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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Cain, William Sr. 3rd Mar. 1732-33, probated May 2, 1734. Wife Elizabeth, son Hardy, daughter Patience, daughter Unis, son William, son James, daughter Sarah, daughter Rachel.

Cartwright, William. Feb. 2, 1731-32, probated June 7, 1732. Friend Hannah Stafford, godson Joseph Stoakley, sister Mary Reas, brother Robert, Owen Reas, brother Thomas.

Cartwright, William. Jan. 15, 1733, probated Apr. 19, 1734. Son Thomas, son Joseph, wife Sarah, son Robert, daughter Hannah, daughter Tamer, son Claeb, son David, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughter of John, deceased.

Chancy, Edmond. Inventory of estate. Returnes 29 Nov. 1680.

Chapman, Mary. Sept. 2, 1728, probated Jan. 9, 1729. Son-in-law Thomas Davis, granddaughter Mary Davis, eldest daughter Elizabeth Lonwell, daughter Sarah, wife of Robert Davis.

Chappell, Richard. Mar. 5, 1734-35. Probated 8th Oct. 1735. Sons Moses, Micajah and Richard, daughters Judah and Sarah, wife Elizabeth.

Chester, John. Dec. 18, 1733, probated Aug. 30, 1734. Daughter Leah Adams, daughter Rachel Hocking, son-in-law Benjamin Hocking, son John Chester, daughter --- Chester, daughter Mary Chester, daughter Sarah Chester, wife Elizabeth.

Clapham, Joseph. Son Samuel, son Josias; Mar. 25, 1733; probated May 8, 1733.

Clemmit, John, Bertie. Jan. 31, 1734, probated Jan. 7, 1734-35. Penelope Bell, Archibald Bell, George Bell, Robert Bell; John Bell Executor.

Coins, Benjamin, Pasquotank. Jan. 14, 1734, probated Nov. 29, 1734. Son-in-law James McBride, daughter-in-law Esther, daughter Betsy, wife Bridget.

Collins, James. Father-in-law John Relf, mother Elizabeth Relf, Anne Mary Borde, Mar. 23, 1719-20, Dec. 23, 1723.

Collins, Richard. Sept. 23, 1701. Joseph Poiner, son of Edward Poiner, Ann Mollison, John Benton, Roger Montague.

Colson, Mary. July 20, 1732, probated May 2, 1734. Son William, daughter Sarah Lundy wife of James Lundy.

Compton, Henry. Jan. 11, 1735, Feb. Court 1735. Son Henry, daughters Elizabeth, Jane and Ann, friend Samuel Peacock.

Cook, Thomas. Nov. 20, 1734, 20th Jan. 1734 dated. Grizell Bull,; Edmund Gale Executor.

Craig, Richard. 1695-96. Friend Patrick Bailey, two sons of John Bailey.

Creasy, Thomas, Bath. Oct. 28, 1730, probated Aug. Court 1731. Sons John, Thomas, and William, daughter Mary Pohagon, grandson James Reynolds.

Creecy, Levi, Perquimans. Oct. 21, 1734, probated Oct. 28, 1734. Son John, daughter --- Creecy, son Levi, son Joseph, daughter Sarah; John Creecy and Zachariah Chancy Executors.

Croman, Martin. May 1, 1733, probated Aug. 30, 1733. Brother Thomas Croman in Limerick Ireland, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Frost, daughter-in-law Elener Frost, son-in-law Thomas Copeland.

Crossland, Elizabeth. Oct. 18, 1693. Father Richard Shirell, John Corslan. 6th May 1693. Goddaughter Constant Shiver, Ann Shirer.

Cutlett, Thomas. Dead, no will. Arthur Carlton administrator. July 17, 1706.

Chesson, Ann. Jan. 3, 1727, Jan. 17, 1727. Sister Isabel Garrett, son Joshua Chesson, son John Chesson, son James Chesson, brothers Daniel and William Garrett.

Cotton, John of Bertie. Sons John, William, Samuel, and Thomas, sons Arthur, Joseph, and Alexander, son James, wife Martha, daughters Priscilla and Susannah, son-in-law John Thomas, son-in-law John Spears, daughter Mary Holland, daughter Martha Benton, widow of Feancis Benton; probated May Court 1728.

Charles, Samuel. Mar. 12, 1727-28, proved Mar. 18, 1728. Sons Samuel, John, and Joshua, Sarah Maudlin, granddaughter Elizabeth Overman, daughter Lydia Charles, daughter Mary Overman, daughter Hannah.

