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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Ratliff, Damaris. 12th day, 12th month, 1734. Son Joseph, Mary Moore, Sarah.

Ratliff, Samuel. Feb. 3, 1723, 11th July 1733. Son Isaac, Partheny Ball, daughters Elizabeth and Isobel, William Ball, Anne Ball; Nathaniel Hill, and Thomas Ashley Executors.

Raymond, Thomas. June 26, 1730, July 31, 1730. Daughter Eliza Raymond.

Reading, Churchill, of Bath. Feb. 14, 1734, Sept. 19, 1734. Nephew Churchill Caldron, nephew John Blount, nephew Jacob Blount, wife Martha, brother Thomas Reading, brother-in-law John Caldron.

Reading, Jonathan. May Court 1754. Son Joseph, daughters Martha, Elizabeth, and Dorothy.

Reading, Lionel. July 12, 1708. Wife Mary, sons Nathaniel and Churchill, daughter Sarah, her husband David Dupuis, daughters Mary and Ann, son Thomas, letters granted to his widow, Grace Reading.

Redditt, William, of Bertie. Aug. 24, 1739, Oct. 24, 1739. Son John, daughters Martha and Margaret, sons William and Joseph, daughter Mary, son Joel, son Isaac, Thomas Yates, wife Susanna.

Reding, Joseph, of Perquimans. Jan. court 1753. Wife, sons John and James, daughters Rachel, Mary and Charity.

Reed, Andrew, of Little River, Perquimans. Grandson Andrew Woodley, to his brother William Woodley, grandson William Woodley, granddaughter Mary Woodley, grandson Jonathan Keeton, daughter Elizabeth Keeton. Feb. 23, 1723-24, July Court 1728.

Reed, Gov. William. Inventory of estate. Division through Mrs. Jane Reed, William Reed, Mrs. Hannah Reed, Christian Reed, Joseph Reed; child in “esse”. 1729.

Refield, William of Pasquotank, Aug. 4, 1722, Mar. 23, 1731. Sons John, James and William, all my children.

Relfe, Thomas, of Pasquotank. Apr. 10, 1704, Sept. 5, 1720. Letters granted to wife Mary, daughter Dorothy, son Thomas; I give to William Reed a tract of land if he remains with his aunt until he becomes of age.

Reston, Thomas. Wife Ann Reston. Mar. 31, 1723, Dec. 17, 1724.

Reynauld, Benjamin, of Currituck. Apr. 8, 1712, Apr. 30, 1709. Son Moses, son and daughter, Susannah Robinson, daughter Elizabeth Bond, son Henry Grace, son Luke Grace; son Henry Grace Executor.

Rhodes, William, of Tyrrell. Apr. 29, 1753, Sept. Court 1753. Wife Elizabeth, son William, son John, and daughter Margaret Collins, deceased daughter Elizabeth Garrett’s son and daughter Wm. Garrett and Sarah Garrett.

Richardson, Daniel, of Pasquotank. No kinspeople mentioned in his will. Feb. 8, 1723.

Ricks, Benjamin. 1719, Nov. 30, 1721. Robert Ricks Jr., son of my brother Robert Ricks Sr., wife Sarah, brother Isaac Ricks, brother Abraham Ricks, brothers Robert Sr., and James, sister Jane, Patience, daughter of my brother Abraham, William Brown, son of Beal Brown.

Rics, Lucy. Widow. Died May 31, 1721, proved June 1, 1730. Daughters Mary and Bettie, cousin Evan Jones.

Rieussett, Peter. Frb. 21, 1734. Wife Ann Gallabee, niece Jean Ceila, nephew Peter Rawdon, niece Mary Coult, son John Ball in London. (Footnote says: Peter Rieussett was the Collector of Customs for the Port of Roanoke (Edenton). He lived at Hayes, just across the creek from Edenton and died there)

Riggens, Joseph. Apr. 21, 1727, Oct. 13, 1727. Son Joseph, wife Elizabeth, refers to Isle of Wright County as former home, son-in-law John Webb, daughters Martha and Mary, daughter Olivia, brother Daniel Riggins.

Rigney, John. June 14, 1725, July 6, 1725. Friend Benjamin Slade, daughter Elizabeth.

Rite, Jacob. Mar. 23, 1735, Apr. 8, 1735. Son-in-law William Powers, daughter Margaret Ritiga, daughter Miriam, wife Phillis.

Robeson, Thomas, of Little River, Perquimans. Apr. 2, 1719, Apr. 7, 1719. sons Joseph and John Robeson, daughter Ann Robeson.

Robins, James. Nov. 27, 1725, July 10, 1726. Thos. Boyd, and wife Executors.

Robinson, Humphrey, of Chowan. July 1732, Jan. Court 1753. Elizabeth and Susannah Cleland, daughters of John Cleland; John Cleland and John Wilkins Executors.

Robinson, John, of Chowan. Children Margaret, George, and Elizabeth. Oct. 2, 1717, Aug. 22, 1720.

Rocksakers, Daniel, of Pasquotank. Frb. 21, 1742, Aug. 4, 1733. Daughter Mary Ann, daughter of Mary Michel, sister Catherine Coppersmith, Sarah Pendleton.

Rodes, William, of Pasquotank. Jan. 14, 1734. Wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas and William, daughters Sarah, Dorothy, Elizabeth and Mary.

Rogers, John, of Bertie. Son John. 26 July 1726, July 27, 1726.

Rogers, Robert. Dec. 13, 1736, June 11, 1739. Thomas and Mary Galloway, son Robert, grandson Robert Daniel, Wm. Rogers, grandson Robert Rogers, daughter Elizabeth, wife of Simon Daniel.

Roose, William. Sept. 6, 1722. Griffith Jones, Jane Sparrow.

Roper, William, of Chowan. Aug. 18, 1729. Friend Jacob Butler.

Rountree, Francis. Sept. 30, 1730, June 27, 1734. Sons Francis, William, Jesse, Jethro, Moses, and John, wife, daughters Jane, Rebecca, Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Christian.

Rovely, John. Aug. 30, 1707. John Bell heir and Administrator.

Rowan, Matthew, of New Hanover. Apr. 18, 1760. Niece Rosa Rowan, daughter of my brother Andrew Rowan, Matthew Rowan, son of my brother Atchison Rowan, niece Ann Rowan, daughter of my brother William Rowan, Mildred Lyon, daughter of John and Mildred, Frederick Gregg, Esther Rowan, wife of Robert Rowan, daughter-in-law Elizabeth McLain, wife of Archibald McLain, John the son of James Stubbs of Bath.

Russell, William. Dead without a will. His widow Sarah Russell Administrix. Dec. 28, 1717.

Ryan, David, of Bertie. Jan. 9, 1762, Nov. 13, 1762. Brothers James and George Ryan, sister Elizabeth Campbell, sister Mary Lackey, Cornelius Campbell.



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