's Ford, and followed it with all possible speed until he reached the Middle Fabius, ten miles south of Memphis, where he found that Porter had crossed a short time before, and had destroyed the bridge and felled trees across the ford to intercept his pursuit. Another ford was soon found for the crossing of the horses, and a temporary structure was hastily made of the remains of the bridge, over which the artillery and ammunitons wagons were passed by hand, and the pursuit continued without halting until 10 o'clock P.M. He then went into camp for the night on the place where the pioneer Jesse Stice had settled twenty -eight years before.

   This place is about half a mile south of Bible Grove., and is the same spot where Porter had intended to camp over night, but, being so closely pursued, had moved on. Some of the Southern sympathizers knew of Porter's intentions to camp at that place, and two of them, Thomas Bonner and his son, John, living about one a half miles west of Bible Grove, both of whom had been in the Confederate Army the year before, but were then residing at home, the father at least, if not also the son, being then under an oath of allegiance to the United States, concluded that they would re-enter the service, and went into this camp during the night for this purpose, but instead of finding themselves in Porter's camp, they found themselves captives in the hands of Union Soldiers, and the next morning they were shot.


             ii.   ANNA SUSANNAH MORRIS, b. October 15, 1822.

            iii.   JOHN JAMES MORRIS, b. December 01, 1825, Kentucky; d. August 03, 1894, Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky; m. CISCELIA POWELL; b. Abt. 1835, New South Wales; d. 1908.

            iv.   SARAH ANN MORRIS, b. February 13, 1828, Kentucky; d. January 06, 1906, Kirksville, Missouri (Park Cemetery) Adiar County, Missouri; m. JAMES HENRY HOOK, January 06, 1845, Pendleton County, Kentucky; b. September 1824, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1900, Adair county, Missouri.

             v.   PETER JAMES MORRIS, b. May 22, 1829, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

            vi.   AUSTIN MORRIS, b. October 10, 1831, Indiana; d. 1865, Missouri; m. SUSAN ELIZABETH MORRELL, November 11, 1855, Scotland Co., Missouri; b. Abt. 1824, Virginia.


1860 United States Federal Census > Missouri > Scotland > Harrison

Confederate Army. Battle of Wilson's creek, near Springfield, Missouri. He was a Blacksmith.



12.  MARY CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born Abt. 1810 in Kentucky.  She married WILLIAM CASH.  He was born Abt. 1815 in North Carolina.


Pendleton County, Kentucky. Marriage is listed in the Marriage Register, 1799-1849, pages 158 and 183. Marriage is recorded but no date given. "Mary Castator to William Cash".

1860 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cumberland > Greenup

Susan Castator, age 86, born PA is with them.



              i.   WILLIAM CASH, b. Abt. 1836, Indiana; m. MARY J. MARKWELL, January 28, 1858, Jasper County, Illinois; b. Abt. 1843, Indiana.

             ii.   DELILA CASH, b. Abt. 1842, Indiana.

            iii.   MARTHA CASH, b. Abt. 1844, Indiana.

            iv.   GEORGE CASH, b. Abt. 1847, Indiana.



13.  NANCY CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born 1812 in Kentucky, and died Bet. 1870 - 1880 in Cumberland County, Illinois.  She married LYMAN J. CHITTENDEN September 16, 1830 in Shelby Co. Indiana, son of UNKNOWN CHITTENDEN.  He was born 1805 in New York, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Cumberland County, Illinois.



              i.   ARTHUR A.9 CHITTENDEN, b. 1832, Kentucky; m. NANCY HINMAN, February 05, 1848, Ohio County, Indiana.

Went to Nebraska, then lOsage County, Kansas

             ii.   CHARLES G. CHITTENDEN, b. 1834, Kentucky; m. (1) MARGARET READ, November 29, 1846, Hancock County, Indiana; m. (2) CHARITY PAYNE, September 14, 1858, Jasper County, Illinois.

            iii.   EDWARD B. CHITTENDEN, b. 1836, Kentucky.

            iv.   LYDIA ANN CHITTENDEN, b. 1838, Kentucky; m. ABRAHAM H. GARNER, September 26, 1873, Clark County, Illinois.

             v.   WILLIAM JEFFERSON CHITTENDEN, b. February 13, 1841, Shelbyville, Indiana; d. Cumberland County, Illinois; m. SARAH J. MCCRAY, 1870; b. Abt. 1848, Henry Co., Indiana.

            vi.   JOHN W. CHITTENDEN, b. 1842, Kentucky.

           vii.   GEORGE P. CHITTENDEN, b. 1844, Kentucky.

          viii.   ADRIAN A. CHITTENDEN, b. 1847, Kentucky; m. RUTH A. UNKNOWN; b. December 1846, Indiana.

            ix.   LYMAN D. CHITTENDEN, b. 1851, Shelby County, Indiana.


14.  LYDIA CASTATOR (PETER, SEBASTIAN KERSTETTER, JOHAN MARTIN KIRSTAETTER) was born Abt. 1817 in Kentucky.  She married WILLIAM LENNIN April 20, 1833 in Shelby Co. Indiana.  He was born in Pennsylvania. They went to Clermont County, Ohio.



              i.   ANNA LENNIN, b. Abt. 1848, Ohio.

             ii.   JOHN LENNIN, b. Abt. 1850, Ohio.

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