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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Abercrombie, Hannah, Pasquotank. August 12, 1754, Jan. Court 1755. Daughter Catherine Chamberlain, granddaughter Lucy Chamberlain, grandson Jeremiah Chamberlain, grandsons Jeremiah Everton and William Everton, granddaughter Hannah Everton, grandsons Edwin Everton and James Everton, granddaughter Courtney Chamberlain, granddaughter Aby Chamberlain, daughter Catherine Chamberline Executrix. Test. Thos. Taylor, William Coale.

Abington, Joseph. Jan. 2, 1734-5. Probated July Court 1735, son William, daughter Mary, Henry Wood, executor.

Abington, Thomas, Pasquotank. Nov. 13, 1707, Dec. 28, 1707. Mary Pope daughter Ėin-law to Francis Delamare, granddaughter Mary Tully, George Ellis, Charles Griffin, Tobias Knight, John Palin, Thos. Palin, Mrs. Elizabeth Hecklefield, Tobias Knight, John and Thos. Palin Executors. Test. John Hecklefield, Francis Gilbert, Mary Cookoo.

Abraham Adams. Dec. 18, 1734, son James Adams, son Joseph, wife Anne, daughter Sarah.

Adams, Abraham,Sr., Oct. 3, 1733, March 13, 1733-34. Sons Abram, Richard, Willowby, and William, daughter Abia, wife Bathia Executrix. Test. Phillip Shute, Mary Shute, John Collison.

Adams, Abraham. Son Abraham, son Richard, son William, son Willoby, wife Barthia, Mar. 13, 1733, probated Mar. 27, 1734.

Adams, Charles, Newbern. Mar. 20, 1757, Apr. 20, 1757. All my estate to my wife Margarett, whom I appoint Executrix. Test. J. Vail, Nathíl Richardson, Vinyard Bond.

Adams, James. Feb. 17, 1733, probated July 1734, son Abraham, son James, son Emanuel, son John, son Thomas, daughter Martha, daughter Rachel, daughter Mary, child of Rachel. 

Adams, John, Bath. Feb. 17, 1733-34. Sons Abraham, James Emanuel, John and Thomas, daughters Rachel, Martha, and Mary, sons Abraham and James Executors. Test. Olive Blackburn, John Aldershire, Robert Sharples.

Adams, John, York, Massachusetts Bay. June 6, 1750. Joseph Balch, John Gewel, Francis Stringer, Wiliam Heritage, wife Mary, my children, wife and Jos. Balch Executors. Test. Jer. Vail, Gershon Spear, Rd. Lovett.

Adams, Margaret, Newburn. July 1765, Bernard Parkinson, whom I also appoint Executor. Test. Mary Hawks, Ambrose Bayley, Perigan Cox.

Adams, Matthew, Chowan. Aug. 9, 1708, Nov. 26, 1708, son Matthew, daughter Ellinor, wife Sarah Executrix. Test. Thos. Blount, James Bonner.

Adams, Peter, Chowan. Dec. 13, 1745, Mar. 31, 1746. Brother John Adams and his children, sister Mary Mounie of Crediton in Devinshire, Great Britain, wife Sarah, son John, brother John of Wrentham, New England, Wm. Hoskins, Henry Bonner, and John Lewis Executors. Test. Wm. Luten, Wm. Lewis.

Adams, Roger. Lucy Green, property bequeathed to me by her late father, John Green, wife Frances Executrix. Gov. Gabriel Johnson, Samíl Woodward, Robt. Hamilton, James Merry, and James Jones, assistants. Test. Robert Knowles, Jas. Menzies. Probated Aug. 1739, county not stated.

Addison, Richard, Scuppernong, Tyrrell. Aug. 2, 1720, January Court 1724. Wife Sarah, whom I also appoint Executrix, Test. Samíl Spruell, Robert Fewox, Chas. Craddock.

Aheir, John, Onslow. Wife Elizabeth, son William, daughter Elizabeth, wife Executrix. Test. Stephen Howard, Stephen Howard Jr., Jan. 19, 1744-45, Oct. 1746.

Albertson, Albert Sr., Perquimans. Feb. 10, 1701, Apr. 14, 1702. Sons Peter, Nathan, Albert, and Esau, son Peterís wife Ann, son Nathaniel, sons Peter and Nathaniel Executors. Test. John Falconer, Natíl Richard son.

