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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.





Sadler, William, of Chowan. Nov. 1, 1711. Wife Ellinor, Executrix. Daughter Tamer, Thomas Luten, Will Jones, and Jno. Morris.

Salter, Edward, of Bath. Jan. 6, 1734, Feb. 5, 1734. Wife Elizabeth, son Edward, daughter Sarah, daughter Susannah, daughter Mary, son-in-law Miles Harvey.

Sanders, Mary. 1734, probated Aug. court 1734. Son Isaac, daughter Mary Snoden, grandson Isaac Snoden, godson John Wilson, daughters Christian and Elizabeth Sanders.

Sanderson, Basil, of Island of Antiqua, but now in North Carolina; buried at Edenton, in lot of Christopher Gale. William Hill of Antiqua, Elizabeth Sanderson, wife of Barchetone Sanderson, sister Catherine Dye of London, sister Francis Peate. Jan. 2, 1721, Apr. 2, 1722.

Sanderson, Richard, of Perquimans. 17 Aug. 1733, Oct. 15, 1733. Son Richardson, of the Island of Ocrycock, nephews Joseph and Richard Sanderson, son-in-law Tully Williams, and his wife my daughter Grace, brother-in-law Henry Woodhouse, wife Susanna Erwin, nephews Samuel and Joshua, daughter Elizabeth Pollock, cousin Elizabeth Dickson, nephew Hezekiah Woodhouse.

Sanderson, Ruth. Sept. 4, 1727, probated Jan. 29, 1728. Kinsmen Thomas Harvey, Miles Gale, and kinswoman Penelope Little, wife of William Little. (Footnote says Ruth Sanderson was a daughter of Benjamin Laker of Perquimans. She was a sister of Sarah Laker who married Gov. Thomas Harvey.)

Sarson, Laurence, of Bertie, formerly of the County of Suffolk, G.B., William Waters and his half brother James Waters, Katherine Arnold. May 6, 1726, Mar. 5, 1742.

Sawyer, Thomas, of Pasquotank. July 19, 1720. Sons Caleb, Stephen, Thomas and Richard, daughters Mary and Ann Sawyer, Hannah Sawyer, Dancy McDowell, wife.

Scolley, Samuel. Feb. 18, 1752. Mrs. Mary Fullington alias Davis, spouse of Robert Davis, deceased, brother Jerman Robert Scolley of Lerwick, friend Dr. Wm. Cathcart, Robert Todd of Norfolk, Virginia, beloved sons-in-law Cullen and Thomas Pollock. I give unto Tully Williams his father’s sword. (Bertie)

Scott, John. 13th day, 7th month, 1738. Wife, daughter Eliphel Scott, daughter Hannah, wife Sarah, brother Stephen.

Scott, Stephen, of Pasquotank. 1st month, 12th day, 1711, probated Sept. 10, 1716. Sons Edward, John and Joshua, son Stephen Scott, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth, if child in “esse”, etc.

Shackleford, John. Mar. 25, 1735, Sept. Court 1734. Son James, wife Ann, daughters Mary and Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, wife of Joseph Moss, grandson John Roberts, grandson William Roberts, daughter Hannah, son John.

Sheetes, Rebecca. May 2, 1732, June 20, 1732. Daughter Rebecca, Mary Earl and John Earl, mother Mary Earl.

Sherrod, Alexander. July 10, 1731, May 2, 1734. Daughters Esther, and Catherine, sons Alexander, Aaron and John, daughter Elizabeth.

Sherrod, David, of Perquimans. Dec. 1, 1740. Son Thomas, daughter Mary Sherrod, daughter Elizabeth.

Shooke, Daniel, of Perquimans. June 5, 1712. My friend Thomas Lilly’s children, John, Sarah, Margaret and Elizabeth, Daniel Rogerson, wife Margaret.

Silverthorn, Gilford. Feb. 5, 1737-38, Mar. 7, 1737-38. Son John, grandson Abraham Enlows, granddaughter Elizabeth Enlows, daughter Mary, son Sawastin, wife Jean.

Simmons, Edward. 5th Oct., 1735, Nov. Court 1735. Daughter Jane, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Jane Holley, daughters Jomasin and Hannah, grandson John Jackson, wife Mary.

