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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Badham, William, of Chowan. Oct. 28, 1736, Ellen, daughter of Martha Dunston, relict of John Dunston, born at Edenton Aug. 1, 1733, land I bought of Wm. Willson, 240 acres, adjoining Orlando Champion, to her sister Mary, born June 6, 1735, wife Martna, Barnaby Stetz Dunston, Richard William Dunston, Arthur Laporte, son of John Laporte.

Baggett, Nicholas. Jan. 9, 1753, April Court 1755. Bertie. Sons Nicholas, Abraham and Hardy, Joseph Barnaby, daughters Mary West, Martha, Elizabeth, and Sarah Baggett, wife Mary; sons Joseph and Thomas Executors.

Bagley, Thomas, Jan. 23, 1727-28, son Thomas, son William, daughter Hannah, wife Susanna.

Bailey, David, Pasquotank. Oct. 6, 1745, Mar. 29, 1746. Wife Thamer, daughter Elizabeth Ryan, sons Joseph and Benjamin, daughter Sarah Snowden, sons Robert andSimon, daughter Thamer, my second wife’s daughter Miriam Overton, also her son David Wallis, son-in-law Simon Bryan and son Joseph Executors. Test. Thomas Weeks, Patrick Bailey, John Bailey.

Bailey, John, Hyde. July 23, 1749, March Court 1750. Thomas Barlow aon of Elizabeth Kelly, daughter of Margaret Bailey, whom I appoint my Executrix. Test. Thomas Leath, John Smith, William Cording.

Bailey, Joseph, Pasquotank. June 19, 1749, Aug. 4, 1749. Daughter Anne, David Bailey son of brother Robert, brother Simon Bailey, sister Thamer Bailey, sister Sarah Snowden, Robert Baily and Patrick Pool Executors. Test. Patrick Bailey, David Bailey, Henry Delon.

Baker, Henry of Chowan. Jan. 9, 1737, probated May 1, 1739. Son Henry, son John, son Blake, daughter Mary, daughter Sarah, son David, daughter Ruth, son Zadock, wife Ruth, brothers William, James and Lawrence Baker.

Baker, John of Bertie Co. April 23, 1756, daughter Mary, daughter Jude, daughter Selah Baker, son Joshua, wife Mary.

Baker, Moses, Chowan. Feb. 26, 1723, Jan. Court 1724. Sons Moses, Bennett, and William, my three daughters; Richard Minshew Executor. Test. Aaron Blanchard, Wm. Hill, Wm. Wesson. (Note: this entry and the following one were in separate volumes, probably transcribed by two different people)

Baker, Moses, Probated July Court, 1724, son Moses, son Bennett, son William, wife, my three daughters, Richard Minor, Executor.

Balch, Joseph, Craven. Dec. 18, 1752, Feb. 13, 1753. Friend John Sharkey, wife Susanna and her daughters Phebe and Mary Lister, nephew Joseph Balch son of brother Benjamin; John Sharkey Executor. Test. Richard Moore, John Snead, Chris. Neale.

Ball, James, Onslow. Nov. 10, 1749, Mar. Court 1749-50. Wife Magdalene, son Steven, daughters Sarah and Rachel, sons James and Nathan; wife and Samuel Noble Executors. Test. David Janear, Francis Egleton.

Ball, Thomas, of Chowan County, Mar. 28, 1722, William Ball, Anne Ball, youngest daughter (unnamed), wife and three children, wife Executrix.

Ballard, Abraham, Perquimans. Nov. 9, 1753, Apr. 17, 1754. Sons Jethro and Kedah, daughters Absilla and Bathsheba, wife Elizabeth and John Sumner Executors. Test. Sarah Norfleet, Philisia Norfleet, John Sumner.

Ballard, John of Chowan. July 12, 1736, probated Nov. 26, 1736. Wife Mary, daughter-in-law Sarah, daughter Ann Ballard, John Lewis and John Jones Executors.

Ballard, Joseph, July 21, 1729, probated Oct. 14, 1729, wife, son Joseph, daughter Martha, daughter Susannah, son Elisha, son Elias, daughter Hester.

Ballentine, George, Bertie. Jan. 14, 1723, May 12, 1724. Wife Dinah, whom I appoint my Executrix. Test. Alex. Ballentine, Elinor Watford, Aaron Oliver.

Bangs, Abiah, Craven. June 3, 1755, Dec. Court 17--. Cousin Elizabeth Hobbs, daughter Betty Bangs, sister Elizabeth and Mary Carruthers, brother John Carruthers, brother William Carruthers and Robert Jones Executors. Test. Job Ives, Reuben Hammentree, Wm. Carruthers Sr.

Bangs, Jonathan, Newborn. Oct. 7, 1743, Dec. 22, 1743. Wife Abiah, sister Thankful Covell, daughter Betty Bangs, uncle Thos. Caruthers Executor. Test. Francis Bailey, John Caruthers, Richard Hickson.

Banks, William, Craven. Apr. 27, 1772, May 27, 1772. Wife Ann, brother Jonathan Banks, son-in-law John Moore, William Moore, daughter-in-law Susanna Moore and Fielding Moore. Test. James Coor, Benj. Fordham, John Moore.

Baptist, Benjamin, Chowan. Mar. 24, 1752, Apr. Court 1752. Wife Mary Clark, son Edmund; wife, son Edmund and Edmund Hatch Executors. Test. J. Plomer, Sarah Arnold, Edmund Hatch.

Barbe, Rachel, administrix of William Barbe. Mar. 15, 1758. Test. William Reed, Joseph Pearce, Micajah Ricketts.

Barber, John of Pasquotank, June 11, 1692, Ann Boyce, wife of Wm. Boyce, Executrix.

Barcliff, Thomas, Perquimans. Nov. 14, 1750, Jan. Court 1750-51. Daughter Sarah Bidgood, sons Thomas, William and Joseph, daughter Elizabeth Wright, daughter Mary Jackson, daughter Anne Gordon, wife Elizabeth Executrix. Test. James Gibson, John Barclift.

Barclift, John, Perquimans. July Court 1759. Wife Elizabeth part of my brick house, daughter Elizabeth Sanderson, sons John, Demsey, Asa, Benjamin, and Noah, daughter Mary Barclift, Sam’l Sutton and Thos. Stevenson Executors. Test. James Gibson, Samuel Barclift, Mathias Johnson.

Barclift, Joshua, Perquimans. Nov. 29, 1755, Jan. Court 1756. Sons William and James, daughters Miriam and Ann, son Blake, wife Mary, child in “esse”, cousin John Barclift, Joseph Robinson, and nephew Wm. Trumbull Executors. Test. James Gibson, Tulle Williams, George Lee.

Barclift, William, Perquimans. Mar. 2, 1747-48, Jan. Court 1748-49. Sons Joshua, Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, and John, daughters Mary Gibson, grandson William Barclift son of Joshua, cousin John Barclift and Edmund Hatch Executors. Test. John Nichols, John Barclift, Edmund Hatch.

Barecliff, William, July 25, 1733, probated Feb. 19, 1733-34, son William, wife Sarah.

Barecock, Thonas, Jan. 14, 1721, Jan. 27, 1741, probated, daughter Elizabeth Upton, daughter Sarah Sanderlin, daughter Priscilla Gregory, daughter Margaret Gregory, son Wm. Barecock, daughter Rebecca Forbes, daughter Martha Forbes, granddaughter Margaret Davis, grandson Thomas Barecock, grandson Caleb Gregory, Wm. Barecock and Priscilla Gregory Executors.

Barecock, William, Pasquotank County, 5 Mar. 1730-31, probated July Court 1731, sons Thomas, William, Daniel, Peter, Joseph, Luke, daughter Ann, wife Jane.

Barefield, John, Onslow. Nov. 4, 1742. Daughter Mary Edwards by my first wife, daughters Sarah Jones and Rose Barefield, son Luke, wife Elizabeth mother of Luke, daughter Fudith, two youngest children by my second marriage, wife and brother James Barefield Executors. Test. John Gourley, James Barefield, Richard Johnston.

Barefield, Richard, Bertie. Nov. 4, 1742. Wife Mary, sons Richard, William James and Solomon, Barsheba Melton, grandson Richard Barefield, son Thomas. Test. William Jones, Thomas Whipple, Alexander Cotton.

Barefield, Richard. May 1, 1754, probated Jan. 19, 1755, son Henry, son Jesse, daughter Mary, granddaughter Eliz Taylor, daughter Ann Grady, daughter of Catherine Taylor.

Bargeron, Judeth, Beaufort. Nov. 14, 1742, Dec. Court 1742. Daughters Judeth Wilkins and Jean Barrow, sons John and Elias, daughter Margaret Geddins; son Elias Executor. Test. Michael Ward, Jacob Mercer, Thomas Mercer.

Barlow, Robert, Hyde. Nov. 24, 1751, Mar. Court 1752. Foster Jervis, Dinah Smith, Martha Smith daughter of John dec’d, William Silvester, sister Hannah McWilliams, William Silvester Executor. Test. Benj. Russell, Joel Bartie.

