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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Kasewell, Francis, of Alligator. Daughters Martha and Mary, youngest brother Mathew Casewell, loving wife Executrix. Jan. 1, 1712-13.

Keaton, John, of Perquimans. Feb. 28, 1734-35, Oct. 21, 1735. Sons John, Joseph and Lewis, daughter Elizabeth Wiggins, wife Elizabeth.

Keefe, Tredle, of Bertie. Nov. 10, 1723, Wife Elenor, sons Tredle and John, James Bate, Margaret Keefe. Feb. Court 1724.

Kelley, Smith. Apr. 5, 1734, probated 29th April 1734, Son Nicholas Kelley.

Kemp, George. Jan. 20, 1723-24, Oct. 28, 1724. Sons George and Allen, daughter Sarah, wife Mary.

Kent, John. Sept. 28, 1719, Apr. 23, 1720. Wife Mary, Richard Harvey Executor.

Kerby, Thomas. May 1, 1715, July 16, 1719. Eldest son Thomas, second son Charles, youngest son Edward, eldest daughter ----, daughters Mabel and Esther, wife Esther Executrix.

Kinchen, William Jr., of Edgecombe. Nov. 6, 1758. Sons John and William, daughterd Martha, Elizabeth, Temperance and Mary; my brother Blake Baker, Henry Dawson and son John Executors.

King, Henry, of Chowan. Feb. 24, 1714. Sons Michael, Henry and Charles King, land in Virginia, Nansemond County, daughters Elizabeth and Catherine King, daughters Ann and Mary King.

King, Joseph, Dead without a will. Richardspm Sanderson Jr. Administrator. 6th Jan. 1704.

King, Michael, of Bertie. May 20, 1741. Wife Isabel, sons Michael, Henry and John, daughters Catherine, Isabel, Penelope and Mary.

Kitching, William, of Perquimans. May 4, 1736, probated May 20, 1736. Josiah Rogerson, son of Daniel, Sarah Roberts, widow, John Lilly.

Knight, Lewis, of Pasquotank. Mar. 17, 1731, April Court 1732. Wife Ann, sons Emannuel and Lewis.

Knight, Simon. Is dead, without a will. John Porter greatest criditor, granted administration upon his estate. Feb. 11, 11716-17.

Knight, Tobias. June 11, 1719, probayed July 7, 1719. Daughter-in-law Elizabeth Glover, Catherine Knight, my wife Executrix.



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