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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Early, Elinor. 2nd Nov, 1732, probated 2nd May 1734. Grandson Thomas Sutton, grandson James Curlee, granddaughter Sarah Sutton, granddaughter Mary Dale.

Easter, John. 27th Oct., 1732, probated Apr. 8, 1733. Wife, son Thomas, daughter Sarah, daughter Dinah, child in “esse”.

Eaton, James, of Chowan. Jan. 27, 1728, Dec. 11, 1729. Wife Mary Eaton.

Eaton, William, of Granville County. Feb. 19, 1759, probated Mar. 20, 1759. Son William, daughter Jane Edwards, wife of Col. Nath’l Edwards, daughter Annie Haynes, relict of Andrew Haynes, daughter Mary Jones, wife of Robert Jones, daughter Sarah Johnston, wife of Charles Johnston, her former husband John Thornton, son-in-law Daniel Weldon, son Thomas Eaton, daughter Bettie Weldon, son Charles Rush Eaton, grandson Earon Haynes, wife Mary, daughter Martha, Daniel Weldon.

Eborn, Henry. Oct. 20, 1732, probated Mar. Court 1733. Nathaniel Eborn, son of Henry and Elizabeth, son Henry Eborn, wife Elizabeth, son Littleton, James Eborn, son of Nathaniel and Ann, daughter Rhoda Layson, daughter Mary Eborn, daughter Anne Jones.

Eden, Governor Charles. Dec. 26, 1721, probated Apr. 2, 1722. Dear niece Mrs. Margaret Pough, youngest daughter of Robert Pough, dear friends John Holloway, Daniel Richardson, James Henderson, John Lovick; John Lovick Executor.

Edwards, Humphrey, of Matchapungo, Bath Co. Feb. 21, 1711-12. Daughters Abigail, and Alice Edwards, daughter Elizabeth, and Mary Edwards; wife Elizabeth Wheal Executrix. 

Edy, John. July 26, 171727, probated July 26, 1727. Daughter, Daniel Edy, brother Henry Edy.

Elliott, George, of Pasquotank. Goddaughter Mary Wallace, John Clark, Ann Askins, Ann Grey, wife of Richard Grey. Feb. 17, 1727-28.

Elliott, Thomas, of Perquimans. Apr. 2, 1729, probated Dec. 16, 1729. Son Caleb, son Joshua, son Isaac, son William, son Thomas, daughter Mary Brown, son Solomon, daughter Wesly, son Joseph, son Benjamin, wife Margaret Elliott, son Moses, son Jacob, son Abraham.

Ellis, George, of Pasquotank. Jan. 30, 1721, probated May 11, 1721. Brother Thomas Palin, daughter Ann Ellis, child in “esse”, wife Hannah.

Elmunds, Samuel. Nov. 3, 1720, probated Apr. 1721. Son Henry, daughters Ann and Sarah, daughter Ann Smith, daughter Elizabeth Middleton, late wife of Henry Middleton, wife Mary; John Edwards Executor.

Eson, William. Jan. 20, 1718-19, probated July 30, 1719. Sons William, Thomas, and George, wife Mary, daughters Mary, Susannah, Rachel and Jane.

Etheridge, Henry. Mar. 14, 1742-43, probated July 5, 1743. Sons Samuel, William, Richard, John and Henry, daughter Mary, wife Lucy.

Etheridge, Luke. (No date). Wife Christian, daughters Elizabeth, Ann, and Sarah Etheridge.

Etheridge, Marmaduke. Feb. 3, 1734. Caleb Bell, son of Sarah Bell, Caleb Bell, Mary Bell, and Marmaduke Bell, children of Sarah Bell.

Eubank, George, of Bertie. Mar. 2, 1732-33. Brother James, sisters Elizabeth and Isabella Eubank, Thomas Whitmell Jr., Elizabeth Whitmell Jr., Martha Whitmell.

Eugel, Peter. Godson William Moore. Dec. 18, 1722.

Evans, Richard, of Perquimans. Sept. 7, 1692, probated Oct. 2, 1693. Wife Elizabeth, four children, Jonathan, Richard, Rebecca and Ann Evans; wife and Alex. Lillington Executors.

Evans, Thomas, of Chowan. Feb. 9, 1731-32, probated Nov. 4, 1732. Son Thomas, daughter Alice Wilson, daughter Sarah Broney, daughter Elizabeth Walker, wife Elenor.

Everton, Jeremiah, of Pasquotank. July 3, 1736, probated Oct. 2, 1740. Wife Hannah, son James, daughter Rachel, eldest son Solomon, daughter Sarah Forehand.



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