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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Daniel, Owen. March 7, 1700. Son Thomas, daughter Mary, Thomas Jones Executor.

Darden, Joseph, of Bertie. Feb. 18, 1732-33, probated Nov. 24, 1733. Sons West and Joseph, daughters America and Rebecca, son Henry, wife Alice.

Darling, Richard, non cupative will. Apr. 8, 1702. Son Thomas, wife Elizabeth.

Davis, Henry. Dec. 8, 1737, probated March Court 1738. Wife Mary dead, sons Richard, John and Thomas, son Henry, son Pritchard Davis, daughter Ann, brother John Purcell, and wife.

Davis, Hugh. Dec. 1, 1724, probated Jan. 14, 1725. John Harman, Robert Harman, Mary Harman, Ann Longlad; Mrs. Juliana Laker Executrix.

Davis, Isaac, of Currituck. Mar. 21, 1742, probated July 5, 1743. Son Cornelius, wife Rachel, and the rest of my children.

Davis, James. Sons William, James, John, Robert and Henry, wife Elizabeth.

Davis, John, of Pasquotank. Mar. 28, 1753, probated Apr. 1753. Sons John, William, Joseph and Samuel, daughter Sarah Gordon, daughter Elizabeth Wood, son-in-law William Gordon.

Davis, Peter (Manwaring River). Apr. 29, 1719, probated May Court, 1723. Daughter Sarah Davis, cousins Arthur and Henry Crawford.

Davis, Richard. 9th day, 4th month, 1737, probated June 14, 1737. Son Joshua, daughter Alice (or Alee), daughter Abigail, Elizabeth Hall, wife of Moses Hall, and daughter of Alee Baker.

Davis, Solomon. Jan. 12, 1737, probated Jan. Court 1739. Daughter Margaret Forster, daughter Dorothy Davis, grandfather Daniel Kain, daughter Elizabeth Davis, grandson Daniel Roen, wife Sarah.

Davis, William. Jan. 21, 1719, probated Oct. 21, 1719. Sons William and Eligah, my daughters; Wm. Baker and John Brown, Sr. Executors.

Dawson, Francis. Dead. No will. Eliza Dawson Administrix. 1714.

Deane, George Sr., of Chowan. Son George, daughter Christian, wife Elizabeth. April 10, 1700.

Deipt, John. Jan. 17, 1723-24, June 17, 1724. Wife Penon Dreipt, son Peter, son John, daughter Anne.

Delamare, Stephen. Oct. 2, 1732, probated Nov. 1, 1732. Nephew Joseph Stoakley, son of sister Ann Stoakley, widow of cousin Edward Mayo, nephew Isaac Stoakley, sister Ann Stoakley, brother Francis Delamare.

Delemare, Francis, of Beaufort. May 15, 1739, probated Mar. 1741. Wife Susannah, sons Francis and Thomas.

Dept, Penelope. Mar. 5, 1735, probated Aug. 27, 1735. Sons Peter and John, daughters Ann, Jane and Elizabeth.

Dereham, Elizabeth. July 14, 1716. Sister Ann Clews, sister Katherine Dereham, Patience Leigh, Elizabeth Lee, Joseph Truett, Elizabeth Dereham, daughter of joseph Dereham, John Leigh, brother John Dereham, father-in-law James Leigh.

Dixon, Robert, of Bertie. Apr. 4, 1727, probated Oct. 13, 1727. Wife Christian Dixon, son James, son Tobias, daughter Frances, son Robert, brother-in-law John Low.

Dobbs, Arthur. July 1747. Son Conway, Richard Dobbs, younger son Edqard B. Dobbs, second wife Justina Dobbs, child in “esse”, first son by my first marriage, my brother Rev. Dr. Richard Dobbs.

Downing, William, of Tyrrell. Apr. 1, 1739, probated Apr. 6, 1739. Wife Dorcas, son William, brother-in-law Ebenezer Slade, brother-in-law Henry Slade, son-in-law Thomas Lee, friend Stephen Lee.

Drummond, Sarah, widow of Gov. William Drummond, to son John power of attorney. Oct. 10, 1679.

Duckinfield, William, of Cheshire, England. Brother John, cousin Charles Barbour, cousin Nathaniel Duckinfield, son of my brother Sir. Robert Duckinfield, Mary, Anne, Susanna, Jane, Katherine and Judith, sisters of Nathaniel. May 17, 1720, Feb. 27, 1721.

Dunton, John. Sept. 21, 1726, probated Nov. 10, 1726. Wife Martha Dunston.

Durant, Ann, wife of George the elder. Jan. 23, 1695. Geo. Durant ring etc., Isaac Rewden’s wife, her daughter; son Thomas Executor – non cupative will.

Dwight, Matthew. Feb. 20, 1737-38, probated May 8, 1738. Wife Elizabeth.



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