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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Gale, Christopher. Feb. 17, 1734, probated Mar. 12, 1734. Born at York, Great Britain, 54 years old, wife Sarah, Catherine, brother Edmund, debts due from the estate of my wife’s former husband, John Ismay, son Miles Gale, daughter Penelope Little, Mary, daughter of Mar. Elizabeth Clayton, granddaughter Sarah Clayton, nephew and Godson Edmund Gale, granddaughter Penelope Little.

Gale, Edmund. Dec. 6, 1737, probated Jan. 27, 1738. Wife Mary, sons Edmund and Roger; wife Mary Executrix.

Galley, John. Oct. 6, 1729. Friend Patrick Laughler. Probated Nov. 6, 1729.

Ganlitt, Peter. Dead. No will. Thomas Pollock Administrator. May 12, 1702. (Indian)

Gardner, Martin, of Bertie. Wife Ann, son John, daughters Ann, Anne and Jane, son William, daughter Elizabeth, son Martin, son James. January Court 1760.

Garfoot, Gregory. 1703. Uncle Wm. Pargiter.

Garlin, Edward. Jan. 3, 1725-26, Mar. 15, 1725-26. Wife Elizabeth, son John. (Craven County)

Garrett, Thomas. Jan. 30, 1733, probated Jan. 31, 1735. Wife Jane, son Thomas, daughter Catrin, daughter Ann Lassiter, children Humphrey, Mary, Lettis, Thomas, and Prudence. (Chowan)

Garrett, William. Mar. 27, 1735. Wife Mary Garrett, Thomas Hardison.

George, Henry. Dec. 2, 1711. My sister’s eldest son John Gatlin, her daughters Susannah and Elizabeth, sister’s youngest son Will Mitchell, Jr., Ann Batchelder, John Browning, Sarah Browning, Jane Browning; Will Mitchell Executor. Dec. 2, 1711.

Germack, Patrick. Sept. 19, 1708. Wife Elizabeth, John Cruikshank, children of Peter Cruikshank, John Robinson.

Gibson, Elinor. Is dead. No will. John Blish is guardian to her eldest son Thomas Gibson. April 7, 1716.

Gilbert, Francis. Dec. 30, 1725, July Court 1726. Wife Elizabeth, sons Francis and Henry; wife Executrix.

Giles, Matthew. Oct. 28, 1713. Richard Davenport during his natural life, then to his grandson Richard Davenport, son of John, Thomas Gales, John Longall, Thomas Stacey, Robert Harmon, James Minge, and Richard Davenport.

Gilliam, Zachariah, in city of London. May 27, 1678.

Gillis, Arthur. Nov. 29, 1729, June Court 1737. Friend James Wainwright.

Glaister, Joseph. Jan. 17, 1718-19, probated Mar. 12, 1718-19. Daughter Ruth, daughter Sarah, cousin Thomas Pailin.

Glisson, John. Wife Jean. Sept. 20, 1734.

Godly, John. Jan. 22, 1731-32, May Court 1732. Sons Nathan, John and Thomas, daughter Amy, wife Katherine.

Golland, Mary, of Wilmington. October 10, 1766. John Burgwin.

Goodale, Gilbert. Sept. 9, 1712. Elizabeth, Hosea, John Winbury’s children, William Colson, Nathan Nicholson’s child, Sarah Whedbee, Charles Barclift, son John, George Durant, Sr., Richard Whedbee.

Goodlat, Alexander. Wife Elizabeth. Oct. 12, 1710.

Gordon, John, of Perquimans. Apr. 25, 1754. Sons John and George, daughter Mary, daughter Mary, daughter of Gorge, Sarah, daughter George Gordon, Jacob Gordon, son of John, grandson Marmaduke Norfleet, wife.

Gordon, Nathaniel. July 14, 1755, probated Jan. Court 1756. Sons George and Nathaniel, daughters Elizabeth and Tamer, wife Ann. Perquimans County.

Goreham, John. Sept. 30, 1717, July 15, 1718. Wife Elenor, plantation on Queen Anne’s Creek, nephew John Goreham, son of Alexander Goreham; in case of his death, to his two sisters.

Gough, Thos. Dec. 18, 1694. Son Robert, daughter Sarah, wife Sarah.

Grainger, Joshua, of Wilmington. June 29, 1741. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Ann, son Joshua, grandson Wilmington, son of Joshua, son Caleb.

Gray, Allen, of Onslow. Jan. Court 1755. Daughters Janet, Mary, Ellinor, and Sarah, sons William, John, hugh, Thomas and James, wife Mary.

Gray, Ann. Mar. 4, 1731, Apr. Court, 1732. Son William Wallis, daughter Sarah Wallis, son Valentine Wallis, daughter Jane Wallis, daughter Anne Kinnecum, daughter Mary Wallis; Wm. Wallis Executor.

Gray, John, of Bertie. 1745, probated Nov. 16, 1750. Eldest son John, son William, daughters Ann, Barbara, daughter Janet McKenzie, grandson John McKenzie, daughter Lucretia, daughter Amelia, daughter Louisa.

Green, Farnifold, of Bath. Oct. 26, 1711. Sons Thomas, John, Farnifold and James Green, daughters Elizabeth and Jane Green, wife Hannah, daughter-in-law Ann Smithwick; wife Hannah Executrix.

Green, Susannah, of Bath. June 29, 1732, Sept. 17, 1735. Son John Biggs’ children, daughter Mary Morris, granddaughter Susannah Morris, granddaughter Mary Biggs; son John Biggs Executor.

Gregory, Margaret, of Pasquotank. July Court 1753. Son Richard and his children by his first wife, sons James, John and Caleb, daughter Mary Humphries, daughter Margaret Barber, daughter Sarah Grande, granddaughter Sarah Humphries.

Gregory, Richard, of Currituck. First wife’s children Griffith, Cornelius and Judah Sawyer, Easter and Bridget Sawyer, Ruth Glascoe; sons Robert, Joseph and William, daughters Ann and Charity, brother James Gregory, brothers-in-law Isaac and Willie Bright. Oct. 7, 1757, Dec. Court 1758.

Gregory, Richard, of Pasquotank. May. 17, 1719, Sept. 15, 1720. Eldest son Richard, sons James and John, wife Margaret.

Gregory, Thomas, of Pasquotank. Probated July 23, 1740. Son Nathan, sons Sampson, Jacob, Job, Richard, and William Gregory, daughter Elizabeth Godfrey, daughter Priscilla Gray, grandson Frederick Gregory.

Gregory, Thomas. Division of estate, April 1712-13. Mary, Sarah, Luke and Samuel Gregory distributes.

Gregory, William, of Pasquotank. Son John, daughter Mary, daughter Barbara, wife Sarah. June 4, 1748, July Court 1753.

Grey, Richard, of Perquimans. Wife Ann, son Richard, daughter Ann Grey, Louis Markham. Oct. 6, 1729, probated Nov. 25, 1729.

Griffin, Martin. June 3, 1718, probated Oct. 3, 1718. Sons Edward, John and William, son Martin, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth; wife Elizabeth Executrix.

Griffin, William. Wife Mary. Dec. 10, 1735, Feb. Court 1736.

Griffith, John. July 1, 1721, probated July 13, 1727. Wife Jemima, sons Arthur, Edmund and John, daughter Mary.

Grills, Richard, Bertie. Feb. 1, 1729-30, probated Apr. 4, 1720. Sons Richard and John, issue of my present wife.

Grosvenor, William. Nov. 5, 1702, probated July 26, 1721. Daughters Susanna, Elizabeth and Esther, wife Sarah Executrix.


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