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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Falk, Richard. Mar. 15, 1712-13. Sons Jonathan, William, Richard and John Falk, each of my daughters, wife Elizabeth.

Farlee, James, of Chowan. Wife, James son of Sarah Bently, Edward Moseley Executor. May 1, 1727, probated May 15, 1727.

Farrow, Francis. Feb. 1, 1722-23. Wife Barbary, and all my children.

Faviel, Richard. Jan. 30, 1738-39. Son Srasmus, son John, all my children.

Felts, Humphrey, of Perquimans. Son John, daughter Elizabeth; Wm. Long Executor. July 12, 1726, probated July 14, 1726.

Fendall, John, of Perquimans. Dec. 17, 1695, probated Apr. 8, 1696. Brother Robert Fendall, wife Elizabeth, father-in-law Alex. Lillington.

Fendall, Robert. Nov. 30, 1711. Isaac Wilson; Thos Lowry Executor.

Fewox, James, of Tyrrell. May 5, 1711. Son Robert, John Lawson, Mary Lawson Jr., Samuel Hardy son of Wm. Hardy, wife Anne, Mary Lawson, widow of Nathaniel Lawson.

Fisher, James. Aug. 13, 1702. Wm. Wilkinson.

Fitzpatrick, Bryan, of Alligator. Mar. 26, 1709. Son Cornelius, son Verney’s child John Fitzpatrick, son Dennis, daughter Elizabeth, wife.

Fitzpatrick, Cornelius. Aug. 1, 1716. Wife Elizabeth, son Bryan, daughter Ellender, daughter Mary, daughter Sarah, George Whedbee  Jr., daughter Elizabeth, cousin Elizabeth Whedbee, Richard Whedbee.

Fletcher, Thomas. April Court 1734. Wife.

Fordyce, George, of Chowan. Is dead. 5 Oct. 1713. Wm. Haughton right of his wife, being next of kin, administrator.

Fort, George. May 15, 1719, probated Oct. 20, 1719. Son Elias Fort, son George Fort, sons John and Samuel Fort, daughter Phillis Fibath, daughter Catherine Fort, wife Elizabeth; Elias Fort Executor.

Fort, John. Aug. 6, 1745, probated Mar. Court 1745-46. Wife Mary, sons John and Moses, daughter Terusah’s son Denby, Arthur Fort.

Foster, Hannah. June 27, 1727, probated July Court 1728. Grandson Samuel Kit, granddaughter Comfort, daughter-in-law Jemima Kit, granddaughter Comfort Kit; Thomas Tweedy and George Gordon Executors.

Foster, James. Oct. 21, 1725, probated Mar. 29, 1727. Samuel Kite, son of old Samuel Kite, wife Hannah Foster.

Foster, Robert, of Bertie. Probated May Court 1716. Grandson John Brown, granddaughter Ann Brown, granddaughters Jemima and Susan Cotton, daughter Ann Cotton’s child in “esse”, granddaughter Mary Boon, wife’s grandson Wm. Knight.

Fourre, John. Mar. 13, 1730-31, probated April Court 1732. Son Isaac, daughter Elizabeth Foure, daughter Martha Foure, son Nathaniel, sister Mary Corey; wife and son Executors.

Freeman, John. Feb. 19, 1729-30, probated May 6, 1732. Sons John, James, and Matthew, wife Mary, daughters Hannah and Elizabeth.

French, Richard. Dec. 17, 1712. Wife Elizabeth plantation, now in possession of John Old and Susannah his wife; probated Apr. 13, 1716.

Frost, William. May 30, 1727, probated Jan. 23, 1718. Son James Frost, ye son of Jean Frost, alias Burt, son William Frost, daughter Mary Jackson.

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