Barnes, Joseph, Northampton. Apr. 17, 1751, Aug. Court 1751. Sons Jacob, Mycha, Demsey, and Jethro, wife Elizabeth. Test. Henry Gay, Charles Skinner, Julian Whiteley.

Barnes, Joseph. July 4, 1755. Son Hezekiah, wife and Jonathan Melton Executors. Test. John Chapman, Margaret Morton.

Barnsford, Anne, Apr. 23, 1721, probated July 18, 1721, daughter Anne Combs, granddaughter Elizabeth Riogal, daughter Elizabeth Riogal.

Baros, Moses, Jan. 7, 1733, probated March 1733-34, Mary Leson.

Barrow, Edmund, Northampton.Mar. 22, 1758, July Court 1758. Sons John, Benjamin and James, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, wife Mary. Test. John Turner, James Cary Jr.

Barrow, James, Chowan. Junr 11, 1718, Oct. 11, 1719. Brother Joseph, sister Joana Williams, Francis Pettitt, wife Sarah, daughter Sarah, cousin Sarah daughter of John Barrow Jr., wife Executrix. Test. Francis Smith, Thos. Pierce Jr., John Anderson.

Barrow, John, Hyde. Aug. 23, 1748, probated 1748. Brothers Zachariah Barrow, Moses, Thomas, George and Frederick Barrow, sisters Rebecca Barrow and Ann Downing, uncle John Barrow Executor. Test. Nath’l Eborne, John Harvey, Thos. Simons.

Barrow, John, June 11, 1718, wife Rachel, son John, daughters Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Margaret, wife and brother Jos. Barrow Executors.

Barrow, John, Mar. 1, 1718, probated Aug. 2, 1718, daughter Joannah Williams, son John, son Joseph, son James.

Barrow, John, Perquimans. June 11, 1718, Aug. 12, 1719. Wife Rachael, son John, children Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Margaret, Joseph Barrow to take Francis Pettitt in his care, wife and brother Joseph Executors. Test. Francis Smith, John Williams, James Barrow, John Lendiow.

Barrow, John, Perquimans. Sister Sarah, Zachariah Nixon and Francis Toms Executors. Feb. 17, 1742-43, Mar. 5, 1742-43. Test. James Skinner, William Jones, Joseph Barrow Jr.

Barrow, Joseph, Beaufort. June 19, 1752. Sons James, John and Joseph, wife Jean and brother John Executors. Test. John Bergeron, Robt. Flake, Wm. Michall.

Barrow, Joseph, Perquimans. 13th, 2nd month, 1753, Apr. Court 1753. Wife Sarah, child in “esse”, son William, wife Executrix. Test. Joseph White, Mary Sherwood.

Barrow, Joseph, Perquimans. 17th day, 3d month, 1752, January Court 1755. Sons John and William, daughters Ann and Orpah, wife Sarah, daughters Elizabeth Bundy amd Jane Jones, grandson William Barrow, my four children by my last wife, sons Josiah, John and William Barrow, Ann and Orpah Barrow Execitrix. Test. Thomas Pierce, John Swain, Joshua Long.

Barrow, Lewis of Chowan, probated Oct. 11, 1719, dated Jan. 17, 1718, brother Joseph Barrow, sister Joana, wife Sarah, daughter Sarah, cousin Sarah, daughter of John Barrow.

Barrow, Rebecca, Perquimans. Jan. 13, 1721. Sister Sarah Barrow, whom I appoint my Executrix. Test. J. Butler, Christopher Butler.

Barrow, William, Edgecombe. Oct. 20, 1758, Dec. Court 1758. Son William Executor, wife Priscilla, daughter Anna Fort, granddaughter Elizabeth Fort. Test. James Barnes, Drew Smith, William Barnes.

Barrow, William, Hyde. Jan. 8, 1715, Oct. 23, 1716. Sons William, John, Richard, Samuel, Joseph and James, daughters, Anne and Sarah, wife Elizabeth and son William Executors. Test. Thomas Bonner, Thos. Martin, John Carter.

Barrow, William, Hyde. Sons John, Thomas, George and Moses, youngest sons Zachariah and Shadrach, brother John, son-in-law James Cakes and Shiprite Chismore Executors. Apr. 5, 1746. Test. Nath’l Eborn, Martha Eborne, John Barrow.

Barry, William, Dec. 14, 1721, probated January Court, 1722, Marian, brother David Barry, Theo. Morris, Mary Meads, daughter of John Meads, of Lirttle River.

Barton, Valentine, Chowan Precinct. Mar. 6, 1685-86, Mar. 29, 1686. Hannah Ford, Lidy Harrison, brother-in-law Wm. Fyam (or Tyam), brother-in-law Joseph Williams; Hannah Barton, brother-in-law Geo. Fordyce Executors. Test. Ann Symons, Richard Fountain, William Wilkinson.

Bartram, Elizabeth, Bladen. Dec. 27, 1771, Aug. Court 1772. My late husband William Bartram, deceased, daughter Mary Robeson,Thomas Browne and wife Sarah Executors.

Bass, Edward, Northampton. July 5, 1748, Aug. court, 1750. Sons Benjamin, Joseph, and Sampson, grandson Elijah Bass, sons John, Edward and James, daughters Catherine Anderson, Dinah Bass, Kesiah, and Mary, wife Lovewell, son Benjamin Executor. Test. William Bass, Dinah Bass, John Sutton.

Bass, John, Jan. 18, 1732, Feb. Court 1732. Son Edward, son William, grandson Aaron Johnson, daughter Judith, daughter Sarah Anderson, daughter Lucy Bass, daughter Mary, son Aaron, daughter Patience, son Moses, son John, wife, last wife’s children.

Bastable, William, Mar. 19, 1727-28, wife Hannah, daughter Hannah.

Batcheler, Edward, Newbern. Nov. 1777, Dec. 4, 1777. Wife Frances, eldest daughter Elizabeth, sons John and Edward, daughter Frances, Thomas Asheton, John Chevalear, partnership of Asheton and Batcheler to be settled, Thomas Asheton of Philadelphia, Dr. Thomas Harline of Newbern, and wife Frances Execotirs. Test. Richard Cogdell, Michael Gorman.

Batcheler, Edward, Tyrrell. Sept. 21, 1706. Wife and child in “esse”, Robert and James Fewox Executors. Test. Samuel Brevitt, John Gate.

Bate, Henry Lawrence, of Bertie. 12 May 1740, son Augustine, child in “esse”, wife Martha, brother Humphrey Bate, sister Ann Bate, honored mother Sanders, wife Martha and brother Humphry Bate executors. Witnesses, Will Cathart, Henry Hunter, Sarah Hunter.

Bateman, John, Perquimans. Feb. 4, 1747-48, July Court 1750. Nephew Thomas son of brother Thomas Bateman, his son William, Mary Hawkins daughter of my nephew John Hawkins, Elizabeth Phelps daughter of my brother Jonathan Bateman, Mary Phelps daughter of my brother Thomas, Sarah Butler daughter of my brother Jonathan, brother Thomas Bateman and his son William Executors. Test. Samuel Swann, Francis Layden, Catherine Davise.

Bateman, Jonathan, Albemarle. Jan. 1694-95. Wife Elizabeth, children Jonathan, John, Thomas, and Mary, son Jonathan Executor. Test. Thos. Hassold, John Twigger, Diana White.

Bateman, Jonathan, Jan. 27, 1694-95. Wife Elizabeth, children Jonathan, John, Thomas, and Mary, son Jonathan Executor. Test. Thos. Hassold, John Twigger, Sdiana White.

Bateman, William, Currituck. Mar. 1, 1703, Apr. 25, 1704. Daughters Mary, Elliner, Isabel, sons Joseph and William, daughter Elizabeth, son Samuel, wife Executor. Test. Robert Smith.

Batters, Thomas. Nov. 29, 1733, probated Jan. 11, 1734, wife Dorcas, daughter Mary, daughter Diana.

Battle, John of Bertie Co. Apr. 22, 1740, probated May Court 1740. Son William, son Jesse, daughters Priscilla and Sarah, child in “esse”, brother Wm. Battle, wife Sarah Battle, John Brown, brother to my wife.

Batts, Nathaniel, Dead, no will. Joseph Chew married his widow and administratrix, James Blount, surety, Nov. 5, 1679.

Bays, Edward. Aug. 3, 1696, wife Mary, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, daughter Ann.

Beard, Richard, Perquimans. July 3, 1692. Calvin Clark’s daughter Jean Loadman, Hannah Barden, wife Jane, William Moore, --- Boge, James Larnel, John Lilly, Wm. Boge, William Larnell. Test. Charles McDaniel, Richard Stickney, Hannah Hille.

Beasley, Francis, Apr. 17, 1719, probated May 18, 1719, son James, son Robert, wife Mary, brother James Beasley and John Southwick Executors.

