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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Pace, John. Mar. 25, 1726-27, Aug. Court 1727. Wife, sons John, William, and George, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary Melton, wife. Witness, John Brent.

Paget, Edward. Feb. 28, 1717-28, Apr. 18, 1728. Wife Margaret, brother Samuel.

Pagett, Edward, of Chowan. Feb. 28, 1727-28. Wife Margaret; brother Samuel and wife Executors.

Palin, Thomas, of Pasquotank. Aug. 1, 1733. Sons Henry and Thomas, daughters Ann, and Mary wife of John Ross, wife Susanna, daughter Mary Glaister.

Palmer, Robert. Oct. 5, 1740. Wife Mary Ann, sons Robert, Benjamin and Joseph, grandson Robert Pendleton, grandson Thomas Pendleton, granddaughter Nancy Pendleton, grandson Evan Jones, daughter Sarah, wife of Thomas Pendleton. Pasquotank. Oct. Court 1740.

Palmer, Thomas. Jan. 31, 1720. Son Thomas, daughter Mary Palmer.

Pareot, Jacob. Nov. 3, 1738, Nov. 18, 1738. Wife Martha, children Mary and John; Wm. Fleeetwood and Edward Razor Executors. (Bertie)

Parish, John. Oct. 14, 1738, Mar. 24, 1739. Wife Margery, granddaughter Ann Barclift, son John, daughter Anne Barclift, grandson John Barclift.

Parish, William. Jan. 26, 1735-36, probated Aug. Court 1736. Daughter Sarah, wife Mary.

Parker, Henry, of Craven. Son Henry Green. Feb. 27, 1733-34, Sept. 17, 1734.

Parker, Peter. Sept. 1, 1716, Apr. 22, 1720. Eldest son John, sons Thomas and Joseph, daughters Mary and Ann, wife Elizabeth.

Parris, Thomas, of Edenton. Apr. 13, 1728, 20th Apr. 1728. Thos. Parris in Great Britain, son George, son-in-law James Palin, daughter-in-law Christian Palin, wife Susannah, son Richard; William Williams and wife Susannah Executors.

Patchett, John, of Chowan. Mar. 19, 171-11. Wife Elizabeth, son John, land betwixt my father-in-law and Henry Bonner, three daughters. Witness; John Jones, David Jones, Wm. Tanner; father-in-law Executor.

Patnal, John. Feb. 12, 1711-12. Cousin William Busten, son of my brother Thomas Busten, cousin Thomas Busten, brother Wm. Patuall.

Patterson, Robert. June 14, 1717, Feb. 15, 1721. Wife Janet, daughters Elizabeth and Janet, godson Jno. Parks, son of John and Elizabeth Parks, Andrew Ross, son of Andrew Ross, of Nansemond County, Virginia, only son John Patterson.

Payne (alias), Mrs. Mary Sutton, of London. Son William, son Michael, daughter Sarah Amelia, daughter Mary Caroline (Chowan).

Payne, Peter. March 18, 1754, April Court 1755.

Pearce, Robert, late of Exeter, England. My wife living with John Harris at Exon in Devon, Great Britain. Probated 3rd Tuesday July 1729.

Pearson, Peter. Mar. 15, 1735, probated Apr. 21, 1735. Sons Jonathan, Nathan, sons Peter, John, daughter Rachel, daughter Mary, son Bailey.

Pendleton, Henry, of Pasquotank. Mar. 18, 1727-28, Apr. 18, 1740. Daughter Elizabeth Woodley, wife of Thomas Woodley, daughter Mary Brothers, wife of John Brothers, daughter Sarah Reding, wife of Joseph Reding, daughter Ann, wife of Thomas Davis, grandson Henry Pendleton, son Thomas, son John.