Albertson, Isaac, Pasquotank. Feb. 12, 1759, March Court, 1759. Wife Jemima, daughter Ruth. Test. Thomas Craghill, Isaac Litton, Sarah Martin.

Albertson, Joshua, Perquimans. Son Francis, wife Mary, daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Penelope, wife, brothers Aaron and William Alderson, Executors. 5th day, 8th month, 1753, Oct. Court 1753. Test. Phineas Nixon, Nathaniel Albertson, Jno. Audeyon.

Albertson, Mary. Son Albert Albertson, granddaughter Mary Albertson, grandson John Albertson, my granddaughter Elizabeth Albertson, son Nathaniel Albertson, his daughter Elizabeth, Jan. 10, 1720-1.

Albertson, Nathaniel, Feb. 13, 1752, Jan. Court 1752-53. Sons Joshua, and William, Williamís grandfather Samuel Nicholson, daughter Hannah, grandsons Benj. and Chalkey Albertson, sons of William, daughter Elizabeth Newby, son Aaron, daughter Lydia Trueblood, sons Joshua, William, and Aaron Executors. Test. Joshua Perisho, James Henbe, Mary Morris.

Alderson, Simon, Beaufort. No date. Son Levi, daughter Sarah, Thos. Cooper and his wife Jenny, son John, daughter Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth Roben. Test. Robert Howard, William Martin, James Crandall.

Alderson, Simon, Jan. 9, 1712-13, son Simon, daughter Jane Averidge, daughter Elizabeth Martin, wife Elizabeth Alderson.

Alderson, Simon. Probated December court 1740, eldest son Levi, daughter Sarah son John, daughter Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth. Will mentions a sawmill.

Aldridge, John, Bath. Dec. 28, 1705, Apr. 2, 1706. Wife Dorothy, whom I also appoint Executrix. Test. A. Slocumb, Richíd Smith. Probated at Court held at the house of Wm. Barrow.

Alexander, Anthony, Tyrrell. July 29, 1746, sons Anthony and Joseph, daughter Ann, sons Samule and Benjamin, daughters Rachel and Priscilla, son Isaac, daughter Sarah, son-in-law Thomas Bateman, sons John and Gideon, daughter Jane, my four youngest daughters Naome, Casiah, Jane and Selah, son Joshua Executor. Test. Benj. Bidgood, Thos. Best, Christian Alexander.

Alford, Ann, Little River, Perquimans. Apr. 16, 1691. Father-in-law, Chas. Jones, Tabyther Alford, Sarah Alford, my children, Chas. Jones Executor. Test. John Huntt, William Pindor, Hannah Wood.

Alford, Jabez, of Chawan. July 9, 1705, George Taylor, Esayah Henly.

Alford, Joseph, Albemarle. Dec. 18, 1689. Wife Ann, whom I appoint Executrix. Test. Charles Jones, John Barbee, Ludford Juy.

Allday, Thomas, Bertie.Son-in-law Wm. Coward, his brother Benj. Coward, William and Thomas Highman, Mrs. Dianah Sanderlin, Henry Hunter and John Smith Executors. Mar. 16, 1754, May Court 1754. Test. Thos. Hyman, Moses Hunter, John Brogden.

Allen, Andrew, Newbern. Oct. 29, 1762, Nov. 15, 1762. Thos. Wallton son of John and Hannah in the county of Kent Maryland, Grace Meers wife of Elisha Meers, Grace being the daughter of Stephen Walton of Accomack County, Va., wife Priscilla daughter of Jacon Van Pelt in Craven County, N. C., friends Joseph Parker and Gilbert Ker, brother-in-law John Van Pelt, Jaco Van Pelt, wife, and Gilbert Ker, Executors. Test. Anyhony Van Pelt, Frederick Gibble, Ann Gibble.

Allen, Eleazer, New Hanover. Jan. 1, 1742, wife, nephews and nieces William, Daniel, and Catherine Willard, children of Josiah Willard of Boston, sister Catherine Willard, mother Sarah Trott of South Carolina, wife Sarah sole Executrix. Test. Susanna Hassell, James Hassell, E. Moseley. James Hassell and Nathíl Rice assistant Executors.

Allen, George (Doctor) of Edenton. Son Arthur, daughter Ann Allen, Wm. Buckwood, probated Mar. 3, 1734.

Allen, Hugh of Chowan. July 5, 1752, wife Elizabeth, sons Joshua and John, daughters Elce, Mary and Sarah, wife and her brother Joseph Spivey Executors. Test. Richard Bond, Richard Stallings, James Bond.