Beasley, James, Bertie. Jan. 2, 1758, Jan. Court 1758. Wm. Bently son of John, godson Luke Smithwick, Jon. Smithwick and John Ward Executors. Test. Jon. Smithwick, Edmund Smithwick.

Beasley, James, of Chowan, 10 Apr. 1720, probated Aug. 6, 1720, son James, son Francis, son Robert, son Samuel, wife Mary, wife and son James Executors.

Beasley, Samuel, Chowan. Nov. 13, 1735. John Beasley, Mary Beasley, my grandmother, brother James,Thomas Huttson, James Beasley Jr. Test. William Cropsley, Thomas Bently, Elizabeth Wells.

Beaton (or Becton), John, Craven. Jan. 13, 1753, May Court 1753. Wife Ann, sons Frederick, George, Edmund, and Michael, daughter Mary; Frederick Esler and son Frederick Executors.

Beels, Jacob, Pasquotank. May 15, 1746, July Court 1746. Daughters Tabitha, Mary, Barbary, and Elizabeth, brother John Beels Executor.

Beels, James, Pasquotank, Nov. 3, 1721, wife Ann, sons John, Jacob and James.

Beesley, Nov. 13, 1735, John Beesley, Mary Beesley, brother Francis, grandmother, brother James Beesley, James Beesley.

Beesley, Thomas. April 15, 1733. Only son and wife Elizabeth. Executor Thos. Owens. Test. John Frederick, John King.

Beezley, Thomas. April 15, 1733, probated July 3, 1733, son John, wife Elizabeth, son Thomas.

Bell, Cornelius. Aug. 1, 1729, Dec. Court 1729. Wife, sons Jonathan, Cornelius, and George, daughter Mary, John Sothey Bell, son Cornrlius Executor. Test. Edward Hadley, Thomas Fuller, (Currituck).

Bell, Elizabeth, widow, Tyrrell. June 16, 1750, Nov. 30, 1750. Sister Margaret, daughter in London, South Britain, brother-in-law James Turnbull, William Mackay, my deceased husband’s nephew, Cullen Pollock Executor. Test. Thomas Neal, John Gomen, Bedford Fagan.

Bell, George, Edgecombe. Dec. 21, 1752, Frb. Court 1752. Son Arthur, daughter Elizabeth Floyd, son William Williams, daughter Martha and Mary, Francis Floyd and Arthur Bell Executors. Test. Wm. Portis, Thos. Bell, Thos. Floyd.

Bell, George, Edgecombe. Feb. 18, 1755, May Court 1755. Sons George, John and David, wife Sarah and son John Executors. Test. Arthur Bell, Geo. Bell, Rose Channel.

Bell, John, March 1, 1720, probated March 29, 1721, sons James, John, William, George, and Nathan, daughter Mary, son Henry, son Joseph, son Benjamin, wife Mary, Executrix.

Bell, John, Pasquotank. 1720-21. Nov. 29, 1721. Son James, land at Alligator and in Maryland, sons George, John, William, and Nathaniel, daughter Mary, sons, Henry, Joseph, and Benjamin, wife Mary Executrix. Test. Wm. Willson, Samuel Cock, Darby Twilenant.

Bell, Joseph, Carteret. Mar. 12, 1744-45. May Court 1745. Wife Margaret, son Thomas, John Nelson, son Thomas and John Nelson Executors. Test. Thomas Harris, Richard Booth, Matthew Booth.

Bell, Ross, Feb. 21, 1726, probated Nov. 10, 1727, eldest son George Bell, daughter Mary, wife Martha, son Joseph, son Ross Bell.

Bell, Thomas, Chowan. Dec. 11, 1733, Jan. court 1733-34. Cousins William, Thomas, Anne and Jane Bell children of my brother John, cousin William Mackay, wife Elizabeth and Wm. MacKay Executors. Test. Samuel Durrance, William Downing, Hannah Girkin.

Bell, Thomas, Edenton. Aug. 28, 1751, Oct. Court 1751. My cousins the children of Robert McRee, and James Car, Anne Dennam, Capt. Wm. Mackay, brother-in-law Ales Stuart and James Waddell Executors. Test. James Trotter, Jemima Allen, James Campbell.

Bell, William, Currituck. Aug. 27, 1721, Aug. 31, 1721. Son William, wife and children. Test. Thomasin O’Neal, Deborah Pell, Sarah Walker.

Bell, William, Edgecombe. Dec. 1, 1752, May Court 1754. Sons Arthur and Joshua, daughter Nary Pyrent, daughter Anne, granddaughter Sarah Pyrent, sons Arthur and Joshua Executors. Test. James Atkinson, Wm. Cain, Rebecca Cain.

Bellman, Joseph, of Perquimans Co. July 10, 1740. Probated Oct. 1740, wife Mary, daughter Sarah.

Benbow, Gershon, Bladen. Jan. 12, 1751. Sons Powell, Richard, and Evans, daughter Susanna, son Powell and brother Charles Benbow Executors. Test. Abraham Sanders, Richard May, John Jones.

Benbury, William of Chowan. April Court 1755, wife Bridgett, son Edmond, son William, brother John, son John, son Joseph, son James, son Miles, daughter Sarah.

Benbury, William, July 13, 1709, son-in-law James Watch, wife Jane, son William, son John, daughter Martha, daughter Hannah. Witnesses Henry Bonner, Ann Moseley, and Edward Moseley.

Bender, Martin, Craven. Wife, sons Daniel and John, daughters Salome and Mary Bender, John Simons and John Grande Executors. Oct. 19, 1750, Dec. 1750. Test. Benjamin Simmons, Elizabeth Motley.

Bennett, Edward. Nov. 13, 1687. Albemarle. Wife, friends Jeremiah Wilkes and Richard Spruell, my daughter. Test. Thomas Butler.

Bennett, John, of Currituck. Dec. 10, 1710. Sons Joseph and Benjamin, cousin Wm. Jones, of Northamptonshire, wife’s grandfather Richard Nescut of South Pedecton in Somersetshire, adopted son Sampson Goddard, wife Mary, Elecutrix.

Bennett, Joseph, Currituck. Mar. 9, 1721-22, Apr. 9, 1723-24. Sons Joseph, William, and Samuel, daughter Mary Sayres, son John, daughter Alice, wife Ann. Test. Joseph John Wilson, Edward Cox.

Bennett, Nehemiah, Currituck. April Court 1753. Sons John and Josiah, daughter Ufan; wife Elizabeth Executrix. Test. James Burnham, George Davis, Solomon Bennett.

Bennett, Solomon, Currituck. Sons moses and Benjamin, daughters Rebecca, Mary and Betsy; wife Dorcus Executrix. Test. Phillip Northern, Mary Etheridge, Timothy Etheridge. March Court 1755.

Benone, John, Pasquotank. Feb. 15, 1698-99, Oct. 17, 1699. Sons Daniel and Peter, daughters Margaret and Jeane, wife Margaret Executrix. Test. Daniel Akehurst, William Reed.

Bentley, John, Bertie. Mar. 12, 1754, May Court 1754. Sons William and John, sister-in-law Ann Bentley, Richard Tomlinson Executor. Test. John Hyman, John Ward, Rebecca Ward.

Bentley, John, Moratuck River, now Roanoke. Dec. 15, 1728, July 15, 1741. Sons John, William and Jeremiah, my “Quitsnia plantation”, sons James and Joseph, daughters Mary, Lydia and Sarah, granddaughter Hannah, wife Sarah and son John Executors. Test. Will Lattimer, W. Groome, Elizabeth Lattimer.

Bentley, John, Oct. 15, 1695, brother Richard, cousin Elizabeth Leary, daughter of Cornelius Leary, and Mary his wife, John Williams and Roger Williams, sons of my brother in law Jenkins Williams, child in “esse”, brother in law Wm. Barrow.

Bentley, John, Perquimans. Apr. 15, 1695. Brither Richard, cousin Elizabeth Leary daughter of Cornelius Leary, wife Ann, Jonathan Ashford, brother-in-law William Barrow, and wife Executor. Test. John Barrow, George Barrow.

Bentley, John, Tyrrell. Mar. 21, 1754, Junr Court 1754. Wife Sarah, son Isaac, mother, brothers William and James, William Gardner Jr. and Isaac Gardner Executors. Test. Luke Mizell, Mary Gardner, Sarah Mizell.

Bentley, Richard. Apr. 6, 1697, May 27, 1697. Diana White, whom I appoint my Executrix. Test. James Oates, Alex. Lillington.

Benton, John, Chowan. Feb. 25, 1748-49, Mar Court 1750. Sons Epaphroditus, Elijah, and Jethro, daughter Judith Rabey, sons Moses and Elijah, grandson Wm. Parker son of my daughter Mary, grandson James Parker son of my daughter Charity Parker, sons John and Jethro Executors. Test. Henry Morgan, John Weever, William Parker.

Berans, Richard, Hyde. Wife, Baptisim Ministers, Richard Arter son of James, all my children; Robert Spring Executor. Test. Timothy Allen, Part Bartlett, Nathan Davis.