Pendleton, Thomas. Feb. 21, 1732, April Court 1732. Daughter Ann Knight, sons Thomas, Joseph, George and Timothy, wife Sarah, daughter Elizabeth; sons Thomas and Joseph Executors. (Pasquotank)

Perkins, David. Mar. 22, 1733, Apr. 26, 1733. Daughter Elizabeth Worseley, daughter Mary Putnell, D. Africa Harvey, daughter Ann Jones, daughter Rebecca Perkins, sons James and Jonathan, daughters Sarah and Dorothy.

Perry, Jeremiah.  8th Oct. 1694. Christian Blount, daughter of Thomas Blount.

Peyton, Robert, Bath. Jan. 8, 1733, Sept. 10, 1754. Sons Thomas, Robert and William, son Ambrose, wife Mary, daughter Sarah Peyton, daughter Dorothy Porter, speaks of land to Benjamin Payton’s line.

Peyton, Robert, of Bath. 8 ---, 1739. Sons Benjamin, Thomas, Robert, William, and Ambrose, wife Mary.

Phelps, Jonathan. Dec. 4, 1732, Jan. 23, 1733. Sons Henry and Jonathan, daughter Elizabeth, child in “esse”, brother Samuel Phelps.

Phelps, Samuel, of Perquimans. Apr. 21, 1728, July Court 1728. Sons Jonathan and John, grandfather Joseph Smith, sons William and James, wife; son Jonathan and brother Jonathan Executors.

Pheney, George. Jun. 3, 1736, Jun. 23, 1737. Elizabeth Kirk, formerly Houghton of London, my wife Penelope Pheney, child in “esse”, my nephew Joseph Harrison.

Phillips, Daniel, of Currituck. Probated July 12, 1726. Sons Michael, James and Daniel, daughter Mary Duke, daughter Margaret, son Benjamin, son Samuel, wife Abigail, our children, wife Executrix. Witnesses; John Marshall, Wm. Scott, Andrew Duke.  Speaks of land bought of John Boon on the cliffs of Maryland.

Phillpot, John. Sept. 19, 1694. John Lawson, son of Nathaniel, wife’s grandson, wife Mary, son-in-law William Woolard.

Pickerin, Richard. Jan. 1, 1739-40, Feb. Court 1740. Rebecca Snell, Ann Snell Jr., James Snell, Roger Snell Executor. (Bertie County)

Pierce, John. Oct. 9, 1726, Feb. 9, 1726-27. Children Mary, Copeland, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, child in “esse”, their grandfather Chapman, brother-in-law Peter Jones, wife Sarah Pierce.

Pierce, Joseph, of Perquimans. --- 19, 1736, Oct. 8, 1736. Son Thomas, daughter Meriam, wife Alice, daughter Rebecca, brother Thomas Pierce, brother-in-law Peter Jones Executor.

Pierce, Thomas. 11th day, 12th month, 1732. Sons Thomas and John, wife Mary, son John’s three children, daughter Mary Jones, grandson Thomas Pierce, granddaughter Mary, son Joseph, daughter Sarah, son-in-law Peter Jones. Probated Mar. 30, 1732.       

Pike, Samuel, of Pasquotank. Aug. 5, 1719. Wife Jean Pike, son Samuel, daughter Susannah, son Benjamin, daughter Ann, son John; wife Executrix.

Plato, Thomas of Pasquotank. Mar. 23, 1735. Daughters Martha, Susanna and Mary.

Plowman, John. July 1, 1721, Sept. 8, 1721. John Plowman, infant son of Mary White, Jno. Plowman Ashley, Jno. Plowman White, cousin Mary White, good friends Nicholas Crisp and Isaac Hill Executors.

Pollock, Cullen. Aug. 13, 1749, probated June Court 1751. Wife Frances, sons Cullen and George, nephews Cullen and Thomas, sons of my brother Thomas, daughters Martha, Mary, Frances and Elizabeth, brother Col. Thomas West, Dr. Wm. Cathcart, Robert West and Stevens Lee Executors.

Pollock, George.  Pct. 18, 1736, probated July 29, 1738. Brother Cullen, nephews Cullen and Thomas, brother-in-law Col. Robert West.

Pollock, James. Feb. 23, 1700. Bilah Blount, Wm. Ward.