Allen, James, Edgecombe. Dec. 4, 1733. Feb. Court 1733-34. James Kelly. John Nairne Executor. Test. William Cell, Ann Stone, John Stone.

Allen, John. July 9, 1736. Probated Aug. 1736, wife Elizabeth,son William, son Richard, daughter Martha, daughter Catherine, and daughter Margaret.

Allen, Sarah, widow of Eleazer, Wilmington. Thomas Frankland of South Carolina, niece Mrs. Sarah Frankland, niece Mrs. Mary Jane Dry, my nieces daughters of my sister Moore, viz. Mrs. Sarah Smith of Charleston S. C., Mrs. Harlston of the same place, and Mrs. Hannah Swan of Cape Fear, my grandnieces Miss Mary Frankland and Harriet Frankland, my grandniece Miss Rebecca Dry, grandniece Miss Susanna Hassell, grandniece Mary Hassell, Mrs. Dr Rossett Sr., friend William Dry, James Murray, William Dry and Henry Hyrne Executors. In case of death of either, Fredík Jones to be substituted, and next Benj. Hyrne. William Bampfield exevutor of that part of my estate in Sauth Carolina. Jan. 5, 1761, Apr. 1, 1761. Test. George Moore, Elizabeth De Rossett, James Colson.

Alligood, Richard, Beaufort. Jan. 22, 1755, Sept. 19, 1755, son Hilery Lytea Alligood, son William, Matthew Bauer, sons William and Hilery Executors. Test. Geo. Jenkins, Martha Jenkins, John Alligood.

Alston, John, Feb, 22, 1755, Dec. 2, 1758. Sons, Solomon, William, and Phillip, daughter Mary Seward, daughter Elizabeth Williams, daughter Sarah Kearney, daughter Charity Dawson, wife Mary, grandson John Alston, son of Solomon, Elizabeth, daughter of W. M. Alston, granddaughter Pattie daughter of Joseph John Alston, grandson William son of Phillip Alston, John Alston son of James, son James. Test. Seabrook Wilson, Thomas Byrd, Joseph Parker.

Alston, Joseph John, Halifax.(footnote says he was a son of John Alston on Chowan) Jan. 5, 1780, Sugust Term 1781. Sons John and Phillip, daughter Pattie Merony, son William, son Willis, grandsons, grandsons John, Joseph and William, sons of William, grandson Joseph John, son of William, his brother William, son Henry, daughter Mary Palmer, John Cooper, daughter Uphan Wilson Cooper, son Joseph John, grandson Joseph John Alston,son of John, grandson John Alston, son of Phillip, sons John, Phillip, William, Willis and Henry, daughters Pattie and Euphen Wilson Cooper, Wesley Jones, Solomon Williams, William Alston son of Phillip, James Alston, John Jones and son Joseph John Alston Executors. Test. Robert Green, John Green, Wiley Green.  

Amblers, William, Periquimans. Apr. 7, 1745, 3d Wed. July 1745. Brother Richard Ambler of Yorktown, Virginia, John Stevenson of this county for his son William, Zachariah Nixon and his wife, Eliza and Henry Phelps, John Barclift for his son Demsey, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Benj. Baptist, Elizabeth, wife of Zachariah Nixon, Joseph, Thomas and Sarah Stevenson. John Stevenson, Executor. Test. Samíl Scolley, Wm. Harold, Francis Leyden.

Ambrose, David, Chowan, July 14, 1745, Aug. 1, 1745. Wife Susanna, sons David, Jesse, and Israel, daughters, Mary, Susannah and Mourning, speaks of plantation where David Bush lives and bequeaths it to sons David, Jesse and Israel, son William, wife Executrix, Proved before Enoch Hall, Chief Justice. Test. Jacob Previtt, David Bush, James Craven.

Anderson, Carolus, Northampton. Daughter Rachel Warren, land bought of Capt. William Baker, grandson Carolus Warren, daughter Mary Anderson, daughter Sarah Anderson, wife Executrix. Feb. 10, 1752, Feb. Court 1753. Test. Nicholas Boon, William Boon.

Anderson, Elizabeth, widow of John Anderson, Perquimans. May 25, 1757, Jan. Court 1760. Son John, daughter Abigail Charles, son Samuel, granddaughter Elizabeth Henbe, grandson William Arnold, granddaughter Sarah Henbe, grandson Joshua Albertson, son of Elihu, William Arnold, son John and Wm. Albertson Executors. Test. Samíl Anderson, John Boswell, Joseph Boswell.