Berkeley, John, of St. Giles Parish, county of Middlesex, England, and Elizabeth his wife, and Sarah Catchmaid, of said Parish, daughter and co-heir of Edward Catchmaid, who was son and heir of Thomas Catchmaid, late of Nansemond, Va.

Berry, Cornelius. April 17, 1751, Mar. 18, 1734-35. Wife Comfort, Littleton Berry, Cornelius Berry, John Berry, wife Executrix. Test. Thomas Miller.

Beveret, Benjamin, New Hanover. Oct. 25, 1749, Aug. 24, 1753. Son Benjamin, wife and four children, Henry Carter and Thos. Kennan Executors. Test. Hugh McCanne, William Savage.

Beverly, John, Bertie. Sons, John and Robert, daughters Sarah Cox and Mary Peck, granddaughter Rachel Beverly, granddaughter, daughter of Sarah Burnby, grandson William Cox, grandsons William and Henry Beverly, wife Margaret, John and Joseph Jones Executors. Dec. 2, 1737, Feb. Court 1737-38. Test. James Douglas, Eliza Douglas, John Sutton.

Bevins, Mary, Hyde. July 27, 1753. Daughters Elizabeth and Mary, son John, daugter Ann, granddaughters Mary Artry and Ann Dickson, son Robert, James Chapman; sons Robert and John Executors. Test. Absalom Cox, Thos. Mack Williams, Sarah Matthews.

Biddle, Jacob, Onslow. Feb. 4, 1755, Apr. 1758. Son Jacob, Abram Simson, Anthony Charlescraft, wife Anne, Isaac Biddle, William biddle son of Isaac, wife and son Isaac Executors. Test. Samuel Pierson, William Gibson, James Alkins.

Billet, John, Feb. 29, 1719-20. Probated May 11, 1720, son Daniel, son-in-law James Bell and wife Mary, grandson Nevell Bell, son of James and Mary, wife Alice.

Bird, Thomas, Bertie. Sons, Thomas and Henry, wife Elizabeth, son Edmund, daughters Hannah Baker, Elizabeth Jones, Margaret Holloman, Sarah Bird, and Ann Bird, wife Executrix. Dec.14, 1742, Feb. Court 1752. Test. Chas. Holloman, Thomas Baker, Antho’ Webb.

Birnie, William, New Hanover. Sept. 28, 1752, Dec. 14, 1752. Wife Illian and Moses John DeRossett Executors. Test. John Campbell, Mary Mason, John Maultsby Jr.

Birote, Peter. Jan. 15, 1742, Apr. 21, 1742. Son Benjamin, Mary Gaston; Peter Payne Executor and guardian. Test. Benj. Talbot, Humphrey Robinson, Wm. Arkill.

Bishop, George Jr., Onslow. Dec. 20, 1743, Oct. 15, 1744. Brother Stoakley Bishop, sister Betty Dudley, cousin Bishop Dudley, cousin Easter Dudley, brother James Sidbury, brother Wordman Stoakley Sidbury, cousins Comfort and Moses Sidbury, Jane Morgan, mother Elizabeth Bishop, father Geo. Bishop Executor. Test. Rice Morgan, James Smallwood.

Black, Isaac, Wilmington. June 22, 1754, Aug. Court, 1754. Sisters Elizabeth Wood and Jane Black; brother John Black Executor. Test. Will Gregory, James Campbell, Mark Gibbin.

Black, Michael, Newbern. Jan. 16, 1760. Joseph Willis, also appoint him Executor. Test. Jacob Miller, Geo. Fisher, James Willis.

Blackall, Dr. Abraham, Edenton. Feb. 17, 1739-40, Jan. court 1749. Infant Penelope born of Sarah Roudon Sr., my wife, daughter charlotte, William and Sarah Roudon children of my wife, wife Executor. Test. Robert Foster, James Potter, Jas. Trotter.

Blackall, Sarah, of Edenton. Jan. 29, 1754, probated Apr. Court 1754, daughter Sarah Rowden, daughter Penelope, daughter Charlotte.

Blackledge, Richard, Craven. Feb. 20, 1776, Oct. Court 1777. Wife Ann, sons Richard, Thomas, and William, son-in-law John Jones husband of my daughter Elinor, daughter Ann Blackledge, Mrs. Mary Neal, Miss Betsy Baker, my father Benj. Blackledge Sr., Jacob Blount, Christopher Neale, son Richard, and son-in-law Spiers Singleton Executors. Test. J. Blount, Henry Cannon, Reading Bryant.

Blackman, John, Bertie. Nov. 19, 1736, Nov. Court 1736. Wife Sarah, sons John, Arthur, Bennett, and Joseph, all my children, sons Bennett and Theophilus White Wxwcutors. Test. William Taylor, Arthur McDaniel, Phebe Jernagan.

Blackman, Nicholas, Bertie. Aug. 20, 1730. Son-in-law George Smith and William Smith, wife Allison Executrix, George and William Smith are sons of my wife. Test. Edward Collins, Richard Moore, James Baker.

Blake, David, Currituck. Oct. 9, 1714, Jan. 13, 1714-15. Sons Thomas and David, Mathias Towler, daughter Matthew Blake, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, Ralph Matham and John Mason Executors. Test. Thos. Evans, John Evans.

Blanchard, Benjamin, Nansemond County, Va. June 5, 1719. Sons Robert and Benjamin, son William Weston and wife Catherine, son Absalom; wife Catherine and son Robert Executors. Test. Aaron Blanchard, Will Hill, Joseph Grifing, Thos. Rountree.

Blanchard, Ephraim, Chowan. July 27, 1745, April Court 1749. Sons Aaron, Ephraim, and Micajah, granddaughter Mary Griffin, her sister Sarah Griffin, wife Isabel and son Ephraim Executors. Test. Thomas Roundtree Sr., Chas. Roundtree, Thos. Roundtree.

Blening, Hugh, Bladen. May 10, 1759, Mar. Court 1752. Sister Sarah Starr, wife’s son William Hall, her daughter Elizabeth; wife Elizabeth and Mathew Rowan Executors. Test. Thomas Hall, Robert Down.

Blin, Daniel. Sept. 23, 1742, Mar. 15, 1753. Wife Mourning, also my Executrix. Test. Mary Smith, John Riennsset, Patrick Brahan.

Blish, John, Pasquotank. Nov. 17, 1718. Martha Foster daughter of Thomas, Elizabeth Flemen, Elizabeth Gibson, Edward James, John Bell Sr.; William Wilson Executor. Test. Joseph Cary, Mary Miller, John Bottlinor.

Blitchenden, Thomas, Perquimans. Apr. 12, 1744, July 23, 1745. Sons John, William and Abraham, eldest child of my daughter Sarah, wife Mary, sons William and Abraham Executors. Test. Mac. Scarbrough, Nath’l Carruthers, Zach. Chancy.

Blount, Benjamin Sr., of Tyrrell Co., Feb. 13, 1739, probated June 1740. Wife Elizabeth, son James, son Jacob, son Isaac, daughter Esther, son Edmund, daughter Mary, daughter Sarah, son Benjamin.

Blount, Edmund, Tyrrell. Feb. 12, 1754, June Court 1754. Son Edmund, wife Elizabeth, all my children, wife and Benj. Blount Executors. Test. Benj. Blount, Jacob Blount.

Blount, James, inventory only, filed Sept. 16, 1751, by Harman Hill, Executor.

Blount, Thomas, of Kendricks Creek, Tyrrell County. Aug. 4, 1701, wife Mary Blount, and all my children.

Blount, Thomas. Dec. 3, 1701, Mar. 28, 1706. Tyrrell. Son James, tract of land called “Cabin Neck”, wife Mary and her children, daughter Billah who married Kellum Tyler, daughters Sarah Pearce, Christian Ludford, and Ann Wilson, sons John, Thomas and James Executors. Test. William Wilkinson, John Blount, Thomas Green.

Blye, William. Nov. 29, 1748, May Court 1749. Wife Elizabeth, sons William and Thomas, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, wife and son William Executors. Test. John Thomas, Nath’l Williams, Timothy Williams.

Bobbitt, John, Bertie. May 7, 1736, Nov. Court 1736. Eldest son William, son Thomas, daughters Frances, Mary, and Amy, William Bobbitt, Robert Green, John Massey, and James Brogden Executors. Test. James Bekes, Richard Massey, Francis Massey.

Bodeet, Jacob, dead and no will. John Brock in right of his wife Mary, widow and relict of said Jacob, administrator. May 4, 1714.

Boferdt, John, Pasquotank Precinct, Albemarle. Oct. 30, 1703, Apr. 14, 1704. David Pritchard, also appoint him Executor. Test. Wm. Vernon, Wm. Joy, Margre Joy.

Boge, Josiah, Perquimans. 1st day, 3rd month, 1732. Sons Jesse, Joseph and Job, daughters Mary, Miriam and Lidy, wife Deborah Executrix. Test. Joshua Parish, Joshua Haskett, Thos. Hollowell.

