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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Lacey, William. Jan. 17, 1734, probated 29th Jan. 1734. Sons William, Thomas and Joseph, wife.

Lacey, William. Jan. 17, 1734-35, 29th Jan. 1734-35. Sons William, Thomas and Joseph, wife.

Lackey, Henry. Dead without a will. Ann Lewis (widow) his daughter Executor. 1715.

Laker, Benjamin, of Perquimans. Apr. 4, 1701. George Blayton, daughter Sarah Harvey, wife Juliana, daughter Ruth; wife Executor.

Larker, Juliana, of Perquimans. Sept. 24, 1735, Jan. Court 1738. Great Grandson Benjamin Scarborough, son of McRona Scarborough, and my granddaughter Ann Hutson Worthen, daughter of my sister Nestania Hutson, daughter Juliana Palmer, Martha Palmer, Samuel Palmer. Brick graveyard at Abraham Sanders, where my mother’s husband and friends are buried.

Lattimore, Elizabeth, of Bertie. Mar. 3, 1753. James Smith, Richard Tomlinson.

Latye, William, Sr. Aug. 3, 1701. Daughter Barbara, granddaughter Mary Latye, daughter-in-law Mary Latye, son William Latye.

Lawler, David. No date. Wife Mary, father-in-law Thos. Homes, his wife Elizabeth homes.

Lawler, Patrick. Nov. 29, 1728. Daughter Lawley, son Darby, wife Patience, son David Lawler.

Lawrence, William. July 5, 1694. daughters Rachel and Jane, cousin Rachel Snelling, wife Margaret, brother Israel Snelling, brother John Lawrence.

Lawson, John. Aug. 12, 1709. Hannah Smith, daughter of Isabella, her brother and sister and child in “esse”.

Leary, Jacob. Nov. 1, 1731. Eldest son Jacob, youngest son Christain, daughter Mary.

Leary, John. Married widow of William Charles. No date.

Leary, Richard of Tyrrell. Apr. 20, 1738, probated Sept. 5, 1738. Sons Cornelius, John, Thomas and Richard, wife Sarah, daughters Sarah, Mary and Rebecca.

Lee, Thomas, of Chowan. Mar. 14, 1716-17, probated July 16, 1719. Brother Wm. Lee, plantation called Cabin Neck, east side Kendrick Creek, cousins William, Elizabeth, and Edward Lee, Zilpha Blount, wife Mary, son Stephen.

Lee, Thomas, of Tyrrell. Mar. 5, 1751, Feb. Court 1752. Wife Mary, sons William and Stevens, daughter Priscilla.

Lee, Thomas. July 23, 1722, July 30, 1722. Brother William Lee, daughters Rachel and Jane.

Leigh, Ann. Aug. 9, 1732, Apr. 7, 1733. Beaufort; son Samuel Darden, son Jacob, son James, their daughter Sarah, daughter Ann Adams, granddaughter Sarah Adams, son Joseph Darden, daughter Jane Watkins, granddaughter Mary Watkins, son-in-law Abraham Adams.

Lenton, William (or Lewton) of Bath. Wife Margaret, son ----, two daughters. Jan. 12, 1726-27, June 20, 1727.

Leper, Thomas, of Bath. July 22, 1719. Ann Russ, wife Ann Leper.

Lewerton, Ephraim of Chowan. Mar. 3, 1710. Cousin John Lewerton, cousin William Jones, cousins Elizabeth and William Lewerton, cousins Ann and Rebecca Jones, Rebecca Hardy, trusty friend John Hardy Executor.

Lewerton, John of Bertie. Aug. 23, 1740, Feb. 23, 1742. Nephew John Gregory, sister Mary Jones, alias Gregory.

Lewford, William, of Pasquotank. Oct. 2, 1732. Sons William, Thomas and John, daughters Christian, Martha, Thompson, Rachel, Sarah and Johanna, wife Christian, mother Feare.

Lewis, Richard, of Chowan. July 21, 1719, probated Aug. 14, 1719. Sons John and Benjamin Lewis, daughter Hudson, son William, daughter Jean; wife and John Lewis Executors.

Lewis, William, of Bath. Dec. 11, 1731, probated Aug. 5, 1732. Wife Mary, daughter Sarah Sinclair, daughter Mary Dudley, sons William and Solomon, daughter Magdalene Bagford, daughter Edith Benson.

Leyden, Francis. Apr. 22, 1728. Wife Elizabeth, sons William, Francis, and George, daughter Mary, son Isaac, cousin William Middleton.

Ligo, John. Dead without a will. Edward Moseley, attorney of Thomas Carey, (nearest of kin to deceased), Administrator. May 14, 1717.

Lillington, Alex. of Perquimans. Sept. 9, 1697. Sons John and George, daughter Ann Walker, daughter Elizabeth Fendall, daughter Mary Lillington, wife Ann.

Lillington, Alexander, and Wm. sherrill, nearest of kin to Thos. Cooke. No date.

