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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Jackson, Isaac, of Bath. Sept. 7, 1716, Apr. 2, 1717. Son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth Chester, daughter Rachel Adams, daughter Margaret, wife Elizabeth Executrix, my friend John Jordan assistant.

Jackson, William, of Pasquotank. Feb. 21, 1695-96. Daughter Ruth Davis, wife Elizabeth, sons David, Zachariah, Daniel and Samuel.

Jackson, William. Apr. 21, 1735. Sons Moses and Aaron, wife Margaret, daughters Parthenia and Margaret.

James, Edward, of Pasquotank. Feb. 8, 1720, April Court 1721. Cousin John Murphy, cousin Mary Murphy, son-in-law Hezekiah ---, son-in-law Dozier Pitts, brother-in-law William Jones, son Edward James, son Gilbert James.

James, William, of Pasquotank. May 9, 1733, probated May 30, 1733. Sons Thomas and William, son Thomas James, daughter Rebecca, daughter Frances McKeel, son Samuel, wife Jane.

Jasper, Richard. Oct. 3, 1722, probated Mar. 30, 1723. Wife, daughter Elizabeth, son Samuel, son Jonathan, daughter Ann, daughter Hannah, son-in-law John Leath.

Jeffries, Christopher. Jan. 23, 1735, Apr. 1736. Elizabeth Pottle, daughter of Joseph Pittle.

Jeffries, Elizabeth. 5th Frb. 1742, probated May Court, 1743. Daughter Elizabeth Boddie, daughter of John Boddie.

Jeffries, Elizabeth. June 20, 1742, probated May Court 1743. Son John Hillard, son Osborn Jeffries, son Robert Hillard, granddaughter Elizabeth Boddie, grandson Jacob Holland, son of Jeremiah Holland, daughter Elizabeth Boddie, son William Hilliard, grandsons William, James, and Elias Hilliard, sons of William, son-in-law John Boddie, grandson John Boddie, granddaughter Sarah Hilliard, in care of John Hilliard.

Jennings, Ann, widow of John, Pasquotank. Feb. 20, 1719-20, probated May 2, 1720. Son Stephen Delamare, son Isaac Delamare, daughter Anne Delamare, husband Scarborough, son Edward Pope, Mary Reading.

Jennings, John, of Pasquotank. 14th May 1734, Apr. 8, 1735. Wife Elizabeth. Witness, Ann Bryan.

Jennings, John, of Pasquotank. Aug. 13, 1718, probated June 16, 1720. Son William Jennings, wife Ann, daughter Mary Sawyer, daughter Elizabeth Reding.

Jernagan, John, of Bertie. Mar. 2, 1733, probated July 10, 1733. sons Henry, Thomas, George and James, wife Temperance; wife and Benjamin Hill Executors.

Jernigan, Henry, of Bertie. Aug. Court 1736. Wife, son Henry, son Jacob, daughter Ann Jones, son Jesse, son Dempsey.

Jessop, Joseph, of Perquimans. Mar. 12, 1735-36, Aug. 25, 1736. Friend Stephen Thomas, nephew Jessop, nephew Timothy Jessop, brother Thomas, brother Jonathan Jessop, granddaughter Mary Moye, wife Margaret Jessop, children Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth and Jonathan, granddaughter Mary Mayo.

Jevins, Elizabeth. 3rd Feb. 1734-35. Deceased husband’s nephew Nathaniel Chevin.

Jewels, Joseph. Dec. 24, 1736. Sons John, Benjamin, Samuel and James, wife Sarah.

Johnson, Gabriel and Penelope his wife, 1741. Deed to John Campbell.

Johnson, John, of Northampton County. Granddaughter Mary Johnson Bridgers, wife Mary. January 27, 1745-46, August Court 1753.

Johnson, John. Sept. 10, 1693. Son-in-law Lawrence Gonsalvo, wife Sarah.

Johnson, Lewis, of Bath. Sons William and Richard Johnson. Oct. 9, 1711. 

Johnson, Samuel, of Onslow County. Nov. 13, 1756, probated Jan. 3, 1759. Daughters Jean, Penelope, Isabel, Ann, and Hannah, sons Samuel and John. Witnesses, Cary Godbie, Wm. Williams, John Milton.

Johnson, Susannah. Aug. 13, 1717, July 29, 1718. Son William Johnson, grandson Jacob Parrott, granddaughter Elizabeth Parrott, friend John Hardy, godson Edward Frederick Razor, daughter Frances Razor; daughter Frances Razor Executrix.