Pollock, Thomas. Apr. 16, 1732, Jan. 20, 1733. Wife, son Cullen, son Thomas, son George, Mrs. Elizabeth Dickson.

Pollock, Thomas. Aug. 8, 1721, probated Aug. Court 1733.  Bertie County. Daughter Martha, wife of Thomas Bray, sons Cullen, Thomas and George.

Pollock, Thomas. June 8, 1709. Sons Cullen, Thomas and George, daughter Martha; Deed of Gift recorded in Secretary of State’s office, Raleigh, N. C.

Pool, Solomon, of Pasquotank. July 30, 1739, Jan. Court 1740. Wife Grace, sons Joseph, Solomon, and Jacob, daughter Sarah.

Pope, Edward, of Pasquotank. Wife Sarah Pope. Jan. 26, 1721-22, probated Apr. 21, 1722.

Pope, Richard, of Pasquotank. Jun. 23, 1701. Daughter Ann, so Edward, daughter Mary, wife Ann.

Porter, John. July 3, 1712. Wife Mary, sons Edmund, John and Matthew, son-in-law John Lillington and wife Sarah, daughter Elizabeth; wife and son John Executors. Probated 3rd Aug. 1713.

Porter, Joshua. Jan. 17, 1733, probated Sept. 4, 1734. Son John Peyton Porter, cousin John Fry, cousin Anne Lillington, wife Dorothy Porter, cousin Elizabeth Fry, brother Edmund Porter, brother-in-law Dr. Patrick Maule and Seth Pilkinton.

Porter, Mary. Dec. 1, 1718. Sons John and Edmund, daughter Elizabeth, son Joshua, daughter Sarah Lillington, grandson John Porter, granddaughter Sarah Porter, granddaughter Mary Lillington, granddaughter Elizabeth Lillington, granddaughter Sarah Lillington; my sons Executors.

Powell, George, of Bertie. May Court 1736.  Sons Kader, George, Lewis and Moses.

Powell, John. Feb. 20, 1723-24. Wife Ann, sons John and Brook.

Poyner, Joseph. Aug. 19, 1712, Feb. 27, 1721. Wife Elizabeth, sons William and John, daughter Margaret Poyner.

Pratt, Job. Dec. 27, 1736, Jan. Court 1737. Son John, John Wilkins, Joshua Pratt and Luke Gregory to divide estate, wife, brother Joshua.

Pratt, John. Nov. 4, 1740. Wife Christian, child in “esse”.

Prescott, Aaron. Feb. 24, 1709-10, July 12, 1720. Sons Moses, Aaron, John and William, daughter Dinah.

Prescott, William, of Beaufort. Oct. 13, 1755. Son Thomas, wife Amy.

Prescott, William, of Craven. Mar. 17, 1749. Wife Mary, sons Aaron, Moses, John, William, and Richard, daughter Mary, granddaughter Elizabeth Prescott, son Job.

Price, Thomas. 1689. Wife.

Pricklove, Samuel of Perquimans. Jan. 20, 1702-03. Wife Peninah, sons Samuel and Francis.

Pritchard, Herbert, of Edgecombe. Feb. 23, 1738, probated Sept. 23, 1738. Sons John, William and James.

Pugh, Francis, of Bertie. Jul. 5, 1733, probated May Court 1736. Wife, son John, son Thomas, child in “esse”, if sons should die then their interest to go to their sisters; wife, Col. Robert West and John Montgomery Executors.

Pugh, John, Bertie. Wife Hannah, brothers Theophilus and Daniel Pugh, son John. Apr. 14, 1740, Aug. 5, 1740.

Purser, Robert. May 10, 1733. Sons Richard, James, and Benjamin, Robert Purser.

Puryer, John. Jun. 26, 1725. Walpolia Gilbert, wife of John, at her death to John Simons and John Waxdale.

Putnell, William. Dec. 17, 1733, Mar. 29, 1734. Brother John Worrell, brother Thomas Worseley, son Aaron, wife Mary, son John.



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