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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Mabson, Arthur, of Carteret. Nephew Wm. Cole, each of my wifeís children by her former husband Mr. Gibble, daughter Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel Smith, grandson Walter Smith, daughter Susanna, wife, son Arthur and his children. March 1748.

Mackley, Henry, of Pasquotank. Feb. 11, 1720, April Court 1721. Daughter Mary Mackley, son-in-law Martin Miller, wife Barbary.

Man, Thomas, of Bertie. Nov. Court 1735. Wife Bridgett, sons John and Thomas, daughters Mary and Bridgett, --- Griffin, grandson George Williams.

Mand, Thomas. Apr. 17, 1736, Aug. Court 1736. My children and grandchildren, grandson Mandue Dorothy, granddaughter Priscilla Dorothy, son William Bunn, daughter Mary.

Marston, Elizabeth. Jan. 2, 1732, Sept. 11, 1733. Daughter Mary Marston, alias Hamilton, grandson William Marston Holland, daughtes Ann and Mourning. (Bath).

Martin, George. Oct. 6, 1734. Wife and children, brother-in-law Ephraim Vernon.

Martin, Joel, of Bath. Oct. 4, 1715, probated July 3, 1716. Sons John and William, daughter Ann, grandson Joel Martin, grandson John Woodward, son of Henry Woodward in Virginia, daughter Elizabeth Portney, daughter Elizabeth Penny wife of John Penny, daughter Mary Woodward, daughter Frances Davis, wife Elizabeth.

Martin, John, of Pasquotank. Son Nathaniel, daughter Elliner Bryant, son Joseph, daughter Mary Ann Jessop, daughter Ann, sons John and Joshua, daughter Jane Morgan, sons-in-law John Morgan and Thomas Jessop.

Martin, William. Apr. 8, 1735-36, Aug. Court 1736. Sons Richard Moses, Thomas and John, wife Elsie, daughters Mary and Elise Martin.

Mason, John Sr., of Hyde. Feb. 15, 1737-38, Sept. Court 1741. Wife Mary, daughter Mary Jr., eldest son Roger, daughter Margaret, youngest son Thomas, grandson Mason Tison, granddaughter Kesiah Herrington, grandson John, son of Roger, Thomas Tison, Clinch Herrington.

Mason, Joseph. Is dead, no will. Daughter Skittlethorpe Administrix. May 3, 1702.

Massey, Hezekiah Sr.. Apr. 15, 1727, Oct. 13, 1727. Wife Elizabeth, daughters Sarah and Lucy, sons Hezekiah, Richard, William and John.

Matthews, Thomas, of Chowan. Oct. 6, 1732, Oct. Court 1732. Thomas Waters, grandson Richard Houck, wife Priscilla.

Mattocks, John. Oct. 12, 1732, Sept. 4, 1733. Daughters Ann and Elizabeth, wife Mary.

Maudlin, Ezekiel, of Perquimans. Mar. 25, 1732, Apr. 17, 1732. Wife Hannah, sons Jeremiah, Joshua, and Thomas.

Maule, Patrick. Apr. 19, 1736. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, daughter Barbara, daughter Mary; cousins John and Wm. Gray Executors, son John Maule.

Maule, William. Feb. 21, 1725, Mar. 30, 1726. Plantation called Mount Golland, wife Penelope Maule, plantation called Scotís Hall; brother Patrick Maule Executor and guardian to my daughter Penelope.

Mayo, Edward. 12th day, 8th month, 1724, Oct. 20, 1724. Son Edward, daughters Ann, Sarah and Elizabeth, son Joseph, wife Mary, brother Tomas Jessop Executor.

McCarty, Timothy, of Chowan. July 15, 1718, probated same day. Godson William Gullierer, wife Mary.

McClenden, Deborah. Feb. 28, 1728-29, Oct. 15, 1732. Godson Joseph Sutton, son Richard Whedbee.