Anderson, Elizabeth. Nov. 5, 1732, probated Dec. 24, 1733, son James, son Carolus, daughter Elizabeth Pitman, daughter Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth Pitman's son, Wm. Anderson, daughter Sarah Anderson, granddaughter Elizabeth Anderson, granddaughter Sarah Anderson.

Anderson, George, Granville. July 6, 1757, St. Johnís Parish, wife Mary, daughter Eave Anderson, George, son of my brother William Anderson, son George, Elizabeth daughter of John Underwood, wife Mary and Osborne Jeffreys Executors. Test. John Brazer, William Anderson, Thomas Smith.

Anderson, James, Perquimans. Feb. 13, 1741-42, Dec. 14, 1742. Son James and John, my friend Richard Skinner and son John Executors. Test. Thos. Jessope, Thos. Bateman.

Anderson, John, Perquimans, Jan. 27, 1744-45. Friend Christopher Sutton, Jane Mullen, Abraham Mullenís children, Christopher Sutton and Abraham Mullen Executors. Mary Mullen, daughter of Abraham. Mar. 5, 1740. Test. George Wood, Ellender Mullen.

Anderson, Joseph, Edenton. Daughter Mary, wife Ann (footnote says she was former Mrs. Ann Martin of Bertie), daughter-in-law Lucy Martin, Ann infant daughter of my Daughter-in-law Agnes Martin, brother Rev. James Anderson at or near Lundy, sister Margaret Anderson in Bonnetown near Leith. Dec. 24, 1750, third Thursday, Jan. 1750-51. Test. Peter Payne, John McKildo.

Anderson, Joseph, Perquimans, 23rd, 7th month, 1751, Oct. Court 1751. Daughter Elizabeth, child in ďesseĒ, wife and Zachariah Nixon, Executors. Test. Silvanus Henbe, Samuel Anderson.

Andras, Thomas.Bertie. Mar. 31, 1737. Robert Bell.

Andrews, Warren, Tyrrell. May 4, 1772, Feb. 28, 1774. Son Edmund for use of my daughter Millie Blount and her children during the life of her husband Thomas Blount, grandson Benj. Blount, daughter Martha Pearce and her son Lovick Pearce, daughter Elizabeth Andrews, sons Etheldred and Levi, wife Sarah, sons Edmund, Etheldred and Levi Executors. Test. Wm. Ellis, John Sherrod, Ruben Sherrod.

Andrews, John. Rowan. Oct. 3, 1756, wife, Agnes, children James, John and Janet.

Anesley, Solomon, Tyrrell. Daughters Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, and Ann, sons John and Joseph, daughters Rachael and Easter, wife Sarah. Aug. 27, 1750, March Court 1751. Test. Samuel Spruell, Matthew, Carswell, Samíl Spruell Jr.

Anolyne or Aredine, Peter, of Bertie. Mar. 14, 1710, son Henry, daughter Ann, son Peter, Jno. Anolydne, and Thos. Pollock Executors. Test. Lawrence Satson, John Jones, Robert West, Thos. Ashley.

Ansell, James. Sept. 12, 1738. Probated Apr. 1, 1740, John Ansell, daughter Sarah Roberts, grandson, James Roberts.

Ansell, John, Currituck. Apr. 6, 1753, March Court 1755. Son John, wife, son William, grandson James Ansell, son Nathan, daughter Sarahís children, son Caleb, daughter Lebasta, daughter Mary, son John Executor. Test. Caleb White, Joshua White, Paul Elison.

Ardene, John. 1712, kinsman Wm. Duckinfield.

Arenton, Christopher, Chowan. Apr. 22, 1753, July 1753. Daughter Abigail Hubberd, son William, wife Sarah, my six children. Robert Beasley, Thos. White, and Thos. Pierce to divide my estate. Test. Mary Creecy, Thos. Pierce, John Fennele.

Arenton, William, Craven. Wife Mary, children Rebecca, Mary, and Leah. Henry Sheppard Executor. Jan. 23, 1761. Test. Edmund Hatch, Martin Sheppard.

Arlow, James, Wilmington. Dec. 27, 1757, Feb. Court, 1758. Nephew John Arlow, wife Bridget. Benj. Morrison and wife Executors. Test. Ben. Wheatly, Arthur Mabson, John Jones.

Armour, John, Pasquotank. April 3, 1729, son John, wife Elizabeth ( a footnote says she was a daughter of David Bailey and married second Simon Bryan), daughters Ann and Mary.