Simons, George. Son William, mother Susanna, son George, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah. Mar. 27, 1720, July 12, 1720.

Simons, Mary. Sept. 19, 1722, July 14, 1724. Granddaughter Sarah Pierce, grandchildren John, Thomas, Sarah, and Joseph Pearce, granddaughter Mary Jones, granddaughters Sarah Pettit and Mary Smith, grandson Isaiah Smith, son Thomas Pierce, daughter Rebecca Toms and Sarah Pettit.

Simpson, Alexander. Nov. 29, 1737. John Caldrom. Probated June 29, 1738.

Slade, George. Jan. 23, 1710. Wife Mary, my boy James Packet; witnesses Daniel Leigh, Richard Lawrence, Will Newland.

Slade, Henry, was in Currituck. 17th June 1677.

Slade, John, of Hyde. Dec. Court 1743. Eldest son John, son Benjamin, son William Hodges Slade, son Hezekiah, daughter Mary Jewel, and Benjamin Jewel, daughters Sarah and Hosea, wife Abigail.

Slade, Joseph. Dead without a will. Edward Francis in right of his wife Susannah, widow of deceased, Administrator. Jan. 3, 1717.

Slade, Samuel, of Beaufort. Mar. 16, 1746, Dec. Court 1746. Daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Dunbar, granddaughter Mary Dunbar, daughter Hannah, wife of William Fosgave, grandson Samuel Blount, son of James Blount and his late wife Jane, granddaughter Mary Blount, daughter of James, and Jane, deceased, daughter Susannah Slade.

Slocumb, John, of Bath. Brother John Slocomb, brother Wm. Smith, brother Sol. Smith, mother, Margaret Davis. May 8, 1712.

Slocumb, Samuel, of Bath. May 8, 171, probated 3rd Aug. 1713. Brother John Slocumb, brothers William and Solomon Smyth, sister Isabelle Smyth, Margaret Davis, my mother.

Smith, Alexander. Feb. 15, 1711-12. Wife Mary, son Francis, estate in Virginia, Thomas Smith, son Robert Smith, daughter Mary Quarles, son Alexander Smith, Francis Smith, and wife Executors.

Smith, George. Mar. 1, 1735, Apr. 16, 1736. Wife Elizabeth, sons Richard and George, youngest sons John and Lewis, daughter Mary.

Smith, James, of Perquimans. Dec. 8, 1735, Apr. Court 1736. Eldest son James, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, sons Solomon and John, wife Ann.

Smith, James, of Perquimans. Oct. 2, 1724, probated May 8, 1733. Sons John and Joseph, daughter Elizabeth in Virginia by a former wife, wife Leech Smith.

Smith, John. Jan. 30, 1732, Apr. 19, 1734. Wife Elizabeth.

Smith, Mary, of Chowan. Jan. 31, 1718-19, Mar. 23, 1719. Daughter Isabella, sons Abraham, William and Francis.

Smith, Nicholas. Apr. 14, 1751. Wife Mary, son Simon, all my children.

Smith, Richard. Dead without a will. No date.

Smith, Richard. Is dead without a will. No date.

Smith, Robert, of Bertie. June 26, 1725, May Court 1726. Wife Mary, son Robert, eldest daughter Elizabeth, youngest daughter Mary.

Smith, Robert. Feb. 13, 1692-93. Son Joseph Smith, daughter Elizabeth, son-in-law Samuel Woods.

Smith, Sarah. Feb. 22, 1721-22, Oct. 28, 1725. My grandchildren representing my son Edward Taylor, my grandchildren representing my daughter Sophie Nicholson.

Smith, William, of Little River, Perquimans. Dec. 28, 1716, Nov. 12, 1724. Wife Elizabeth; Jno. McKele married the widow.

Smith, William, of Pasquotank. Mar. 14, 1719-20, probated May 11, 1734. Son John, daughter Lydia, father-in-law John Avery, wife Elizabeth.

Smithwich, John. Wife one half, ye daughter Sarah the other half. Aug. 8, 1696.

Snead, John. June 21, 1743. Sons Henry, William and John, wife Elizabeth, daughters Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann, father-in-law Fry, brother-in-law William Martin, brother-in-law Wally Chancy.

Snell, Roger. Married widow of John Hodgson, Nov. 3, 1679.