Lillington, Ann. Jan. 26, 1724, probated Apr. 2, 1725. Daughter Elizabeth Lillington, grandson John Simons, daughter Elizabeth Lillington; grandson John Simons, Executor.

Lillington, Elizabeth, of Bath. July 8, 1731, Dec. Court 1741. Son Richard Barrow, sons Joseph and James Barrow, daughter-in-law Mary Barrow, wife of Richard Barrow, daughter Sarah Harris, daughter Anna Campbell, sons Samuel and William Barrow.

Lilly, Thomas. Oct. 12, 1735. Eldest son John, daughter Margaret, and her husband John Riddick, sons Thomas, William, Timothy, and Joseph, wife Sarah, daughters Mary and Jane.

Little, John, of Anson County. Dec. 8, 1755. Sons Thomas, William, and John, grandson Thomas Little, son Archibald Little, daughter Martha, wife of John Reed, son James, daughter Margaret, son Alexander, wife.

Lloyd, Robert, of Edenton. Dec. 10, 1726, probated Oct. 8, 1728. Wife Sarah Catherine, my uncle Roderick Lloyd, of Lincoln’s Inn, England.

Loadman, James. Nov. 14, 1694. Jane Barefield, Richard Barefield, land in Summerton, William Butler, Sarah Beasley, Timothy Clare, Elizabeth Phelps, William Bogue.

Lockhart, James, of Bertie. Dec. 7, 1753, May Court 1754. Sons Lillington and George, all my children, son James.

Long, James of Chowan. Sept. 1, 1734, Apr. Court 1735. Eldest son James Long, second son Giles Long, brother Thos. Long, John Long, Andrew Long, son Joshua, daughter Elizabeth.

Long, James. Nov. 15, 1711. Sons James, Thomas, and John, daughters Mary and Elizabeth, grandson James, youngest son of my daughter Mary, wife Elizabeth.

Long, Joshua, of Tyrrell. Jan. 7, 1750, June Court 1754. Daughters Priscilla, Kesiah and Esther, nephew Steven Long, wife Jemima.

Long, Sarah, of Perquimans. July 8, 1715. Brother-in-law Thomas Long, brother Lang, sister Mary Pearce, sister Rebecca Long, brother-in-law Thomas Pearce, Cornelius Leary, son of Richard, Sarah Leary, cousin John Wiat, Joshua Long and his brother William, father-in-law Thomas Leper, cousin James Chesson, Thomas Long, son of Thomas; Thomas Long and Thomas Peirce Executors.

Long, Thomas of Perquimans. Sept. 21, 1727, Nov. 27, 1727. Sons William, Joshua, and Thomas, daughter Sarah Leary, wife Rebecca.

Long, Thomas, of Perquimans. Mar. 7, 1754, Apr. Court 1754. Wife Sarah, sons Joshua and Thomas.

Long, Thomas, of Perquimans. Sept. 21, 1721, Nov. 27, 1721.

Long, William, of Perquimans. July 10, 1758. Wife Ann, sons Simon, Thomas, Reuben, James and William, grandsons Samuel and Ichabod, grandson Joshua Wyatt, granddaughter Mary, daughter of Jacob Wyatt.

Long, William. June 2, 1701. Wife Sarah Long, brother Thomas Long’s children James and William, Sarah Leary, Joseney Long, brother John Long.

Longlather, Daniel. July 28, 1714. Anne Longlather, living in King and Queen County, Virginia, my wife’s two sons William and Joseph, Steward, wife Elizabeth; Joseph Jessop Executor.

Lovick, John. Nov, 27, 1727, 10th, 1733. John Lovick, son of my brother Thomas, brother John Golland,. I leave all to his sister, my wife; Penelope, uncle Parrs, wife, Christopher Gale, Edmund Gale and Wm. Little Executors.

Low, Emannel, of Pasquotank. 21st day, first month, 1720-21, 8th March 1720-21. Daughter Ann Letitia Low, grandson, George Low, son of Nevil Low, my cousin Robinson.

Low, George. May 3, 1729. Wife Elizabeth, sons John, George, Edward and William, wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah.

Lowden, John, of Pasquotank. Jan. 21, 1719, probated July 21, 1719. Children Sarah, Ann, and Robert Lowden.

Lowe, William, of Chowan. July 21, 1720, probated Apr. 17, 1722. Sons John and William, land in Prince George County, Virginia, son-in-law Robert Dixon, daughter Elizabeth Pace, wife Anne Lowe.

Ludford, John, of Tyrrell. Feb. 6,  1735-36. Sister Sarah Ludford, sister Hannah, Isaac Fitzpatrick, brother Thomas Ludford.

Luis, Thomas, of Pasquotank. July 24, 1720. Wife Margaret, son Thomas Jr.

Luodovick, Lofrin, of Chowan. Sons Cornelius, Leonard, son Benoni, daughter Percolly, Jane and Joyce. Apr. 11, 1720, Jan. 21, 1721.

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