Boge, William, Dec. 20, 1721, probated Apr. 11, 1721, sons William, Josiah, wife Ellendor, daughter Elizabeth Hill, daughter Jane Boge, daughter Miriam Boge, grandson Wm. Hill, daughter Rachel Boge, son Robert, William Boge and Janet Hill Executors.

Boge, William, Perquimans. June 29, 1744, Oct. Court 1745. Wife Sarah, son William, son Dak (Dick?), wife Executrix. Test. John More, Thomas Bagley.

Bond, John, Beaufort. July 8, 1749, Sept. Court 1749. Sons William, Robert and Richard, wife, cousin Martha Spring, son James, daughters Sarah, Anna and Mary, son John; wife, sons William, John and James Bond Executors. Test. Abraham Pritchett, John Turner, Phillip Pritchett, Joshua Pritchett.

Bond, John, Bertie. Wife Katharine, brother Thomas Bond of Philadelphia, son of Katharine Dew, cousin John Bond son of Sam Bond, deceased, son Charles, wife, Godfrey Lea, Edward Bunce, and John Dawson Executors. May 18, 1738, Aug. 25, 1738.

Bond, Lewis, of Chowan. Feb. 22, 1753, probated Apr. Court 1753, son Richard, son William, son John, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, wife Rebecca, brother-in-law Richard Bond exectutor.

Bond, Richard, Chowan. Jan. 23, 1727. He died Jan. 23, 1723 at 5 o’clock P.M. Sons Richard, Hance, and Henry, sons William and Lewis, daughter Mary, wife Executrix, speaks of land in Maiden Hair Neck (on line Nansemond County, Virginia).

Bond, Robert, Craven. Jan. 6, 1737, June Court 1738. Son Francis, daughters Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth, daughter Martha, wife Sarah Executrix. Test. J. Dawson, John Good.

Bond, Robert. Son Francis, daughter Mary Goodall, John Goodall, daughter Sarah Bond, daughter Elizabeth Bond, daughter Martha Bond.

Bond, Samuel of Perquimans. 12th day, 8th month, 1721. Probated Mar. 26, 1723, son Samuel, son Luke, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, daughter Susanna, daughter Jane.

Bond, Vinyard, Beaufort. Mar. 5, 1762, Nov. 5, 1762. Mar. 5, 1762, Nov. 5, 1762. Wife Sarah, son Sweeting, daughter Sarah, sisters Sarah, Mary, and Margaret, wife and her brother John Carothers Executors. Test. Wm. Peyton, Wm. Trippe, Henry Lacy, Thos. Lea.

Bond, William, Beaufort. Nov. 6, 1757. Sons John and William, daughter Rebecca, Kniga Cokman, William Smith, James Bond; Richard Bond and Samuel Davis Executors. Test. Fras Gilbert, Ann Mayo.

Bonde, John. Wife Katherine, son Charles, brother Thos. Bonde, 18 May. 1738, probated Aug. 25, 1738.

Bonford, Nathaniel, Edgecombe. Oct. 2, 1756, Feb. Court 1757. Sons John and Nathaniel, daughters Mary and Patience; John Bondford and Joseph Lain Jr. Executors. Test. Samuel Harvey, Jemima Simmons.

Bonner, Edward of Currituck. July 20, 1711, son Joseph, wife Sarah, daughter Sarah, daughter Mary, daughters Jane and Susannah, my brother Benjamin Tull, and my brother Williams, assistants, friend Joseph Wicker.

Bonner, Henry of Chowan. Son Henry, son Thomas, grandson Richard Lewis, daughter Elizabeth Lewis, daughter Deborah, daughter Mary, granddaughter Sarah Lewis, granddaughter Deborah Lewis, Sept. 1, 1738.

Bonner, John, Chowan. Nov. 11, 1753, Jan. Court, 1754. Godson Thos. Eccleston, brother Thos. Bonner, cousin William Howcott, his sisters Elizabeth and Mary Howcott, cousin Edward Howcott, sister Sarah Howcott, sister Martha Howcott; brother Thos. Bonner Executor. Test. Jeremiah Michener, John Smith, George Liles.

Bonner, Mary, Chowan. Jan. 30, 1759, July Court 1759. Sister Deborah Thompson, my two brothers and sisters. Test. John Lewis, John Lewis Jr.

Bonner, Thomas, Chowan. Mar, 26, 1685. Wife Executor, son Thomas, child in “esse”, wife Mary. Test. Thomas Bonner, Sam’l Warren, Wm. Bonner. Nov. 24, 1685.

Bonner, Thomas. 11 Nov. 1755, April Court 1756, probated, son Thomas, daughter Esther More, son Henry, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Anna Byrde, daughter Sarah Wharton, wife Elizabeth.

Boon, Joseph. Oct. 19, 1728. Sons James, Joseph, Thomas and Ratliff, sister Martha Baley, daughters Mary and Elizabeth; wife Executrix. Test. Thos. Boon, Nat’l Cooper.

Boon, Nicholas. No date or probate date. Sons Nicholas, William, and Joseph, daughters Mary, Martha and Ann; wife Mary, brothers William and Thomas Executors. Test. John Strickland, John Ford, Nathaniel Cooper.

Booth, George, Knott’s Island. Feb. 12, 1729, July 7, 17730. Sons John and George, daughter Hannah Simmons.

Booth, James, Newton, Cape Fear. Feb. 12, 1737-38, Feb. 18, 1737-38. Jonathan Ogden, Roger Rolfe, Richard Ogden Sr., whom I also appoint my Executors. Test. Richard Ogden, Ann Shirley, Ann Rolfe.

Booth, John, Carteret. Dec. 14, 1751, Dec. 17, 1751. My wife and children. Test. George Bell, John Simpson.

Boozman, Ralph, Perquimans. Jan. 1, 1744-45, Jan. court 1750. Sister Mary Bullock, children of Joseph and Thomas Bullock, Sarah daughter of my sister Mary Bullock; Joseph and Thomas Bullock Executors. Test. Joshua Hobart, James Sitterson, Hannah Sitterson.

Borden, William, Carteret. Feb. 10, 1749, Aug. 1749. Son William, wife Susanna, children of my daughter Alice Stanton, daughters Catherine and Hannah Borden, son-in-law Henry Stanton, daughter Sarah, nephew William Bordon son of Joseph in Rhode Island, brother Thomas Bordon’s children, sister Amy Chase’s children, brother Benjamin, Sarah married William Pratt, brother Benjamin and Henry Stanton Executors. Test. Sarah Newby, Jos. Robinson, Jos. Newby.

Boswell, George of Perquimans Co. Son George, son Isaac, daughter Ezebel, Jan. 7, 1741.

Boswell, George, Perquimans. 30th day, 10th month, 1741, Jan. 7, 1741-42. Sons George and Isaac, daughter Ezibell, sister-in-law Hannah Morgan, Chas. Overman and Thos. Hollowell Executors. Test. Thos. Nicholson, John Boswell, Josiah Bundy.

Boswell, William, 1st day, 12th month 1734-35, probated Feb. 1735, wife Margaret, daughter of Christopher Nicholson, son Thomas, son John, son Ichabod, daughter Mary.

Bosworth, Joseph, Carteret. Wife Mary, sons Joseph, Ephraim, and Robert, wife, Joseph Wickes and Solomon Bacon Executors. June 18, 1734, June 3, 1735. Test. James Ball, William Waldron, Ephraim Chadwick.

Bouce, William, Dec. 1, 1703. Robert Bradley, of Prince George, Maryland, gold ring to Mrs. Juliana Laker, my Executrix, Col. William Wilkerson’s wife, James Stoddart, of Prince George Maryland, his wife, John Coble, Peter Godfrey, Mrs. Joanna Taylor.

Bould, George, Craven. July 12, 1745, Sept. Court 1745. Brother Joseph Bould, Francis Stringer, John Snead, James Maulewein, George Powell son of John, wife Mary Executrix. Test. Thos. Fox, Mary Coor, Fielder Powell, James Coor.

Bounds, Richard, of Periquimans, Nov. 22, 1720, July 11, 1721, wife Abigail, son Edward, daughter Elizabeth Horner, daughter Abigail, son Samuel, wife and James Ming, Executors.

Boval, James, Bertie. Son-in-law Culiner Sessums, grandson Geo. Augustus Wynns, daughter Mary Wynns, daughter Elizabeth Early, grandson James Early, James Burk, son-in-law John Wynns and John Early Executors. June 8, 1733, Mar. 21, 1735. Test. John Wilson, Thos. Lee, James Martin.

Boyce, Isaac, Perquimans. 15th day, 11th month, 1750, July court 1750. Son Job, uncles Nicholas and Elias Stallings, sons Joseph and Benjamin, wife Jude, Nicholas and Elias Stallings Executors. Test. Abraham Sanders Jr., Joseph White, Elizabeth Sanders.

Boyce, John, Craven. Perquimans. Feb. 12, 1748-49, July Court 1749. Sons John, Isaac and Moses, daughters Jean, Elizabeth, and Rachel, grandson Job Boyce, wife Susannah and son Isaac Executors. Test. Nicholas Stallings, Wm. Eason, Henry Stallings.