Armour, John. Pasquotank. March 1, 1728 - 9, John Davis former wife's brother. Son John, daughter Ann, daughter Mary, William Davis brother of my former wife, wife and her father David Bailey, Exectutors.

Armour, William of Pasquotank, Thomas Armour, sonof Elizabeth, my wife Elizabeth Armour, Ashley Evans, son of Theophilus Armour, my mother, Robert Armour, John Armour, Ann Meads, Wm. Brothers  youngest child, Dec. 13, 1719, probated Jan. 1719-20.

Armstrong, James, 22 --- 1685. Friend Richard Graye. Test. Henry White, William Jarson, Nov. 1685.

Armstrong, John, Currituck. Wife Afiah and her children, wife Executrix. Mar. 28, 1753, March Court, 1755. Test. Thomas Williams, Joshua Brent, Lucy Pitt.

Arnell, Edmund,Chowan. Apr. Court 1752. Wife Pleasant, daughter Hannah Stallings, son Edward Executor. Test. John Sumner, Richard Brothers, Abcilla Webb.

Arnold, John, Perquimans, Apr. 11, 1735, July 1, 1735. Wife Elizabeth, son John, child in ďesseĒ, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, wife and Samuel Parsons Executors. Test. James Gibson, William Arnell.

Arnold, John. Prequimans Co. Apr. 11, 1735, probated July 21, 1735, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, wife Elizabeth.

Arnold, Joseph, Perquimans. Nov. 30, 1751, daughter Mary, brothers Lawrence Arnold and William Arnold Executors.

Arnold, Lawrence. Dec. 14, 1690, son John, wife (not named), Lawrence Gedfrey.

Arrington, William, Northampton. July 11, 1750, Feb. Court 1752. Sons Briggs and William, James Ross son of Sarah, friend Nathan Williams, Elizabeth Riggin daughter of Daniel, Col. John Dawson and Nathan Williams Executors. Test. Henry Dawson, John Pitman, John Brock.

Arthur, John, Chowan. May 29, 1735, October Court 1735. William Falaw, Jacob Privit, John Hanah, Thomas and Constant Luten, Executors. Test. William Goldsberry, Humphrey Webb, Edward Howcutt.

Arthur, John, Craven. Jan. 7, 1750-51, Mar. 2, 1750-51. Eldest son John in Maryland, son James in Craven, wife Bridget, sons Matthew and William, daughters Ann and Mary, wife and son Matthew, Executors. Test. Chas. Evitt, Robert Moore, Amacy Moore.

Asbell, Richard. Executed Sept. 15, 1695, wife (not named), daughter Mary, child in "esse", all my children, Wm. Privett, and Wm. Charleton (note-Chowan names)

Ashe, John Baptista. Nov. 2, 1731, codicil Oct. 16, 1734, probated Nov. 15, 1740, son Samuel, son John, daughter Mary, brother Samuel Swann.

Ashley, John, Anson. Feb. 19, 1759. Sons John and Francis, daughter Mary Ann Franks, Euliner Sutton, daughter Rose Touchstone, son William, daughter Sarah Ashley, saon Turden, wife Mary Executrix. Test. Richard Yarborough, Christopher Touchstone.

Askew, John. Oct. 18, 1712, brother Nicholas Askew, son William, son Joseph, daughters Sarah, Nelly, Mary, brother Nicholas Askew executor.

Avelin, Peter. Mar. 14, 1710, probated Nov. 1, 1712, sons Henry, Peter, and John, daughter Anne.

Avent, Thomas, Northampton, apr. 15, 1751, Feb. Court 1752. Brother William Avent, wife Viola, my children. Test. Richard Moore, John Davis.

Avery, John, Hyde. Oct. 27, 1740. Wife, Jane, Martha Smith, Agnes Slade wife of Ebenezer Slade, Thomas, William and Samuel Smith, sons of John Smith, Sr., Lydia Russell wife of Benjamin Russell, Elizabeth Smith, widow, Elizabeth Smith daughter of John, Dorcas Smith daughter of John, Dorcas Worldly, John Smith son of John Sr., James Avery, Gilbert McNary, cousin Kezia Hadley, Elizabeth Collins daughter of Uriah Collins, Foster Avery of Virginia, Jno. Smith Sr., and Jr. and Foster Jervis Executors. Test. Uriah Collins, William Silvester, William Giddens.

Alston, John.





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