Snowden, Joseph. Nov. 20, 1740, Jan. 1741. Brother John, niece Thomson Snowden, daughter of Brother John, brothers George and William.

Snowden, Thomas. Feb. 12, 1727-28, Oct. Court 1736. Sons John, Joseph, William, George, Samuel, Solomon, and Lemuel; Samuel Swann and son John Executors.

Soane, John, of Bertie. Mar. 16, 1732-33, Aug. Court 1733. Daughters Elizabeth and Anna, son William, wife Hannah. Witness, Lewis Bryan.

Sothel, Seth. 20th Jan. 1689-90. Wife Ann Sothel. (Footnote says she was Anne Willis of Ipswick, Mass. She married 4th Col. John Lear of Nansemond Co., Va.)

Sowell, Charles, of Bertie.  Nov. 25, 1738, Feb. Court 1739. Second son Richard, sons Thomas, Lewis and Charles Jr., eldest daughter Elizabeth, daughters Hannah, Mary, and Sarah, wife Martha.

Sparrow, Joseph, of Pasquotank. Dec. 1718, May 18, 1718. To William Brietno, children William, and Ann, my little son to William Wilson.

Sparrow, Thomas. May 20, 1717, probated May 29, 1717. Sons Solomon, John, and Kinsey, wife; brother Thomas Harding, Executor.

Speir, James, of Bertie. Dec. 12, 1731, Feb. Court 1731-32. Wife Ann, son James, daughter Mourning, daughters-in-law Sarah Stallings, and Patience Stallings, son John, daughter Sarah Averitt.

Speller, Henry, of Bertie. Wife Patience, son Thomas, daughter Ann, brother Thomas Parris, of Edenton. Apr. 5, 1727, Jan. 9, 1727-28.

Speller, Patience, of Bertie. Feb. 3, 1738-39, Feb. Court 1738-39. Son James Swain, daughter Patience, daughter Ann Ward, son Thomas Speller, son Richard Swain’s eldest daughter, three grandchildren Sarah, John and Elizabeth Smithwick; Richard Swain’s eldest son William, son James Swain, and son Thomas Speller, Executors.

Spence, Alexander, of Pasquotank. Aug. 2, 1734, Apr. 8, 1735. Eldest son James, sons Alexander, Joseph, Robert, and Truman, daughter Jane, daughter Catherine Sawyer.

Spence, James. Mar. 20, 1739-40, Oct. 1740. Son Alexander, daughter Bridget Spence, daughter Bettie Mardrun, sons David and James, daughter Sarah, wife Sarah.

Spence, John. Mar. 14, 1735-36, Apr. 13, 1736. Sons David and Alexander, daughter Dorothy Davison, daughter Elizabeth, granddaughter Rachel Sawyer; Charles Sawyer and John Davis Executors.

Spivey, Thomas, of Chowan. Dec. 23, 1729, Feb. 7, 1729-30. Son-in-law William Hill, daughter Mary Hill, granddaughters Mary and Susannah Hill, sons Benjamin, Jacob, Thomas and William Spivey.

Spruell, Dr. Godfrey. Sons Samuel, Godfrey and Joseph, son-in-law Cuthbert Phelps and wife Susanna, my daughter, daughter Anna Marguerita, daughter Mary, grandson Buttonhead Boutwell, grandson Godfrey Spruell, son of Samuel and Elizabeth; son Joseph Executor. Aug. 5, 1718, July 29, 1719.

Stacie, Thomas. Apr. 19, 1697. Sons John, Thomas and Charles, younger son Francis.

Stafford, William, of Currituck. Feb. 16, 1728, 3rd Aug. 1728. Sons John, Edward, and William, daughters Ann and Frances, son Samuel, daughters Mary and Jane, wife Jane.

Stafford, William. July 16, 1742, Oct. 14, 1742. Sons William and James, wife Frances.

Stamp, Richard. Oct. 20, 1721, Apr. 17, 1722. Wife Mary Ann, sons Thomas and Richard, daughters Mary, Anne, Elizabeth and Tamar.

Standing, Edward, of Chowan. July 9, 1718, Jan. 17, 1721. Wife Sarah, youngest son John, and Samuel, son William, daughter Sarah.