Boyce, William, Aug. 30, 1688, wife Ann.

Boyce, William, Perquimans. June 11, 1703. Mother Mary of Yarmouth, County Norfolk, England, brother Robert, Mrs. Juliana Laker, Robert Bradley of Prince George County, Maryland, Col. Wm. Wilkinson, wife, and Mrs. Joanna Taylor Executors. Test. David Harris, Elizabeth Stuart.

Boyd, John of Pasquotank. Eldest son William, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Winnifred, wife Ann Boyd, January 29, 1741, probated July Court 1742.

Boyd, John, Chowan. Oct. 9, 1737, July Court 1738. Wife Lydia, children William, Anne and Marion; wife, Phillip Aylett of Virginia, and Edward Silk Executors. Test. James Williams, Edward Silk.

Boyd, John, of Chowan. Oct. 9, 1737, probated July Court 1737. Wife Lydia, children William, Anne, Marion, and Lydia.

Boyd, Thomas of Bath. Dec. 17, 1725, probated April Court 1726, wife Katherine, son Thomas Boyd.

Boyd, William. Aug. 30, 1688. Wife Ann, also my Executor. Test. Paul Latham, John Barber, Jacob Fielder.

Boyd, Winnefred, Jun. 15, 1720, probated July 19, 1720, son Thomas Boyd, son John Boyd, son Benjamin West, son Chas. West.

Boyintone, Joseph, Chowan. Sept. 25, 1738, Jan. Court 1738-39. John Richards, brother Benjamin of Glouchester, New England, heir and Executor. Test. Abram Blackall, Thos. Mortimer, James Mitchell.

Boykin, Edward, Northampton. June 8, 1743, Aug. Court 1743. Sons Thomas, Solomon and Hardy, daughter Martha, grandson Drury Boykin, wife, grandson Henry Boykin, sons Edward and Benjamin, daughters Rachel Herron and Martha Coward, son of my first born Edward Boykin; wife Judeth and son Solomon Executors. Test. Oliver Campbell.

Boykin, Thomas Sr., Northampton. Apr. 23, 1745, Feb. Court 1750. Wife Mildred, son Thomas, Ann Crawford, Martha Thornton, Elizabeth Strickland, Patience Strickland; son Thomas Executor. Test. John Simpson, Joseph Rogers, John Reynolds.

Brack, George, Onslow. Sept. 25, 1750, Apr. Court 1751. Eldest son George, son Eliazer, wife Jean, son Richard, daughter Elizabeth, son William, grandson John Lewis, granddaughter Sarah Lewis, son-in-law Matthew Lewis. Lionel Boutwell, Mourning Lewis, Susanna Morris.

Bradley, John, Craven. Oct. 11, 1753, Nov. Court 1753. Wife, Jeremiah Rhane, all the children. Test. Daniel Perkins, Jeremiah Rhane.

Bradley, Richard, Currituck. Apr. 13, 1756, June Court 1756. Sons Hener, William, and Abel, daughter Alidea Corbell, son John, daughter Mary, Elizabeth Bradley, son Runero, wife Dority and son William Executors. Test. Kedar Merchant, Josiah Dough, Elizabeth Denby.

Brady, James, Chowan. August 1750, Jan. Court 1750-51. Sons Joshua, James and Joseph, grandson James Conner, wife Grace and son James Executors. Test. Ed. Warren, Mary Powel, Henry Goodman.

Brady, Joseph, Chowan. Nov. 19, 1752, July Court 1753. Daughter Elizabeth Hartlock, grandson John Dickens, his mother Suffrah, granddaughter Tamer Brady, son John, daughter Mary, James. Test. Jacob Rogers, Joseph Brady, Tamer Brady.

Branch, Francis, of Chowan. Nov. 14, 1739, probated Dec. 4, 1739.Phillip Maguire, land in Rockyhock Neck100 acres, son William Branch, son Issachar, daughter Sarah Donovan, wife Ann Branch, Will Arkill and Wm. Luten Executors.

Branch, William of Chowan, Nov. 20, 1721, Jan. 20, 1722, wife Margaret, brother Francis Branch, Executors, son William, Henry Bonner, William Bonner, and Paul Palmer, son Issachar, son Solomon, daughter Elizabeth, and an infant.

Braske, Laurence, Jun. 1, 1687. Margaret Brown, Elizabeth Craddock, both of whom I appoint my Executrix. Test. John Browne, C. Wood, John Wilson. July 2, 1687.

Brasswell, Robert, Bertie. Sept. 14, 1736, Nov. Court 1736. Daughter Sarah Daughtrey, sons John, Richard, Robert, and Valentine, daughters Jean and Mary, godson Demsie Sumner and his mother Elizabeth Sumner, wife Sarah, James Bryant and Joshua Daughtrey Executors. Test. Thos. Bryant, Nicholas Bagot, Panonea Bryant.

Bray, Henry, Pasquotank. Sept. 20, 1745. Sons William, Christopher, John and George, sons Daniel, Jeremiah, Jacob and Henry, daughter Mary Shall Daily, daughters Sarah Squires and Elizabeth Forbes, wife Executrix. Test. James Forbes, William Wright.

Bray, Henry. Sept. 20, 1745, probated June Court 1758, son William, son Christopher, son John, son George, son Henry, son Daniel, son Jeremiah, son Caleb, son Jacob, daughter Mary Shaw, daughter Sarah Squires, daughter Elizabeth Forbes.

Bray, William Sr., Jan. 18, 1725, probated, Aug. 23, 1725, eldest son Henry, younger son George, Wm. Burgess Executor.

Brent, James of Currituck. Feb. 7, 1753, April Court 1753 probated, son Richard, daughter Ann, child “in esse”, wife Kesiah.

Brent, Thomas, Jan. 1, 1726, probated Jan. 26, 1727, wife Ann Brent, Witness Thomas Williams, Robert Heath, Charles Brent.

Brent, Thomas, July 26, 1727, probated 11th May 1727, son James, wife Ann.

Brent, Thomas, of Curriuick. Jan. 25, 1712-13, son Charles Brent, son John Brent, son Thomas Brent, wife Alice Brent.

Brewer, George. Jan. 25, 1757, Aug. Court 1757. Wife Mary, sons Rawle, George, Matthew, and John. Wife Executor. Test. John Scouls, Elizabeth Whitington, Wm. Clapham.

Brewer, Jane, Newton, New Hanover. Aug. 18, 1739, Sept. 25, 1739. Daughters Catherine and Hannah in Cape Fear, Daniel Dunbibbin and my son-in-law Richard Hog Executors. Test. Rufus Marsden, James Brown, Roger Rolfe.

Brice, William, Nov. 16, 1718, probated May 1, 1719, Ann Brice, sons William and Francis, daughter Elizabeth, wife and Thos. Harvey, Executors.

Brickell, James. April 22, 1746, probated June Court 1746, daughter Ann, son James, daughter Mary, son of Elizabeth Grey, daughter Charity.

Bridgen, Samuel, Ludlow Castle, New Hanover. Job Howes Sr., Job Howes Jr., daughter Jane Bennett, land on “Old Town Creek”, land called “Bridgen’s Hall”, “Ludlow Castle”, and Bridgen’s Pastime”, son Edward Bridgen of London, daughter Elizabeth Catherine wife of Armond De Rossett, wife Sarah Bridgen of London, brother Rev. John Bridgen, nephew William Bridgen an alderman of London, Job Howes Executor. Test. John Mott, Hannah Mott, Arthur Howes, Ja. Moran Clerk of Court.

Bridgers, Bertie, Nov. 16, 1729, May Court 1730. Sons Joseph and Benjamin, daughter ----, daughter Elizabeth, son Samuel Executor. Test. John Woodvil, John Bardin, Edmund Chitty.

Bridgers, Samuel, Northampton. Daughters Mary and Patience, Wm. Boon Executor. Dec. 12, 1748, Feb. Court 1756. Test. John Bardin, Jesse Bardin, Jos. Bridgers Jr.

Bridgers, William, Bertie, Mar. 11, 1728. Nov. Court 1729. Son William, daughter Sarah, sons Joseph and John, brother Benjamin, father John Dew, wife Sarah, William Bryant, and John Dew Executors. Test. John Danson, Wm. Bryant, Mary Haise.

Briggers, William Johnston. Sept. 30, 1751, Dec. Court 1751. Joel Martin, Lucrese Martin, Phillips Jones Executor. Test. James Bryant, James Jacocks, James Gooding.

Briggs, Richard, Chowan. July Court 1754. Wife Elizabeth, children Solomon, Zilpah and Rachel, my fiur sons and their daughters, John and Job Harris Executors. Sons James, Moses and Richard, daughter Christian Briggs. Test. John Batcheler, Job Harris, Jesse Eason.