Cross, Joseph. October 30, 1728, Joseph Fulford.

Cambril, Alexander. Feb. 25, 1726. Wife Ann, daughter Sarah, James Farlow or Gray.

Crisp, Nicholas. Mar. 22, 1726-27, proved May 23, 1717. Grandson Richard Crisp, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Crisp, granddaughter Mary Durant, granddaughter Sarah Durant, Elizabeth Crisp, widow of my son John lately deceased, grandson George Durant, granddaughters Ann and Elizabeth Durant, children of my daughter Hagar; Edward Moseley and Jeremiah Vail Executors. Witnesses Wm. Williams, Humphrey Robinson, James Bush.

Cheston, Samuel. May 19, 1727. Wife Ann, son James, child in “esse”, son John, daughter, all my children; Wm. Egerton Executor. (Perquimans Precinct).

Clare, Hannah. 26th day, 6th month, 1726, probated Jan. 16, 1727-28. Daughter Hester Winslow, granddaughter Mary Jones, daughter Hannah Bundy, my former husband Israel Snealing, Rachel Snealing, his daughter, grandson Wm. Jones, son-in-law Benj. Bundy.

Clayton, Henry. Jan. 20, 1725-26, probated Jan. 26, 1725-26. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, brother Richard Clayton, of London, brother-in-law Samuel Pearson, of London.

Coleman, Robert of Bath. July 9, 1721, probated Sept. 25, 1721. Wife Mary Coleman, son-in-law Christopher Runnels, son, grandson David Dupuies, wife’s son Dennis Odier, daughter Elizabeth Isler, granddaughter Mary Isler, daughter Mary White.

Church, Joseph. Feb. 28, 1722-23, Apr. 9, 1723. Daughter Ledy White, daughter Ann Church, son Richard Church.

Clarke, George, of Bertie. Feb. 25, 1723-24, July 31, 1724. Thomas Taylor, son of Jonathan, Jno. Swain’s eldest son, wife Elizabeth Clarke.

Copeland, William. Oct. 23, 1720, probated July 21, 1724. Sons William, John, James and Charles, daughters Christian and Sarah, wife Christian.

Coste, Ephraim. Nov. 14, 1749. Goddaughter Elizabeth Markham.

Cowan, Garrett. July 16, 1720, April Court 1721. Eldest son Daniel, wife Hannah Executrix.

Corp, John. 20th day, 10th month, 1718, Feb. 10, 1719. Son William Corp, daughter Elliner Corp, brother-in-law Richard Brothers, my wife.

Copesley, Vines. Estate returned by Ronert Beasley.

Corp, Elliner. John Corp, son of my brother William Corp, uncle Richard Brothers, mother Elliner Corp May 10 , 1720.

Clarke, Thomas, of Chowan. Peter Jones and Charles Wilkins Executors. Wife, Mary, son Samuel, sister Miles’ children, in Brantry, Essex, England, Nov. 1, 1718, Oct. 13, 1719.

Cogwell, Henry. Wife Mary Elizabeth, Bettie Cogwell, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. Feb. 26, 1716-17, Oct. 13, 1719.

Clark, John of Perquimans. Wife Ann, sons John and Thomas, in case of their death, property to go to Simon and Thomas Trumbell, Sarah Trumbell. Sept. 3, 1716, Nov. 14, 1717.

Creech, Henry. Aug. 16, 1709. Son-in-law John Daine, son-in-law John Dailie and wife Frances, sons Thomas, William and Richard Creech, wife Joyce, son Henry.

Cambridge, Francis, of Upper Parrish, Maryland. Wife Elizabeth Cambridge Executrix. Feb. 2, 1710.

Cumminfort, Kendreek. July 9, 1712. Daughter Margaret Jenette, son William, son Andrew Cone.

Coulson, William. Nov. 18, 1712. My wife Elizabeth Robinson, David Henderson and John Boyd Executors.

Coles, James, of Perquimans. Daghter Elizabeth Coles, land whereon my father James Cole lived, my wife Mary Cole Executrix.

Chevin, Nathaniel, of Pasquotank. Mar. 8, 1719-20, Mar. 17, 1719-20. Son Nathaniel, son of my late wife Judith, cousin William Pate.     

Chancey, Zachary, guardian to Judith and Priscilla Sanders. May 1728.

Cannings, Joseph. Wife Rebecca, Joshua and Mary Turner, Sept. 22, 1729, proved Sept. 22, 1729.




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