Stanton, Mary, of Pasquotank. Feb. 2, 1720, Apr. Court 1721. Son Elijah, son John Armour, daughter Mary Brothers, son Robert Armour, daughter Ann Kelley, Rebecca Brothers, granddaughter Mary Stanton.

Stanton, Thomas. Wife Mary Stanton. Aug. 25, 1720, Oct. 18, 1720.

Steeley, Thomas, of Chowan. July 4, 1719, July 17, 1719. My brother Thomas Hawkins, brother William, sister Jane Addersley, brother William Steeley.

Stevens, William, of Chowan. Oct. 24, 1695. Apprentice John Hardy, Robert West, Margaret Houlddbrook, Thomas Guillam.

Stevenson, Elizabeth, of Perquimans. Aug. 10, 1730. Grace, daughter of Richard Sanderson, Tulle Williams Executor. Probated Oct. 22, 1734.

Stevenson, George. Aug. Court 1754. My brother William’s son Joseph, Jesse son of my brother Charles, also Charles’ son William, Richard Smith, sons Richard and William, wife Sarah, sons Benjamin and Stephen, two children names not given. Dec. 17, 1756, May Court 1757.

Stevenson, William. July 18, 1738, July Court 1739. Grandson William Stevenson, grandchildren John, Joseph, and Thomas, Ann Clark; son John Stevenson Executor.

Steward, William, of Chowan. Aug. 11, 1709. Wife Elizabeth, daughters Patience, Elizabeth, and Mary, sons William and Josiah.

Stoakley, Joseph. Jan. 3, 1729-30. Wife Ann, son Isaac, daughter Mary, son Joseph, Isaac Delamare.

Stone, William, of Bath. Mar. 29, 1720. Wife Ann, son William, mother Lydia Dars, Jno. Wingate.

Strickland, William. May Court 1728. Sons William, John, Joseph, Matthew and Samuel, wife.

Stubbs, Thomas. Jan. 17, 1738, Mar. 7, 1738. Sons William, Thomas, Basset, John and Richard, daughters Hannah and Mary.

Sutton, George. Mar. 11, 1699. Son Richard, daughters Elizabeth and Deborah.

Sutton, Joseph. Jan. 20, 1694-95, Apr. 8, 1696. Sons Joseph and christipher, daughter Hannah, son Nathaniel, wife Deliverance.

Sutton, Joseph. Mar. 26, 1724. Son Christopher, wife Rebecca, daughters Hannah, Sarah Elizabeth and Mary, daughter Elizabeth, brothers Christopher, George and Nathaniel Sutton.

Sutton, Nath’l. Mar. 1724-25, probated Apr. 2, 1725. John Bird, Ruth Glaister, Joseph son of my brother Joseph Sutton, Elizabeth Whedbee daughter Richard Whedbee, cousin Parthenia Sutton, James Andeson Sr., cousin Thomas Sutton’s two children, cousin George Sutton and Richard Whedbee’s children, Rebecca Barr’s children; Richard Whedbee and cousin Thos. Sutton Executors.

Sutton, Thomas. Feb. 3, 1750, Mar. 2, 1751. Sons Thomas, William, George, Joshua, and Jasper, wife Elizabeth, son John, daughters Parthenia, Mary, Sarah and Judith.

Swaine, Stephen, of Chowan. Jan. 24, 1712. Sons James, John and Richard, daughter Elizabeth Spruill, wife Patience, daughters Mary and Patience.

Swann, Col. Thomas, of Pasquotank. May 7, 1733, probated Aug. 9, 1733. Sons Samuel, and William, daughters Rebecca and Elizabeth, wife Rebecca.

Sylvester, Richard Sr.. June 11, 1728, July 10, 1729. William Wormington, land in Virginia at the Bridgetown, son Richard William Sylvester, grandsons Ebeneezer and Henry Slade.

Symons, Jeremiah. Jan. 1740, Wife Rachel, son Benjamin, daughter Sarah Reading, daughter Ann Spence, son Jeremiah, daughter Hannah Spence, wife Rachel.

Symons, John. 12th month, 1741, Jan. Court 1741-42. Son Peter, land between mine and Simon Bryan, son Thomas, daughter Damaris. (Pasquotank).

Symons, John. June 2, 1731, probated July 10, 1732. Sons John and Argyle; Francis Beasley and Edward Stallings Executors.


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