Bright, Henry, Currituck.May 23, 1749, July Court 1749. Daughters Bridget, Mary, Ann, and Lucy, sons Caleb, Silas, John and Henry, daughter Courtney, son Henry Executor. Test. James Burnham, Samuel Bright, Ann Bright.

Bright, Henry. Probated October Court 1739, son Adam, daughter Levinah Upton, wife Elizabeth.

Bright, James. Mar. 27, 1735, wife Ann.

Bright, Richard. Feb. 20, 1733-34, probated 1 July 1740, son Richard, son Hanson, son Solomon, son William, son James, son Samuel, daughter Ann Cox, daughter Elenor Etheridge, daughter Edee Bright.

Bright, Richard. No date, son Ephraim, son William, wife Elizabeth, my daughters.

Bright, Simon, Dobbs. Nov. 23, 1775, Jan. 15, 1777. Wife Mary, sons Simon, Graves, and James, daughters Mary, Sally, and Elizabeth Bright. Richard Casswell, John Cooke, and brother James Bright Executors. Test. E. Cooke, Richard Casswell, J. Glascow.

Bright, Solomon, Currituck. Feb. 4, ---, June Court 1755. Sons Hance and Solomon, wife Mary, all my children, wife Executrix. Test. Thomas Williams, William Williams, Thomas Davis.

Bright, William, Craven. Jan. 12, 1754, Nov. 6, 1754. Son Stockwell, daughters Susanna, Ann Nelson, Eleanor, and Mary, granddaughter Sarah Bright, grandson Harmon Gaskins, granddaughter Mary Bright, daughter Hannah, wife Ann. Test. James Arthur, Sarah Arthur, Wm. Carruthers.

Brockett, Benjamin, Craven. July 9, 1758, Aug. court 1758. Wife Sarah, also appoint her my Executrix. Test. Mary Gardner, Mary Pringell, John Granade.

Broderick, Thomas, late of Island of Granada but now of Wilmington. Mr. Parmer a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Mr. Hardin of the same profession, Christian Cain of Wilmington, Andrew Brodwick of Philadelphia; Cornelius Harnet Executor. May 6, 1760, May 16, 1760. Test. James McCan, Theo. Lloyd, Anth’y Ward.

Bromley, George, Bertie. Mar. 25, 1726, Sept. 20, 1728. Friend Thomas Betterley of Edenton. Test. G. Allen, Will Williams, John Matthews, William Biggs.

Brook, John, Currituck. July 19, 1707, Apr. 27, 1708. Son-in-law William Scott, wife Mary, son John, daughters Elizabeth, Feances, and Mary; wife Executor. Test. William Swain, James Ibetts.

Brothers, John of Pasquotank. Nov. 23, 1733, probated Apr. 1735. Sons Joseph, William, John, Samuel and Thomas, daughter Elizabeth, son Richard, wife Mary.

Brothers, John, Pasquotank. Nov. 28, 1733, Apr. 18, 1735. Sons Joseph, William, John and Samuel, wife Mary, daughter Elizabeth, sons Thomas and Richard, wife, son Joseph and brother William Brothers Executors. Test. Thos. Woodley, James Craven, Mary Woodley.

Brothers, William, Pasquotank. Jan. 11, 1711. Sons William, Richard, Thomas, and John, daughter Elinor Corps, daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Ann and Rebecca, son Benjamin; wife Executrix. Test. Joseph Peggs, Howell Brown.

Brown, Francis Sr., Bertie. Nov. 7, 1748, Nov. Court 1750. Sons Francis, William and John, daughters Anna, Mary, Sarah, Jane, and Elizabeth, youngest son Benjamin, John Wynns overseer of my will. Test. Isaac Hill, Daniel Van Pelt, Geo. Riviet.

Brown, James, Apr. 5, 1721, probated July 11, 1721, wife Mary Brown, son William, grandson to Gov. Marcum.

Brown, James, Beaufort. Nov. 13, 1736, July 20, 1750. Wife Dorothy, her late husband Rowland Porter Finch, children Mary and Anna Brown, William son of my last wife, Mitchell Coulanch and Abraha Duncan Executors. Test. Daniel Blirz, Richard Basset Jr., James Rigney.

Brown, James, Carotuck. Apr. 5, 1721. Wife Mary, plantation where Trueman McBride lives, son William, grandson to Gov. Marcum, wife Mary Executrix. Test. James Adams, Jos. Sanderson, Elizabeth Sanderson.

Brown, James, Edgecombe. Mar. 6, 1773, Mar. 25, 1774. Daughter Milly Brown, daughters Rachel, Catharine, and Sally, son James, daughter Ann, Benj. Amason Executor. Test. James Amason, Jesse Amason, William Amason.

Brown, John, Chowan. Nov. 28, 1718, Oct. 21, 1718. Wife Anne, Jacob Pritchard, son of my wife, wife Executrix. Test. James Robertson, Elizabeth Swann, Edward Moseley.

Brown, John, Halifax. Mar. 13, 1758, June Court 1759. Son Nathan, wife Patience, Patience Pope, Elizabeth Edwards, Priscilla Brown, Hardy Brown, Henrietta Brown, Sarah Brown, Olive Brown, grandson Bural Shelton, son Nathan, Nathan Brown, Samuel Edwatds, and ---- Ladoman Executors. Test. John Pope, Geo. Crudup, Nicholas Dixon.

Brown, John. Dead. April 7, 1713.

Brown, Jonas, Northampton. Jan. 25, 1741, August Court, 1743. Godson Jonas Brown son of my brother William, wife Eveith, whom I appoint my Executors. Test. W. Boddie, Mary Boddie.

Brown, Phillip, Bertie. Dec. 10, 1725. John McFarlin, wife Tomsin, wife and John McFarlin Executors. Test. William Maule, John White, Benjamin Sanders.

Brown, Richard. April 8, 1734, probated May Court 1736. Son Daniel, son Richard, son Willliam, son James, son Stephen, daughter Elizabeth Howcott, daughter Margaret Brown, wife Margaret.

Brown, Thomas of Wilmington. Wife Fortune, daughters Elizabeth and Isabel, brother John, July 16, 1748, probated May 10, 1748.

Brown, Thomas, Oct. 21, 1718, probated Oct. 28, 1718, wife Christian, son Thomas, daughter Sarah, son Edmund, son Howell Brown, son James.

Brown, Walter, of Bertie County. Oct. 17, 1735. Feb. Court 1736, son Josiah, cousin Jesse Drake, wife Mary, child in “esse”.

Brown, William, Beaufort. Sept. 9, 1751, Bath Court Dec. 1751. Wife Elizabeth, son John, daughters Mary and Sarah, wife and son John Executors. Test. John Linton, John Chester, Lemuel Corkson.

Brown, William, July 21, 1719, probated Oct. 21, 1719. Wife, sons John, Thomas, daughter Ann, John Carrier, daughter…. (rest of page is missing. J.B.)

Browne, John, Nov. 28, 1718, probated Oct. 21, 1718, Jacob Pritchard, son of my wife Anne, wife Anne.

Browne, Walter, Bertie. Oct. 17, 1735, Feb. Court 1735-36. Son Josiah, cousin Jane Drake, wife Mary, land south of Catawatsky, wife Executrix. Test. John Battle, Jesse Brown, John Brown.

Browning, John, 29 Apr. 1723, probated Sept. 4, 1733, wife Margaret, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Dorcas.

Bruan, James of Bertie. 1731-32, son William, John Dlew, Richard Braswell, James Bryant, Thomas Bryant, and Matthew Selar.

Bryan, Anne, Craven. Oct. 25, 1767, March 9, 1773. Sons William, John and Jessse, daughters Mary Cook and Elizabeth Dawson, grandson Joseph Stockley, grandson John Dawson, sons William, John and Jesse Executors. Test. James Carraway, Ann Carraway, Elias Justice, Gideon Carraway.

Bryan, Edward of Bertie or Hertford. Eldest son John, son William, son Edward, daughter Penelope, wife Ann Bryan, loving brother Hardy Bryan, brother of Lewis Bryan, speaks of lots in New Bern, Jan. 28, 1746, probated May 9, 1746.

Bryan, Hardy, Craven. Feb. 28, 1760, May 6, 1760. Sons Thomas and William, brother Lewis, sons Hardy, Nathan, and Isaac, daughter Mary, wife Sarah, sons Lewis, Thomas and William Executors, and wife Executrix. Trst. James Reed, Shadrach Allen, Matthew Arter.

Bryan, James, of Bertie, north side of Meherrin. All my children, May 2, 1733-34.

Bryan, Simon of Bertie. Wife Ann, brother Edward Bryan, son David Bryan, property to my children by death of their brother John Armour, if child in “esse” to share equally with others.

Bryan, Thomas, Dec. 1, 1760. Wife Rachel, daughters Sarah and Ann Bryan, child in “esse”, wife, brother William and John Laundon Executors. Test. Sarah Bryan, Hardy Bryan, William White.

Bryan, William of Craven. Dec. 12, 1746, probated June 1747, wife Ann, children William, Elizabeth, Lewis, John, Anne, Jesse, brother Joseph, son William and wife Ann executors.