McCoy, Daniel, of Norfolk County. Sons John and William, daughter Lydia, wife Christian. Dec. 2, 1731, Oct. 8, 1735.

McCrary, Robert, of Bertie. May 30, 1740, probated July 30, 1740. Elizabeth Barfield, daughter of Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Priscilla and Sarah Brown, daughters of Thomas Brown, deceased; Thomas Barfield Executor.

McDaniel, Daniel. Apr. 16, 1734, May 2, 1734. Sons Archbell and James, daughters Mary, Ann, and Sarah, wife Sarah.

McKeel, Rebecca, of Bath. Sons Anthony, Thomas, John and Joseph, daughters Anne and Sarah. May 7, 1729, Dec. Court 1729.

McKeel, Thomas. Dec. 13, 1729, proved Feb. 13, 1729-30. Eldest son Benjamin, two youngest sons Thomas and John, daughters Elizabeth and Mary.

McKinne, Barnaby Jr..  13th Oct. 1735-36, probated Nov. Court 1736. Daughter Patience, Barnaby Lane, son of Joseph Lane, daughter Mary, Barnaby McKinne, son of William, wife Mary, brother Willliam, Barnaby Pope, son of John Pope, brother Robert and John McKinne, James Howell, cousin John Lane.

MeGee (or McGue), Lawrence of Bertie. Apr. 26, 1740, May Court 1740. My grandchildren born of Dice Bryan my daughter, son Jno. Bryan, daughter Elice; friend Edward Bryan Executor.

Merriday, Thomas, of Pasquotank. Wife Elizabeth, son-in-law Samuel Davis, daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah. Mar. 1, 1740, Oct. 1741.

Messler, Carsmear. Oct. 1696, probated May 7, 1697. Son-in-law Richard Lewis.

Middleton, Henry. Mar. 6, 1738-39, June Court 1738. Sons James, John and Henry, daughter Mary, wife Martha, son-in-law Elisha Farley.

Midgett, Matthew. July Court 1735. Eldest son Samuel, sons John and Joseph, daughters Ann, Catherine, Judy and Dinah Midgett, sons Matthew and Thomas, wife Judy. (Bodyís Island).

Minge, Edward, of Pasquotank. 27th Jan. 1734-35, Feb. 17, 1734-35. Wife Mary, daughter Mary, half sisters Elizabeth and Sarah, wifeís father Joseph Jessop.

Molbee, George, of Chowan. Mar. 30, 1719. Son-in-law Thomas Bagall, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Hartshorne, Ralph Tyler, wife Catherine Molbee.

Montcrief, John. Wife Mary, youngest son George, sons Thomas, William and John, daughter Mary. June 22, 1712. Henry McCulloch, wife Mary.

Moore, James. Nov. 28, 1733, Dec. 11, 1735. Wife Susanna, son Maurice Moore, daughter Sarah; John Dawson Executor.

Moore, William, of Perquimans. Feb. 6, 1726-27, Oct. 31, 1732. Sons William, John, Joshua, Samuel and Truman, daughters Jane and Elizabeth, cousin Robert Bogue, wife Elizabeth Moore.

Morris, John. 18th day, 9th month, 1739, Jan. Court 1740. Sons Joseph, John, Zachariah, and Isaac, daughters Sarah and Hannah, wife Mary.

Moy, John, of Currituck. 3rd Jan. 1735. Daughter Jane, son John, his grandfather Pieders, wife Avis.

Moye, Thomas, of Chowan. Mar. 20, 1721-22, May 14, 1723. Wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas and John, William Phillips, my wifeís daughters Elizabeth and Patience.

Mullen, Jacob. Sons Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, and Thomas, daughter Hannah. Jan. 1758. Perquimans.

Mumford, Joseph. No date; wife Ann, daughter Elizabeth, son Joseph, son Edward. (Onslow Point).

Muns, Thomas. July 5, 1693. Wife Anne Muns.

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