Johnston, Gov. Gabriel, of Eden House, Bertie County. 16 May 1752, probated Apr. 10, 1753. Wife Frances Johnston, daughter Penelope, the property I had by her mother, in case of her death, to go to my brother Samuel’s children, Henry Johnston, now at school at New Haven, niece Penelope’s brother’s two sons Samuel and John, my books to Wm. Cathcart, sister Elizabeth Sinclair, of Fife, North Britain, Carolina Johnston, one fifth of balance of my estate to my wife, two fifths to Wm. Cathcart, one fifth to Henry Johnston; Samuel Johnston and Wm. Cathcart Executors. Done at Edon House 16th May 1752.

Jones, Charles. July 15, 1695. Sarah Alford, Tabitha Alford.

Jones, Cornelius. May 8, 1714. Son Cornelius, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Ann Jones, wife Elizabeth, in describing land speaks of Jno. Hawkins’ line and tract called Robinson.

Jones, Daniel, of Perquimans. Oct. 10, 1713. Wife Sarah Jones and child in “essse”; my wife, brother Arthur Jones and friend Timothy Clare Executors.

Jones, Edward. Mar. 13, 1718-19, probated July 15, 1720. Daughter Priscilla, brother James Jones, brother-in-law Winn Roos, daughter Abigail, cousin Priscilla Jones.

Jones, Francis. Dead without a will. Nov. 20, 1713, Arthur Jones, nearest of kin, administrator.

Jones, Frederick, of Chowan. Apr. 9, 1722, Mar. 26, 1723. Eldest daughter Jane, daughter Martha, daughter Rebecca, eldest don William Harding Jones, son Thomas Jones, son Frederick Jones, brother Thos. Jones of Virginia.

Jones, Isaac. Jan. 31, 1734, Jan. 7, 1734-35. Wife Mary, eldest son, John, son Isaac, son Nehemiah, eldest daughter Dorothy, daughter Mary.

Jones, John of Chowan. May 12, 1727, probated May 15, 1727. Granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of David Jones, son William, children John, Elizabeth, Thomas, and David; Samuel Pagett Executor.

Jones, John, of Cashoke, Chowan Precinct. Jan. 7, 1711-12, sister-in-law Susannah Daniel, Elizabeth Lewerton daughter of John Lewerton, daughter Mary Jones, wife Elizabeth Jones sole Executrix.

Jones, John. Mar. 17, 1735, May Court 1736. Son James, son Frederick Jones, wife Martha, daughter Mary Bonner, second daughter Anne Cotton, daughter Prudence Williams, grandson Abraham Jones, grandson John Jones, son Joseph; John Brown, John Battle and Wm. Mears Executors.

Jones, Jonathan, of Pasquotank. April Court 1740. Elder son Cornelius, younger son Jonathan, daughters Elizabeth, Ruth, and Dinah, wife Susan.

Jones, Samuel. Sept. 30, 1723, probated Apr. 1, 1726. Sons Thomas, Samuel, William, Hezekiah and Zachariah, daughter Jane.

Jones, Thomas. Jan. 11, 1712-13. Wife Elizabeth Executrix and brother Wm. Jones Executor; Sons Thomas and John, son-in-law Luke Harmon.

Jones, William Harding. Jan. 2, 1730, probated July 27, 1732. Wife Ann Jones, brother Frederick and Thomas Jones.

Jones, William, of Bertie. Wife Anne Jones, son Ephraim, child in “esse”. Mar. 15, 1736, May Court 1736.

Jones, William, of Chowan. May 4, 1722, probated Mar. 28, 1723. Son John Jones, his sons John and James Jones, his sons, David and William, son Henry; William Lyles 100 acres land known as Walston old field, son Charles 100 acres known as Branch’s old Field, daughter Jean Liles, daughter Elizabeth Spiers, daughter Dorothy Walston, Thomas Luten, Jr. Executor.

Jones, William, of Halifax. Jan. 3, 1758, June Court 1759. Sons William, Henry, and Britton, son Simon, daughters Sarah, Winnifred, Anne, and Silva, wife Sarah. Witness, Augustine Bate.

Jordan, John. Dec. 21, 1719, probated Apr. 23, 1720. Daughters Margaret and Mary.

Jordan, Solomon. Mar. 3, 1721, probated Apr. 11, 1722.  Wife, daughters Lucretia and Rebecca, son Abraham land on north side Cashie River, child in “esse”; brother Snell, Robert West, and my wife Executors.

Jordan, William. July 4, 1732, probated Nov. 2, 1732. Son John, daughter Esther, wife Sarah, Nathaniel Everett Executor. Tyrrell County.

Joy, William, of Pasquotank. Dec. 17, 1725, Jan. 1, 1725-26. Solomon Easter, Sarah Easter, wife Margery.

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