Bryan, William, Edgecombe.Sept. 21, 1749, Feb. Court 1749-50. Daughter Patience, grandson James McDaniel, daughter Sarah, sons Joseph and William, Thos. Henry Audine, friend Sarah ---, daughter Rachel McDaniel, Abraham Dew and Edward Brown Executors. Test. Thos. Pope, William Andrews, James Myhand.

Bryant, John of Edgecombe. Sept. 14, 1734, probated May 1735. Wife Elizabeth, son William Bryant, son Arthur, Daniel Hopper, friend John Pope.

Bryto, William, June 11, 1703, mother Mary, of Yarmouth County, of Norfolk England, brother Robert, Mrs. Juliana Laker.

Buck, John, June 27, 1710, sons-in-law Samuel Barber and Jacob Barber, wife Ann Buck.

Bugnion, Ralph, New Hanover. Feb. 25, 1752. Wife Elizabeth, sister Margaret Bugnion. Dec.1751. Test. Caleb Grainger, John Davis Jr.

Bumpass, Job, Johnson. May 5, 1746, Oct. Court 1746. Sons David, Cornelius, and John, daughter Abigail Lewis. Test. Elmer Anderson, Tabas Bumpass, Ann Hall.

Bun, John, Bertie. Jan. 20, 1727. Eldest son John, second David, wife’s youngest son Benjamin, daughter Ann, wife Ever, all my children. Test. Wm. Rice, Richard Horn, William Bun.

Bunch, Paul, of Chowan, Nov. 16, 1726, probated Nov. 16, 1726, son John Bunch, Fortune Holdbee.

Bundy, Ann, Pasquotank. 16th day, 9th month, 1743. Sons Gideon and Abraham, granddaughter Lydia Bundy, sons Executors. Test. Jacob Overman, Abraham Hendricks, Thomas Weeks.

Bundy, Benjamin, Oct. 5, 1728, probated Oct. 26, 1728, wife Hannah, brother Samuel, cousin Mary Jones.

Bundy, Caleb, 25th day, 2nd month, 1721, Feb. 19, 1721-22, son John, brother William, son Wm. Bundy’s daughter, my granddaughter named Lydia Bundy, son Benjamin, brother Samuel, daughter Mary Bundy.

Bundy, Caleb, of Pasquotank, 20th day, 1st month, 1721, April Court 1721, brothers William, John, Joshua, and John Bundy, sons of my brother John.

Bundy, David, Perquimans. July 22, 1749, April Court 1750. Brothers Jeremiah, Moses, and Caleb, brother Caleb and uncle Josiah Bundy Executors. Test. Richard Skinner, Abraham Sanders.

Bundy, Samuel, of Pasquotank, Jan. 6, 1737, probated July Court 1740. Friend Thos. Nicholson, cousin Samuel Bundy, wife Anne, son Josiah, son Gideon, son Abraham, daughter Jane Pike wife of Benjamin Pike, son William, son Jeremiah.

Bundy, William, Perquimans. 12th day, 10th month, 1749, May 22, 1752. Daughter Sarah Barrow, wife Mary, son-in-law Joseph Barrow Executor, also Joseph Robinson. Test. Thos. Overman, Charles Overman, Peter Munden.

Burgess, Stephen, Dec. 19, 1729, probated Jan. 13, 1729-30, to eldest son, Stephen Beach Ridge, son Thomas, wife Elizabeth, rest of my children.

Burgess, Stephen, Jan. 21, 1735-36, probated Apr. 13, 1736, son Thomas, son Stephen, son David, wife Elizabeth.

Burkett, John Sr., Perquimans. Feb. 4, 1728-29, Mar. 7, 1728-29. Son John, son Joseph Executor. Test. Chas. Denman, Jane Aimes, Josiah Gilbert.

Burkett, John, Feb. 4, 1728-29, son Joseph.

Burkley, Elinor, Albemarle. Feb. 26, 1704. Son Henry, son-in-law Geo. Taylor, daughter Elizabeth, David Pritchard, Executor. Apr. 17, 1705. Test. William Simson, Mary Simson, Joanna Pritchard.

Burleigh, Robert, Wilmington. Sept. 12, 1737, Sept. 12, 1754. Wife Sarah, sons Robert and James; Daniel Dunbibin and Cornelius Harnett Executors. Test. Samuel Green, Thomas James, Thos. Newton.

Burnap, John, Onslow. Mar. 11, 1741-42. My six children; John Starkey Executor. Test. John McGrath, Jacob Biddle, Isaac Evans.

Burnby, John of Pasquotank. Feb. 8, 1705, son John Burnby Jr., granddaughter Margaret Burnby,  granddaughter Elizabeth Cobb, grandchildren John Mason, Sarah Mason, and Mary Mason, wife Elizabeth.

Burnby, Thomas, Pasquotank. May 12, 1687. Wife Hannah, brothers-in-law Edmund and William Chancy, father John Burnby, brothers John and William Burnby, sister Sarah Burnby, wife Executrix. Test. Rich’d Paddock, Elizabeth Mabry, John Bull, Dorothy Still.

Burnett, George, Bertie.Wife Susanna, also appointed her Executrix. 1722. Test. Joseph Minton, William Carter.

Burnham, Ezebel, Currituck. Jan. 5, 1749. Son Solomon Bennett, son Nathaniel Bennett Executor, daughters Ariter and Sufias, granddaughter Esebel Miller, daughter Abiar, grandson Benjamin Miller.

Burns, James, of Bertie. Jan. 8, 1733, probated March 31, 1735, wife Elizabeth, son-in-law John Wynns, grandson George Augustus Wynne, son-in-law Culliner Sessoms, daughter Mary Wynn, daughter Elizabeth Early, grandson James Early, James Burke, William Burke, John Askew, goddaughter Martha Davis.

Burt, Mary, widow of William (probably in Bertie). Feb. 10, 1724, Sept. 10, 1724. Son James Glisson, Ego Glisson, Mary Glisson, whom I appoint my Executors. Test. Joseph Hudson, James Keeter, Joyce Hawkins.

Burtonshall, Richard, Tyrrell. Sept. 15, 1740, Sept. Court 1743. Wife Margaret Executrix, grandson Richard Burtonshall, daughter Susanna Loften, daughters Dorcas Watts, Elizabeth West, and Prisvilla Smith. Test. Mary Rogers, Mary Turner, Joshua Turner.

Busby, Cathron, Bertie. Feb. 22, 1738-39. Theophulis Williams’ children, said Williams Executor. Test. Needham Bryan, H.L. Bate, Susan Bryan.

Bush, William, Chowan. Apr. 5, 1716, Oct. Court 1716. Sons William and John, daughters Mary Early, Rose Wynns, Elizabeth Bush; wife Martha Executrix. Test. William Crawford, John Smith.

Butler, David, Chowan. April 15, 1742, Oct. Court 1749. Wife Mary and all my children; wife Executrix. Test. Nat’l Ming, Martha Ming.

Butler, Jacob, Chowan. May 24, 1745. Wife Mary, daughters Ann and Sarah, son Christopher, grandson Jacob Simons; wife and son Christopher Executors. David Butler, brother of Jacob, 45 years old in 1745. Test. Christopher and David Butler.

Butler, John, Tyrrell. Grandson Andrew Butler son of James, granddaughter Elizabeth Cherry, daughter Pheribee McHenry, sons William, John and James, wife Elizabeth, granddaughters Sarah, Ann, and Susanna McHenry, granddaughter Winnifred McHenry, grandson James Cherry son of Martha Cherry, grandson James Garner son of Arthur and wife Sarah, daughter Mary Leggett, granddaughter Elizabeth Cherry daughter Arthur Garner wife Sarah, daughter Elizabeth Johnson, son-in-law George Augustus McHenry, grandson Simon Butler son of John, grandson John Butler son of James; wife, sons John and James Executors. Tedt. Edmund Andrews, John Whitehurst, Sele Wilson.

Buxton, Samuel, Northampton. Feb. 11, 1743-44, Feb. Court 1743-44. Sons Samuel, William, George, and Jacob, daughters Ann and Petronela, son Lewis; wife Ann Executrix. Test. Elizabeth Edwards, Isaac Edwards, J. Edwards.

Byer, Richard, Perquimans. James Loadman, sons-in-law Robert Boge and William Boge, William Moore, Hannah Burd, Margaret Boge, wife Joana; Thomas and Christopher Nicholson Executors. Test. Peter Gray.

Byrd, John, Chowan Precinct. Sept. 13, 1716, Oct. Court 1716. Eldest son John, sons Edward, William and Richard, wife Rebecca Bayard, Anne, Richard and --- Bayard, child in “esse”, wife Rebecca Bayard and John Hardy Executors. Test. John Crombie, Susanna Williams, Mary Pamvell.

Byrom, Thomas, Pasquotank. Friend Benjamin West; John Palin and Benj. West Executors. Mar. 13, 1709-10. Test. Antho’ Hatch, Bartholomew Hewitt.


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